President of Taiwan: How My Country Prevented a Major Outbreak of COVID-19

Taiwan was predicted to have the second most deaths.

According to conservatives and libertarians, Taiwan should have chosen to “ride it out” and treat it like it was “just the flu.” Instead, Taiwan took the threat seriously from the beginning and rejected their laissez-faire approach in favor of acting decisively on their own intelligence to regulate international flights and control the spread of the virus with rigorous testing and contact tracing.


“Taiwan is an island of resilience. Centuries of hardship have compelled our society to cope, adapt, and survive trying circumstances. We have found ways to persevere through difficult times together as a nation, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no different. Despite the virus’s highly infectious nature and our proximity to its source, we have prevented a major outbreak. As of April 14, we have had fewer than 400 confirmed cases.

This success is no coincidence. A combination of efforts by medical professionals, government, private sector and society at large have armored our country’s defenses. The painful lessons of the 2003 SARS outbreak, which left Taiwan scarred with the loss of dozens of lives, put our government and people on high alert early on. Last December, when indications of a contagious new respiratory illness began to appear in China, we began monitoring incoming passengers from Wuhan. In January, we established the Central Epidemic Command Center to handle prevention measures. We introduced travel restrictions, and established quarantine protocols for high-risk travelers.

Upon the discovery of the first infected person in Taiwan on Jan. 21, we undertook rigorous investigative efforts to track travel and contact history for every patient, helping to isolate and contain the contagion before a mass community outbreak was possible. In addition to the tireless efforts of our public-health professionals, spearheaded by Health Minister Chen Shih-chung, our informed citizens have done their part. Private businesses, franchises and apartment communities have initiated body-temperature monitoring and disinfection steps that have supplemented government efforts in public spaces. …”

Taiwan’s health minister broke down in tears when the 11th case was confirmed.

The coronavirus isn’t a DOOMSDAY VIRUS. It has highlighted major cultural differences though. In Taiwan, the epidemic has been successfully contained through a combination of strong leadership, common sense, pragmatism, trust and social cohesion and science and technology.

In contrast, the United States took a laissez-faire approach to international flights, prioritized fear of “xenophobia” and “spooking the markets” over public health, downplayed and ignored the threat for two months, failed to act on our own intelligence and responded to the virus with a rejection of science and technology, ignorance, incompetence, scapegoating and paranoid conspiracy theories.

More Americans have now died in a month from coronavirus (38,733) than died in the Korean War (36,516). We’re on track to exceed deaths in the Vietnam War (58,220) within a few weeks. In contrast, 232 people have died in South Korea and there are 0 reported deaths in North Korea and Vietnam. 6 people have died in Taiwan. 11 people have died in New Zealand which swiftly moved to control its borders.

The mainstream Right has now led the country into our third debacle of the 21st century. The coronavirus pandemic already dwarfs the Iraq War and the Crash of 2008. We’re also only at the beginning of this ordeal which could stretch out for another two years. It is almost a certainty now that our “superpower” status will never recover from this.

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    • Isn’t it interesting that he links to a document that doesn’t define “underyling causes”?

      I’ve seen reports that blood type A tends to have notably more severe cases, while blood type O is notably less severe. Does that make blood type A an “underlying cause”?

      One thing’s for sure: Denninger won’t be answering questions like that.

  1. Doesn’t make sense to me. In my city we have very little protection. People pack in Walmart and grocery stores.

    Low count. Seems like the numbers are skewed.

    In California low numbers too. Which doesn’t make sense.

    • My stores here in CA are full of elderly with no masks during the day, too, even though there’s special seniors’-only hours in the morning. I wish the govt weren’t deliberately fudging numbers. On the one hand, I believe this is a legit emergency, but the authorities have lied to us so much, it’s like the boy who cried wolf.
      And I’m still not sure that the lockdown is even helping.

    • Compare the timing and nature of your city and state’s political response to the virus with other states. Compare testing availability in your city and state with others (No testing = No problem!). Compare your city’s population density and socioeconomics to other cities. Examine transportation modes and compare with others.

