China Bans Wildlife Trade Due To Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

It has reached California.

Supposedly, Trump is considering expanding his travel ban:

This was inevitable.

The domestic panic, the tidal wave of international criticism, your racist jokes and the billions this will cost China has swiftly put an end to live animals being butchered in wet markets. Clearly, the risk is too great after two epidemics in less than twenty years.


“BEIJING (Reuters) – China banned wildlife trade nationwide in markets, supermarkets, restaurants, and e-commerce platforms due to the coronavirus outbreak, the country’s market watchdog, agricultural ministry, and forestry bureau said in a joint statement.

Any places that breed wildlife should be isolated, and the transportation of wildlife should be banned, said the statement.

The ban will take effect from Sunday. …”

At least for now.

China did something similar to this during the SARS outbreak.

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  1. Once I was walking on East Broadway in Manhattan’s Chinatown. I passed a meat market and noticed a brace of dead ducks hanging from a rod like clothes in a closet. So what?, you say. Well, this rod was not at eye level, it was beneath my feet, in a basement beneath a grate in the sidewalk. Even if they were only temporarily being stored there, any and all people walking by in this densely pedestrian neighborhood could unintentionally kick anything–dust, pebbles, dried bits of feces–through the grate and onto the duck flesh. Needless to say, don’t eat Chinese food.

  2. The slopes also love killing endangered animals like tigers and rhinos so they can grind up their body parts and use them in bullshit potions that supposedly have miraculous properties. So much for their amazing 106 average IQ.

    • This horrible story puts that IQ BS to bed FOREVER. As I wrote previously – my stupid Welsh peasant ancestors knew to cook their food. And not eat VERMIN! I HATE THESE SLANTS! I pray to Dagda that EVERY last one dies. Fucking SAVAGES.

      • I pray Denise gets raped by niggers for all eternity in hell, which is far more real than whatever retarded pagan shit she this psycho cunt believes in.

    • But asians are very good at copying and ‘brain mining’.

      This, combined with your comment, makes them very dangerous.

  3. I don’t care for the Jew Steffie Molyjew – but his podcasts can be informative. He just did one on this topic, with a pal of his named John, from Hong Kong.
    Give a listen.

    John details how China did not quarantine regions – it kinda sorta restricted movement kinda. And the souless evil Gooks themselves are lying about being ill, are moving around anyways, and aren’t doing a bloody thing to stop the spread of the virus except actually die. Gooks are yellow jews. Selfish, greedy and profoundly STUPID.

    “Modern, industrialized China” can’t even BOTHER to implement basic cleanliness protocols in handling food, or BASIC REFRIGERATION. They are now PROVEN to BE INFERIOR INFERIOR INFERIOR SAVAGES.

    White People are the BEST People. (REAL White People. Not phony mongrels pretending to be White.) We are far from perfect – but we try to do our best. Our only flaw is “tolerating” Orcs. This needs to STOP.

    A measure of superiority is how animals are treated. Yes – we use them for food and clothing – but torturing animals, delighting in cruelty – is a sign of total inferiority and savagery and general worthlessness. Especially in handling animals as food. Taking good care of your food supply means you will have a HEALTHIER food supply. Ergo – you will be healthier, This should be common sense – but it’s NOT.

    Cruelty towards animals is a sign of total inferiority, and savages should be exterminated. For the health and well being of life on Earth.

    • “Gooks are yellow jews. Selfish, greedy and profoundly STUPID.”

      They’ve taken great swaths of our industry.

      They are buying up much of the best land in US and Canada.
      They are filling our universities and pushing out White Americans.

      Who’s profoundly stupid ?

      • The ruling class, much of which is not white, has a profound hatred for white people. The white members of the ruling class, who are worse than those who present as white when it’s advantageous, are profoundly corrupt. This profound corruption is only possible because of the corrupt financial system that has impoverished honest, white working and middle classes through debt and national asset stripping, inch by inch, over many decades.

        The debt based financial system has enabled the ruling class through so-called “financialization” of the economy. This was asset stripping of pensions, land, factories etc. for the benefit of the few, concentrated on Wall St. and Washington, the usual suspects. This trend accelerated rapidly with the election of the good conservative, Ronald Reagan.

        The financialized economy requires ever higher debt, spending and financial indices just to survive. When the economy became debt based growth had to change from a linear progression i.e. a straight line to exponential growth i.e. a line that curved up to be parallel to the y axis. This also required the U.S. Government to bail out Wall St.

        Infinite growth in a finite economy, an impossibility masked by debt for a limited time, resulted in inevitable financial crashes e.g. 1987, 1998, 2000 and 2008 . Losses were socialized and gains were privatized. The corona virus may be the catalyst that ends this financial fraud known as the U.S. economy in its present debt based form.

        I guess DJT won’t be bragging about the bestest stock market evah, lowest black/hispanic unemployment evah anymore.

      • We are; for buying all their rubber dog shit in Walmart for all these years. What else can/should they do with all our fiat currency that they’ve accumulated?

  4. Fake – and gay. You are being controlled, manipulated, programmed – MK Ultra-tier mindbending shit.

  5. This is the only right wing website taking this scare monger tactic seriously. Oh I forgot everything is a conspiracy theory and our history is right because HW read it in a book.

    • Maybe this is the only website what understand the science properly.

      Biological weapon is not like chemical or nuclear. Last two are local but the biology is living thing and every last virus must be taken seriously.

      Not only corona but other well known bastards too. Most people do not understand that we are from mass deaths only one mutation away. We have a lot of “safe” viruses. Everybody have used with them and one day mutation arrives which is immune to known antibiotics.

      Spanish flu got only 50 million people because after WW I , human mobility was very low comparing today. Next serious flu will take down people by continents. And this may happen tomorrow. This is the reason why everybody must be properly vaccinated. Vaccines have side effects and Big Pharma is big bastard.

      But even worst vaccine will not kill hundreds of millions. 70 years old hate mongering childless white liberal college professor with her laboratory mutated flu unfortunately can.

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