Live Thread: Greg Johnson Debates Andrew Anglin



I’m going to post my commentary below as I listen to the show.

Andrew Anglin (2:58): According to Andrew Anglin, there are “a hundred different viruses” that cause the flu and 7% to 15% are coronaviruses. In reality, there are seven coronaviruses that infect humans. There are four common coronaviruses that cause the common cold which aren’t the viruses that cause the flu. The other three coronaviruses are SARS-CoV (SARS), MERS-CoV (MERS) and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Both SARS and MERS cause acute respiratory disease. The former had a case fatality rate of 11%. The latter had a case fatality rate of 35%. The current global case fatality rate of COVID-19 is 19%.

It is true that the viruses which cause the common cold and the flu are constantly mutating as they move through the population year after year. This is why we are always coming up with new flu vaccines. This isn’t the same thing as a novel virus which is a virus that has never been seen before. The H1N1 virus, for example, which caused the 2009 swine flu pandemic isn’t a novel virus. It is the same virus that caused the Spanish Flu a century ago. SARS-CoV-2 wasn’t infecting humans until last year.

COVID-19 is not the flu. It is a disease which is caused solely by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The flu is caused by influenza viruses which is a different family of viruses with a completely different genus and species and subtypes that also circulates in birds and pigs. COVID-19 is not “just the flu.” It is a version of SARS which is a more familiar disease to Asians than Europeans. It is a different coronavirus that has jumped into humans from the same type of Chinese bat through either a natural or unnatural process.

Andrew Anglin (3:43): COVID-19 does not have the same symptoms or clinical course as the flu. There are similarities and differences. Both can cause fever, cough and fatigue. Both can result in pneumonia although with the flu this is usually a secondary bacterial infection. In contrast, SARS-CoV-2 attacks not only the lungs, but also the heart, the intestines, the brain, your liver and kidneys. It gets into your eyes. It causes blood clotting. It attacks the nervous system which is why people commonly lose their sense of taste and smell. The flu doesn’t normally kill people by causing strokes and heart attacks.

Andrew Anglin (3.48): COVID-19 and the flu do not have the same death rate. The current crude case fatality rate in the United States (this is a moving target because 4/5ths of confirmed cases are unresolved) is 5.67%. The common flu has a death rate of 0.1%.

Andrew Anglin (4:16): Andrew Anglin doesn’t know the difference between the case fatality rate (CFR) and the infection fatality rate (IFR) either. He jumbles the two together. They are not the same thing. The CFR measures deaths to confirmed cases. The IFR measures deaths to total infections. The latter is a lower number than the former.

Andrew Anglin (4:42): According to the CDC, 61,000 people are estimated to have died in the 2017/2018 flu season. This is not a body count of confirmed deaths. It is an estimate based on pneumonia data. This was the worst flu season in 40 years because we had a particularly brutal winter. In contrast, only 24,000 people have died of the flu in the 2019/2020 flu season.

As of March 1, 2020, a total of 4 people had died of the coronavirus. By March 15, 2020, only 65 people had died of coronavirus. It will be time to compare the death toll of the 2017/2018 flu season to COVID-19 on March 1, 2021. In the span of 45 days, over 57,000 Americans have died of COVID-19.

This chart which compares the 2017/2018 flu season to COVID-19 is a bit dated. The spike is even more dramatic now. This is what it roughly looks like though when 57,000 deaths are crammed into a month and a half. Notice how at the absolute peak of the 2017/2018 flu season that roughly 1,600 people died in a week which is a rate of about 228 people dying a day that week. Compare that rate to yesterday which was a relatively slow day in the middle of spring when only 1,384 Americans died of COVID-19. It is not normal for over a 1,000 people a day to die of the flu much less 2,000 people which is even more than heart disease and cancer which are the leading causes of death in the United States.

Andrew Anglin (4:57): We had the flu this year and 24,000 people died of it before a 45 state national lockdown. That’s because large swathes of the population are either immune to the flu or have been vaccinated and besides it only has a 0.1% case fatality rate. Over twice as many people have already died this year of COVID-19. At this point in the 2017-2018 flu season, all of 119 people died in the week ending on April 28th. It was 153 people the week before that. It was 214 the week before that.

Andrew Anglin (5:05) The death toll is not in the “average range” of a flu season. These deaths are also distributed evenly across the country over the course of the fall and winter.

Even Donald Trump agrees:

“THE PRESIDENT:  Well, you have to make the decision.  Look, we lose thousands — I brought some numbers here.  We lose thousands and thousands of people a year to the flu.  We don’t turn the country off — I mean, every year.

Now, when I heard the number — you know we average 37,000 people a year.  Can you believe that?  And actually, this year we’re having a bad flu season.  But we lose thousands of people a year to the flu.  We never turn the country off.  We lose much more than that to automobile accidents.  We didn’t call up the automobile companies and say, “Stop making cars.  We don’t want any cars anymore.”  We have to get back to work.”

