The Flu vs. Coronavirus


#1. What about swine flu?

The 2009/2010 H1N1 pandemic has been one of the top conservative talking points this month. According to the CDC, 61 million Americans were infected with H1N1 and 12,469 died OVER THE COURSE OF ONE YEAR, which is 365 days. So far, 2,329 Americans have died of coronavirus out of 131,403 confirmed infections and 1,816 of those deaths have occurred over the last SIX DAYS.

#2. We can compare the flu and pneumonia to coronavirus deaths in New York State. This is what the last five flu seasons have been like there compared to coronavirus:

There wasn’t a single week in New York State in the 2018-2019 flu season when deaths from influenza and pneumonia exceeded 200. A year ago this week, 16 people in New York State died of the flu and 161 died of pneumonia. 965 people have died in New York State mostly in the last week. Coronavirus is severe viral pneumonia. Pneumonia is always far more deadly than influenza.

Note: A year ago this week, 3 people died of the flu and 62 died of pneumonia in Alabama. 11 people have died in Alabama so far this week from coronavirus.

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  1. I thought it was reported that 61 million Americans now have the ANTIBODY to the H1N1 virus. Could this also be explained by the fact that a vaccine to H1N1 was rushed out and it was also included in the following years strains for the annual flu shot? Likely 61 million Americans probably have the antibodies due to vaccination, not from actually having had the actual disease.

      • From what my doctor, who practices at a nationally known hospital, tells me, your flu shot is only good for flu season and you develop no permanent immunity.

        As I mentioned before, I got the heavy duty flu shot this year, but, it did not protect me from what is being called the “type b” flu. If that’s what I had?

  2. It’s a very serious problem. The country was shut down two weeks too late. The state let everyone down here.

  3. The thing that scares me about the corona is that it is airborne. I keep hearing conflicting claims that it isn’t but they why is every fricking thing is the world on complete lockdown then? Why are all these people wearing facemasks everywhere I go, its pissing me off and starting to spook me seriously wtf

    Why does the air quality seem so poor lately Is it just me could it be massive air pollution from something else or is it corona related? I’m not sure we will ever get a straight answer from WHO or I guess we can call them CHO now knowing they are shills for CCP and doing damage control

    • Unless someone coughs right in your face, you are more likely to pick up the virus from a hard, often touched surface. Try to remember to keep your hands off your face.

      • I can’t stop touching my damn face tho despite me washing my face and hands like 3-5 times a day now.

        Its a normal human impulse to touch ones face but with this chink flu theres a increased chance I die from this shit, just fricking wonderful isn’t it? Pssh

    • His father represented crime bosses in Queens and yet was elected governor because elections in NY are rigged, period. The son is a self-evident thug fronting for union bosses. Giuliani the same, but fronting for Jewish crime bosses in Manhattan, which explains his participation in 9/11 and its cover up. I went to school with a fellow from Queens who graduated from St John’s Law School in Queens, where old man Cuomo taught as I recall. This fellow became a lawyer for the Italian mob in Queens and someone frightening to be around.

    • If some mad scientist jew wanted to create an Italian Frankenstein mobster-monster golem character, Andrew Cuomo is what the jew-created Italian Frankenstein mobster-monster golem character would look like — and sound like.

      Spahnranch1969 has The Correct View.

  4. The correct graph shows a correlation between tests performed and new cases, of which that majority of positives are false when they’re not incidental. Videos of NY hospitals, but for one in Jamaica, show no unusual activity.

    Reserve you anger for those elements in and out of government participating in this false flag simulation gone live. Start paying attention to the economic ramifications of this mother of all bailouts and congressional screwing of America on behalf of the perps responsible, because it will be paid for by the sweat of your brow and by your children’s perpetual debt slavery once the helicopter money is gone.

    You condemn conservatives, but you’d better not jump in bed with a left gone mad like Haley Stevens, gone stark raving mad from TV fear porn piped into her brain like an intravenous drug. Or how about AOC and her Green New Deal that most Dems support, because if you’re worried about an extermination scenario, that’s a real one you need to stop dead in it’s tracks. And if you’re ready to calm down now and evaluate your real predicament, try Shadow Stats to organize your thoughts and perspective even though you don’t subscribe to the data.

      • One interesting point here is that American metropolis (metropolii) have never faced a plague. They are designed for a post penicillin post cholera era. NYC will end up in a very odd place here.

      • Why was there no shut down of commerce and no forced quarantines when 61 million Americans were affected with SARS, swine flu, and H1N1 and at least 12,000 Americans died yearly when Obama was in office? No fearmongering from the media/govt, no nothing. Daily life went on like everything was peaches and roses. This has nothing to do with COVID-19, it has to do with the govt playing god and violating the rights and liberties of its citizens. They weren’t going to do it under Obama,so they pulled out the virus and did it under Trump because he is weak and easily manipulated. It’s not too hard to figure out if you think independently.

