Donald Trump Chats With Sean Hannity About Coronaflu

Lots of news here.

Trump is taunting Mini Mike, Pocahontas and Jeff Sessions on Twitter. He is relentlessly pandering to blacks and Hispanics and promising to get a deal done to save DACA.

He also called into Hannity last night to dismiss the coronaflu, which he promised would disappear in the spring, and is questioning the death rate reported by the WHO. The chumps are all convinced now that coronavirus isn’t so bad and that it is being exaggerated by the media to take down Donald Trump. Naturally, the narcissist sees the virus in terms of the stock market and his reelection.

Note: BTW, we have an update on Anglo immunity. Do you remember the British guy who beat the virus with hot toddies? It turns out the media totally downplayed his experience with the coronavirus. This is a healthy guy in his twenties and he could only breathe little sips of air.

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  1. Numbers,

    Suppose half of Americans get wuflu, that’s 170 million.
    Suppose a 1% CFR, that’s 1.7 million deaths.
    That equals 33 years of the common flu.
    Suppose 3% CFR, that’s 5 million ppl !

    Old White folks could take a hell of a hit.

    • I’ve noted that it (Chink Flu) has similarities to AIDS. in its structure. Wonder if the ‘out and proud’ Sodomite populace is exceptionally susceptible? Could we be looking at a purge of the evil in our midst?
      Oh, Lord, I hope so.

  2. Now they are reporting two strains of wuflu, L and S types , with widely differing characteristics.

    • Wonder what strain makes you pass out in the street while walking around… Why are so many sick corona bastards walking around with this stupid wuflu like FFS this whole thing is absolutely retarded

      i don’t think this wuflu is from batsoup its a heavily manufactured bioweapon made by evil cia scientists or something

  3. “Face masks don’t do any good, they might even be harmful.”

    “We need face masks for all our medical personel.”

    Me smells a rat.

  4. America, world’s most advanced mediacal system.
    Shortages of face masks, virus test kits, basic sanitary supplies.
    USA, USA, USA, we’re #1 !

  5. The US isn’t prepared for this under Trump. The other countries are scrambling because the number of people with it is much higher. However the US is in right wing libertariantard land right now. I agree he and others look at it from a Stock Market perspective. However the people are looking at it different prepping medical masks and other items. His lack of care could very well cost him votes in November. Deo Vindice !

    • Americans who are white live in relative social isolation anyway. Drive the 4×4 to and from the detached house to job sites with similar men with similar lifestyles, retired men and women living old folks homes tended by young female nurses however are out of luck.

  6. The biggest mistake Jeff Sessions made was giving up that easy Alabama seat. I remember always liking him and thinking he was a true guy against the invasion. It was incredibly dumb to give that seat up for Attorney General.

    Roy Moore would have been fine in the seat but black people as usual helped to defeat him. I am sure there was illegal voting, too. The mostly Jewish controlled press was throwing the kitchen sink at Moore and now Alabama of all places has a leftist Senator more appropriate for New York or California.

    Sessions should not have recused himself because the Democrats always fight dirty. That was the beginning of the end for him and too many people now view him as a traitor. So a seat he should own may get taken by a football coach considered not as conservative as Sessions. Not good.

    Republicans are going to have to start thinking post Trump soon. A senator elected this November will still be in office when Trump finishes up in 2025 if he wins again. Even if Trump wins this year only a massive change in who can immigrate here will stop the inevitability of anti white socialist policies.

    Even if Sanders does not get the nomination, true socialist thinking is knocking on the door. I would not care so much if anti white policies were not a core value of socialism in America.

    All the Democrats are doing is showing a love for money while promoting socialist lite. They like their cash and don’t want Bernie and some others cutting into it. But the anti white agenda of so called liberals is in lock step with the far left thought process. Biden has run a virulent anti white campaign but so far no Republican has shown any courage to mention it including the king of Twitter, Trump. Ironically, I think Jeff Sessions would be one of the few senators who would. Thus, I hope he can shake off this Mueller baggage and win a seat back that should easily be his.

    • I doubt it has much to do with money with the left pushing Bernie aside again.
      TPTB cannot have an openly communist jew as the head of this dying corporation…people might start connecting dots, maybe even some nonwhites.

  7. “lowest African American unemployment”

    Every single day. Fuck off, Orange faggot.

    • Soon, African unemployment will not matter ONE IOTA. AI is here; Yang was already five years behind the trend. And he was the ‘most forward looking’ of the supposed candidates!!!! And the American Slave Class votes for BIDEN!>!>!?

      “Off-the-shelf robot arms have plunged in price in recent years, from more than $100,000 in 2016, when Miso Robotics first launched, to less than $10,000 today, with cheaper models coming in the near future.

