COVID-19 Is Not the Flu

I vividly recall witnessing this in Wuhan in January.

The first paragraph of this article is all that I needed to know to make up my mind about the gravity of the situation. There is no way China would have locked down 780 million people to stop the flu. Nothing that has happened since then like 62,675 American deaths has convinced me otherwise.

National Review:

“On January 23, the Chinese government initiated a draconian quarantine of the city of Wuhan in order to stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that only recently began infecting human beings. The army surrounded the city of 10 million. Soon thereafter, doors of some apartment buildings in the city were welded shut.

Not to worry, some voices in the media reassured Americans. “Get a Grippe, America. The Flu Is a Much Bigger Threat than Coronavirus, for Now,” read the headline of a February 1 Washington Post story. “Don’t Worry about the Coronavirus. Worry about the Flu,” BuzzFeed News declared on January 28.

Although President Trump acted on January 31 to sharply curtail the number of people entering the United States from China, he suggested as late as March 9 — even as Italy was hours away from initiating a national lockdown — that the threat of the coronavirus was no greater than that of the flu. By the middle of March, of course, the president had changed his mind. “It’s not the flu,” he said at a March 31 press conference. “It’s vicious.” He was right then. …

The coronavirus has already killed more than 0.1 percent of the entire population of the state of New York. That may seem like a small percentage. But imagine the entire country getting hit as badly as New York State: 0.1 percent of the U.S. population is 330,000 people. “

8,399,000 x 0.1% = 8,399

New York is reporting 23,780 deaths. Even if the entire population of New York were infected by the virus, it still wouldn’t have the CFR (0.1%) of the ordinary flu. We’re being sold a bunch of bullshit. It is far worse than both the flu and what the models are suggesting.

If the IFR of COVID-19 is 0.8% and it infected everyone in the state, it would kill 67,182 people there. We’re already a third of the way to that number with 237,654 active cases in New York state.

National Review:

“The numbers that have anchored a lot of the discussion so far — such as that the flu has a fatality rate of 0.1 percent and kills 60,000 or so in a bad season — are not as firmly established as one would hope.

As McCormack notes, drawing on an earlier piece from Justin Fox, the 0.1 percent figure does not account for asymptomatic infections, so it can’t be compared with COVID-19 numbers that do. The adjusted number for the flu is probably somewhere around 0.04 percent. …”

The CFR of the flu is 0.1%.

The IFR of the flu is 0.04%.

Scientific American:

“The 25,000 to 69,000 numbers that Trump cited do not represent counted flu deaths per year; they are estimates that the CDC produces by multiplying the number of flu death counts reported by various coefficients produced through complicated algorithms. . . .

In the last six flu seasons, the CDC’s reported number of actual confirmed flu deaths — that is, counting flu deaths the way we are currently counting deaths from the coronavirus — has ranged from 3,448 to 15,620, . . . far lower than the numbers commonly repeated by public officials and even public health experts. . . . In the fine print, the CDC’s flu numbers also include pneumonia deaths. …”

Isn’t this interesting?

The real conspiracy here is the FLU HOAX.

The flu truthers hold as gospel that the flu kills tens of thousands of people a year, but these numbers are estimates, not confirmed deaths. They are not people in body bags. Confirmed flu deaths range from 3,488 to 15,620. There are currently more dead people in New York City alone.

ABC News:

“The novel coronavirus has already claimed the lives of more than 61,000 Americans. But experts fear that number could be far higher at this point in the outbreak — perhaps by tens of thousands — once the pandemic subsides enough for officials to go back and make a true reckoning of the dead. …

Left out of the tally are people who died without being tested and those who died at home or some other non-healthcare facilities before they could seek medical care.

“It is an extraordinary challenge,” said Dr. Sally Aiken, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners. “There just isn’t really the infrastructure.” …

While the U.S. is not currently counting nursing home deaths nationally, it’s estimated that thousands have died from or with COVID-19 complications in these facilities across the U.S. Last week ABC News reported that based on the reporting of 28 states, the death toll in long-term care facilities has already surged past 10,000 …”

Unlike the FLU HOAX where estimates are statistical extrapolations, the current COVID-19 death toll only includes presumed positive deaths from New York City and EVEN THAT NUMBER doesn’t account for EXCESS DEATHS. The current official national death toll DOESN’T INCLUDE nursing homes, deaths at homes, presumed positive deaths outside of New York City, excess deaths nationwide. It is overwhelmingly people who have died only in hospitals from COVID-19 with a confirmed positive test result. Flu truthers believe estimates of flu deaths are entirely real, but COVID-19 deaths are an elaborate conspiracy.