Andrew Anglin (5:14): The current death toll is an undercount because it includes people who died either in a hospital or a nursing home with a confirmed positive test result. It doesn’t include people who died at home without a test. The exception is New York City which includes about three thousand presumed positive deaths. The spike in mortality in March and April is far greater than confirmed coronavirus deaths. In any case, this isn’t comparable to the 61,000 people who the CDC says died in the 2017/2018 flu season because that is only an estimate based on pneumonia deaths, not a body count. There will be an estimate for COVID-19 too.

Andrew Anglin (5:25): The case fatality rate of COVID-19 varies dramatically from country to country. In Iceland, the case fatality rate is 0.55%. In Sweden, which is held up as a model by Andrew Anglin, it is 12%. It is 5.67% in the United States. It is 13.5% in Italy and 13.4% in the UK.

How do we explain this difference? In countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France and so forth, there is widespread community transmission of the virus. Iceland is a small country which tested and caught imported cases and stopped community transmission of the virus through contract tracing. In contrast, Donald Trump and his donors decided to “ride it out” and treat it as “just the flu” and testing in the United States was almost non-existent for six weeks in February and early March. The case fatality rate is lower in Iceland and New Zealand because they stopped it.

Andrew Anglin (5:58): The CFR of COVID-19 in the UK is 13.36%, not 0.12%. Perhaps Anglin is confusing the CFR with the IFR again?

Andrew Anglin (6:29): There is a legitimate scientific debate going on about various studies that have come out regarding antibodies tests and how reliable these studies are and the tests are which is currently raging. The Stanford study that everyone has heard about from John Ioannidis has been heavily criticized for various sampling and mathematical errors.

Even if the most promising of these studies which is the one out of New York City is true, an IFR of 1% is 10x as deadly as the flu, which would make sense given that the current death toll of 16,673 in New York City is far beyond anything ever seen with the ordinary flu. Also, if 21.1% of New York City residents have coronavirus antibodies (assuming the test is flawless and accurate), the city is still nowhere near the 70% that would be required to achieve herd immunity.

“Just on Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the preliminary—unpublished—results of an antibody test in the state, which included finding that 21.1 percent of New York City residents may have been infected with the virus. New York City is known to be heavily hit by the pandemic, which has overwhelmed its healthcare system.

Though much of the details of the statistics are not yet known, the state health department noted that the antibody test used (which is different from the one used for the California studies) had an estimated specificity of 93 percent to 100 percent. That suggests that estimated prevalence might still be too high. Still, even with the estimate reported by Gov. Cuomo, the figures would put New York City’s IFR around one percent—10-times higher than seasonal flu.”

If the ordinary flu and COVID-19 actually have the same death rate, why doesn’t COVID-19 kill a similar number of New Yorkers?

Andrew Anglin (7.30): What percentage of the American population has comorbidities? How many people are old? How many people are obese? How many have diabetes or hypertension? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter because all these people died above (see illustration) from the same cause which is the disease that killed them all at once all over the world.

Those people wouldn’t have died if the coronavirus didn’t cause the swelling of the arteries that led to a heart attack, a blood clot that caused them to have a stroke or whether they suffocated to death and drowned in their own fluids from severe pneumonia because the air sacs in their lungs had been pulverized by COVID-19. That’s like saying the Americans who died on 9/11 didn’t die of the Twin Towers falling on them. They died with the Twin Towers falling on them. It is a crucial difference!


Andrew Anglin (1:18): Andrew Anglin claims the lockdown has increased the infection rate for the virus in New York City. If that were true, then confirmed cases and deaths wouldn’t be falling in New York City. The R0 of the virus would have increased and would have shown up two weeks later. Instead, the peak of the chaos in New York City was April 7 which is 14 days after the lockdown began on March 22. New York is only reporting 243 deaths today because the lockdown worked and the virus has peaked.

Andrew Anglin (2:30): China locked down and quarantined Wuhan and Hubei province on January 23. The lockdown wasn’t lifted until the first week of April. In late January and early February, the CCP declared a People’s War on the virus and 780 million Chinese – nearly half the population of China – were locked down in multiple cities until the virus declined for 14 consecutive days. China has actually ridiculed people like Anglin as fools for wanting to Reopen America so soon.

Watch below:

Andrew Anglin (2:41): The U.S. Surgeon General pushed the “don’t wear masks” bullshit because of the supply shortage in the United States. The masks were needed for health care workers. It was always false but that was the reason. This was pointed out by smart people at the time.

Andrew Anglin (2:53): Lockdowns have succeeded in eradicating the virus in New Zealand. China quelled its outbreak by locking down over half of its population. The lockdowns have succeeded everywhere in bringing down the R0 of the virus which is why the virus has peaked in Italy and Spain.

Andrew Anglin (3:17): The economy hasn’t collapsed in China which has emerged from its lockdown. It took a hit and has recovered somewhat in March and April. New Zealand is also emerging from its lockdown. The economy has also taken a hit there, but the virus has been eradicated. The economic pain in the United States will be far more severe BECAUSE Donald Trump spent six weeks downplaying the virus as “just the flu” and we have over a million confirmed cases now. Unfortunately, the coronavirus didn’t “disappear like a miracle” in April after the decision was made to “ride it out.”

