Mama Merkel: Germany Has Utterly Failed At Building A Multicultural Society

The Bastardstate is back in the news.

The New York Times has an article on the rapid decline of the Social Democrats in Germany who dominated the German Left in the late 20th century. The Social Democrats are currently in a “Grand Coalition” with Mama Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

New York Times:

“Despite the energy in the room that night, it’s not a good time to be member of the Social Democratic Party, known for short in German as the SPD. The party’s previous leader, Andrea Nahles, stepped down in June after only about a year in office. The SPD had just seen yet another major defeat in the European election. In the last federal election, in 2017, the SPD won 20 percent of the vote, down from 34 in the mid-2000s and 40 percent in 1998. Today it is down to about 15 percent in polls. Once the dominant voice of the German left, it is now regularly outpolled by the Greens, especially among younger voters …

A new era indeed, and not just for the German Social Democrats. Across Western European countries, social democratic parties have gone from an average of well over a third of the vote in the mid-’90s to about a fifth in recent years. Some, like the Socialist Party in France, have been struck particularly hard: In the 2017 parliamentary election, it received just 7.4 percent. Others, like the Social Democratic Party of Austria, are doing better, but still regularly lose elections. …”

There are regional elections in Germany tomorrow and AfD is expected to make large gains in spite of all the propaganda about the recent synagogue shooting.

New York Times:

“BERLIN — It was a stunt but it was revealing. Lawmakers of the far-right Alternative for Germany were read quotations and then asked: Were these penned by Björn Höcke, the party’s most notorious far-right firebrand — or by Hitler?

“I can’t tell,” one said.

“I really don’t know,” another replied.

“More likely ‘Mein Kampf,’” a third guessed.

All extracts were, in fact, from Mr. Höcke’s book, describing, for example, a “longing of the German people for a historical figure who will heal the wounds in the Volk, overcome division and bring back order.” …”

Merkel recently said that multiculturalism has failed again.

For the record, she said the same thing nearly a decade ago in 2010 before she invited millions of Third World refugees to settle in Europe. She called multiculturalism a sham in 2015 as the hordes were being welcomed by cheering crowds into Germany.

FOX News:

“Germany’s immigrants need to work harder to assimilate because the country’s attempts at building a “multikulti” society have “utterly failed,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

“We kidded ourselves a while,” Merkel told younger members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party earlier this month in Potsdam, the BBC reported.

In the early 1960s, Germany’s government called for foreign workers to enter the country but perhaps didn’t really believe they would stay, Merkel said.

“We said, ‘They won’t stay, sometime they will be gone,’” she said. “But this isn’t reality.” …”

In related news, a Tunisian immigrant in Germany used his car to run over his estranged wife on a sidewalk in Limburg yesterday, jumped out of the car and finished her off by hacking her to death with an axe in broad daylight.

Gateway Pundit:

“First the man ran down his estranged wife with his car on the sidewalk of Weierstein St., crashed into the wall, leapt out of the car and began hacking her to death with an axe, the video shows. It is the same MO as used by many Islamists worldwide, from the murder of Lee Rigby 2013 in London to the death of 19-year-old Dvir Sorek in August in Judea.

Leading tabloid Bild first reported the killer was a „German from a migrant background“ before scrubbing any reference to the man’s origins. He is purported to be Tunisian, one of the ethnic groups with the highest crime rates in Europe. Tunisians are 45-times more like to commit crimes than the average population, the Federal Police reports. 81,9% of all Tunisian refugees in Germany were charged with crimes 2017. …”

Yeah, I would say that multiculturalism has failed.

If you want to see how multiculturalism has enriched Germany, you can do so here.

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  1. Why are you spreading Zionist and “Counter Jihad” propaganda? These subversive rats are no friends of the white race and are only interested in demonizing Muslims.

    In fact I’d go so far as to say that the anti-Islam, pro-Israel right are our greatest enemies since their entire purpose is to lead our people away from the truth of Jewish power and into a utterly useless conflict with Islam.

    Germany under Islam is preferable to Germany under ZOG anyway so fuck those Zionist shills.

  2. Fool me once…shame on me. Fool me twice…can’t get fooled again! Or something like that.

    Poor Germans. They’ve been screwed over since the Kaiser fired Bismarck.

  3. Merkel is the leader of the Roman Catholic political party in Germany, the CDU/CSU. A lot of people don’t get it, and Catholics never will, that Merkel is the Pope’s main squeeze.

  4. I’m on the ground here in Erfurt today for election day, and have been here in the state for the last two weeks.

    We’re expecting at best a strong second. Mainly because Thuringia was going to be our weakest state of the three that held elections in the latter half of this year, and while we were expecting to finish first in Brandenburg and Saxony, the other parties played turnout games, Operation Chaos scams, and bus in the old women, to prevent that, back on September 1.

    As for Mutti, remember, she came out against multiculturalism in 2010, and then five years later…

    Really though, it’s not a paradox. Normiecons can be against multiculturalism just as much as nationalist, and even normielibs were once able to be the same, in fact, in my conscience lifetime, they were able to be that. It’s just that opposition to multiculturalism means something way different to normiecons and nationalists. In Mutti’s case, by m’ism failing, she means that all the non-whites that flooded in under her watch and before aren’t superficially adopting traditional German cultural norms, and Germans aren’t holding hands and singing songs in perfect harmony with the non-whites.

    Note: HW, I’m going to send an e-mail to you, so you know my working e-mail, because later on, I want to pick your brain about something in private. But that won’t be until at least the end of this coming week, when I finally go back to Cologne for good.

  5. This thing in Limburg, if it’s the one in the Hessian state, is the second big piece of news relating to vibrancy in a month. Earlier this month, a Syrian stole a tractor trailer and mowed over people and things. In the time since then, the official authorities have settled in on a motive that he was merely drag racing against a car. In a tractor trailer? Sure.

  6. She wasn’t lying when she said multiculturalism is a sham. It’s just that her solution for this was not to remove foreigners, but to eliminate German culture and attempt to convert the country to Islam.

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