COVID-19 Is Shifting Inland

Editor’s Note: According to the official numbers, 12x as many people have died from coronavirus under American liberal democracy and free-market capitalism as opposed to Chinese socialism. Mongolia, North Korea and Vietnam are also still reporting zero deaths. The unemployment rate in China is also 5.9%. China is reporting 11 new cases and 0 new deaths from coronavirus.

As we enter May, we have entered what I call the dip.

If memory serves, 45 states are in some kind of lockdown. California was the first state to enter a lockdown. New York followed about a week later. New York and New Jersey have accounted for half of deaths. Over half of coronavirus cases have been in the Northeast.

We’re now at the point where regions of the United States will begin to diverge in their response to the virus. The Blue States are going their own way and prioritizing public health over the economy. The Red States are going their own way and prioritizing the economy over public health. Consequently, we can project that the geographic epicenter of the virus will shift inland over the summer.


“Map 1 displays the progression of these counties from March 29 through April 19. Initially, these counties were heavily concentrated in the Northeast region, especially around the greater New York metropolitan area, with some representation in other parts of the country, including around Seattle, New Orleans, and Detroit. During the week of March 30 to April 5, more high-prevalence counties sprung up, especially in the Midwest (Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee) as well as in the South (Georgia, Mississippi, and further spread in Louisiana).

The following week, April 6 to April 12, expansion of the virus in the South continued dramatically, especially around Miami, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Memphis and Nashville, Tenn., as well as many smaller metropolitan and nonmetropolitan counties. The disease also extended into Northeast and Midwest counties located in suburban areas and smaller metropolitan areas. COVID-19 also spread in the western region, especially in the greater Denver metro area.

The week of April 13 to April 19 introduced even larger numbers of counties with a high prevalence of COVID-19 into the South, across states that already witnessed an expansion as well as in Texas and North Carolina. And in California, the populous counties of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Riverside reached the tipping point for high prevalence, along with increases in smaller counties elsewhere in the West. …”

The distribution of the virus has been changing in April. Like all viruses, the coasts and dense urban areas are hit first while the less dense and more rural areas in the interior are hit last. We’ve never done lockdowns before though so the spread of this virus has been smothered over the last month. It has still managed to kill around 55,000 Americans since March 15. For whatever reason, there are also still people who believe that is what the flu normally does over the course of a month in mid-spring.

There are parts of the rural and small town South which have already been hit hard and early by the virus before the lockdowns. I’ve tried to explain the situation in Southwest Georgia, but it has been the exception to the rule even though it is here on my doorstep. Over the last two weeks, the virus has been advancing into the suburban and rural South, particularly in meat processing plants in places like Marshall County, AL where it has found new opportunities to explode.

The reopening experiment is set to begin next month. I’m not for or against reopening. I believe it varies from state to state and the result will depend on whether the plan for a controlled reopening that was announced is followed by the governors. I don’t have much confidence in the experiment though because I doubt the plan will be followed. I also don’t think there is enough testing or contact tracing in place at the scale needed to control the virus and prevent it from rebounding. The only thing that I am confident about is that the virus is going to have more opportunities to flourish in the interior of the country moving forward. The coastal governors are going to take a much harder line.

After a two month lockdown, Wuhan reopened successfully earlier this month without any resurgence of the coronavirus. I don’t think our leaders are nearly as competent as those in China though. The Chinese leadership has more scientists and engineers who are loyal to the CCP. American politicians tend to be lawyers who are subservient to billionaire donors. Donald Trump is a reality television celebrity who is financed by a tiny elite of Jewish private equity and hedge fund billionaires. They were the ones who advised him to “ride it out” and go with the “just the flu” narrative.

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  1. It had to move inland. Georgia already opened up 3 days, and everyone is dead. Iowa will be spared, however. They never had a shutdown, and everyone there has been dead for a month.

  2. Corona virii (the larger family) only impart a temporary immunity in the host and with the passage of time the host becomes vulnerable again.

    Does anyone have substantial information on this?

    • It’s going to be 60,000 deaths for April, 3000 for March.
      UK has over double our rate of deaths. If we had the same rate, we’d have 5,000 deaths a day. Is that our future ? Is the UK foreshadowing US death rates ?

      • It’s lot of people in a small island. Likely its just a foretaste. But that bullet might be dodged. Who knows.

  3. I fear we’ve been hoaxed. With the average age of those dying from the virus at 80 and no bodies in the streets, the government response has been way over the top. Let the virus wash over the population and quarantine only the most vulnerable.

  4. To all the trolls, anti-vaxers, and hoax-pimps that are all singing in unison together for “Lifting the Lockdown” I have some bad news for you.

    There will be no meaningful lifting of the lockdown or “getting back to business.”