Andrew Anglin (4:02): Where was the concern about small businesses and the middle class between late January when the Trump administration declared a public health emergency and early March when Donald Trump and FOX News briefly started to take the virus seriously? There was no concern because it Dr. Jared Kushner had read on Wikipedia that there are coronaviruses which cause the common cold. Notice how different the outcome was in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and other nations which took the virus much more seriously.

Andrew Anglin (4:55): There is no sign of the Great Depression in China. Why is that? Isn’t capitalism superior to socialism?

Andrew Anglin (5:11): If we really gave up our freedoms and the Constitution, why are so many states reopening? How are they able to do that now that the Constitution has been suspended?

Andrew Anglin (5:33): We don’t know for a fact that the case fatality rate is the same as the flu. It is not even remotely close to the flu. It is now 5.67%.

Andrew Anglin (6:04): Why on earth would any American politician have an agenda of mass death, economic collapse and the destruction of freedom? Does that make any sense at all? Is that the record that any politician wants to run on when up for reelection?

Andrew Anglin (6:12): If the media is behind this conspiracy, why did the media originally push the “just the flu” narrative in late January and early February?

Andrew Anglin (6:19): The media has always attacked Donald Trump so nothing has changed on that front. Initially, the mainstream media pushed the “just the flu, bro” narrative before pivoting in late February. BTW, Andrew Anglin has totally reversed himself on the coronavirus like two or three times since January. That’s because the goal here isn’t to tell the truth about the coronavirus. It is simply to draw attention to himself.

Andrew Anglin (6:32): There is no “world government.” The WHO gives advice to nations which they can choose to follow or ignore. Australia and New Zealand followed the WHO’s advice. Donald Trump ignored it because Jared Kushner suspected in February the virus was being exaggerated.

Andrew Anglin (7:04): Actually, the WHO disagrees with Bill Gates on immunity passports, but understand the goal here is to misinform people so that they can be distracted, stirred up and manipulated.

Greg Johnson (18:17): Very good opening statement from Greg. I think the strongest point was that conservative liberals and liberals are ideologically committed to an open society. Therefore, it had to be the flu because it was inconceivable even for a month to break with liberal norms. We’ve seen with the Coronavirus Tea Party how they have dealt with it. Contrast the American response with China, Taiwan and New Zealand. It reflects cultural differences.

Greg Johnson (21:20): Greg Johnson is correct to bring up New Zealand and Taiwan. China is an even more instructive example. Unlike New Zealand and Taiwan, the outbreak originated in China. The Chinese didn’t have months to prepare for the arrival of the virus like Donald Trump. Every country in the world outside of China like its neighbors Vietnam and Mongolia got the same information from the WHO. It wasn’t the WHO that advised Donald Trump that it was “just the flu.” Brazil is another country that has a coronavirus epidemic because Jair Bolsonaro has consistently downplayed and dismissed the threat posed by the virus. In contrast, only a few hundred people have died in Chile and Argentina. Venezuela isn’t even reporting any deaths from coronavirus. Ecuador has had a major outbreak. The countries in South America most inclined toward American neoliberalism have the largest outbreaks of coronavirus.

Greg Johnson (23:08): Donald Trump himself said that he was advised to “ride it out” and treat it “like the flu” in February by all the billionaires who he is constantly in communication with like Steve Schwarzman. It was the private equity and hedge fund billionaires who finance Trump who are responsible for the “just the flu” narrative. Don’t forget either how he ignored months of intelligence reports that actually it wasn’t the flu. American intelligence agencies told Israel that it wasn’t the flu in November.

Here is the smoking gun:

Greg Johnson (23:57): Good point about how the coronavirus has grounded all the globalists who are constantly flying all over the world. Suddenly, it became a big deal almost overnight because the realization hit the brighter parts of our political class that HOLY SHIT THIS COULD AFFECT US. LMAO at the conspiracy theorists who believe this is what THEY wanted. This is pretty much the last thing that cosmopolitan liberals wanted. The Deep State has been trying to get rid of Trump for years because he is a moron who was perceived as a threat to the stability of the system.

Andrew Anglin (27:25): The Imperial College report that 2.2 million Americans could die of coronavirus was the scenario that assumed no social distancing or lockdowns took place and it was allowed to run through the population until herd immunity was achieved.

Andrew Anglin (27:32): The scenario in which 120,000 to 220,000 people died comes from the IMHE model which is constantly updated with new data and the main reason it was off is because California went into a lockdown so early. In early April, it dropped the projection to 60,000, but that was clearly too optimistic and we are about to surpass that number of deaths. The model also only runs to August. It changes and spits out new numbers when new data comes in like any weather model.

Andrew Anglin (27:37): We’re not looking at “a normal flu season.” Instead, we are going to blow past the 2017/2018 flu season death toll estimate here shortly in the next couple of days. Donald Trump liked the IHME model because it was the most optimistic of all the COVID-19 models.

Andrew Anglin (28:00): Anglin doesn’t know the difference between the CFR and the IFR. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. The IFR of the New York City antibodies study showed it was 10x as deadly as the flu.

