MAGA: Jared Kushner’s “America First” Immigration Plan Only Changes The Composition of Legal Immigration

Jared Kushner’s immigration plan is the epitome of National Oligarchy: after the 2016 election and years and years of Donald Trump holding rallies to stir up public anger about mass immigration, the conservative plan is to do exactly nothing about the problem EXCEPT to change the composition of legal immigration to suit the needs of donors and business lobbyists.

National Review:

“Democrats are consciously and openly using the policy of admitting more than one million legal immigrants every year to shift the political balance of power in their favor. What are Republicans doing? Following the Stupid Party stereotype. The administration’s immigration plan, overseen by Jared Kushner and expected to be released early in the new year, will reportedly set in stone the legal immigration level of 1 million-plus each year, and thus continue the shift of political power toward blue states.

Among the many benefits of a more moderate level of legal immigration — say, a reduction of a quarter to a third, as under the Raise Act, which the White House earlier endorsed — would be to reduce the downstream political fallout of immigration.”

The Hill:

“Presidential advisor Jared Kushner‘s sweeping immigration plan, which received President Trump’s approval Tuesday, will not effect the overall level of legal immigration, a senior administration official told reporters.

Speaking to a small group of reporters at the White House, the official stressed that the change to a merit-based immigration system would not affect the overall number of legal immigrants permitted into the country but would instead affect the composition. The move is intended to lower the number of legal immigrants permitted to the U.S. who compete with lower-wage workers for jobs. The plan does not address the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and is not intended to be an immediate fix to the ongoing rise in asylum claims at the U.S. southern border.”

The choice we are given in the 2020 election is between the Democrat plan of total open borders and the Kushner “merit-based” plan of giving away our country to an endless tidal wave of foreigners who are more qualified to replace us than the current wave of Central American peons. This comes after the most recent amnesty for Liberians that was stuffed in the 2020 NDAA and Republican governors refusing to cut off refugee resettlement.

Note: We will continue to monitor the situation. The monitoring is expected to continue through 2021 because there is no point in voting for conservatives and phony populists who are bought off by wealthy donors and business interests.

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  1. Some Qtard probably “Best president evar” “Trust the plan guys Jared is having a open legal immigration loophole to own the libtards and show how crazy they are”

    Donald Trump Jr “Whats wrong neo nazis triggered that my dad and Jared is accepting more legal immigrants then obama did in his first term?”

    • There is a consensus now in the MSM, both TV and on-line that the 2020 election is already won by Trump. FOX TV enthusiastically reports this but even CNN grudgingly admits the same thing quoting stalwart opponents of Trump such as Michael Moore. The economy, stock market and genuine enthusiasm of MAGA crowds as well as a worse than usual rabble on the Democrat side seem to confirm this. If the election were held next Tuesday Trump would win in a landslide but the election is almost a year away.

      Trump, like all Republicans takes the White vote for granted and makes stupid, useless appeals for black/hispanic votes that will never be realised. No doubt he will use the same bait-and-switch tactic as last time on immigration issues to anaesthetize those MAGA supporters who are critical of his manifest failures on the border, immigration and fiscal issues. Combined with the fact that nothing apocalyptic has happened as was predicted by the MSM and that the DNC, MSM and “intelligence” agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, MI6 et al.) have been exposed attempting to prevent Trump’s election then remove him from office he looks like a winner.

      There are several dark clouds on the horizon that may lead to a Trump defeat. One is the financial markets which are at very high levels based upon low interest rates and Federal Reserve money printing. Recent repo market interventions by the Fed indicate problems in financial markets and any spike in interest rates will collapse markets, ending one of Trump’s boasts and making the stock market an albatross, not an asset.

      Trump’s all out support of Israel will come back to bite him if there is another war in the Near East, something he criticized GWB II for. The next war will probably involve Iran, encompass thousands of square miles of territory and highlight U.S. strategic limitations. Israel will demand (and probably get) U.S. ground troops to secure Israel’s northern border resulting in casualties and domestic opposition. With U.S. forces already stretched thin there will be calls for conscription to maintain imperial commitments, an impossible demand in an election year.

      Add to that a possible nuclear war between India and Pakistan which would draw in China and thoroughly disrupt the world and there is a witch’s brew of troubles next year. Trump has been adept at navigating problems, keeping his core supporters loyal, disparaging his opponents and riding the economic wave caused by massive money printing and interest rate suppression. Anything disruptive will have catastrophic financial consequences possibly ruining Trump’s chances for reelection. His hideous opponents on the Democratic side and the fact that the Republican establishment fears him more than they hate him gives him an enormous advantage however so there is that.