    We, you see, are the fly in the ointment; the non-compliant with any “opening”, that are going to put an end to this nonsensical talk about “going back to normal.

    Some 40 years ago, the US was transformed from a manufacturing economy, to a service economy, or better yet, a “consumer based economy.” We don’t make things in the US any more: we “serve” things, sell things, rent things. This economy is now dependent upon consumers like me spending our money at barbershops, bars, restaurants, bakeries, gyms, gun stores, movie theaters, hardware stories, etc.

    Without people like me, the “service economy” comes to an end.

    Well guess what? For myself, and millions upon millions of other people like me, all of these things that we used to do, all of these places we spent our money at, they are now in the past: they are not in our future. Unless a vaccine or a cure comes along, millions of people like me are NEVER going to a bar, restaurant, barbershop, movie theater, etc. AGAIN. EVER.

    We have learned to cut our own hair, cook our own food, buy things online, and grow our own gardens. Except for the rare, occasional trip to get a few groceries, wearing gloves and masks, we have foregone any and all personal contact with others.

    So go ahead, follow Trump and the moron governor in GA: “open up” and “lift the lockdown” and see if you can get the service economy back to normal. We are going to stay in self isolation, and never spend our money in a public place where we can get infected.

    Unless you allay our fears and concerns with a vaccine or cure, restaurants and barbershops are in the past. They are history, and so is the glorious service economy. Without us, and our money, there is NO “restarting the economy.”

    • “For myself, and millions upon millions of other people like me, all of these things that we used to do”

      This was happening anyway.
      Boomers are retiring and ppl over 55 just don’t spend as much.
      Most are established, have what they want and aren’t impressed wi the glitter of NEW.
      Wuflu just accelerated the process.

    • I see people being nicer from a distance. But the closer you get, there is a sense of mistrust and uncertainty.

    • Vanity Teller – I have been cutting my own hair, and doing lots of things by hand – but as soon as my salon opens up I’ll have my WONDERFUL young stylist give me an excellent professional cut. Because she’s terrific and I want her to do well.

      FYI YOUR generation let the Hebes transfer manufacturing out of the USA. So you stay inside until you no longer draw breath, you arrogant asshat. You’re a lot less important than you tell flatter yourself. I think no one will notice your absence one way or another. Every one else will go outside and rebuild. FYI restaurants and bars – food establishments of any kind are the most difficult, precarious spheres in which to operate, due to the teeny margin of profit and whims of fashion. Some will rebuild, some will fail, and new venues will appear. Because NORMAL Humans like to interact with each other.

      I do hope this Plandemic will make people aware of what’s important – Human connections and COMMUNITY, and what isn’t. Chinese GARBAGE being first among the un-needed. I am hoping that Americans and Westerners will realize we can make what WE need – and ditch the Orcs. Lots of folks, like myself, will do everything possible to tank the Gook’s stolen “economy” all on our own. Fuck the slpoes and FUCK ZOG.

      So you stay inside forever. Perhaps day someone will check inside your arid house, and find your dessicated corpse, sitting in a chair, Chinese Virus free.

      • I’m sure madam will look positively radiant after she visits her stylist, like Elizabeth Taylor or Sophia Loren.

        It’s been weeks since I’ve had my hair straightened at the beauty salon. As a result my ‘fro has grown back out. I look like the drummer from the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

  5. They are not going to tell us it is Mexican farm workers spreading the sickness through out the country side, but it is. And very very soon rural hospitals are going to be overwhelmed with sick Mexicans.

    • “They are not going to tell us it is Mexican farm workers spreading the sickness ”

      Not in a million years.
      That would be racissszsszzt.

    • @Robert Browning, one of the only Covid related ways to complement our Orange Commander in Lysol Injection Troll-Chief is that on March 20th the USCIS started immediate (but temporary) suspension of premium processing services on H2A Visa Agro workers, due to Covid.

      If they have some requests for foreign workers they will use the manual mail process, and the USCIS said they won’t use H2A pre-paid mailers to send communication of final notices while this is all suspended.

      That will keep some of it out, but not all, since some of these people are currently in the country, especially in the southern states where there is year-round farm work.

      Part of why certain states want to open up is exactly that, they need to keep the slaves coming in that they barely pay, diseased or un-diseased they’ve never particularly cared. That’s one reason why there is food borne illness every year related to it, the working conditions and people brought in to work in them.

      They also don’t want to keep the unemployment benefits coming in, they want it to be your responsibility to go to work and get sick, and if you won’t you will get nothing.

      Rather than stating it’s not safe to go back and we will help you figure something out until it is. That makes it your problem if you can’t work and lose your house and your benefits, and not theirs.