Andrew Anglin (28:36): Andrew Anglin believes the ordinary flu has forced all 6 members of the UN Security Council into a lockdown and has taken aircraft carriers out of commission and wiped trillions of dollars in wealth off the markets. Makes a lot of sense. THEY wanted it to happen!

Andrew Anglin (28:48): The CDC hasn’t stopped recording flu and pneumonia deaths. Feel free to visit their website.

Andrew Anglin (29:14): If we included all 380 people who died of the flu in Week 15 (an average of 54 people a day), how much would the death toll be inflated? So dumb.

Andrew Anglin (30:06): A pretty mild flu season would be significantly under >37,000 deaths over a year long period. 12,000 people died in the 2011/2012 flu season.

Andrew Anglin (30:30): If the vast majority of the population is locked in their homes before they are exposed to the virus, they won’t acquire it and transmit it to their family members, which is why the R0 is driven down by lockdowns and quarantines. This insight into the nature of infectious diseases was known centuries ago before it was forgotten by libertarians.

Andrew Anglin (30:44): Has anyone told Andrew Anglin that we are almost at the beginning of May and not in the middle of a brutal winter? Ecuador has a large outbreak. It is 2 degrees from the equator.

Andrew Anglin (31:30): The governor of New Jersey was correct to distinguish between an emergency situation and normal times. 6,442 people have died in New Jersey from COVID-19 even with a lockdown. In contrast, 1,000 died from the flu and pneumonia this year. Follow the link to see just how off the media was about the nature of the threat.

Andrew Anglin (32:09): A strong government doesn’t make any sense to conservative liberals and libertarians on ideological grounds. Elsewhere in the world, it made sense and the epidemic was stopped in its tracks.

Andrew Anglin (32:21): How did this “lunacy” work out in Australia and New Zealand? 84 and 19 people have died there respectively from it. Perhaps they should have followed our example? Only 58,682 people have died from COVID-19 here. The president is so stupid that he asks his public health advisers about whether it is possible for Americans to inject disinfectant into their bodies to cure the virus.

Andrew Anglin (32:44): Anglin says it is “over now.” We have 831,648 active confirmed cases of coronavirus. I see another 1,885 people are dead. Clearly, it is a long way from being over.

Andrew Anglin (32:55): This is another lie. Birx put together the official federal guidelines on reopening the country.

Andrew Anglin (33:20): There is no agenda to create a new society. The governors have shut down their states. The public health experts only make recommendations. The WHO doesn’t have any enforcement power either. It makes recommendations. All it does is give advice.

Andrew Anglin (35:06): Meat packing plants are closing down because the virus is flourishing in those working conditions, not because the government has shut those plants down.

Greg Johnson (35:26): As Greg points out here, the fact that the Trump administration is incompetent doesn’t mean that “government” is incompetent. It just means that our particular government is incompetent and our culture is incapable of handling the challenge. Vietnam’s government didn’t have any problem stopping the virus.

Greg Johnson (39:46): The death rate of confirmed cases in the United States has recently come down from 37% to 30%. After 1 million closed confirmed cases globally though, the death rate is 19% which is even worse than SARS, which was 11%. The sample size here is 1,169,114 confirmed cases of COVID-19 which had a known outcome.

Andrew Anglin (40:34): The death toll might still be over 100,000. The IHME model only out to August and said nothing about the fall and winter. Even still, if 19% of our current 834,502 confirmed active cases end in death, which is the global average after a million closed cases, it would mean 158,555 deaths IN ADDITION to the current death toll.

Andrew Anglin (41:11): Anglin says he prefers 2.2 million deaths of elderly and obese people to lockdowns.

Andrew Anglin (41:37): After saying he is fine with 2.2 million deaths, Anglin says the problem is that Bill Gates coming up with a vaccine!

Andrew Anglin (43:45): Anglin says the government will never give us back any of our rights. This is why the lockdowns are expiring, right? Even Wuhan in China which was the epicenter of the outbreak isn’t locked down anymore.

Andrew Anglin (44:10): Anglin says we are witnessing the NWO create a global government. No, we are witnessing the Trump administration reject the advice of the WHO in favor of “riding it out” because it is “just the flu.” Every country has gone in its own diretion. In the United States, there hasn’t even been a unified response from the federal government!

Greg Johnson (45:39): Even in South America, it was the countries which are more supportive of American neoliberalism – Brazil under Bolsonaro and Ecuador – where thousands of people have died of coronavirus. The coronavirus isn’t killing people so much as liberal ideology. Just look at Andrew Anglin who said that 2.2 million deaths are acceptable or DP84 who said that even 100 million deaths are acceptable. This is your brain on liberalism!

Andrew Anglin (49:18): Ebola was a nothingburger because it was an extraordinarily lethal hemorrhagic fever that was easy to contain. This is an interesting analogy because Anglin himself claims that the IFR of COVID-19 is the same as the flu because he assumes millions of asymptomatic carriers for every patient who presents symptoms. The nature of this virus as opposed to Ebola is why it isn’t treated the same way.

