Big Fag Bullies Hallmark Channel Into Submission

I’ve watched this social revolution unfold in my lifetime.

Originally, the argument for gay marriage was “love is love” and “live and let live” and “we just want the same rights as everyone else.” It was pointed out at the time that this would lead to a slippery slope. It was a stepping stone to even greater evils that would come down the road. It seems like a lifetime ago now, but gay marriage was only legalized in 2015.


“The Hallmark Channel has apologized and reversed a decision made at the request of a Christian mothers group to pull a commercial showing a same-sex couple kissing, its CEO said in a statement to news outlets including Axios Sunday.

Driving the news: The channel faced a social media backlash and calls for a boycott after pulling the ad, which the company said before the backflip was “distracting from the purpose of our network,” per CNN. …”

No, actually, there are a thousand genders now. The goalposts have been moved.

If you disagree, you are a bigot. Also, there is no space in our culture for any place which even gives lip service to traditional Christian values anymore whether it is Chick-fil-A or the Hallmark Channel or Masterpiece Cakeshop. The Salvation Army is an extremist group. The Trump administration is using the State Department to impose homosexuality on Africa because the whole world must be brought into compliance now.

The United and China both have cultural uniformity. The difference between Chinese totalitarianism and American liberal totalitarianism is that the repression and uniformity in China is imposed by the state while in the United States it is distributed to unaccountable private groups like GLAAD and the ADL which wield massive power to blacklist, punish and censor to impose their values on the public. The Chinese elite are Chinese nationalists while the American cultural elite are anti-Christian Jews. The Chinese social credit system punishes bad behavior while the American social credit system encourages it and promotes every form of cultural degeneracy imaginable while repressing healthy values like patriotism and piety.

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  1. “The United and China both have cultural uniformity. ”

    “while in the United States it is distributed to private groups like unaccountable private groups GLAAD and the ADL ”

    Not trying to nitpick, but these both seem like they have grammar errors.

  2. Queers don’t watch the Hallmark Channel, so this cucking is absolutely insane. Are the twinks into moldy Matlock reruns or sappy Christmas movies for the family? As Hallmark was one of the few channels parents and the elderly could count on to broadcast inoffensive, family-friendly fare, this move will make them profusely bleed viewers and money. Our elites are purposely destructive of our society and civilization, but they’re also incredibly unaware and stupid at the same time. Arrogance and ignorance is an ugly and dangerous combo.

    • Good comment. Sexual degenerates don’t breed. This is White Genocide thru the back door (pun intended) because Shuquina, Deshawn, Jose and Maria aren’t going to pay any attention to it.

    • Moreover, the ONE THING that Hallmark does not expect, are massive demonstrations in their Card stores- White Older folks entering in, and trashing displays of cards, stepping on Xmas Ornaments, Signs boycotting Hallmark as FAG FRIENDLY, etc.

      HW, you continue to say ‘we don’t do violence’ but what then ARE WE TO DO? Sit here and take it?!
      Just passively watch as our way of life, our very existence is destroyed, one goal at a time?

      I’d like to hear just ONE strategy that would take a position that could lead to an awakening of the boomer class, that wouldn’t involve the Antifa(ggots) but would send a message to BIG BIZ….

      • HW has not shown his hand at proposed structural reform. He prefers to be an observer and commentator, then opening up this forum to others to vent. He does not want to draw fire from TPTB in order to protect his family. Perfectly understandable, and a legitimate choice in those circumstances.
        My suggestion is a general strike among all employees until our Oligarch overlords agree to a USA sovereign wealth fund based on a 50% share of all for-profit organizations in America, funded by the Federal Reserve via quantitative easing, with the USA fund’s share of profits predistributed to each legal citizen 18 and over in the amount of $25,000 per year.
        So now that I have laid my cards on the table, your turn. What would you do, alone or with others, to break our wage slavery chains so each of us could live life as we choose, not as the Evil Empire Establishment forces us to live?

        • Most on the right would point out you’re destroying incentives. You’re also forgetting about the importation of cheap labor by the oligarchs, the socialization of the illegals’ costs, and the probably wrong assumption that the Fed would go along with a QE for non-elites.

          What do you think of a $10,000 grant to each child born to a citizen with family going back three generations, not to be touched until the child is age 18? (That’s based on a proposal by the UK’s Adam Smith Institute.) The compound interest would make most people self-sufficient and not forced into dead-end wage slavery, keep them off the public dole, eventually take away the gov’t “need” to tax for entitlements and pay for the enormous attendant bureaucracy, and a small tax of 10-15% at the time of cashing out would more than pay for the initial outlay. Plus, costs for those few falling through the cracks, and other vulnerable people, would be much reduced.

          • Boomer X, I would definitely support your Baby Bond idea, as it’s British authors call the proposal. Way back in 1977 my college political science professor Anoush Khoshkish proposed the same policy, although of a larger amount ($20,000, which would translate into a higher figure in 2020 dollars). I would just say that my USA UBI plan would address idiosyncratic income risk for non-senior adults, which would remain a problem for the currently-adult citizen. But we can profitably debate the details of our shared desire to help someone besides the already-wealthy. I appreciate your substantive engagement in my thoughts on how to escape the conundrums our site host identifies so well. Thank you.
            Finally, I would say about incentives that people are materialistic enough to keep working despite the UBI, but if that proves incorrect the amount could be adjusted to avoid mass sloth. You are right that the impact of a UBI is undercut by open borders, which even Andrew Yang does not seem to notice, and no doubt the Fed would resist absent congressional direction. That is why I said only a general strike sustained for as long as it took to make our Masters surrender would probably be the only successful trigger mechanism for my suggested modus Vivendi. As noted, we can debate the how, but something affirmative must happen to break our wage chains and to halt, then reverse, the engineered collapse of all social order and hierarchy. Once an idea catches fire, we can change things, or at least go down like men in the fight.