      The average population density of all states west of the Big Muddy is less than those to the east.


      1. Los Angeles’ population density 7,700 p/sq. mile vice NYC’s 27,000 p/sq. mile.
      2. Lower population density = lower transmissibility.
      3. California and Oklahoma testing is lowest in the US. Remember, “No testing = No problem!”
      4. Early “lockdown,” still in effect.
      5. Greater reliance upon automobile transportation, far less reliance upon public transportation.
      6. Existing public transportation is less crowded w/safer seating; e.g., no standing and coughing in others’ faces.

      In spite of the above, we don’t know the true number of cases and deaths in California. Underreporting of both is extremely likely.

      Also in California:

      1. Less driving due to lockdown means fewer accidents.
      2. Shootings are down.
      3. People sick from a variety of causes are afraid to go to hospitals.

      And, of course, California retains a subpopulation of sociopathic white people (Boomer to Z) who continue to flout the rules because they’ve seen a decrease in dividend income.

    • Ron – the Locktard CoronaPornsters will not listen to ANYTHING that counters their Coronaporn.

      I have never ever said the virus wasn’t real. I said, from the beginning, that it’s something that got out of the lab. I know Chinese are soulless insects; vicious and GREEDY. I didn’t know how SLOPPY and STUPID they are though. When HUMAN doctors began studying the Thing – the earliest data indicated it’s something bio-engineered. Then all the info on what the Chinks were doing – welding people in, etc – indicated it’s real. The Chinks are monsters though. Stupid and VICIOUS. They don’t care about life at all. They had some horrid train crash awhile ago. I’ll have to look up the details, where and when. 2 trains ran head long into each other, on a viaduct. The Chinks shoved the trains off, into a ditch, and buried them. Apparently there were still people alive, inside. THEN the Gook Coms LIED about it. Really – exterminating every last one would be a vast improvement to life on Earth.

      That said – the Talmudic Tyranny ruling over the West seized on this virus to wreak more havoc. Quel surprise! But the way this thing spreads indicates THAT EVERY ONE WILL BE EXPOSED. PERIOD. And most people will remain asymptomatic, or get sick and get over it. The Compromised will die. That is what will happen and that is what IS happening. I think the locked down are most likely already exposed. Deliveries, etc.

      In the meantime – ZOG is going full bore ahead with implementing their devastation. They’re still trying to import hordes of Orcs. Whites are losing everything they have. There is plenty of video from the JewK SHOWING that Whites are persecuted for going to a remote lake, and Orcs are running loose all over, with nary a badge fag in sight.

      The REASON I know – not think but KNOW this whole thing a a yuuuuuge scam are the Dancing Doctor videos – WHICH THE LOCKTARDS COMPLETELY IGNORE. That, and the field hospitals shutting down, and citizens stating that their relatives did not die of this virus. EVERY cold is a corona virus, though – so if your relative dies in a car crash – and had a cold 10 years ago – it’s a Chinese Flu Death! EEEKKK!

      None of this matters to the Locktards though. None of it. They accuse the Rationals – the people who question this CoronaChan Scam of being “truthers” – but they are obstinately resistant to ANY facts that counter the WuFluPorn hyperbole.

      • I like the Locktard HW just casually mentioned the economy was in a decline anyway so the lockdown isn’t a big deal…lol. This guy is a joke.

        • Yes. The economy has been deliberately destroyed. There’s nothing you can do about it – although there IS. So who cares if Whites suffer devastation. It’s not the loss of vacations or cars or Chinese crap – it’s homes and food. But as long as ya got a fishin’ pole and a fishin’ hole – screw everyone else.

    • “In California low numbers too. Which doesn’t make sense.”

      Yeah it makes sense. A public transit system like New York that mixes the poor end of town with the rich end of town, means the virus can cross class and racial boundaries very easily.

      In this case I think the New York globalists caught it doing business deals overseas, then it rode home with them and infected their families. From there it spread to the rest of the city while they were riding the public transit system to work.

      LA is more of a cellular structure than New York. You have to get around by car, so there is less overlap between the different communities.