Andrew Anglin (50:06): Anglin asks why should we even try to stop the virus when it has infected 20% of the population in New York City according to the antibodies study? It is because herd immunity isn’t reached until 70% have been infected and there is no proof that other parts of New York much less the country have been exposed to that degree.

Andrew Anglin (50:20): Anglin says Cuomo is a crank for doing the lockdown. Yeah, whatever bud.

Andrew Anglin (50:53): The difference between the liberal and non-liberal on the subject of freedom boils down to this: non-liberals believe that freedom is just one good in a basket of goods. Liberals believe that freedom is the only good as a matter of principle and that our whole society should be based on it. This is why they are incapable of prioritizing public health over freedom in an emergency situation like a pandemic.

Andrew Anglin (51:07): OnlyFans is an example of individual freedom. Feminism is also an example of individual freedom.

Andrew Anglin (51:50): Most of our problems are the result of too much liberalism whether it comes in the form of too much freedom, too much equality, too much tolerance, too many rights, etc.

Andrew Anglin (54:20): Our government has gone insane because of liberalism. It has taken liberal values (freedom, equality, tolerance, individualism) to absurd extremes which has produced this result. Contrast our government with China which is not a liberal government. The Chinese aren’t being replaced in their own country by foreigners.

Andrew Anglin (54:44): It is great that so few people have died of coronavirus in Oregon. If it was up to truthers and conspiracy theorists like Andrew Anglin, the result would have been far different.

Andrew Anglin (56:05): According to Andrew Anglin, Gov. Greg Abbott maliciously shutdown Texas only to reopen it as of yesterday. Gov. Kay Ivey here in Alabama shutdown our state on April 3 only to announce it was reopening this afternoon.

MUH CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS WILL NEVER COME BACK! Give me a break! These conservative governors publicly agonized for weeks over shutting down their states.

Andrew Anglin (56:24): Anglin doesn’t realize that the meat packing plants were never shutdown by the government. The virus has shut them down.

Andrew Anglin (1:00:01): The “permanent virus regime” doesn’t even exist in Wuhan in China where life is returning to normal. The lockdown in Texas didn’t even last a month. The lockdown is unwinding in Italy and Spain and Denmark and other European countries. New Zealand and Australia are coming out of a lockdown. This is pure batshit insane paranoid conspiracy theorist nonsense.


Andrew Anglin (1:00:09): There wasn’t any need for SARS or MERS vaccine because those viruses were easy to contain. COVID-19 has officially infected over 3 million people on 6 continents.

Andrew Anglin (1:01:00): BTW, schools check to see if children have been vaccinated.

Andrew Anglin (1:01:23): Lots of Asian countries like South Korea and Taiwan already have these tyrannical technocratic solutions. The same is true of Australia which is rolling out a COVID-19 app.

Andrew Anglin (1:02:00): The tyrannical system described here is already commonplace in China and other East Asian countries. Also, the military is not in the streets and a black helicopter isn’t circling Anglin’s house.

Andrew Anglin (1:02:42): The largest outbreaks in Alabama are in Chambers County, AL and Dougherty County, GA were due to church services and funerals. So that is why they are doing it.

Andrew Anglin (1:04:00): Grocery stores like Publix are doing deliveries. LMAO.

Andrew Anglin (1:10:21): Anglin believes that the globalists wanted to wipe out White people with a virus that has disproportionately killed Jews, Hispanics and blacks and which has bankrupted the airlines. New Zealand’s lockdown only lasted a month. It simply eradicated the virus.

Andrew Anglin (1:11:50): In Australia and New Zealand, White people haven’t been completely destroyed. They haven’t been destroyed in Iceland either. The only countries where significant numbers of White people have died were the ones who were too liberal in dealing with the virus.

Andrew Anglin (1:12:33): Wuhan was the fentanyl capital of China until the coronavirus hit in January. THEY wanted it to happen!

Andrew Anglin (1:13:10): The coronavirus caused the EU to close its borders. It also exacerbated tensions between nations. The Italians don’t believe the EU did enough to help Italy.

Andrew Anglin (1:13:52): Isn’t Sweden an EU member? Why didn’t the EU force Sweden to comply with the lockdown? LOL this makes no sense.

Greg Johnson (1:15:56): Now we know why the Deep State was so hostile to Donald Trump. It was because he is a moron who was unprepared to handle a real crisis. Just open a vein and inject yourself with Lysol!

Andrew Anglin (1:18:18): Why am I wasting my time with this crank? Anglin thinks New York City has herd immunity because an antibodies study showed that 21% of the population had been exposed.

Andrew Anglin (1:18:49): New York City’s reported deaths aren’t anywhere close to the flu.

Andrew Anglin (1:19:00): Andrew Anglin fled to the Philippines to live in the jungle after high school in the 2000s because he was afraid the Reptilians and the NWO were trying to plant a microchip in his brain to create a “worldwide slave grid.” There was so much crackpot nonsense on his previous websites and that he tried to remove all trace of both from the internet.

Andrew Anglin (1:20:00): It goes without saying that the flu doesn’t send people into cardiac arrest and cause heart attacks.

