Corona Panic Doesn’t Exist


“CoronaHysteria-pushers to help destabilize the system”

“Corona Hysteria” 

None of this is an accurate description of my position on the coronavirus. The actual accelerationists here are the crowd who are fine with thousands of expendable people dying from coronavirus.

It has been obvious since the beginning of the outbreak in China that the new coronavirus is a highly contagious and moderately lethal virus. Unlike the original SARS virus, H1N1 or Ebola, it has the potential to infect and kill millions of people. This virus is a serious problem due to asymptomatic carriers.

I’ve maintained this blog for over a decade now. I didn’t think Ebola or Zika were a big deal. I barely paid any attention to either of those viruses. I don’t even recall writing anything about swine flu. It simply isn’t true that we are “panicking” or being “hysterical.” The virus minimizers have set up a straw man: either the coronavirus is a doomsday virus, which it obviously isn’t, OR, it is nothing to be concerned about. 18,331 Americans have died from this virus since the beginning of March which is far more people than who died in 9/11, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War and Hurricane Katrina combined.

Here is my response to each of these points:

(1) The supreme importance of Truth. The truth is that the coronavirus has killed more Americans in three weeks during a 42 state lockdown than swine flu killed in a year. No, this virus is nothing like the flu which is a seasonal virus, which fades every year in the spring:

The flu has never killed 1,900 people a day with the overwhelming majority of deaths occurring in just four states. Full stop.

The flu doesn’t skyrocket in late March and April.

The flu is not the leading cause of death in the United States.

There are 52 weeks in a year. It only took 3 weeks for the coronavirus to kill more Americans than swine flu. It has 49 more weeks to go.

The flu has a 0.1% case fatality rate. The coronavirus has around a 10% case fatality rate in most of Western Europe. It currently has a 3.6% case fatality rate in the United States. The number continues to increase.

We have vaccines for the flu. Much of the population is also immune to the flu.

The coronavirus isn’t the flu which is an influenza. It is a novel coronavirus from a bat. The disease the virus creates is SARS.

This is a highly infectious and moderately lethal virus, but how many people get infected and die from it is TOTALLY UP TO US. If people change their behavior in response to the threat, they can save lives. In January and February, the American media dismissed the virus as “just the flu” and said the real threat was “racism” and “xenophobia.” They only changed their tune after the outbreak in Italy.

As for the Dissident Right, it seems that some people have adopted the irrational position of always taking the exact opposite position of anything the media says, which is just as dumb as believing the sun is brightly shining outside because the news says that it is raining. Many are even saying it is all a HOAX. Every country in the world including mortal enemies are part of a global conspiracy which stretches all the way down to every hospital and county coroner in the United States. Finally, when the Dissident Right can’t even tell the difference SARS and the flu or a coronavirus and influenza, it is time to walk away.

(2) What is the ‘purpose’ of the the Dissident Right? Is it just an amoral ‘faction’. Presumably, it is not to explain away the incompetence of our ruling class, particularly of the mainstream Right, with retarded conspiracy theories. At least that is what I thought until recently. I’m not engaged in polemics, propaganda, and agitation. It isn’t propaganda to say that New York alone has more cases of coronavirus than all of East Asia because conservatives decided to “ride it out” and do nothing in February.

(3) Protect the nation from harm. I agree which is why I would like to know why no one has died from the virus in Mongolia or Vietnam. Why have our incompetent elites imported a deadly virus and crashed the economy? Why couldn’t they be bothered to take the virus as seriously as Taiwan or Hong Kong or South Korea or Vietnam? Why don’t we have the capacity to manufacture our own pharmaceuticals and medical equipment? Whose fault is that? It certainly isn’t my fault. I wasn’t the one who provided Donald Trump with the intelligence in February that the virus was “just the flu” and to “ride it out.”

(4) What is true leadership? Whence comes moral authority/credibility? Why don’t we look then at the nations like Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea where thousands of people haven’t died from the virus? The liberal West and the United States above every country in the world illustrates how not to respond to the virus. It isn’t the virus that it is killing people so much as it is liberalism.