      Trump’s election chances could change the way they did for GWB I in 1992, electing that notorious scumbag, Clinton. The future is not set, anything can happen.

  2. It’s only incidentally about cheap workers. Might as well make a few shekels along the way. This is about the racial and cultural genocide of the West by Kushner and the rest of god’s favorites. It may affect some aspect of the composition, but not the racial composition.

    • “the racial and cultural genocide of the West by Kushner and the rest of god’s favorites.”

      Would you atheists and ignoramuses on this forum, STOP with the ‘God’s favorite’ BULLSHIT?!?

      How many times do we have to point out that the CHURCH is God’s “Israel” now, even giving verse after verse of corroboration, along with the DNA studies of Elhaik, witnesses such as Martin Luther, St. John Chrysostom, and even Jesus Christ, that such is a LIE…. and it is a lie, that the DEICIDES have promulgated for 2000 years!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      Do you realize that YOU- yes, YOU folks are the ones that give the Yids power and LEGITIMACY by saying such blasphemies, such lies, such outright EVIL?

      And that, by doing so, you are acting as the Jews.. and the Devil’s own best ‘shock troops’?

      HW, I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, why do you permit this idiots to continue to post, when all they do, is work against Christian America’s best interests?

  3. Integrity is one of the highest moral virtues. ‘Owning the Libs’ is not a moral virtue. It’s a video game.

    The Dissident Right’s moral resoluteness in rejecting Zlimpf and Conservative, Inc. at the ballet box are one of our many strengths.

    May we maintain our focus and our spines and never forget the ultimate betrayals and frauds that have been exposed.

    Please hold me accountable to these words if I veer off the path of Fides and Justitia.

  4. A vote for Trump is really a vote for the head rabbi of the chabad lubavitchers. The head rabbi of the chabad lubavitchers is the real president. I voted for the head rabbi of the chabad lubavitchers for president in 2016 and I didn’t even know it ; I don’t even know his name, yet it turns out I voted for him in 2016.

  5. There are more than enough 3rd worlders here now to get White Genocide done. But a million plus more a year for insurance I guess. As long as they come here legally…

  6. Trump, and all the other Republicans who support the immigration agenda, they want intelligent well-educated third world immigrants as opposed to stupid uneducated third world immigrants. The thing is : The intelligent well-educated third world immigrants vote the same way the stupid uneducated third world immigrants vote, they ALL vote for the Democrats. ALL the third world immigrants vote Democratic, the uneducated ones and the well-educated ones — there is NO difference between the two kinds of third world immigrants when it comes time to vote. They’re ALL Democrats.

    The Republicans who support the immigration agenda, their own children and grand children and progeny are going to be swamped with third worlders and their own progeny will be reduced to second class citizens if not third class citizens, their own progeny will not have any kind of say in American politics or culture [ they have very little influence as it is, it’s only going to get worse ] . The Republican politicians don’t care about us White Americans, that’s obvious, but they don’t even care for their own families and their own children or their progeny.

    I don’t know if the above holds true for the Jew politicians, but it sure holds true for the NON-jew White American politicians. Jews always manage to be on top of the heap of sh*t.

    Good riddance to the Republican Party. I’ll be happy when the Republican Party is no longer in existence. It’s only purpose is to provide controlled opposition. It’s existence only fools [ many ] White Americans into thinking they have some kind of representation, when in fact they do not. The Republicans are truly disgusting. I’m sick and tired of their smirks.

    And Haxo Angmark is correct. In addition to Trump-javanka’s precious intelligent well-educated third world immigrants, us White Americans will still be getting lots of illegal uneducated third world immigrants.

    The same politicians in America opposed to a WALL on the U.S./Mexican border and opposed to stopping immigration and even opposed to reducing immigration even a little bit are ALL FOR THE WALL around Israel and ALL FOR JEW-only immigration into Israel and ALL FOR THE JEW GENOCIDE OF THE PALESTINIANS, a NON-White people.