Andrew Anglin (1:21:00): A huge number of people in Sweden already work from home anyway. The most important reason that New York City has been hit so hard by the virus is the subway system there. Los Angeles hasn’t been nearly as hard hit because more people drive.

Andrew Anglin (1:21:23): In the beginning, the media also framed it as “just the flu.”

Andrew Anglin (1:22:09): If COVID-19 was an extremely infectious virus but had a death rate similar to the flu, it would have killed as many people as H1N1. Obviously, that hasn’t happened.

Andrew Anglin (1:29:00): Andrew Anglin recently wrote an article that celebrated the death of the elderly. This is shocking in China. Anglin would rather sacrifice the elderly than disrupt the stock market.

Greg Johnson (1:30:00): I think the jury is still out on whether people who have antibodies to the virus can be reinfected.

Andrew Anglin (1:31:00): Every virus is not the same. The flu doesn’t kill T cells. SARS-CoV-2 kills T cells like HIV.

Andrew Anglin (1:34:39): The shills and conspiracy theorists are the ones who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy in this. Notice how they quit talking about “what about swine flu” several weeks ago. The COVID-19 death toll is already well past the range of being a nothingburger like H1N1 or Ebola and into the territory of “this is a serious problem.”

Greg Johnson (1:35:14): No one has starved to death from coronavirus. Economy doomerism isn’t supported by the data.

Andrew Anglin (1:35:54): The government hasn’t taken over the food supply chain. A few meat packing plants have been disrupted by the virus, not the government.

Andrew Anglin (1:39:24): We don’t know that 50x more people are infected than who have been confirmed to have the virus. At best, the IFR is still in dispute. We are still very early in this.

Andrew Anglin (1:41:48): China’s economy hasn’t been destroyed by the lockdown. New Zealand’s economy hasn’t been destroyed either.

Andrew Anglin (1:45:52): Aside from New York City, I don’t believe presumptive positive COVID deaths have been included in the official count. I’m pretty sure New York state hasn’t even included its numbers.

Andrew Anglin (1:48:16): If there is an “agenda” here, then Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba and all of the sworn enemies of Washington are also in on the secret plot. Perhaps all of these oil producing countries secretly wanted oil to be basically free?

Andrew Anglin (1:49:00): David Icke was Andrew Anglin’s mentor. He believed for years that the Reptilians were trying to implant a microchip in his brain.

Andrew Anglin (1:55:23): After saying earlier that 2.2 million deaths are acceptable and writing an article celebrating the death of the elderly as a blessing, Anglin “doesn’t want to come across as callous” in his closing statement.

Andrew Anglin (1:56:00): The hysterical predictions of catastrophic economic collapse stemming from lockdowns haven’t materialized in China or Australia and New Zealand. Singapore is now in a lockdown.

Andrew Anglin (1:56:13): Andrew Anglin is plainly taking a libertarian perspective. Rewind to 41;11 when he talks about his extreme position on liberty and individual rights. He said it was better for 2.2 million people to die in the United States than to have a lockdown like New Zealand.

Andrew Anglin (1:56:54): The people who are really suffering here are those who are sitting on their couch, not the people suffocating to death on their own bodily fluids after SARS-CoV-2 has shredded their lungs. Tyranny is having to order through the drive thru and not being able to dine in at McDonald’s. This is some of the dumbest and most selfish and ignorant shit I have ever heard.

/ end

Note: If you take the Daily Crackpot seriously, go ahead and inject yourself with Clorox.

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  1. There’s the Reuters article where 96 percent of the nearly 4000 prison inmates in a few states who tested positive for Covid19 had No symptoms. California refuses to release their similar data. Wonder why. They’re still mostly testing only people who have symptoms and require hospitalization. So we really don’t know what the case fatality rate is because for whatever reason we don’t have widespread testing (still). 19 percent CFR is closer to those who require hospitalization or at least seek medical care. When this began they were saying 80 percent of people would have “mild symptoms” (aka the worst flu they ever had), 20 percent of infected people would require hospitalization, and 5 percent would be critical and require ICU. It seems that the antibody testing and when widespread testing is employed seem to greatly discredit the Covid alarmists. You would think that we’d be aggressively pursuing antibody tests and widespread testing of even healthy people. But of course this might reveal that this was blown out of proportion. And government officials and politicians won’t ever admit they were wrong. That’s part of why I suspect we are seeing a pivot to reopening. Not because the disease isn’t continuing to spread but because it’s far more prevalent and less dangerous than originally believed.

      • Haxo – my thoughts EXACTLY. My thoughts on this subject are even more…errr..”defined” than yours -but Hunter won’t publish ’em

        • The line has to be drawn somewhere.

          Last night, we had people come into the comments and spam multiple comments with links to flat earth websites. Those people can carry on and do that sort of thing over at Renegade Tribune from now on. It adds nothing of value to the comment section here.

          • Lulz – I am not a Flat Earther. I think that subject is absurd beyond description. You know I don’t spam your site. I don’t spam any site! I am sorry that you had to deal with Spammers.

