Growing Pains

We’re finally back after being knocked offline for a day.

I knew this was coming. I have been watching our traffic steadily climb for the past six months now. It really started picking up momentum in late September. We have recovered from Charlottesville and have been on track this month to exceed our previous record high which was set in August 2017 when we were at the center of a media firestorm.

Occidental Dissent was taken offline because we had outgrown our old hosting plan. It is a good problem to have to deal with and a nice change of place from 2017 when the Alt-Right collapsed and 2018 when we were getting dragged into a civil lawsuit (still pending) from Charlottesville. We are trying to grow and become a bigger and more influential platform.

I’ve had to upgrade our hosting plan and migrate the site to a virtual private server to accommodate the surge in new traffic. The catch is that our hosting bill is now $60 more per month – 3x more than what it had been previously – and there might still be some bugs left to iron out from the transfer. If you can, please send us a few shekels to the P.O. Box to help offset the cost of the new server for we can go ahead and pay off the host for the year ahead. It will also be fun to celebrate this victory of “extremism” over our enemies like the ADL.

Welcome back.

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  1. Well, at least you are still here! God be thanked and praised. Say, why not have Richard Dankoff on for an interview? As a Lutheran of like stripe, it would be good for you two to interact with one another….

  2. Awesome news man. Congrats!
    Just fyi, I used to be a regular reader of the DS and I started coming here around the time you wrote the articles exposing the subversive weevglin duo. They can say whatever they want.. You are a white man from the south with a family. I think that alone shows you are more trustworthy than any of these other spergs, losers, and jewish trolls that would funny enough call you a wignat with bad optics.

    • I’m glad you are here. I used to adore the humor of DS, although it could be very crude; I know young guys like a rough and ready approach. DS started sending off red flares of “Ruh Roh” when Anglin did that anguished Valentine’s Day rant, because he didn’t have a date. The “tone” began to drop like hot lava through tissue paper.

      Then I found out about Weev .

      • Thanks for the welcome Denise. Yeah, I got many good laughs from that place, but it’s not even good for that anymore. As for their views on women, I love edgy humor and yeah getting a white gf is difficult for me too, but if I ran any kind of pro-white blog, especially one that promoted “optics”, I wouldn’t have any of that shit on there. We should be promoting men and women to start white families and promoting MGTOW bullshit + fucking gooks isn’t gonna help.

        • MGTOW isn’t bullshit. Too many men in the “Edgy Right” bash MGTOW and fail to realize that a plurality of White MGTOWs are either sympathetic or outright support Identitarian Ideas. I have yet to hear any sound argument from those in edgy right circles offer any real solutions to the problem of white women. In fact, I’d say white women in many ways are bigger enemies than the Jews. Anglin was at least a realist when it came to white women.

          • I’ll get right down to what I mean when I say “MGTOW bullshit”. I agree with a lot of what MGTOW guys have to say about the WQ and I’m not some white knight or a feminist. I only disagree with the solution being, “go your own way” aka fuck gook prostitutes and don’t even bother getting married and having kids, which is essentially what MGTOW is and specifically what Anglin preached. We need to have children. Period. Those of us that are redpilled need to be having the most. We can’t wait around for “things to get better”. Do what you have to do. There are no excuses. Ever watch that show my 600 lb. life? Even the fat sacks of shit on there manage to reproduce and have white kids.

      • I’m currently studying in the Computer Science field and spent some time reading up on Dissenters infrastructure last week.Its legit. Baring a full blown dystopian surviellance state, it will be virtually impossible to shut down.

      • Gab is terrible. They just ERPO’d David Greco for his posts on gab. Turbo is not to be trusted, especially with that snake rob monster and the anti white jews on his board which was exposed months ago. braden pollock who is married to lisa bloom. both jewish anti-White activists.

  3. Thank you for your good work.

    My psychiatric social worker (Dr. Goldstein) was concerned about my psychological well being while I was frantically trying to get on your site. I was stunned to find out that Dr. Goldstein is also a fan. Of course he doesn’t agree with everything you post here…..

  4. I was concerned until I saw an explanation on twitter.

    Sooner or later the (((censorship agency))) of the land of the free will get you…

  5. Yea, I thought OD had finally been SHUT DOWN. Ive been a regular reader for the entirety of my 20’s and was having a total freak out. Lol.

  6. Yes. It is definitely a good problem to have.

    Congratulations and keep the great content coming- lets hope it expands by tenfold in the next few months to come !

    I thought that it was a take down, from the usual suspects. I even posted on the “radical agenda” if anyone knew why OD site went down.

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