Passing The Time

UPDATE: Lunch was delicious.

This comment is still cracking me up:

What are you doing to pass the time during quarantine?

I’ve been camping for the past few days with friends, hunting wild hogs in the morning and evening, fishing during the day and drinking by a fire at night. The spring weather is fantastic here in Alabama. My son caught this catfish yesterday. We spent the day fishing at a nearby creek and later at our pond. We also listened to Mike Enoch on TRS making fun of Ramzpaul while doing it.

BTW, the world is not ending and this isn’t a “doomer” website. I’ve never once said that the coronavirus is a “doomsday virus” or that this is the “end of the world.” My position from the beginning in January has always been that the coronavirus is a highly infectious, moderately lethal virus. It should have been taken seriously. Even if the worst case scenario occurred and millions of people died from the virus, life would continue as it did after the Spanish Flu which is barely remembered these days. Instead of taking the virus seriously, the American political class bungled their response to the virus due to a fatal combination of arrogance, stupidity, greed, complacency and incompetence. It is not my job as a dissident to defend these people though so I have simply accepted reality and have tried to make the best of the situation. I already had a very low opinion of our politicians anyway. I don’t need to believe in a massive global conspiracy to explain this clusterfuck. I really do think the people who rule us are just this dumb. This includes all the “journalists” who also said it was “just the flu” in January and February.

It wasn’t just Donald Trump who dismissed the coronavirus. THEY ALL DISMISSED THE VIRUS AND SAID IT WAS LIKE THE FLU:

What did they expect to happen? When any American can get on a plane during an outbreak of a new highly contagious virus, fly to China or Italy or Iran and get infected, fly back home, pass though customs with ZERO SCREENING at airports and proceed to just go about their lives coughing all over everyone and touching everything … WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO HAPPEN? Back in January and February, our political class decided to do nothing about this virus and to continue with business as usual because to take action would have been “racism” and “xenophobia” (the Left) and the stock market was at a record high (the Right) and to just write off anyone who died from the virus as having died from something equivalent to the flu. The people who ended up dying from the virus in the United States were seen as expendable. It was far more important at the time to virtue signal about racism and to avoid “spooking the markets.”

Note: ZERO people have died in Vietnam which like Mongolia shares a border with China. Apparently, Vietnam doesn’t have an incompetent elite and puts Vietnam First. They were smart enough to shutdown international flights and quarantine foreigners entering their country.

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  1. “I’ve been camping for the past few days with friends”

    Stay-at-home chained in your house orders for ye! No work or food for ye! As for me and my house, we shall go camping with friends while I hysterically shout about the need to suspend all rights and liberties because muh flu!

    • Nice try.

      We don’t have a LITERAL stay-at-home order in Alabama though. Outdoor activities aren’t prohibited and have been encouraged by the governor.

      To engage in outdoor activity.

      A person may leave his or her place of residence to participate in outdoor activity that involves fewer than 10 people so long as the person maintains a consistent six-foot distance from other persons.

      SARDIS — Nona Brown spent a recent afternoon, along with her three children, trying her luck fishing at Dallas County Lake.

      Brown, of Valley Grande, is new to the public lake. Jada, 10, Jayden, 11, and Jordan, 14 were having a ball. The closing of schools and the widespread shutdown of community life because of the coronavirus pandemic led to Brown making the trip to the lake, which is about 5 miles south of Sardis, off Highway 41.

      “We needed a break,” she said with a laugh. “The kids needed to get out of the house. It’s beautiful out here. What better activity is there to practice social distancing than fishing? I mean nobody wants to be close to other people when they are fishing.”

      Outdoor pursuits such as hunting and fishing are traditions in the South. Hunting alone generates a $1.8 billion annual economic impact in Alabama, according to the Hunting Heritage Foundation. Fishing is a year-round activity here. Turkey season opened in most of the state March 21. Hunters take advantage of the spring breeding season to pursue Toms, or gobblers, the male turkey.

        • He is 5-years-old.