            Thanks, Spahn!

          • I was referring to Ed in Salt Lake who posted several comments last night in a row about how the earth is flat. I’ve tolerated it for the longest time but I have grown tired of seeing this stuff cluttering the discussions. It discourages serious people from commenting here.

        • So if you ghouls are cheerfully dancing on the graves of whites because they are no longer economically useful and get in the way of you enjoying your life and making money….

          ….that makes you different than Jews in what way exactly?

      • You’re like an abused wife that can’t leave the psychotic thug hubbie, Haxo. Have you been commenting at Vox Populi under other names? Vox prides himself on being a superb textual analyst who can easily sniff out banned commenters. (Textual analysis is actually quite easy to do when you reduce it down to what it really is: figuring out someone’s writing style.)

  2. The nearest symptomatic comparison is actually malaria. Except that malaria is a DNA parasite and needs a mosquito to spread instead of droplets and Covid19 is RNA. It’s just the Malaria bro doesn’t sound quite as dismissible.

      • It can’t be far off. malaria was also called the Roman Sickness. Because Rome was a fever pit of malaria. The million or so souls in Rome never beat the mortality rate it produced. No shock the Germanic refused to settle in Roman cities like London and Paris.

  3. Why in the world would anyone care about what Andrew Anglin, an internet troll, and Greg Johnson, a history professor, have to say on the topic of Covid-19?

    If you consider yourself to be in any sort of “movement” that these two people are “leaders” of – I would urge you to pause and think for a moment.

    Just remember how much internet ink was spilled a couple of years ago about whether or not Matt Heimbach’s little theater events were “serious activism” or “bad optics?”

    If you find yourself taking medical or political advice from clowns like Andrew Anglin, Greg Johnson, or Matt Heimbach … really, you should ask yourself what you are doing with your life.

    At least George Carlin was funny.

    • It’s strange that you of all people call Anglin a clown. You, Anglin, RamzPaul, and Conservative Inc are all in agreement on how to not deal with corona virus. You use the same talking points and the same bogus evidence.

      Is not being able to see your own reflection in a mirror a Jew thing?

  4. There’s a reason I stopped going to The Daily Stormer. Anglin just can not be taken serious on this issue. He’s a good writer but he’s on the wrong side of history with this one.

  5. Because of all the female twats and the girly men bitches and the snowflakes and the c*nts of both sexes who believe everything ZOG and Bill Gates tells them we now face food shortages. Because of a virus that kills about 2% of those who catch it and at least 98% of those who die from the virus are very elderly and would have died anyway from old age even if there was no virus going around — the virus is like the flu that way — the country faces food shortages.

    Destroying our nation’s food crops, killing our nation’s livestock, the f*ckin bitches think that’s going to save us from catching the virus. What the f*ck destroying the crops and killing the livestock has to do with saving us from the virus is beyond me. There’s a virus going around Quick! destroy the nation’s food crops and kill the nation’s livestock, that’ll keep us from catching the virus! How fuckin’ stupid to destroy the nation’s crops and livestock over a virus.

    And the Democrats and a lot of Republicans want to still let millions of immigrants into the country, Destroy your nation’s food supply, let millions of immigrants to keep pouring in, no jobs, no money, food is in short supply, let millions more people into the country so there’s more and more competition for less and less jobs and less and less money and LESS AND LESS food, how goddamned stupid.

    This pandemic is going to go down in history as an example of mass insanity. Looks like the insanity of it is a lot more contagious than the virus itself. Mass delusion, destroy your nation’s crops and your nation’s livestock and actually think that’s going to put an end to the virus spreading. It’s really going to help us beat the coronavirus and come out ahead to have hardly any food in the supermarkets. How goddamned stupid can it get.

    • “we now face food shortages.”

      Who’s this “we”, kemosabe?

      “What the f*ck destroying the crops and killing the livestock has to do with saving us from the virus is beyond me. There’s a virus going around Quick! destroy the nation’s food crops and kill the nation’s livestock, that’ll keep us from catching the virus! How fuckin’ stupid to destroy the nation’s crops and livestock over a virus. ”

      I’ll explain it to you in small words.

      The food distribution system is very optimized. It uses everything. Stuff goes into it – cows, corn, pigs – and grocery store packages come out of it.

      When some of the output is blocked – cheese for example – for whatever reason; perhaps because it’s not selling because people are buying long-term staples like rice instead – the processing facilities can’t take any more input, because they have no place to put it.

      So the excess input – which is constantly growing, because that’s what living things do – has to be processed some other way, or trashed.

      You can’t just put a herd of pigs on the shelf and tell them to sit tight for three months. You have to feed them. You have to house them somewhere. And you have to keep raising the new generations of pigs.

      When you have thousands of dairy cattle, you can’t just store the milk until people are ready to use it again. If the processing plants storage vats are full, well, there’s nothing you can do. You just have to throw the milk out, because there’s no place to put it, and it’ll go bad anyway, and tomorrow morning the cows will be producing thousands more gallons of fresh milk.