(5) The “Corona Soft Coup d’Etat” was/is led by a collection of interests within the Left- and Media-Complex. No, the virus started at the wet market in China and is merely the latest highest infectious respiratory virus to come out of that country. This virus is SARS 2. It is also a global pandemic and America is only one country that is dealing with the virus. Clearly, we have the most incompetent elite anywhere on the planet.

(6) Therefore, for the Dissident Right to join the pro-CoronaPanic rah-rah-ing, demanding for More Shutdowns and so on, would be for it to totally neutralize itself, abandoning the commitment to Truth (see point 1), giving in to crass factionalism (see point 2), failing in the implied the commitment to protect the nation including via rational thinking about tradeoffs (see point 3), forfeiting a claim to true leadership and losing credibility in the long-run (see points 4 and 5). This Dissident Right neutralized itself by being indistinguishable from conservatism and libertarianism and buying into their absurd conspiracy theories which are nothing more than ass covering for Donald Trump.

Note: Even if 2.2 million people died from coronavirus, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Life would go on. The Roaring Twenties followed the Spanish Flu. How many Americans are our incompetent elites willing to write off and leave for dead though?

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  1. Mises Institute says there were about 250k deaths from all causes in both 2018 & 2019. If that number doesn’t go up much for 2020 then we’ll know who the idiot is.

    • Red Pill Germany did a video just the other day in which he carefully analyses death rates currently versus past years.

      It’s a good analysis, and he uses the death-rate comparison precisely to determine whether or not the COVID stats that are being presented are accurate or not:

    • That’s something that would be revealing,
      A day by day comparison of deaths in the US
      for the past couple of years
      Apr 10 2020 , compared to Apr 10 2019, 2018 , 2017
      Do it over a weeks time.
      That alone, would tell a lot.

    • 1. It did NOT begin in a wet market. Obama let it be sold to China ( it was developed at Fort Detrick. )

      2. The # of deaths is total BS. Doctors were told to ‘medical code / label’ anything they didn’t know what was … as Covid19 !!!!!!!!

      3. YES, it’s a real virus we don’t want to get. So … wash hands get sleep take zinc vitamins c d3 elderberry and colloidal silver. Eat right stretch walk and for another 2 weeks, social distance.

      4. Hydroxychloroquine cures 99 % of all cases !!!!

      5. Notice Trump and team NOT wearing masks and distancing ? 🙂 The good guys are USING the enemies virus PANIC as cover to rescue trafficked victims and ( soon to see ) arrest a bunch of freaks, AND reset our $$ system.

      6. Doesn’t Melinda Gates look like a man ? 🙂

  2. Nobody is stopping any of these morons from visiting the coronavirus ward at the nearest hospital. Why won’t they go? What are they afraid of? Why can’t they put their money where there mouth is? No balls?

    • They already did, there are plenty videos and articles everywhere proving it to be a hoax. They’re laying off medical staff in hospitals. Nurse’s and Doctors are coming forward.

      Are you the other hillbilly who went fishing with your corona virus messiah Brad yesterday?

      For some reason I hear banjo music connected to your comment.

    • “any of these morons from visiting the coronavirus ward at the nearest hospital. Why won’t they go? What are they afraid of?”

      Robert, Bobby baby….. Ever hear of a thing called ‘Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God?’

      Don’t be a fool, And neither will we….

  3. O/T but not really – there is a Corona Panic going on. On Twitter. It’s HILARIOUS. The Nice Negro Swishy Surgeon General just kinda called out Negroes for their behavior, Re: their BEHAVIOR is why that have such high rates of CoronaChan. They are chimping out to a cosmic degree!

    Hahaha! This is a riot! Or will be any minute now.

    Banned Degenerate just instructed We Hater Racist Crackas to modify our tactics and strategies, on another thread – but this just proves the points of every one wots laughing him off.

    The comments and whining and bleating and mewling are an absolute screech! It’s so funny! Nigs are are the most pathetic, self-indulgent, narcissistic crybabies EVER. Completely worthless. They need to GO.

