Beyond Meat: Bloomberg Says Bug Burgers Are The Future

Oh, so it is not enough that these people want to take away our guns and our free speech and the Big Gulp? Meat has to go too?


“If you thought pea protein was weird, you might want to sit down for this. The next wave of alternative burgers could be made from hemp, mung beans or even crickets.

As the plant boom attracts consumers and Immediate Edge UK investors, the pea — the preferred protein source for companies like Beyond Meat Inc. — is facing some challengers. Critics say the legume isn’t the nutritional powerhouse that proponents claim it is, while others say alternatives could offer better taste. …


Insects have been used in traditional Asian diets for centuries, but they’re just now starting to catch on in Western menus. Insects are viable alternatives to traditional livestock production as they use little land and produce a fraction of the greenhouse gases generated by cattle.

Crickets are the main insect making it’s way into recipes, with the ground-up bugs having little taste. The powder is a filling option and contains far more protein than wheat flour. It is being added to foods like sausages, cookies, muffins, tofu and ice cream. Last year, Loblaw Cos., Canada’s largest grocer, even added cricket powder to its line of President’s Choice products.”

Who owns

Michael Bloomberg, of course, the Jewish control freak who is worth $50 billion dollars. What’s next? He wants you to eat bug burgers to feed the planet and fight climate change. These people are pushing the transgenderism and bug food memes very hard now.

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  1. “Maggots are the answer,” Ottawa Citizen? Only if the question is, “How do I get rid of a dead reporter?”

  2. Check this out:

    “The study also noted edible weeds as a cheap and healthy alternative.”

    Enjoy your goy feed of dandelions and worms proles.

    In one of Covington’s Northwest Novels, there is a scene where freedom fighters end up in the apartment of an old man whose shelves are full of dog and cat food because that’s all he can afford to eat. The protagonists are horrified by this.

    If the elites have their way, wet cat food will be gourmet from what it sounds like they want to feed us.

  3. Question:
    Why such “humanitarian” ideas are not promoted at the fastest growing population of the whole world, i.e. Africa??

    How did Africa get such a great push to have an ever expanding population (currently sits on 1.4 billion and GROWING by approximately 8% growth collectively per year) ???
    Africa Population (LIVE)

    European Countries by population (2019)

    Oh yeah, because the FCKNG liberal/conservatives/socialists/bleeding hearts in the West have been sending BILLIONS of tones per year of FREE food and sending billions in FREE USD because we “care” – MFRS.

    By the way, in the early 20th century the European/Western population was at the high twenties with growth – CURRENTLY it is at 11.3% with our women making LESS then 6% and FALLING!

    Hey “bloomberg” (God only knows what your real/birth name is), and the rest of your FCKNG tribe, Nemesis takes her time but when she arrives then we’ll have a PROPER Blitzkrieg !!

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