        The fearmongering from the media and govt officials has done more damage to the psyche of Americans than the virus could ever do. BTW, the media/govt would never lie about the number of infected or dead. Everything is “fake” news until it’s something you agree with. Kind of hypocritical, don’t you think?

        • 1.) 774 people died of SARS. It was an extremely deadly virus like Ebola, but it didn’t spread well and was easily contained due to the lack of asymptomatic carriers.

          2.) 12,469 people died in the United States of swine flu in the course of a year. If you average that out, it is about 34 people a day. Swine flu also infected 60 million people. Obviously, this is an apples and oranges comparison. Swine flu wasn’t anywhere nearly as deadly as the coronavirus and a vaccine for it was swiftly produced and distributed. We make flu vaccines every year.

          3.) No, it is just a much more lethal virus than anything we have seen in a century.

          • To be fair, we really don’t know what the death rate is. How many millions of people here have it? How many are asymptomatic? How many have recovered without ever knowing they had it? It’s impossible to know at this point.

          • Doesn’t really matter.

            The real measuring stick is hospitalizations and dead bodies. If coronavirus is “just the flu,” show me where 500 people died from the flu in a week in New York at the end of March.

        • I’ve never had a flu shot, and I usually don’t take ill. But, in the last couple of decades, I have ceased to take any over the counter cold medications. I used to take Nyquil. My cold would last two weeks and I would walk around in a stupor (the only fun part about it). But, nights would be miserable and days would be worse. So, now I just drink a lot of Spicy Hot V-8, a little Orange Juice, and, maybe, some of Granny’s Rheumatism Medicine. I typically kick a cold within 3 to 4 days with much lighter symptoms.

          “Good health killed Jim. See, he purified his body so completely, that when finally called on to do so, he couldn’t handle the grease and sugar and toxic waste that we call food. He rendered himself extinct. See, healthy people are like dinosaurs. They’re not fit to survive.” – Al Bundy

    • You are very interesting, Anon.I believe the virus is real, and a bio weapon. The Anti Government hasbug-out bunkers to bug out in. The debt script was crashing. The global economy was already beginning to sloooowwww. I don’t know what really happened at Wuhan. I can only speculate. China was supposed to be the new Host for the Tribe. I believe the ChiComms was attempting to play a double game. They’ve been waging war on the West for literally decades, with the dedicated assistance of our Very Bestest Pals EVAH, in the MidEast – but I think the ChiComms were planning to dump the Heebs. But the Chinese are NOT as schmart as we’ve been told. This is merely my little guessing game, which matter to no one. I think confused, deluded, mis-educated Americans have been the best Host the Tribe has ever had, but that doesn’t mean, in the alleged words of Bibi Satanyajoo, that they won’t toss in in the trash after they’ve squeezed the American Lemon dry. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do to the Goyim?

      I think this is all very real – but I don’t think Americans have to be slaves in perpetuity. I think we can rebuild from the ashes. Not America – but something far, far better. .

  5. Keeping the statistics very simple: approximately one per cent of the US population dies each year, mostly from natural causes, i.e.. “old age”.. In round figures there are three million deaths each year in the USA.

    Now from the statistics that you have given us: 1816 have died of coronavirus in the last six days., i.e on average some 300 per day. Making a very big assumption, that if the virus carries on killing at this rate throughout the year, then some one hundred thousand persons would die of the virus; that is one death in every thirty would related to the virus. But from what we know that it is in the great majority of cases the old and the very weak who succumb, it is therefore legitimate to say that the victims are dying with the virus, not because of it; in the limiting sense they are dying a few week or months earlier.

    Focussing on the graph of the New York statistics for deaths due to flu compared to those for the corona virus: the wide discrepancy is a direct result of the current hysteria: an old person dies, he is examined and found to have the virus, so his death is ascribed to the virus, rather than any other underlying and serious medical condition that he may have.

    We know the facts: it is the old who are dying, and dying with the virus, and not in general because of it; and everybody else suffers an unpleasant illness. In this sense the coronavirus can be compared with conventional flu..

      • None, it’s a talking point doubters got from pundits like Limbaugh. Tragedy is this very real crisis should expose the non existent “climate crisis” for what it is, but those on the right are going to squander their credibility denying the seriousness of viral pneumonia from a recent bat virus that jumped to humans. This thing was being called what it was back in December, SARS. The new reports were that SARS was back and it is a very similar bat virus that just jumped to humans and the virus is officially called SARS-CoV-2 and then that bum Tedros on the CCP payroll came up with this bizarre COVID-19 name to take the heat off China and minimize it with a euphemism avoiding the dreaded SARS moniker which should have caused the alarm. Sort of like when they stopped calling the 1981 epidemic GRIDS.