    • According to our nurses, Miss Denise, we have been having a panic down here (where there has virtually not been any of it) since late February.

      Many folks have been inundating our small rural hospitals sure that they are soon to die of the Corona when all they in front of them is a week with the standard flu.

      It got so bad, in fact, M’am, that the nurses went on AM radio and told folks to stay home, unless they were having a stroke or heart attack!!!

  4. “set up a straw man”

    It seems to me the straw men are being set up on both sides.

    You, living in rural Alabama, are going out fishing and your life hasn’t changed at all.

    Others are literally locked in their apartments under threat of arrest.

    Yet when they say the police state measures and fear-mongering are going overboard – you accuse them of virus minimization.

    RamZPaul – rather stupidly, imo – make an off-hand joke about making fun of people wearing masks (he’s in rural Oklahoma) – and he’s attacked as virus-minimizing – by people in rural areas going out without wearing masks.

    The news media were saying that the mass graves in Iran could be seen from space … supposedly overworked hospital staff are busy making Tik Tok videos of them twerking …

    They claimed 2.2 million deaths just two weeks ago – even without social distancing, because it was already too late.

    Frankly, everyone has made complete fools of themselves in this “debate.” One “side” believed every ridiculous thing the media said, and the other “side” believed every single fantasy they read online.

    You were right, however – this has totally discredited the Dissident Right, and the right-wing generally. I can’t see why anyone should listen to anything a right-winger has to say on any topic, considering they are wrong 95% of the time.

    The other 5% no one disagrees with, so again, no point in taking right-wingers seriously.

    • If memory serves, the media spent January and early February minimizing and downplaying the virus. That was the official narrative, but as the spread in Italy, Iran and South Korea the coverage began to change. No one remembers it though now because conservatives and libertarians let them get away with it.

  5. Hey Brad, why aren’t you talking about the drug that Trump is promoting? Hydroxychloroquine – the same drug that multiple clinical studies around the world have tested and proved its effectiveness. Neither you nor Richard Spencer have talked about this drug while taking the time to shit on Trump. You believe Trump’s doing nothing to combat the virus situation while refusing to talk about his solutions with his highly effective drug. What’s up with that, Brad?

    • Neither you nor Richard Spencer have talked about this drug while taking the time to shit on Trump. You believe Trump’s doing nothing to combat the virus situation while refusing to talk about his solutions with his highly effective drug. What’s up with that, Brad?


      It’s probably because they both extremely hate Trump because they both feel “betrayed” by him. I suspect both still harbor the extraordinarily dubious belief that somehow, sorta, they (and the alt-right in general, but particularly them) was “responsible” for Trump getting elected (lmao).

      Trump likely never knew, or now know, this site even exists — and only first heard of Richard Spencer after he already got elected during the ridiculous “Heilgate” debacle.

      Because of this, both will counter-signal virtually anything Trump says or does, truth and facts be damned.

      • There’s essentially no data on the medicine, for or against,at this point. What is there to comment on?

    • No clinical studies have done so. Some informal data collection seems to show a moderate effect. It’s not miracle cure. There is know know cure at this point and no one in the medical/scientific community is claiming that this drug is a cure for everyone with the illness. It probably works best when taken early in the infection and hasn’t saved many people who were in an advanced stage of the infection.

  6. Against the coronavirus maximizers and the ones who utilize John Hopkins University Resource Center for statistical information; information which has been verified multiple times to have been steered, manipulated, directed, or completely manufactured IN COMPLETE VIOLATION OF THE HIPPA LAWS!

    It was just a matter of time before information like this came out from inside a hospital! Listen to this 30 year nurse here in my home state of Utah talk about the insanity that has established itself inside her ICU where everything from primary-care to organ transplants are being compromised and neglected because there is a top-down agenda taking place to help manufacture and cultivate the ‘pandemic narrative.’

    Also, read the comments section under this specific Dana Ashlie video where some other health-care workers comment about there situations as well!

