The Forward: The Talmudic Joys Of The Impeachment Hearings

Are you riveted by the Trump impeachment hearings?

The Forward:

“On Friday, instead of cleaning for Shabbat, I found myself riveted and completely spellbound by the testimony of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. But something else struck me — the raw power of the question as a form. The idea, old as the Greeks and deeply present in the Talmud, that question followed by question can lead us to truth.

I was sure everyone else was riveted too, but I knew that wasn’t the case. The day before, a major news organization had tweeted that the hearings lacked the pizzazz to hold viewers’ attention:

What is pizzazz, you ask? …

Perhaps what was riveting was not questions—as I had originally thought—but details. This tiny moment in a conversation; that exact weapon and how much it cost. This amount of aid and how long it was held up for.

Sure, anyone with a strong Jewish education is immersed in the question form; Biblical commentators like Rashi, for instance, build their commentary on making the reader identify the question at hand. …”

I don’t even like Trump.

I agree this is nothing but a boring partisan witch hunt though. It is entertainment for the same Jews who were enthralled with the Russia conspiracy hoax and the Mueller Report. No one else and least of all Trump’s base is paying any attention to this. It probably helps him.

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  1. I see no reason why this absurd circus would not be ‘enthralling’ to the grasping merchant. As a European, however, I find it nauseating. Especially so the fawning deference paid to the Hag and her consort, the uniformed kike. I find the ‘ringmaster’,the goggle-eyed buffoon, to be mildly amusing and diverting. Not unlike the main attraction at a public hanging. I agree that this will be of little or no consequence, aside from being somewhat beneficial to the King-Emperor.

    • “The Trial” by Orson Welles

      A perfect illustration !!

      (NEED to watch)
      Kafka’s Parable Of Law (The Trial Prologue)

  2. You fcking yids, children of Cain, children of your father the Unclean !

    You dare to quote Hellenistic values as a “guiding” light to your talmudic practices???

    ” The idea, old as the Greeks and deeply present in the Talmud, that question followed by question can lead us to truth.”

    The use of leading questions to CREATE a narrative, whilst having the person scheduled to answer these manufactured and well rehearsed questions, “answer” them not of his/her free will and based on their honest recollection but rather give “answers” through a scripted narrative.

    This practice is a double speaking lawyer’s trick. It is NOT an honest cross examination of the events and facts of the case.

    But then again, isn’t what Jews are all about – DECEPTION & DOUBLE SPEAK (forked tongues) ?!

  3. “it’s so wonderful how naturally we are able the deflect questions and gaslight the goyim”
    Laugh it up kike. The Revelation says to let you be ashes under the soles of my feet. That really resonates with me and many other true Israelites (Whites) just like the rest of the Bible. We are awaiting the fall of mystery Babylon.
    I hope that makes you “deeply concerned”.

      • Hey grow up !

        For Christians Israel is a other worldly place where Christians will live in an Ecumenical kind of life. All this is promised by Christ, on His arrival when he will Judge.

        Israel has got NOTHING to do with that yiddish/jewish terrorist state that has taken over the Land of Old Palestine.

  4. “For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and will then repay every man according to his deeds. Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom.“ (Matthew 16: 27, 28)

    So either there are some people wandering around the Middle East who are currently over 2,000 years old, or Christ was a failed prophet.

    For fuck’s sake, enough with the crucified Jew who never set foot in Europe. When you return to these Semitic fables, the Jews are laughing, not trembling.

  5. Speaking of Talmudic joy at these hearings, I don’t know whose side Laura Cooper’s on, but she and Alex Vindman could literally pass for twins.

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