The Guardian: The Wokelash Is No Joke

Laurence Fox is suffering from an acute case of “racism” fatigue. He doesn’t “hate” anyone. He is just tired of the exponential growth of hysterical and inflated accusations.

He has been accused of racism and white privilege so many times by insufferable virtue signaling middle class liberals that his eyes just automatically glaze over and roll back into his head. The Question Time audience physically groaned with FOX because they are so sick and tired of these little petty tyrants and their dominance over our culture.

The Guardian:

“BBC Question Time made a brief foray onto the national news agenda recently after panellist Laurence Fox accused an audience member of racism when she described him as a “white, privileged male” during a discussion about the media’s treatment of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. The exchange set in motion a predictable chain of events: Fox began a tour of Britain’s TV and podcast studios, making a series of increasingly reactionary and attention-seeking statements. Across left-leaning social media, meanwhile, Fox was mocked with a mix of amusement, disdain and pity.

But focusing on the shallowness of Fox’s opinions elides the most important element of the Question Time spectacle: the fact that a significant chunk of the audience groaned as soon as the phrase “white privilege” was uttered. Fox was not the only person in that studio who was weary of contemporary antiracist discourse, and he wasn’t the only person willing to show it.

Indeed his Question Time performance is part of a trend for “anti-woke” celebrities, such as Piers Morgan (examples of his attention-grabbing antipathy to wokeness are too numerous to list here), the comedian Geoff Norcott, who complains about “lifestyle prefects”, and the Twitter parodist Andrew Doyle, who argues that “woke bullies” must be resisted. …”

Daily Mail:

“Laurence Fox has employed a new tactic in his war against people he considers ‘woke’ – by asking to meet his fiercest critics for coffee. 

The English actor, 49, who kick-started his one-man campaign on Question Time two weeks ago with a furious row over whether Meghan Markle had been subjected to racism, has been prolific – and scathing – on Twitter ever since. 

While the Lewis star continues to fight fire with verbal fire in 280 character-sleights on social media, he’s also now asking those who disagree with him to meet for coffee – with British-American commentator Bonnie Greer so far the only one agreeing. …

Having spent so long feeling silenced by the liberal consensus, people in this group have been given a new lease of life by the right’s new insurgents. Not only were they correct all along; they were actually victims, zealously persecuted by an oversensitive and censorious society. It is this righteous indignation that lends their antipathy to wokeness a defiant and almost celebratory quality. As a friend of mine puts it, we are living in “bigot Christmas”. “

Last year, I anticipated the Wokelash was coming on the basis of how previous crazes ended like witch hunting and the Cultural Revolution.

There will come a tipping point when the insanity, the pressure to conform to the latest fads and the bodies piling up by cancel culture becomes so intense that ordinary people and even celebrities will shove back against the upper middle class liberal scolds who forced this Maoist bullshit on to a passive public. It didn’t endure in the Soviet Union or China. We may have reached peak anti-racism in the West in the Donald Trump and Boris Johnson era and have started to take the first tepid steps back down to earth from this mania. The moment when these fanatics finally lost their authority and became the butt of jokes will only become obvious in hindsight.

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  1. A few celebrities crying about “muh racism” and “muh sexism” is far from the backlash we need, but it’s a step in the right direction at least.

    • Or, in more familiar terms (that Liberals taught US, may I remind your audience?): ‘Never forgive, NEVER forget.’ And, ‘by any means necessary.’ And, let’s not forget- “Never let a good crisis go to waste.’ and ‘Payback’s a b*tch.”

  2. What many WHITE NATIONALISTS™ and DISSIDENT RIGHT® people get wrong is that they believe jews (or some vague elite) have a linear plan that is pushing whites (or “western man”) into a meat grinder of white genocide with no brake pedal, detours or pauses in the plan.

    Because of this linear thinking, only see things in binaries. Either your npc the most extreme anti-white views allowable to society or your a secret Hitler lover.

    This bunker mentality leads WHITE NATIONALISTS™ to making a lot of false positives of up and coming ” based” cultural figures, false hopes in political parties and incorrectly identifying narrative collapses.