  7. Accusing HW of taking money from Big Pharma or Bill “Pedobear” Gates makes me laff 6 million times. But I believe most of those accusations were made in jest. Or perhaps out of a sense of helpless frustration with this extended lockdown.

  8. Dude, you’re using deliberately misleading stats from totally irresponsible death classification pathology.

    Even the test for Coronavirus isn’t accurate enough to use as a sole diagnostic medium.

    Citing deliberately misleading quantitative data that is based on even worse qualitative data is some shitty journalism.

  9. “What is the ‘purpose’ of the the Dissident Right? Is it just an amoral ‘faction’. Presumably, it is not to explain away the incompetence of our ruling class, particularly of the mainstream Right, with retarded conspiracy theories.”

    For those who are in league with (or useful dupes of) Peter Thiel, Richard Schwartz, Steve Bannon, Q, weev, Douglass Mackey, Chuck Johnson, etc. that is exactly its purpose. All roads lead back to the Republican party. The “hoax” crap has pretty obviously started and boosted by Republican party propagandists. Even Fox news is forwarding a moderate hoax message still.

    • With the dissident right the Jews have cleverly constructed yet another false dichotomy for us: Either you are a Trump supporting Republican MAGA-tard or a dangerous “accelerationist” psycho. In the case of the Daily Stormer they simultaneously promote both! No room for decent rational people who don’t like the Jewish stranglehold on their civilization. Nope, you’ve got to vote Republican down the line and praise Brenton Tarrant. Could you imagine a more perfectly Jewish version of pro-white advocacy?

      At this point I think it goes without saying that Anglin et al are paid shills. Trump dropping the ball on Covid 19 reflects badly on him so the Zionist bitches on the Dissident Right are doing their damnedest to downplay it. Nothing makes a Jew chuckle more than getting a “Nazi” to vote for the most pro-Jewish president in American history.

      Trump is ZOG. If you are pro-Trump you are pro-ZOG. It’s not rocket science people.

      • “At this point I think it goes without saying that Anglin et al are paid shills.”

        And Brad isn’t? that was the point of the ONE comment Post that led off an ENTIRE column of Mr. Griffin’s … which he steered the point AWAY FROM THE SHINING LIGHT of questioning his entire existence, to banal trivia, and catfish grabbing.


  10. I’ll make sure to put a face mask on while I’m in my car driving, like lots of people I see driving with their face masks on. They got the windows rolled up so they got the air condition going and they’re, lol, wearing face masks while they’re driving in their cars. Even when they’re the only one in the car and there’s no passengers in the car just the driver they got a face mask on, LMFAO!!!!

    RenegadeTribune .com + “‘Heroic’ Nurses Perform Dance Routines Amidst Devastating ‘Pandemic'”

    RenegadeTribune .com + “Why Are ‘Emergency Workers’ At NYC’s Ronald O. Perelman Center Celebrating?”

    There’s nothing about this ‘pandemic’ that has the ring of truth about it.

    Watch the videos at the two articles at Renegade Tribune. Truly disturbing. Something is very wrong with the official government/MSM media narrative about the coronavirus so-called ‘pandemic’. A HOAX is being foisted upon us.

    Pretty much everyone who dies now is being recorded as having died of Covid-19. Get hit by a truck while crossing the street and die, the authorities will say you died from coronavirus. If you’re 98 years old and you die simply from old age as is natural to die when you’re old and in your dotage, the authorities will record it as you died from Covid-19. It’s called LYING. It’s called HOAXING. It’s a PSYOPS.

    Under the cover of the so-called coronavirus ‘pandemic’ we are losing even more freedoms and the USA becomes more of a COMMUNIST totalitarian police state with every passing month and the country is being LOOTED OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.NOT millions, NOT billions, but TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. So far 35 TRILLION DOLLARS has been looted from us Americans and there is no signs that the looting is going to end any time soon. But everyone is fixated on The Virus. The MSM sees to that. A HUGE HOAX/GIANT PSYOPS is being foisted upon us.