          We went fishing the day before yesterday and when I caught a small bream he had a fit and broke his fishing pole. Yesterday morning, I swear he woke up and the first thing he said was we have to go fishing “because I am going to catch a huge catfish.” He had a dream about it. After spending all day fishing on a nearby creek, we went to the pond on our land. We baited his pole and he threw it out and he caught that catfish on his first try. He was somewhat scared by it and ran away. It was hilarious. I am so proud of him!

          We’re having the fish fry now. His mom cleaned it and gutted it. Such is how we are dealing with the coronapocalypse.

          • Ha ha! Yeah, he’s too young to be gutting catfish. Great that you’re getting him outdoors to do that kind of thing.

  2. I’m writing grant proposals to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to see how much money I can get to trick people into getting vaccinated by 5G cell phone radiation.

  3. Reading, workouts, cards, cooking, & listening to John Prine (RIP) on youtube…”Paradise” is right up your alley, Brad. Hang in there, “Illegitimi non carborundum.”

  4. I attempted to go camping on padre island Texas last week. However the cops swept down the beach at 8pm kicking every out even though there was a half mile distance between each camper. I then was forced to drive back into the city and rent the last hotel room at an overcrowded motel. Had to slip my credit card under the plexiglass window, so the attendant who was wearing a face mask could swipe it.

    Otherwise I am indoors on my computer since all the parks and my favorite outdoor places are completely off limits now.

  5. Actually, things are NOT slow, here in the Olde Confederacy of Northeastern North Carolina.

    True, our formerly vibrant church life has been temporarily wrecked, but, with our old standing seam tin roof being replaced by a team of workers, and our friends coming over to visit for frying fresh-caught Perch and frozen Margaritas, or conversations with our neighbours, the social aspect of our life goes on at full tilt.

    With our Hawthorn, Fringe, Japanese Maples, Water Oak, Box-Elder, Cherry, and Mulberry trees in rampant bloom, or our ground covers of Bugle-weed, Creepin’ Jenny, Variegated- Vinca, and Violet beds, things are quite lovely here, and very busy, this as we try to get out all the new plants into the beds and or finish transplanting wayward flowers that have taken all over the yard.

    Oh, yes, I forgot – , we also have our jobs!

    Add to that my wife and I always spend a lot of time in each others’ arms or in conversation, plus we are nightly studying Hungarian, and, as well, petting our numerous cats, and there is not much to remind me that we are ‘in a quarantine.’

    I reckon for big city folk, who are used to frequently going out to fancy places to be entertained, this might be hard, but, for smalltown folk not so much so.

    • Sounds great.

      I agree that people are having wildly different experiences around the country.

      My sister-in-law is miserable locked up in her house in the St. Louis area. It was snowing there the other day there. Meanwhile, it has been 80 degree weather here in Alabama. In fact, it has been much warmer and nicer than usual. Those of us who live in the country haven’t noticed much of a change. Everyone around here is going fishing, turkey hunting or riding four wheelers. It is true that people are losing their jobs because of the unbelievable stupidity of our ruling class though.

      • I’m surprised to hear that y’all have been so warm down yonder, Sir. Up here most days have been mighty cool 55-70F) and downright breezy, too.

        Yes, turkey huntin’ is goin’ on full tilt up here. Bein’ an artsy-fartsy type, I may be the only male, for miles around, not goin’ up hill & down dale!

        As to losing jobs : ——- few folks have lost a job in Northeastern North Carolina, because our once amazing economy had already been destroyed by the powers that be by the year 2000, so the few jobs that remain (drug & gun dealers, preachers, convenience store attendants, waitress and cooks, local government employees, and Walmart workers) are virtually untouchable.

        By the way, in apparent defiance of our governor, the bars and restaurants in this small town are still up and runnin’.

        I heard tell that an old home, ’bout 15 miles away from us, had an outbreak of the Wuhan virus, but, praise The Good Lord, not a one offt and died.

        We live in such a remote area, totally bygone by modern standards, and without any serious highways nearby, we simply are not connected enough to today’s world to have been invaded by the virus.

        That said, everyone in the community is aware that next Winter may be a different circumstance.

        My wife and I are both ready for the virus. Why? Because, despite an aggregate age of 60, we both take no pills and have no health issues other than the ache of daily watching Dixie be nibbled away.

