England Is Old, Very Old

Alabama is 200 years old.

My paternal ancestor came here from North Carolina around 1840. Even here in the Alabama Black Belt, the landscape is unrecognizable from what it was a century ago when the wild turkey and whitetail deer had been driven to extinction and this whole area which is now heavily forested was covered in cotton fields at the height of the Cotton Kingdom in 1920. Two centuries ago, South Alabama was covered by a virgin longleaf pine forest.

If I were to go outside and travel around my immediate area, I would be surrounded by Indian place names. The fields around rivers here are full of Stone Age Indian arrowheads. Alabama went directly from the Stone Age to the Modern Era in the 19th century. The United States has only existed through the Modern Era. The Eastern seaboard is only about 150 years older.

Before we arrived in North America, our ancestors were all in Europe. Here in the South, our ancestors overwhelmingly came from Britain, even if many came from Ireland via Ulster which itself was another Protestant colony no older than Virginia.

Morgoth is in Northumberland in the north of England. I wonder who built that wall. It could have easily been the ancestors of some of us here in places like Tennessee.

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  1. Lots of fuss in airfields in the west country and Home Counties evacuating all the Americans from the Middle East

  2. If real history has taught us anything, that wall was built by the great Wakandan leader, Cheddar Man.

  3. We all can get caught up (I know I do) in that relentless pursuit of a ‘historical understanding’ of the events of the past which we fit nicely into our linear Ancient!… Middle-Ages!… Modern!… Postmodern!… so we can weld this understanding to the events that unfold before us in our today. Events that are pieces to the puzzle! Events that consume us!… Bring out the fire in us!…So we read, and read, and read…and we

    So many pieces to the puzzle! We await a wholeness and totality that teases us as we rip through the articles, videos and books like a wood-chipper. Demanding an answer to the nature of the Political. No one has understood better what the essence of the political was than Carl Schmitt! He is rarely discussed outside of academia in the U.S. other than an occasional article and reference here and there. He is by no means unknown, but once cultivated, penetrated and comprehended on a large-scale by those like us- let large-scale politics begin!

    The nature of the political? Animus! Homer! War! The Judge! Captain Ahab! Achilles! Sun-Tzu! The final scene to the movie TAPS! Heraclitus! Colonel Kurtz!

    No man has executed a more devastating critique of Liberalism than has Schmitt! There is a reason Jan Werner Muller titled his book ‘A Dangerous Mind.’ Raphael Gross wrote mean things about Schmitt in a book that begs a lot of questions. Nietzsche was right,…some are born posthumously!



  4. We desperately need more information on our spiritual history.

    It is essential we learn the nature of the spiritual conflict we are currently in the middle of.

    Our ancestors had understanding of those things. Some certainty in their worldview, and a cosmology.

    We don’t have any of that any more.

    • On the contrary (even though Mackay is a ‘convert’ and thus, is inimical to Western Orthodoxy, but nevertheless..), we have it. We just are IGNORING IT.

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