      For the meat cows and pigs – the farmers have the option of paying to keep thousands of animals alive, or getting rid of them. Keeping them alive is a problem: they have no budget for it, they have no feed – the feed is allocated for the new generations of animals being rased – and they have no physical capacity to house the animals. They’ve designed their farm business around producing animals and crops at a certain speed and selling it to the food processing plants as fast as they produce it.

      We’re not in the 1800s era of family farms anymore. This is agribusiness. It’s part of a hyper-efficient system. Too efficient. But it sure saved a lot of money and produced a lot of food more productively than ever before in history until it hit this little bump in the road.

      As for how this connects to the virus: it’s the non-essential business shutdowns, and people panic buying long term storage foods rather than the usual mix, that have produced this situation. Agribusiness is capable of adapting to changes in preference over the course of a year or two. It isn’t capable of adapting in the space if six weeks.

      So food gets produced, and thrown out, because there’s no room for it in the processing system. It’s completely rational. Kinda stupid with 20/20 hindsight, but quite literally nobody anticipated this particular effect – if they had, somebody would’ve been set up to make a buck off of it, and nobody’s managed that.

      • It’s fun to see the supply chain explained or even examined.
        Allegedly they is 3 weeks supply in pipeline and any hickup makes a monkee wrench in the gears.
        Ppl are used to just ordering from chinamart or driving to chinamart and seeing full shelves.
        I like sitting back snuggling and repeating…I told you the power was going to go out….

      • Another factor in food chain disruption is the closure of restaurants. Some of the food chain is designed to supply institutional clients such as restaurant chains, not retail. When the demand from restaurants suddenly ceases there is a surplus in that part of the food supply while there may be shortages in retail because of increased consumption at home.

        As the commenter “Rollory” above noted the hyper-efficient agribusinesses can’t just shut off supply like shutting off an electric light, it takes time. The supply chain will adjust but not immediately and not without costs to everyone involved.

    • They never got off. Anglin makes some token “disappointed with Trump” posts so he doesn’t alienate his audience, but the underlying narrative he has maintained allows for an easy pivot back to full on 2016 style god emperor shilling.

    • We need to do a lot more than just that. And, a lot more to them than just that. They are a deadly virus on their own.

    • I don’t mind being governed by an elite class, as long as they are not members of a certain hostile alien elite, you dig?

      • Exactly. The ruling class is always an “elite” (meaning small) group. It’s impossible and undesirable to have to have the clusterfuck of democracy like in the U.S. which is what allows a hostile elite to rule mercilessly over us and do us harm all the time.

  6. Anglin is right on! He’s been steadily holding on. At first I this had me more open than a whores condom pack. But after looking at the numbers, listening to the pros and cons, it has lead me towards Anglin’s side of this. Hunter should debate Anglin!

  7. “Hunter should debate Anglin!”

    Waste of time.

    HW has solidified his point with enough facts.
    60,000 deaths in one month is no joke.

    • Well, presumably, the first rule of hiding out is to make people think you are where you actually aren’t.

      Claims of being abroad probably means he’s in the USA; if he said he was hiding out in the USA, it would probably mean that he’s actually in Belarus, the Philippines, or Tierra del Fuego. 😉

    • After this Covid19 shitstorm is over I’m taking HW and Mrs. HW to dinner at Musso and Frank’s in Hollywood.

      • I hope you’ll be flying them out there first class and putting them up at the Beverly Wilshire, Monopoly Guy.

        • Most newcomers to Occidental Dissent probably don’t realize that Mr. Monopoly Guy’s pseudonym, Spahnranch1969, commemorates Spahn Ranch, the old movie site north of Chatsworth, CA, where Charlie Manson’s crew hung out before murdering ranch hand Donald Shea, actress Sharon Tate, and 4 others in August, 1969.

          It is no surprise that this financially privileged fucktard is subservient to the bloodthirsty harpy, Denise, whom he calls “madam.” It’s a sadomasochistic relationship made in heaven.

  8. If you reject Christ and his teachings you are a Jew and these two whores both reject Christ.

  9. Quoting a 5% death rate makes it tough to take you seriously. It’s already well understood that the actual infection rate is magnitudes high than the confirmed cases number. Then to attempt to compare it to a .1% flu number as though they are derived in the same manner, which they’re not, is pretty disingenuous.

    The bigger question is why are you so deeply emotionally invested in any of this? The website is 100% virus 24/7 for quite awhile now. It might as well be CNN….the only difference is that CNN isn’t focused on being against a single guy running a website.

    Even TRS is starting to soften their Corona excitement as it’s becoming apparent that all of this is winding down. They’ve transitioned to a “give me the money” narrative….which is at least useful.

    Maybe it’s time to focus on something else. The MSM is already covering your perspective quite well.

  10. How do you know “Jared” was behind the downplaying of the virus? Is that proven, or just a snap at this obviously unqualified kid brought into the White House through nepotism?

  11. Anglin has to be part-nigger.

    Look at that face. That’s not a White man, that’s a groid with light skin.

    Or some kind of unholy mix of Negro and jew. With maybe a little Irish thrown in for chaos.

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