        Also, the wife and I daily take garlic, which creates a very hostile environment for would-be invaders in the gut. We take zinc, as well, which is vital in keeping the body from overreacting, in the case of infection.

        More important than any of that, we take Elderberry tea and capsules. If you don’t know, Sir, Elderberry is the age old Injun and Russian-babushka remedy for thwarting any cold or flu.

        How it does it goes like this – the cold and flu virus cells have spikes on them, like an ole-timey sea mine, and they use them spikes to stab healthy cells and infect them. Once Elderberry is in the system 45 minutes, it identifies the alien threats and turns down all their spikes against them, so that, even when them bad boys bump into healthy cells, the infected cells cannot penetrate them – not ever.

        Thus, no infection can spread.

        if you already have an infection, Elderberry will start kickin’ it’s petooty within a few hours, and the next day, you will be feeling a bit better, if not a whole lot.
        Depends on how bad off you were before you start the Elderberry.

        We also drink Wormwood, Sir which not only kills all parasites (ole-timey Southern cure that comes to us from The Good Book) it completely shuts down the RNA replication of viruses, as does the common prescription medication Ivermectin, given by the medical establishment for the very same thing.

        Of course, dried Wormwood requires n o appointment nor prescription, and will stop any problem in your gut on a dime.

        I was mighty glad to see you are spendin’ time with your son and friends. A son belongs with his daddy, just as a girl belongs with her mama.

        Give my best regards to Miss Reneè, ye hear?

      • I’m doing the same thing I did before the Chinese virus made it to our shores. I’m going to work. I’ve practiced social distance most of my adult life. If I didn’t have to work I would never leave my property except for absolute necessities.

  6. Going back to L.A. is out of the question for the time being, so I have remained here on the 30th floor of the Prudential Tower in Boston, practicing on my Yamaha electric piano.

    Why do birds suddenly appear

    Every time you are near?

    Just like me they long to be

    Close to you

    • “On the day that you were born,
      the angels got together,
      And decided to create a dream come true…..

      So they sprinkled moondust in your hair of gold,
      and starlight in your eyes of blue!”

      I thought of those lines, when I first met my wife. And now I see it in the faces of my children.

      Spawn, you are a riot!
      A blessed Pascha to you… go to church! LOL

  7. We don’t have Covid in my county yet and the state is very low. We don’t have stay-at-home orders but certain things are shut-down as of now.
    My circle of friends are all staying at home except for what we need to do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and do things w/your own family, I see a lot of families going for walks together but not coming into contact w/others. We wave at each other but don’t get together in gobs. Kids are playing w/their siblings and not on the playground equipment but on their own bikes, etc.
    My friends and I play chess in person on the weekend so we’ve switched it to virtual chess. Not as fun but better than nothing.
    I widened my garden three times as big as last year, but can’t work in any community gardens, don’t know what will happen with those. If we hit a peak and it descends things may open up but I’m not counting on that.
    Charles Wysocki has some great puzzles, one is littering my dining room table at the moment.
    This is easier on dorks. Puzzles, chess and gardening are what I’d be doing anyway. Last summer I went coyote hunting but no way am I doing that without any other hoomins around. Maybe those of us who’ve stayed off to ourselves will risk getting together later on, it would suck for this to go on for a full year or even two. But a little hardship is worth your life, your loved-ones’ lives.

  8. Just like the eponymous founder of Sparta of my namesake I live up in the mountains with a heavy bag, kettlebells, a pull-up bar, and plenty of space. Working the Peekaboo, Dempsey roll-drop, and some Sinawali flow.

    The non-quarantine quarantine has actually been pretty fucking rad.

    Still, pretty goddamned pissed that Governor Faggot, Mayor Nigger and the Coronascam is standing between me and a decent Americano.

  9. We’re all scaly fish, flaky meat sorts in my little brood. But none of us mind Channel Cat now and again. It won’t hurt anything to knock down the wild hog population a notch or two in your area I’m sure. Country folk can survive. 🙂

  10. You hypocritical bastard. People in Britain are being banned from going outside more than once a day to exercise. Italian and French police are making sure people stay in their homes. California’s governor opened a Soviet-style snitch line to report on neighbors who don’t follow the guidelines. And a man in NJ (and a guest) were arrested for hosting a Pink Floyd party thereby breaking the stay at home order. Yet when I objected to all of these tyrannical measures you said I was a Conservacuck Trump-Cultist who wanted to make people bio-weapons for the sake of the GDP.