        • The WHO spokesman already admitted they changed the name to “prevent panic.” It’s pathetic that people who take Limbaugh seriously are dragging that rancid garbage into the alt-right.

        • Agreed, all Thunberg needs to do is show her diagnosis of Covid19 and dare her critics who claimed Covid19 is a hoax and cut to the images of ventilators…

          Only upside to this crisis is that ethnic aliens might run back home to the Muddalands.

      • That’s the very thing, most ppl can’t grasp, the exponential rise in cases and deaths.

        Few ppl can understand exponential growth, thats why so many ppl become entrapped in credit dept and rarely climb out.

      • Whoah, what do we have here?! Looks like we got a DummyCrap shill here boys!. Sean Hannitty said it’s just the sniffles so that settles it, snowflake. LOL! Those people were gonna die anyway, now at least they won’t be drawing my Social Security! MAGA and G-d bless Israel!

    • The question is,

      Why is this hysteria of vast numbers “dying of the coronavirus” being generated by the media and the politicians ? Give Trump his due here, he was initially sceptical. This is all “false news” designed to stampede us into accepting World Government. The slogan will be: “The international problem of the Corona virus needs and demands a world-wide response. Bring on the World Government.”

      Folks, it’s a scam. Probably brought to you by the (((Usual suspects))).

  6. To nobody’s surprise, anglin over at DS is still doing the “just the flu” bit and has returned to shilling for Trump.

      • Yes it is when you consider the depression that will come due to the extended lockdowns will kill much more people than this “pandemic”.

        • Billy, my dear fellow – China is getting a second spike. The opened theaters, and slammed them shut. I was very, very very skeptical about this entire thing – but I believe in the virus. I think this is a Georgia Guidestones moment. Every one who is depressed about isolation will be shocked into a coma when this peters out. I now think, as I did when this began, that every one will be exposed, and people will live or die. And a LOT of people are going to die.

  7. The virus does not exist. Get it through your skills. This place has become nothing but parroting msm fake news.

      • Bad example Hunter.. because the answer is yes. Based on experience, whatever the weather forecast is.. I assume the opposite and I am correct 80 percent of the time.

      • Yes, they do stuff like that all the time. These folks aren’t even real hardcore conspiracy theorists, they are just racist boomers who still get their news mostly from the Limbaugh/Hannity Axis of conservatism.

  8. My 82 year old mom who was a nurse in the 60s has been pretty spooked by this thing since late January. She grew up in the 40s and remembers the Polio outbreaks where they would shut down all childhood activities. She remembers Measles quarantines, she lived in a world where stuff like this was possible and doesn’t have her head in the sand by people who have had never known a frightening world where nature was back in control. Some blowhard was going on about his “constitutional rights” should they stop travel out of the tri state region. Well nature doesn’t give a damn about your “constitutional rights.”

    • Yup. We are not familiar with epidemics in the post penicillin post ww2 era.

      It’s all so tragic. Be stoic and strong for each other. It’s a massive test of our biology and spirit.

  9. The first graph HW published , showing the exponential rise of cases in china, said it all, and it spoke volumes.

  10. Even if this sequestration works , for a couple of weeks, and reduces the case and death counts, what happens when things start to return to normal ? Rebound cycles start !

    It is impossible that all cases of wuflu will be extinguished, then the cycle of exponential case growth will start again, except for those who are immune ( which would have been the case , anyway.)

    In sum, this lockdown may only succeed in prolonging the epidemic and making the financial consequences far worse.

    • Yep.
      “When we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced. That is why we are more susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system (e.g. lowers the number of lymphocytes).

    • “In sum, this lockdown may only succeed in prolonging the epidemic and making the financial consequences far worse.”

      This is true and basically the stated goal. “Flatten the curve” = extend the outbreak rather than allowing it to peak and die off quickly.

      “When we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced.”

      Also true. Not to mention making people hole themselves up inside will make it far worse, especially a second wave, due to low Vitamin-D levels. There is a reason the flu is seasonal..

  11. How many people die in New York state in the last week of March each year from anything?

    If that number is not much lower than the total number of death in New York state in the last week, a lot of death that have been attributed to Corona virus were going to happen anyway.

    Even if there has been a significant spike in deaths, the virus may have only sped up the deaths of people whose live expectancies could be measured in days or weeks.

    That would mean a decline in total deaths in New York state in the weeks ahead.

    • The numbers of both total deaths and deaths from flu and influenza are available on the CDC website

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