  2. The Taiwanese government actually care about their people. That’s how they’ve kept the problem balanced out.

    • True. The white elite and their sociopathic, libertarian tools on the bottom don’t care about anybody but themselves.

  3. Shut down flights. Quarantine passangers, provide masks and gloves. Encourage good hygiene and Distancing. It’s kept them going economically for now. They know allabout their scumbag brethren on the the mainland and dud all this in a timely way.

  4. Some people are protesting to go back to work because the parsimonious financial relief from DC isn’t meeting their needs. They’re suffering, while the elites are too big to fail and get trillions from the Fed. That shows the need for a better, more extensive social safety net, and a complete makeover of our economic and policymaking systems. No one should feel pressured to work under our current circumstances.

    Those poor folks desperate to work again need more generous assistance, unlike those in the financial and corporate sectors that already had a sizable stash of funds, but still get gifted massive piles of cash. This yet again displays the perverse upside-down nature of our corporatist system. The elites get the stacks of free money, while we get the bill from the Federal Reserve and are expected to trust in the tender mercy of the marketplace when things get rough.

    • Conservatives believe in socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor and working class.

    • Nothing “poor” about those folks. If equipped with half a brain they’d place the blame where it belongs and direct pressure in that direction. Instead, as fully-Chumped tools of the regime, they direct their hatred toward “locktards” like me and mine.

      They are traitors. There is no forgetting or forgiving traitors.

      From my perspective the traitor in my foxhole poses the immediate threat. GOP, inc. and its downlow tools must be destroyed.

      • When people need to pay their bills right now, policy debates are ethereal concepts to them.

        They should have got involved and supported pols and movements wanting to change the corporatist regime long ago, absolutely. Getting angry at those of us with a focus on lives instead of money is misdirected and self-defeating.

        After the right wing of the Uniparty is destroyed, what do you think should take its’ place? Something that targets our extreme income inequality, promotes unions and infrastructure building, expands safety nets, wants to rebuild our manufacturing base through protectionism, brings the military back home, etc., etc.?

        • But not too ethereal to violate quarantine, eschew masks, party hearty, call for killing Grandma, or pressure to end quarantine “policies.”

          You see, there is a flip side that seems to escape you: When people want family members to survive, policy debates are ethereal concepts to them as well.

          Think about what that means.

          There is no forgiving or forgetting.

          What comes after? I have some ideas.

          Whatever might come, the shit Right should have thought about it 55+ years ago. Instead, they chose indolence and ea$y money. F..k ’em.

          • I didn’t say I approved of their protesting for the right to endanger others. I was expressing sympathy for their financial plight. Those are two different things.

          • Well, then, you’re sitting on the fence. It’s nice to be able to do that. At some point, however, a choice must be made. When it comes to life vs. inconvenience, I choose the lives of family members.

            The inconvenienced group were “inconvenienced” back when Chump and the Rushtard called the coronavirus “da flu, bro.” They feared a reduction in their dividends and pension income.

            Had Chump done the proper thing in January or before, we’d have followed New Zealand’s path. Any inconvenience “suffered” by the inconvenienced group would have been less.

            They didn’t do the proper thing. Instead, they chose dividends over lives. Therefore, I am not feeling their “pain.”

            They will pay a price for their betrayal.

            The traitor in my foxhole is the immediate threat.

  5. Contrast that smiling slant with a crippled Bojo and his bedridden pregnancy intern. Two islands two different tales.

  6. Trump’s hoax propaganda has worked like a charm. Now they cross their fingers to see and hope there aren’t too many Trump-tards who care if their parents and grandparents get sick.

  7. There is definitely a faction that wanted this virus to spread and now they want it to spread again. Trump wasn’t a moron obsessed with protecting his special stock market. He was part of the plan to let the virus spread to take advantage of the situation with inside bets and fed moneyprinting.

    So what’s the next part of the plan? Think the virus will just fade away? That’s what the morons actually believed in February. Because that’s just a disease for those chinks over there. Only chinks can get it!

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