    But you have no problem camping with friends because such measures haven’t been enacted in your state. Measures that you support elsewhere for the sake of fighting the virus you claim isn’t being blown out of proportion. Why aren’t you decrying Alabama’s governor for putting your life in danger by not making you stay home if it isn’t?

    You hypocritical bastard. You have absolutely no credibility left.

    • I have no idea what you are talking about.

      Feel free to point out where I have ever said “do not go outdoors.” You are simply making shit up at this point. No one can catch the coronavirus 1.) riding a four wheeler or 2.) going fishing or 3.) gardening on their own property or 4.) going turkey hunting in the woods. Obviously, you can only catch the virus by exposing yourself unprotected to large groups of other people. It is not our fault in the South that a bunch of Yankees are miserable because they are cooped up in their tiny apartments in the city in 45 degree weather.

      • He’s right.

        Anybody who supports the government response whatsoever tacitly supports the government over-reach. It went from being an “influenza strain” to global pandemic immediately. And according to them, the world must shut down until some Bill Gates/Rockefeller mystery vaccine is developed.
        Gulf War Syndrome
        Panel says vaccine, pesticides caused Gulf War syndrome
        Illegal vaccine link to Gulf war syndrome
        Immunological dysfunction, vaccination and Gulf War illness

        They aren’t even really describing how Covid-19 was initially detected and positively identified. Where is patient zero? What type of fluid or tissue sample was used? Precisely, how is Covid-19 “novel” compared to other Corona virinae strains? Was it bats or pangolins from which the virus jumped to humans? Bats are rodents and pangolins are a more complex mammalian species. Is there a totally solid live-virus exemplar to work with?

        Now there are government apps designed to make sure people aren’t gathering and police searching people’s shopping carts to check for “non-essential” items. They just deflect by using phrases like “flatten the curve,” “peak infection,” “stay home, stay safe.”

        I’d highly suggest being more skeptical when they start demanding you get injected with a mystery vaccine. Otherwise, enjoy some Gulf War Syndrome.

      • This might be my favorite insane comment ever at OD. It contains the written equivalent of womanly shrieking at you, from the one that proclaimed himself a manly man.

    • Isolation in metropolitan areas is a very good idea. Hard to really implement but a good idea.

  11. I’ve been taking care of all the cooking, cleaning, and upkeep around the house while my girlfriend recovers from surgery. I’m also continuing to run regularly to stay fit, and catching up on reading and gaming that I haven’t had much time for in recent months. I’m having a good enough time riding out the corona storm. Glad you are too.

  12. Good idea.

    Now is a great time to catch up on household maintenance. I have been spending a lot of time outside in the yard. I also have hundreds of books to read.

    • I have been getting out when I want, no restrictions but too much is closed. Gasoline under $2.00/gallon but not much driving. I have spent time building battery backup, 120 VAC power supplies for people to keep their freezers/refrigerators going if power fails or becomes intermittent as the economy fails, you just never know. Kind of doom and gloom projects but they may be useful later, it may prevent food from getting ruined and food may be a problem later in the year.

  13. The kids living in their parents’ basements and posting on 4chan, note how the masses are now living the kids’ own lifestyle – Stay mostly at home, go the store every now and then

    There’s a kind of spiritual beauty to the empty streets in European cities when you walk around them … it’s obviously beneficial for people to think about mortality every now and then

    People in migrant neighbourhoods in Europe are often ignoring the lockdown … and police are not too anxious to go in and possibly provoke a reaction … apparenly similar in USA cities, police leaving minorities to be themselves

  14. This Yankee isn’t miserable. As a Minneapolitan suburbanite, I haven’t seen or heard anyone going ape because they’re not having to go to work. We go outside whenever we want (many trails, paths and parks are here), still go to stores and can get take-out anywhere. People are friendlier recently, it seems. Not getting stressed out by being in overcrowded, slow-moving traffic and then chained to a desk in the electronic plantation for the day might have something to do with that. I’m a reader anyway, and listening to classical tends to be calming, so my life isn’t too stressful.

