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    • Which is…? To treat the gummint as a moneyprinter and nothing more, and to go their own way as much as they can? Or should they just tell the urban parts of their states they’re leaving, and feel free to discuss it with their guns if the soy latte crowd doesn’t like it?

    • Oldtradesman,

      Keep dreaming pal. Middle America won’t be nearly as upset if Joe Biden wins compared to when Obama won in 2008 and 2012, or compared to the hypothetical of a Hillary victory in 2016. Biden is an old white guy and a moderate Democrat. It was thrilling to see him WRECK Bernie on Super Tuesday and coast to victory from there. Most White Americans don’t want what Bernie and AOC are selling. Keep simping for socialism, because we in Middle America will make sure you never EVER get it.

  1. Oh but the Conservativetard Sheeple think Trump is God. Nope just an idiot that will go down in history as one of the worst Presidents for his epic failure in ignoring Coronavirus in the first place, covered it up by overreacting, and put this country into another Great Depression. Deo Vindice !

  2. Indeed, nothing is going to change, except for the worse. Again it doesn’t matter which gang of idiots occupies the seats of power. Be it blompf and his idiot son-in-law, or drooling joe and his puppeteer, barry obongo. This shitshow must crash and burn, and from the look of it, it’s going well.

  3. What is Biden going to do?

    Argue rightfully that Trump put 20 million out of work because of a hoax?

    No way! No way!

    Trump is now in the pole position to win!

    Thanks to the PANIC-DRIVEN HOAX!

    Trump saved 2.1 million lives! (or is it 6 million?!)

    Greg Abbott 2024!

    * see what being silly opens you up to? And to think all you had to do was listen, and learn…

      • and no vaccine

        Don’t worry, the college dropout, non-doctor Bill Gates is working on that round-the-clock, 24/7, as we speak, along with a “digital certificate” to “prove” you got it

    • Dude, the Federal Reserve isn’t a state entity, it is privately owned. It’s a Jewish creation. What chutzpah the Jews have to create a private entity, but mislead us goyim by calling it Federal.

  4. National Review’s response to lockdowns:

    “The question of how many lives would be lost if we didn’t shut down economy is a vital one, but it is not the only one. There is an array of factors that goes into these decisions. One of them should be preserving our laws and our freedom in times of crisis.

    “ “Reality check,” writes Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian in Axios, “Citywide quarantines, travel restrictions and obsessive public health checks aren’t authoritarian. They’re the kind of total mobilization that happens during major national crises such as war, regardless of the system of government.”

    “This position, often repeated, is utter nonsense. For one thing, we aren’t at “war.” There are no coronavirus spies and no coronavirus sabotage. Affixing “war” to societal problems — the war on drugs being the most obvious example— is typically a justification for expanding state power. Also, authoritarianism isn’t defined as “strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom except when there is a pandemic.” Your declarative sentences and forceful feelings do not transform the meaning of either authoritarianism or freedom. Though if we dump our principles every time there’s a crisis, they might as well.”

    We affix “war” to many things. Some good, some not so good. Our “freedom” is far less than what the colonists enjoyed under King George III. Has been for 240 years. So get real. The fact is, cuckservatives and their “blight nationalist” libertarian fringe never intended to defeat the coronavirus. It was always about GDP over people, including white people. Underemployed cucktard tools in the midwest and south, fearful of losing their jobs at the local Hindi-owned AM-PM Mini Mart, are going right along with the program because they think it is in their interest to do so. Fuck mom and dad. Fuck grandma. Let’s expedite our inheritance!

    Forget “white nationalism.” The bottom line for all things is money. White nationalism is for suckers. Half of you will learn. The remainder – indolent, too stupid to learn, overweight, physical cowards, and Compliant fo Dollah$ – will be loaded onto boxcars after leftists stuff Molon Labe tees in their yaps and give ’em pink bellies. Everybody knows we cucked little piggies will squeal and comply.

    • If you don’t think nationalism is an answer, what is? Voluntary enclaves of the remnant not economically cucked?

      • Have you noticed all the whining from the stawk mawket Chumps at National Review, Faux News, and in the Dissident Blight?

        Have you noticed all the whining from underemployed kids working for Mr. Nareeb at local MiniMarts throughout middle-Murica, fearful of losing their jobs?

        The price of moving a nation from globalism to nationalism is greater than cucks and their tools are willing to pay. Not going to happen.

        Nor is it going to happen regionally.

        The voluntary enclaves to which you are referring to – an idea I once supported – will be comprised of economic and political outcasts entirely dependent upon their own limited means.

        No pensioner can afford to become an outcast. No youngster, irregardless of brains and skill, can be expected to take a lifelong vow of poverty and social marginalization. Not going to happen. Sorry.

        For stawk mawket Chumps, Easy Money comes first and last. For their underclass tools, a 30-hr. minimum wage job cleaning Mr. Ali’s motel is better than no job at all.

        The global economy will not crash. It may be reformed, but only in a manner conducive to maintaining the flow of Easy Money.

        Nationalism is a pipe dream at best, misdirection at worst.

  5. People who thought there was a chance he would go the other way don’t get that Trump is corporate establishment, and while Biden is political establishment, the ideology of Sanders (and me) would rank corporate establishment as worse than political establishment.

  6. Coronavirus overshadows another meaningless presidential election. Assuming he gets the nomination Biden will be the last old white guy to run for president on the Dem ticket. Win or lose, Trump will be the last old Republican white guy to occupy the WH. 3rd world America is emerging.

  7. Bernie screws his base AGAIN! Where as I would have voted for him, because he would be the Chaos Candidate – but it’s fun to listen to the howls of the idiot Bernie Bros! Screwed Blue by the Jew Round 2!

  8. That so many millions of Southerners have voted for Mr. Biden, when he clearly is either against everything we hold dear, or, at the least, not at all supportive of it, it is a sobering thing to think about.

    Mr. Biden, if I may be so bold, is everything a Southerner ought despise : ———- a warmongerer, a surveillance state hound, an economic traitor, an open borders White Southern replacer, a practicing Catholic who says okay to faggotry, marriage for Tom & Steve, and infanticide, and, in general, he is entirely beholden to the financial sector, at the expence of the Working Man & Woman.

    And I have not even mentioned his corruption which, as it may turn out, may even outstrip what President & Secretary Clinton have achieved.

    As for Senator Sanders : ——— he is the greatest political advocate I have ever seen, but, his understanding of what it takes to be a national candidate is, in the final analysis, lacking.

    Though I wish the Senator for Vermont the very best, and I thank him for almost turning the election of 2020 into something real, I will not be taking my cues from his endorsement of Joe Biden.

    In fact, hell would freeze over before I would vote for the erstwhile senator from Delaware.

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