    • “Pretty much everyone who dies now is being recorded as having died of Covid-19. Get hit by a truck while crossing the street and die, the authorities will say you died from coronavirus. If you’re 98 years old and you die simply from old age as is natural to die when you’re old and in your dotage, the authorities will record it as you died from Covid-19. It’s called LYING. It’s called HOAXING. It’s a PSYOPS.”

      Schizo lies. No one hit by a vehicle has been labeled a C-19 victim. In fact, the opposite is true. Many people who have died while having fevers have not being added to the death toll. They are not testing dead people yet. Data in NYC shows a hugely increased death rate beyond positive test virus cases. Many of these people are elderly people who died at home while having a fever or of unknown causes. At least some of these people were killed by the virus. We are still early into the epidemic and don’t have a complete picture of everything.

      • @ ATBOTL

        You’re never going to have a complete picture of the “pandemic”, not with the doctors and nurses all over the country busy starring in tik tok dance videos dancing like dey be bad ass hip hop mamba jambas and celebrating themselves as their patients are “dying” in this “devastating” coronavirus “pandemic”. You didn’t say anything about the videos at Renegade Tribune. So what do you think about the videos at Renegade Tribune?

        • You didn’t say anything about the videos at Renegade Tribune. So what do you think about the videos at Renegade Tribune?


          Good luck Joe, getting a thoughtful, nuanced, or even a faintly courteous response from most here who disagree with virus skeptics…

          All you get is round-the-clock virtue-signalling, or counter-signalling, just how “wonderful” they are, because they don’t believe in “conspiracy theories”

          Banned Hipster said it best:


          It’s nothing more than two different groups jockeying for status.

          One the one side, “dissidents” get status on fringe blogs by coming up with the most “woke” theory of various current events. Since deception is universal, being the most hard core truth-teller gains you status – and an audience.

          On the other side, “dissidents” like Hunter Wallace gain status by pretending to be skeptical of the skeptics. “Dissidents” like Hunter Wallace are constantly called “conspiracy theorists” by the mainstream, the SPLC, etc., so here’s a chance to prove his “normie” bona fides and try to distance himself from the smears of people like the SPLC.

          As you point out, neither side cares about the truth or reality, truth is instrumental.

          Against the Corona Panic, Pt. II: “Honor the Truth, be Steadfast, Defend the Nation” — Say ‘No’ to jockeying for political advantage on the coattails of Corona Hysteria

  11. “What is the ‘purpose’ of the the Dissident Right? Is it just an amoral ‘faction’.”

    Sociopathic is a better word.

    After 2020/2024 they will be crushed.

    I look forward to it.

  12. Here is a physician from St. Louis ‘opening a can-of-kickass’ on the media and all the phony statistics we arenbeing saturated with! He becomes really upset in the video and I sure hope he takes his fellow health-care workers to the woodshed as well!

      • Denise,

        Thanks for the kind words!

        I find one of the best places to do solid research is through the various ‘comment sections’ that I regularly visit. My research method is the title that Jason Goodman has chosen for his YT channel- ‘Crowd Source The Truth.’ There are a lot of people who do some great research who do not have a blog or channel, but put in relentless hours. I look for those individuals and the fruits of their labor and then asses what is feel is essential vs unessential.

        Unfortunately the subject-matter we are dealing with is quite harrowing and in my actual day-to-day existence I am quite alone in working through the information and the emotions that come with it. Politically my family, friends, and co-workers are nothing but a mob of troglodyte duplicates who either fear, mock, or dismiss me so that they can feel at ease with themselves. Sometimes it can be a lonely feeling crawling into bed every night!

        “The Crowd is untruth”- Kierkegaard

        • Politically my family, friends, and co-workers are nothing but a mob of troglodyte duplicates who either fear, mock, or dismiss me so that they can feel at ease with themselves. Sometimes it can be a lonely feeling crawling into bed every night!

          For what it’s worth Ed, God bless you and your valient efforts at finding, and objectively seeking the Truth, in this world of utter lies and deception.


          The Faithful Remnant

          Then those who feared the Lord talked with one another, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored his name.