  3. Queers are, after all, the preferred demographic of the jew world order. Get used to it, or not…

    • Judy S,

      Until Christians follow the jihadi’s playbook of fighting and if need be dying to defend their religious values, the “gay mafia,” “big fag,” and all of the other expressions of lgbtq apparatuses will continue to bully soft as puppy poop Christian corporations, family television channels, “mom and pop” bakeries, et al.

      Christians use to take pride in being martyrs for Christ and his teachings. It looks like they caved to both big fag and Zog.

  4. The gay marriage crowd always promotes fags in prominent positions like The Buttplug and makes a point of highlighting their so-called “marriages”. (sic) None of them will even allow discussion of polyandry or the much more common polygamy. The dykes will blow a fuse over polygamy and do their best to stop it even though it has been practiced continuously for millennia and is still common amongst Moslems including Moslems in the U.S.

    I would like to see Big Fag oppose polygamy and take on the Moslems. The Moslems can truthfully claim it’s part of their religion and they should be entitled to practice polygamy under the multi-cult regime of the U.S. protected by the 1st amendment. Maybe the ADL and ACLU will take up their case.

    Highlight the contradictions of the current regime, make the different factions be at each other’s throats and enjoy the spectacle. I don’t know how David French will feel about this or what position the dickheads at National Review will take but it should be entertaining.

  5. The Homosexuals are nothing but full of Hate and Hate all Christians. The goal was always Censorship of Christians. I think J.B. Stoner said it best….Praise God for AIDS. God will have the last laugh. The goal should be the Church being the Church and serving God not ZOG Government. The Donor Class of the Republican Party promotes Homosexuality and the same goes for Democrats. Christians should be Christians and stop compromising with Sin. Protest in the streets and fight back. Let the enemy know this is our Land and our people will be Christians who follow Yahweh’s Laws! Deo Vindice !

    • As usual, when money rules the great fold is inevitable. JESUS said HIS followers would be hated because of HIM. This simply means being a true Christian is not an easy cuck walk.

      But we see cucks like Joel Osteen, a guy I don’t smack around as much as others due to the fact I do think very young Christians can learn something from him but then move on like a kid who just finished second or third grade. But the comical Osteen and many other lesser knowns do not preach on sin and hell or homosexuality. This is why such people are liked by the world.

      The Hallmark Channel is in line with all these tv stations and movies- just out to make a buck and will sell morality down the river. They just happen to make a buck pushing kinder and gentler things.

      If America continues on this diversity madness, there is no question real Christians will go to jail just for preaching what CHRIST said. There is also no question much of the Constitution will be shredded up.

      The Hallmark Channel is just one more weak link never dedicated to upholding the rule of GOD. As the Bible says regarding such weak and sellout people, their reward shall only be in this life outside of repentance and turning away from such sin. Is anyone really that shocked they caved? Even Chick Fil A caved once the corporate types took over because their love of money is never-ending.

  6. Christianity today is starting to embrace fag marriage and the LGBTQ agenda now. The Southern Baptist convention is firmly pro LGBTQ now, and the president has caved to trans pronouns. It’s like I’ve said before so many times Christianity is no longer a force for White traditionalists. Those days are long over and done now. Hunter you and your ilk don’t support Christianity as a whole but rather a dying version of it. It’s time for you to face the music and realize Christianity is a spent force.

  7. I did some research, apparently the anus is where feces comes out of. Turns out almost every major disease outbreak is directly related to exposure to feces. And apparently, diseases can potentially cause death.

    Nature doesn’t appear to be very tolerant of butt stuff.

  8. For those who LIKED Hallmark but don’t want to watch that stupid advertisement, there is a new channel called which has wholesome family entertainment.

    The best way to deal with companies who cave is to take our business elsewhere.

    That way the message we can get across to Hallmark and Chick-Fil-Et is “Grow a Spine OR Die!”

    • To break up the LGBTQ (((it’s not a Community)) turning on it’s self, we need to point out the hypocrisy they loath themselves amongst each other. The term gay man, lesbian women are at odds with each other. They both dislike the other gender to from a physically romantic relationship. Point out they dislike each other physically. Dislike is the same as hate use language as a weapon. Thy have been using it to demonize heterosexuals.

      Fight fire with fire, in any argument with the LGBTQ point out Gay men and Lesbian women dislike and hate each other subconsciously. Only Bi women and men have the buzz word (((inclusivity)) of Luv

      No I don’t support anything LGBTQ and
      Will not even give them the endearing term love!

      You need them fighting themselves on their on perceptions of a degenerate reality which will never exist!

      It’s all ready starting with feminism and transgender males.

    • Wholesome family entertainment? I was never interested in such drivel, not even as a child. The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie were good, though.

      Big Business is interested in appealing to the queers because that particular group of consumers is young, affluent and trendy. It would seem that the demographic which is of least interest to advertisers would be elderly Negroes living on fixed incomes in the rural South. Or Eskimos and Injuns.

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