    WALLS, immigration based on religious tests, violence against NON-White people and Genociding NON-Whites is deeply immoral and that’s NOT who WE are as a people ; UNLESS the JEWS are doing ALL the things WE say WE are deeply opposed to, then WE fully support WALLS on the border, WE fully support religious tests for immigrants, WE fully support violence against NON-Whites and WE fully support the Genociding of NON-Whites — as long as it the JEWS who are doing ALL the things WE say WE are deeply opposed to.

    The above paragraph is applicable to BOTH political parties.

    • The White Genocide agenda has 2 components: Massive, endless, 3rd world immigration AND forced assimilation thru forced integration. Even if all of the 3rd worlders are “good” people they’ll still be forced assimilated with us. No escape for Whites allowed. In fact a “better’ grade of non White will make miscegenation seem more attractive.

  7. Banker demon anti Christ Satanists care about their control over all things worldly their demon scene will lead to a big time civil war resulting in the death and destruction of many afterwards agents of the bankers sweep in to grab power and control to civilize society 1984 style yes we bankers conjure up the scenes from our master Satan to manipulate the goyum to do our dirty work as we create our demonic toletarian slave state brought to you by jared bibi George the Rothschild clan and many more who want their 30 pieces of silver. Prepare as you deem necessary fellow citizens the Satanists seek your destruction.

  8. A merit based system? Well with no merit based system whites are about 10 percent or so of current immigrants. Could a merit based system have the white total climb to 40 or 50 percent of immigrants? This is more of a question based on hope. Because if the racial component is not addressed even under the table, the Republicans are done. If we hear Democrats yelling about it being racist then we know it’s good.

    Also what about white South Africans and that absurd Trump study on it? How about just bring them in under any guise including merit based immigration.

    1 million plus immigrants per year will keep on destroying the housing market as in making it too expensive in many areas. That destroys discretionary spending that could keep an economy great. Gee, America is headed to be like China and India with ridiculous amounts of people. More water shortages, fires, garbage roads, taxes, cars, baby sitting dens, er, I mean schools. I am really hoping there is a white fly in the ointment as in more white immigrants. Otherwise Democrats will run America forever and kill it hard.

  9. Looks like I’ll be monitoring the 2020 election, much like how trump has monitored the destruction of his wall prototypes

  10. That we as a people cannot even consider a Nation of origin / culture based system, let alone the strictly race based system we need (if any); means that we will soon disappear from human history in all but the most statistically insignificant ways. We should be discussing how to correct the racial demographics back to at least the 1960 numbers, but of course we are not. The rest is deck chairs on the Titanic as they say.

  11. As Trump is shifting political power to the blue states with his son-in-law’s immigration plan, then there’s no point in voting for Trump. What’s the point of voting for Trump considering he wants to hand the whole country over to the Democrats? Might as well not vote or if you want to vote, vote for the Democrat nominee. In effect, Trump is voting for the Democrats with his son-in-law’s immigration plan.

    They might as well just appoint the head rabbi of the Chabad Lubavitchers as president of the United States — it would save us from having to listen to a lot of lies every 4 years. Every 4 years the presidential campaigns are all about lying [ from both parties ] . I actually thought Trump would be an exception to all the lying politicians, but no, he’s not an exception. He lied thru his teeth on the campaign trail. He didn’t lie to the Jews, though. To the Jews, he kept his campaign promises. His son-in-law Kushner is a die-hard Jew Supremacist Chabad Lubavitcher ; And in spirit, so is Trump. Trump is a Jew in his blood/DNA.

    He promised a better economy for everyone — higher employment for everyone. Now he says more blacks have employment more than ever before. He never mentions White employment. Are more Whites working now than before 2016? Higher employment for Whites? The same employment figures for Whites as in 2015? Less employment for Whites now that he’s the president? We’ll never know, he never mentions us White Americans — he only mentions us White Americans when he wants to lecture us White Americans about how we shouldn’t be racist against NON-whites and shouldn’t be anti-Jewish. He never lectures the blacks about their black racism/black supremacism, never lectures the jews about their jew racism/jew supremacism, never lectures the hispanics & mexicans about their hispanic-mexican racism/hispanic-mexican supremacism.

    Bernie Sanders is a Jew and he doesn’t pretend to be a NON-Jew. Trump is a Jew but pretends to be a “Non-jew” . I don’t care for Sanders’ politics so I won’t be voting for him but at least he doesn’t lie about who he is, He’s a Jew, he admits it. Jew Sanders is more honest than Jew Trump “the Presbyterian”. Presbyterian my butt Presbyterian.

    I won’t be voting in November.

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