          “On the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty, “they will be my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as a father has compassion and spares his son who serves him.

          And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not. ~Malachi 3:16-18

  13. So in other words it is just a flu?

    Except even with these highly politicized and fraudulent numbers* it won’t quite kill as many people as influenza, even though we have vaccines for influenza, etc.

    And there was no panic driven lockdown where they were telling people not to touch their own face? Tell it to the 17 million plus newly unemployed!!

    But that was never the issue at hand:

    The issue at hand is the split in the movement between the libertarians and the authoritarians and fascists. That split is good and a prerequisite to victory.

    I liken it to the civil war between Cicero
    ( ) and Cataline (Richard Spencer).

    We see the split exemplified between ramzpaul and his former cohost and his new partnership with Tarl Warwick.

    Even Andrew Anglin, once a proud member of the Triumvirate, has been redeeming himself (though he has much more to do).

    The Ron Paul – Infowars movement turbocharged by Bob Whitaker’s Mantra was winning (Trump Brexit Boris) until it was hijacked and driven into the bog – and now free of the hijackers WILL WIN AGAIN!

    * Does Brad believe in voter fraud? Or just s conspiracy? How about lawfare? Big Tech – Media – Government collusion? Conspiracy or Truth?

    • So the only time to take precautions against a highly contagious, moderately lethal virus against which nobody had any immune defense and for which no vaccine exists …

      … is after it has PROVEN itself thoroughly to be dangerous by killing millions?

      Effectively, you believe that you can only justify shutting barn doors when all the horses have already disappeared over the horizon?

      Or can only justify donning armor after the arrows are in the chest, because until an arrow has actually pierced the heart, arrows are a “hoax”?

      Observing trends and taking precautions is FORBIDDEN in your world, because the danger is a “hoax” until it has actually killed everyone. Then you’re permitted to take action. Only when it’s too late to do any good whatsoever.

      Basically, you’re saying that the only time a quarantine or shutdown is permissible is AFTER everyone has already caught a deadly pestilence. Do you even hear yourselves?

      What driveling retards you people are. I hope you someday acquire enough perspective and intelligence to be utterly embarrassed by how much you’re beclowning yourselves right now.

    • Last time I had the flu was 2001, for some reason the shot didn’t work, I got it in late Feb so the virus may have mutated by that time from what the shot in September was for. It hit me hard but by day 6 I was starting to feel better. This is a completely different Virus, 6 days in people are getting worse and worse with it getting really bad 10-12 days in and the disease lasts about 37 days until the body eliminates it. The flu usually kills old people by a bacterial pneumonia setting in, this is the virus itself created the pneumonia in both lungs simultaneously. There is also a possibility it attacks hemoglobin in the lungs, this is not influenza.

      I think Trump thought the China travel ban was all it would take and this thing would go away like the original SARS. In reality a complete ban on international travel was needed but I don’t think Trump was that foresighted nor was he looking for such a fight from the media and even his own party such a move would have made. I don’t really think Trump has been worse than other Western Leaders, all of the West is too addled by liberalism to put up an effective response. International travel needed to be stopped but ideology trumped logic.

  14. I noticed someone referring to it (Hydroxy-Chloroquine) as ‘Trump’s treatment’.

    That was being looked at in Australia back when Trump(et in Zion) was downplaying the virus. David Paterson (director at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research) was talking about this in March but they were using it on patients in February.

    My conspiracy thinking definitely includes wondering where this virus came from, since HIV meds work on it. That is weird. But at this point the ‘dere ain’t no stinkin’ virus’ is ridiculous.

    It’s good to be skeptical. Critical thinking has to go along with your skepticism, though.

    Will they use a disaster to do something bad to the American people, like usher in martial law? Sure, it’s likely.

    Is the virus real, costing them a whole lot of that stuff they like called money? Yes.

    My hope is that Western Medicine eradicates it so we can go on with our lives.

    The earth has gone through I believe 5 mass extinctions….the shitty reality is that if we don’t stop this with that stuff called science, we may be looking at the end of most human life.