      But keeping the slave labor going is always a top priority, always has been, and it’s conservatives as much as liberals who keep it going, they want to bring in ‘strangers from a strange land’ so they don’t get sued when they spray them with neonicotinoids in fields, and they can pay them next to nothing. They’re part of why we have a brown population in Idaho and Minnesota, they won’t pay a White person for labor.

      The red measle outbreak in the Muslim community in Minnesota was due to this kick-back they get in Federal money for brining in Somalian refugees who weren’t vaccinated and weren’t held to any standard of helping protect the public health. Same as the Mexicans who had the ‘strange strain’ of TB.

      They are interested in making money over human life, they don’t care.

      They aren’t opening up the country to save Joe or Jane’s little business so they don’t lose their house.

      They are opening up to save their giant slave operation and bigger industries, not so you can have ‘the things you need’ but because the machine can’t lie dormant too long, or maybe nobody will care to return to it. They fear this, greatly, IMO.

      • One of the largest outbreaks of corona-chan in MN is in Nobles County, in the southwest corner of the state. That’s where a lot of vibrant brown folk live. It’s currently 28% Hispanic, according to the most recent US census figures, up from 11% in 2000.

    • Then let the greasy illegal felons die, as they deserve to do. Not only is the economy never coming back, but ANY sympathy for non- whites died last month, as well. You refused to let Trump implement his campaign promises, now suffer the awakened Saxon’s wrath.

      When you realize you have little to live for, suddenly fighting the Beast isn’t the worst thing you could do…

    • One of the best developments in agriculture in the last few years is the development of agricultural robots. Robots pick crops now including tomatoes, lettuce and other row crops. Grapes are also being picked now and that is one of the most difficult crops for a robot to pick. Tree crops such as apples, pears and oranges can be picked too.

      The big obstacle to greater use of robots is their initial cost compared to what Karl Marx described as the capitalists’ “reserve army of labor” employed by big agriculture to drive down wages i.e. the cost of labor. As technology advances the cost curve bends down for the use of robots but the U.S. Government can expedite this process by ending the flow of people from south of the Rio Grande. Trump could do this with a stroke of the pen while at the same time helping agriculture transition to robots. He could announce support for robotic projects requiring that the technology be made domestically, a chance for the U.S. to really lead in a futuristic technology.

      It depends upon what co-president Jared wants and co-president Jared definitely doesn’t want to see the white people prosper.

      • Robotic fruit harvesters require extremely narrow dwarf tree rows on post-and-wire support, an enormous investment with a very short lifespan (dwarf rootstocks lack the longevity of standard trees) and very unnatural. Not all technology is “appropriate.” Factory farming separates people from the land.

        • Robot farming technology is in its infancy, look for vast improvements in the near future. I would rather have herds of robots picking crops than herds of Mexicans picking crops. The robots won’t turn the area where they live in to a wasteland as the Mexicans have done to the Central Valley and other areas of California. Robots won’t have filthy food trucks dumping grease on the ground, committing crimes and ruining everywhere they roam.

          • Whether crops are being picked by human robots or by mechanical robots, the big-corporate factory farming system is still unnatural, extremely wasteful, and less efficient and productive than the traditional, small family farming that it destroys. Hydroponics and putting hundreds of thousands of acres under plastic tents are also promoted to feed the world, but it’s all about making money. Call me a Luddite, but only technology that is appropriate should be adopted.

  6. Let’s just keep pretending the CDC and Bill Gates are honest and the hospitals aren’t empty right now.

  7. “After a two month lockdown, Wuhan reopened successfully earlier this month without any resurgence of the coronavirus.”

    Well that is interesting. If it isn’t coming back then immunity is clearly possible. So the theory being put about that it attacks T cells, and so there can’t be immunity must be bunk.

    “I don’t think our leaders are nearly as competent as those in China though.”

    It wouldn’t matter if our leaders were competant, because the people wouldn’t listen to them anyway. There is no U.S. System to fail, because America is ungovernable.

  8. A reopening could work if it were done correctly. But there is very little reason to believe it will be, considering the general incompetence of the politicians and bureaucrats.

    And the same people who want to reopen aren’t even willing to take simple precautions that would help push down r0, like wearing a mask, instead preferring to drink fish tank cleaner and inject bleach. A conscientious populace could stand a better chance at a reopening, but the American population has too many anti-social libertarian types like this that would make a conscious effort to negate any strategies that would lower reproduction of the virus.

    So we can probably expect another wave

  9. All I can say is nature hates a vacuum. Nature knows only one test for superiority. That which superior is that which survives. In times such as these pathological altruism ,excessive individualism, and the lack of a social communitarian ethic hastens extinction for people who adopt it as an ideology or way of life.

  10. Also I don’t know if anyone had heard but half of America has died from Covid-19. Bill Gates says he is confident his new vaccine will be able to raise them from the dead.

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