      As a result, Miso can offer Flippys to fast-food restaurant owners for an estimated $2,000 per month on a subscription basis, breaking down to about $3 per hour. (The actual cost will depend on customers’ specific needs). A human doing the same job costs $4,000 to $10,000 or more a month, depending on a restaurant’s hours and the local minimum wage. And robots never call in sick.”…”

  8. Heard a good one out of California. The asshole who claimed he cured coronavirus with honey and whiskey has died.

  9. 2 cases at University (of Mississippi)Medical Center. Coworkers mama works there. Should hit the Jackson news tonight or tomorrow.

  10. OK – that Welsh Race Traitor in China – I didn’t write about this but I suffered Type A flu in January. It’s brutal. It wasn’t Corona; I was tested and it was the beginning of January. What I had sounds just like the symptoms of Mr Welsh Guy, excepting my lungs didn’t sound like crumpled paper bags, and I only had trouble breathing for one night. I basically stayed up all night and watch YT viddies on and off. The rest is en pointe, especially the bits about thinking you are over it – and then it slams you AGAIN. The flu this year has already killed thousands. No one is talking about this Type A flu, though.

    I wonder if ZOG is testing different variations. The WuhanFlu is worse for Asians, but are different variations being tried out? If one variant can target Asians, why not others for Negroes and Caucasians?

    • Genetic warfare is here- I wouldn’t be surprised – Georgia Guidestones, etc.
      Sorry you were ill with that crap, Miss Denise. Someone the wife heard about, died from THAT flu, due to medical incompetence.

      We’re upping our immuno-boosters, staying away from crowds, exercising to build strength, going to bed for a full night’s sleep when tired, rather than just staying up, because- We’ve started sanitizing everything in sight, drinking little but tea and juice made from/with purified water, and just finished shopping for the things we lacked (Canned perishable goods) for at least three months- the grocery store had a sale on veggies! Not hoarding, but not just buying for a week at a time, either. Since we don’t know who might be a carrier, or where things are coming from, we are using disposable Clorox wipes on EVERY can, bottle, etc that enters our house, or that with which it would come in contact with the food/supplement inside. Then, scalding water on the lid and can opener, when we do use what’s inside. It’s making for a good Lenten penitence. lol

  11. Corona virus is another control mechanism like climate change. Stop amplifying it.

    It really doesn’t matter if the mortality rate is 1% or 10%. You are better to die of the virus than live in fear under the yoke of WHO.

  12. I believe The Donald. This is just another Democrat conspiracy to wreck his presidency. I know this is true because one of the world’s most renowned virologists, Dr. Rush Limbaugh, MD, PhD, Nobel Prize laureate, visiting professor of biology at MIT and Chief of Medicine at MGH screamed it repeatedly on his AM radio show between coughing fits and ads for Life lock, credit fix companies, vitamin supplements, gold coins and usurious credit cards.

    If you can’t trust Rush (he’s out of detox now) who can you trust?

  13. On the bright side, if boomers like Trump are too dumb to take precautions the Boomer Problem will solve itself. And if the virus gets as bad in America as it did in China or Iran, the 2020 election will probably be delayed.

    • Dude, when boomers are gone the wheels fall off America. Just wait till Jose and Tyrone are maintaining your infrastructure, get use to candles an outhouses.

    • “An ethno state, from which to live well”

      Better grab your passport and start searching.
      America is going to be another Venezuela cesspool, without the nice climate.

  14. If he backs amnesty for DACA he has betrayed his base in a way that is undeniable! Look for a major war with Iran if he re-elected.

    • But intellectuals must be derided. Or kicked away and I dare not suggest the best option

      White nationalism is most successful in the countries where are no pro white intellectuals who derail successful movement by turning basic truths to absurd until confused and bored people walk away.

      Has anybody heard intellectual Polish or Hungarian nationalism ? I am not. I hear only how they throw intellectuals out, Jared Taylor with his Amren probably most known.

  15. GG,

    “It’s not the death rattle in the throat of Western civilization which is surprising, it is the fact for millions of Americans Whites believed that death rattle is a beautiful song.”

    – George Lincoln Rockwell

  16. While the jet set and entirety of Washington DC is contracting the corona flu and dropping dead, we rural rednecks will be sitting pretty in our low population density flyover homes eating canned beans and building forts with our excess toilet paper.

  17. From what I’ve seen most of the Dead are men. Most if not all of the dead are men in their 70s 80s and 90. Asymptomatic cases are mostly young women of child rearing age. It’s literally a disease spread by nurses and caregivers to old geezers and vice versa. Get you grandpa out of the nursing home and have him avoid female caregivers.

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