    Our elites both Jewish and Shabbos want whites out of power and crushed, but that doesn’t mean they’re all in agreement about what the final phase of that will look like. Some I’m sure want whites completely bred out while others simply want us crushed politically& demographically.

    AMERICA FIRST NATIONALISTS™ also completely miss the boat when they think our elites want to “crush” the west. Our elites *are* the west. WESTERN VALUES© *are* our elite values. Our elites eagerly look forward to crushing 3rd world cultures and values. If they went to hard on eradicating and commercializing their culture they would suffer too much backlash, as the west still holds the majority of the worlds wealth, so we can buy more product in exchange for being the global whipping boy culturally. This exchange shitty for any white person but obviously very shitty for white working class who aren’t getting the pottery barn mcmansion in exchange their cultural suicide.

    When I’ve lived in majority states non-whites were allowed to be far reactionary in their views towards gays or women than in a state like california where if a black person calls someone a faggot a college educated high mestizo braud will pipe up to publicly shame the black persons homophobia.

    The establishment is going to pull a based civic nationalists headfake in the coming decades, but unlike trump it could easily arise out of the left. Where they will enforce globo-homo behavioral norms on all the citizens, regardless of color or their “marginalized” status.

    This is new homo civic nationalism is already being fostered in propaganda for both left and right wing Americans (and by extension europe). Netflix shows geared towards POC love showing the college educated women of color correcting reactionary men of their community. They’ve also elevated some “white” men ( they’re mostly Jewish actors but in the shows they’re meant to be read as white) in shows to be alpha race mixers. The white man isn’t just dating the black women, he is teaching her how to be white. She’ll maybe teach him somethings to but in totality the white race mixing men is the moral authority.

    Then on the right we see the constant call outs of hypocrisy, this isn’t always done cynically and is often instructive when someone is first noticing antiwhite patterns. However the hypocrisy argument dangerous, because what happens when they’re isn’t a hypocrisy??? People have focused their minds to be outraged by the hypocrisy rather than the anti white agenda play. So if/when they flip and force non-whites to play by the same rules many DISSIDENT RIGHT® people will simply point and laugh as non-whites are forced to obey the same homo rules we have to.

    The strength of liberalism is that it can be many different things at once. It can encourage hatred for Muslims abroad but also demand acceptance of Muslims at home. It can be exploitive towards Mexicans while firing the white American that previously held the job. It’ll pressure different groups at different times to different levels of obedience and as whites become a minority we will see both an increase of antiwhite messaging while other mouthpieces of the establishment will call out antiwhite bigotry in direct and forceful ways we have ever seen. It’ll sway back & forth until whites are powerless.

    I’m glad this situations happen but we can’t get content and we must push people not to simply stop discriminating against us but to push for the legitimization of whiteness.

    We are going to see a left wing civic nationalism rise over the next decade. But we don’t want to embrace the erasure of all cultures but the legitimization of identities and in particular whiteness.

    • Long pagan digression on the subject, ‘Jews vs. Christian Whites.’

      Simple Christian take-away.

      Jews- liars at all times. No need to countenance their existential presence in our lands, ever again.
      [ St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 8, Revelation 2:9,and 3:9]

      Whites- “Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.”
      [Matt 5:37]

      Solution/Plan of Attack: Restore Christendom, Expel the Jews. End of story.


  3. Why meet with any of them? They’re smugly convinced of their moral superiority, and view any opening one might give them as proof of weakness. Their positions aren’t born out of facts, but taken from multicultural propaganda they’ve come to see as holy writ. They only seek to harm the unbeliever. Until they wake up, stay away from them.

  4. Some are just rambling fadtards but a lot of these people are fully aware and fully engaged in committing social crimes against the European people. I’m noticing a large participation level of immigrants now, knowingly, attacking Whites in the bureaucratic and policing arena..a lot of non Whites have been in on the game for a long time, coming to our nations and being promoted into civil service by jews, with the specific aim of preventing lawful recourse for Whites who are being bureaucratically attacked…they are slowly driving us to armed conflict, hoping they will outnumber and out resource us before our people figure out what’s going on..then Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 where they come in for the kill. I think this whole thing will go hot within 5 years.

