Optics Crisis: Nick Fuentes Blocked From Attending Charlie Kirk Speech At Politicon

Some of the Groypers may have gotten past security.

Charlie Kirk shut down the Q&A session though. He couldn’t handle the heat.

Next time, Nick will have to think ahead and wear a disguise to blend in with the mainstream conservatives to get past security. He needs camouflage. The perfect disguise would be to attend one of these events in drag while wearing an Israeli flag cape.

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  1. AmNat clowns still trying to infiltrate the GOP lol. HOW ABOUT THEM OPTICS!?

    The Alt-Right is a dead end. Federal politics are a dead end. We need to form groups and disconnect from the empire. Everything should be focused on this, specifically articles BRAD.

  2. tbh was never a Nick Fuentes fan, but kudos to the based Zoomer. Charlie Kirk now looks like even more of a bitch and his purpose of trying to “appeal to the kids” has become an even bigger fail.

    I hope Kirk has all his Jew money invested, because looking like that pussy on the schoolyard who cries to teacher when you don’t get your way isn’t going to appeal to your target demographic.

    Pathetic, no wonder the kids are Alt-Right.

    • Yes, Nicky is a mixed bag, in all sorts of ways, he done real good, this time out. The Groypers et al are showing (((Kirk) for the pathetic paid whore of the Heebenvermin, and the job of the Dissident Right is to delegitimize the frauds and shills.

  3. Castizo Nick is being treated like a spurned lover. “Don’t ever speak to me or my wife’s black boyfriend again!”

  4. HW, I am sure you will enjoy the following video. I am certain you will.

    Good work and substance has gone to make it – great references too.

    ” Who We Are “

    • I recognize one of the narrator’s voices as being that of “Poseidon”. He’s a fine Greek gentleman.

      • Loved how they put it all together, a moving presentation. – I have to admit I know little from most of the contributors.
        Not any more though.

        Well thought out the way there was a historical timeline contribution from almost all of Europe.

        We need similar productions from Nationalists in America and other Western nations.

        We have truly great quality people in our movement, all around the world.
        Lets create.

  5. Charlie Kirk personifies everything that’s wrong with “conservatives” and the Republican party.

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