    But hey, it’s not fun to look at that.

    Anyone talking about that is being a jerk, and deserves to be damned to hell, by golly.

    These trucks loaded up with bodies in NYC are as fake as an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

    Yes, I wish.

  15. There is no contagious virus, there never was. But Brad bought into the hype and believed every Jewish lie coming out of the media. Sad!

    • Oh, that’s right.

      Viruses aren’t real. 10,000 Americans dropped dead last week for no reason whatsoever. You have rotted your brain with too many paranoid conspiracies.

      • IMO, most of this traces back to Anglin.

        He’s pushing the hoax stuff hard, as far as I know. And successfully associating “it’s okay to be White” with “viruses aren’t real” and other absolutely insane stuff in the process.

        So either he’s a tone-deaf moron who’s accidentally getting this conspiritard blather smeared all over pro-White politics through jaw-dropping stupidity, which is likely, or he’s doing it deliberately as sabotage.

        I go with jaw-dropping stupidity, but the other remains possible.

        • As I pointed out when I exposed him, he ran two large “truth movement” websites for six years. and are his previous websites. You can barely find a trace of those websites today because he used spend all his time promoting David Icke conspiracy theories about Reptilians.

          • Anglin isn’t pushing the hoax narrative in good faith, though. You can look at his articles before the stock market crashed, where he was writing about how bad the virus was. He did push other conspiracy theories, like it being an American bioweapon, and he only switched to pushing the “it’s the flu” hoax after the economic (and political) impact hit. He showed his hand with the quick damage control narrative shift. The only reason he would have switched narratives so abruptly is that he is a republican party shill attempting to cover for Trump.

          • Hunter, yep. I had been following the story and was more or less aware of most in the article already. Another interesting fact is that weev endorsed Trump for president on June 17 2014, almost exactly a year before Trump announced his candidacy (documented here: Could indicate that Operation Trump was already in place at that time and whatever crew weev was working for knew in advance plans for Trump’s candidacy. That’s all speculation, but it would make sense if all of these networks were already working towards the Trump election that far in advance. 2014 is also the year that weev joined the DS, so if that is the case, then the strategy of pulling people from the alt right and alternative media to vote for the republican party was already underway then.

            Another connection that the huffpo article mentioned but didn’t really go into is with Dershowitz. Chuck Johnson is Dersh’s protege and worked for Dersh since he was in high school. And Cernovich works for him. Also he was close with Epstein. The Dershowitz, Schwartz (smartcheckr/clearview boss), Giuliani, Trump, Charles Kushner, and Epstein clique is basically the NYC Mafia (mostly Jewish, obviously, with strong ties to Likud). Another interesting thing to note is that Anglin hired lawyer Marc Randazza, who is friends with Dershowitz, to defend against his lawsuit.

            I have a feeling there is a lot that we will never really know about what happened in the Trump election years, but it all revolves around these guys.

  16. “I haven’t bothered to comment on the Huff Post expose. Did you see it? Everything I said about those people being GOP shills was true”

    What expose? Anyone have a link?

      • Thanks. I remember you were on the TRS forum. It was hard to believe that those guys could not see that Ricky Vaughn was a gay op. Have they ever come clean about him?

        TRS was showed no mercy on real white nationalists when they were in their optics cucking phase. They made ridiculing us central to their content. Now, they superficially appear to be backing away from that stance. But I notice they have gone out of their way to avoid criticizing Anglin, Ricky Vaughn and those associated with them. They seem afraid to criticize those people. They have studiously avoided connecting dots or even mentioning any of the important things in the article and the interview you did with Cantwell. What I have heard those guys do when this subject comes up is act like it’s just some tiresome infighting that that they above talking about.

        TRS needs to be held to account for their role in facilitating this gay op, no matter how unwitting it may have been.

  17. Wow, since when did Hunter Wallace become the Michael Shermer of the right. Oswald was a crazy communist loner and we can vote our way out of technocracy via oligarchy we find ourselves in… RIIIIIIIGHT

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