    “And gradually I began to hate them” AH

  5. Understand this, the racist tag is an inducement and a justification for those who have power and who stand in judgement of others to punish the innocent. I dare say if Christ were alive today he too would be called a racist and the Jews would have him nailed to a cross for it. The whole idea behind the racist accusation is to punish the innocent unjustly so.

    • “if Christ were alive today he too would be called a racist and the Jews would have him nailed to a cross for it”

      Christ IS Alive, and the Jews DID nail Him to a cross for it. And there is why they are NEVER GOING TO ASSIMILATE in Christian/White Lands…. or any land, except the boundary of Hell.


  6. All of this shit is only about shielding the Jews by allowing them to stack the social hierarchy with the people most willing to enforce the shitlib menu of the day. The remedy is to get people talking about Jews. Rabid Zionism has had a bit of trouble co-existing with rabid PC.

  7. The bitterly funny thing is that Fox is an EXTREMELY privileged White Man. He father is James Fox. His family is very well connected. He attended Harrow. (research tuition rates, for fun). He’s also a very good guy. He needs to stop asserting that “England is not racist” but instead drive the Orcs OUT.

  8. Protesting “I’m not a racist but…” to anti-Whites never works. Neither does trying to make “friends” with them. Respectable conservatives have been doing both for years with zero results. Both of these approaches tell anti-Whites that they own you. Try some Mantra stuff on them instead.

    • Absolutely agree. One of the first thing West should do, is quit using communist language. With communist language, you enforce the communist narrative.

      I wondered long time, why the West struggling like hell to avoid call spade a spade.
      What this mass murderer Trotsky invented word exactly means ???????

      Who controls the words, controls the debate.

    • GOD is a racist, if you want to be honest. Creation of a world, creation of a specific race, calling of a specific man from that race, enabling twelve brothers of that same race, to help found a nation, dispersing the disobedient majority of that race into the lands of Europe, sending prophets to announce a re-gathering, by incarnating Deity into that race, and then calling all of that race (and only that race) to communion and Deification with Jesus, to reign and rule over the entire plane of hominid existence. That’s about as ‘racist’ as one can get!

      And Jews (being forever excluded from that ‘in-group,’ since Christ God incarnated as a White Adamic) are H8ers without par, because of it.

      What did Milton say of Satan, (the Jews’ father – cf. St. John, Chapter 8) “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.”

      We need to merely assist the Juden to their ‘father’s’ home, where, I am sure, are ‘many tarpits’. Has He not told you so?


  9. well crafted dialectical psyop that supports the globalist regime of total miscegenation of the globe and replace nations with propositional corporate states erroneously and intentionally and deceptively declared “nations” … This same psyop Mr. Carlson does every night …. were not racists .. supporting the radical republican’s abolitionist line …

  10. “People have focused their minds to be outraged by the hypocrisy rather than the anti white agenda play. ”

    Excellent key point.
    Wokelash is somewhat starting, yet just toes in the water and nothing from the masses of jobbers who still have to deal with HR offices, not dealing with work drama, etc. No one wants to lose their retirements and pensions.
    Frankly, what’s holding back Whites is actually just purely economics. It’s tough financially being in White identity movements, anything remotely dissent Right or WNism.
    What sucks is that unemployment is quite low and although purchasing power has been mostly hallowed out (a dollar ain’t a dollar anymore), besides cyberspace and some content creators/writers, everyone knows that out and out White identity action generally leads to financial/employment gulag. Don’t even mention the many street level folks which have had the full weight of the Zog courts thrown at them.

    Small scale off the radar network building and community building is the way to go. Even then, there are so many weirdos & idiots all over. Just have to wait it all out. Wokelash would get moving if White people actually stand up for each other & provide back up. Reward those that walk the walk and you are likely to see more of this.

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