  15. I’m just waiting for the good news that all the “OAF KEEPERS” and “muh patriots” will use this shit hit the fan times to finally burn down the government, just like they said they would all these years before it actually happened………………………………………….

  16. I am reading, doing housework, sorting through old clothes, catching up w/ people I haven’t spoken to in ages, wandering around the property, watching old musicals on TCM, and stopping myself from clubbing the Hubster over the head/slipping him a mickey so I can run off the property and get a cheesesteak at the local diner who is still doing take-out.

    • “watching old musicals on TCM…”

      What’s your favorite, Ms. Denise?

      I keep coming back to Kiss Me, Kate. The production, the score, the whole darn show!
      Just watched R&H’s Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren on Prime, for the first time since I was 12.
      Walter Pidgeon and Ginger Rogers? Who knew?

  17. Tell your boy he did a terrific job on catching that catfish, and that I wish you and yours a splendid Easter. I hope he gets a great big Easter basket!

  18. It’s cold here in Minnesota. It was lightly snowing yesterday, but I hear that Sunday we are going to get hammered with a blizzard. They are calling for 7 plus inches of snow: that that unusual for April believe it or not. In August, sometimes you must put on a light jacket at night because it can get a little chilly.

    I am mostly reading a lot of books lately.

    Here is my Goodreads page with some of the ones I have read.

    By the way, I highly recommend the book: Thomas Cromwell: The Untold Story of Henry VIII’s Most Faithful Servant.

    And if you are into that historical period, I highly recommend watching this: Wolf Hall

    • “They are calling for 7 plus inches of snow: that that unusual for April believe it or not.”

      Attire in Minnesota for ‘up nort’ at the lake,’ in the summer time.

      Flip-flops, cargo shorts, shirt, jacket and a pair of fleece-lined gloves and a deerstalker hat with ear covers… and OFF! Cuz you never know. Oh, for sure, You betcha!

  19. I noticed Richard Spencer said Hillary Clinton would do a better job than Trump on combating COV-19. Perhaps so. But how would you like to have a pandemic in the middle of a war with Russia? That is what you would have had because in the debates HRC wanted a no fly zone over Syrian cities and wanted the U.S. to enforce it. When Trump lobbied cruse missiles into Syria over their chemical gas attack on rebel forces HRC said he needed to bomb all the airbases to. Had he done that Russian ground crews would have gotten killed. Syria invited Russia in. Nobody invited the United States in. This is not the thirties whereby no nation was capable of reaching America cities. Russia and China now have aircraft carriers, inter-ballistic missises, and long range bombers now.

    • I noticed Richard Spencer said Hillary Clinton would do a better job than Trump on combating COV-19.

      Richard Spencer is an utterly useless, self-absorbed, narcissistic, alcoholic fool, whose proverbial “15 minutes” of fame was long over for several years now, and he is so bitter for the lack of attention, he will say essentially anything now to get some validation and affirmation, just like the effeminate bitch he really is.

      **Oh, and he is still m-a-d cuz he thinks Trump “betrayed” him … lmfao, Trump likely never even new he even existed until he saw him on the news after the election, over the fool Spencer made of himself at “Heilgate”

  20. Put down the books you can barely read (and the meth — we know how you rural Rebs love that stuff) and get to those comments, chop-chop! Do you think we come here to read YOU, megalomaniac? Come on, son!

  21. Running while following the advice of runnersconnect and reading South African websites on their unfortunate plight. And documenting counter-arguments against Corona. Drawing up a list of specualtions why Corona was started, including conspiracy theories, so as to see who made the best guess after this whole thing is over. Reading Chris Langan’s CTMU facebook page, hoping I would become as clever as him 🙂

    “More farmers are killed in South Africa than people die from Corona, and the whole country is in lockdown.”

    This expat deserves a medal reporting on South Africa (loving life channel Scott Balson):

  22. Sounds good.

    But how about some of our younger couples making better use of this indoor time?

    Go make some White babies!

    J Ryan locked down in Africa

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