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  1. How the fuck did the Chinese actually avoid the worst of it? Has it mutated significantly somehow to just be one more deadly? Some of this just doesnt make sense in any ordinary terms. This feels like a synthetically engineered monster. Long incubation, mimics flu malaria etc etc then pnumonia heart failure and kidney failure. Wipes out the very very old leaves the children alone. How did it exist like this in a bat colony or a pangolin colony?

    • The Chinese communist party is run by engineers and scientists who rise up a relatively meritocratic ladder. The American government is run by lawyers and financiers who get their positions through nepotism and graft, as well as affirmative action beneficiaries who get their positions based on race or sex.

        • Re: Chinese numbers being “way off” because of a supposed conspiracy in the Chinese government:

          It is projection and hybrid war propaganda by the government (U.S.) that really is that secretive and dishonest.

          • I’m honestly asking how they managed it. Not throwing up a theory. Masks, Tracking, lockdown etc. Things we will have to re learn. But that’s not exclusive to the idea the virus is synthetic. Or that by now some strains are synthetic.

      • The Chinese communist party is run by engineers and scientists who rise up a relatively meritocratic ladder.

        Do you actually know something about Chinese meritocracy or are you just saying that because it sounds good? Because it seems to me that the key requirement for advancement in the CPC is demonstrating allegiance to your immediate seniors as well as to the system as a whole. It’s really not clear to me that that results in more relative meritocracy.

        Running a society isn’t like building a dam or experimenting on molecules. It also requires understanding people, how to get them to do what you want them to without necessarily forcing them — qualities that engineers and scientists are not exactly known for. You can poo poo fields like law and finance because they’re not intrinsically nationalist enough for your tastes, but good luck trying to run a country without them.

        • I say relative meritocracy. And compared to most other countries this is true. China has different tests people must pass to advance in the bureaucracy or in politics. It is not about kissing ass. That is what “liberal democracy” is about, kissing ass of donors, of lobbyists, of bankers, of the ADL, etc. China doesn’t operate on that model, so their political and bureaucratic elite is a class above what Western countries have.

          • Does acing an exam on “socialism with Chinese characteristics” really mean you deserve to rule though? The answer depends on what you think of that system. In one sense, China has had enormous success with it over the last forty years — but it’s come at the cost of restrictions on the rural population so severe they would never be contemplated in the west.

            In anti-liberal demonology, it’s taken for granted that nothing good can come from donors, lobbyists or bankers. A more sober reflection, though, would reveal that these people actually know a good deal about creating prosperity. That they generally have little interest in seeing that prosperity divided equally doesn’t mean they’re no good at creating it in the first place.

          • Dart is correct. Only the highest IQ’s, and with demonstrated competence, rise to high positions in meritocracy, not by connections, wealth or sycophantism as in the U.S.

            Furthermore, Americans are not being told that on the local level (elections to local offices and representation) there is real, direct democracy, unlike the U.S. which is thoroughly corrupt even down to the local level.

  2. Flu truthers are too proud to admit the truth. If two million Americans died of this, these Flu truthers would call the deaths fake, and probably call the family members of the deceased “crisis actors.”

    Some fools just can’t be reasoned with. These people will only dmit their error after a family member or friend of theirs dies from it.

  3. I really would like to see the minutes of both Cobra and US natsec meetings. Who fucking said it’s just flu first?

  4. Arguing wi “it’s just the flu, bro”, is like arguing wi a flatearther, a waste of time an mental assets.

  5. Beware of this Gilead Sciences Remdesivir, it has all the classic fingerprints of stock manipulation. Soars on good news announcements, then collapses on skepticism.
    The perfect platform for insiders to repeatedly buy and short, wi the public being swindled in the process.

    • Remdesivir is puffed by Mainstream “news” media that maintains strict silence about the Cuba-developed interferon drug, because it comes from “evil” communist Cuba.

  6. Ya just can’t let go, can ya? Don’t worry, I’m sure CNN will hire you just like they did Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace, who have been doing penance since 2008 for their part in the McCain campaign. Then you can yuck-yuck with your new pals about how you figured out Trump in 2017, and beg their forgiveness like a little bitc*.
    The rest of us adults will carry on knowing we never morphed into catspaws for Money in the war against all by the few. That you would take the side of the powerful against the rest (you do know this SJW nonsense CNN et. al. sell is diversionary, right?) and reject Tucker Carlson’s correct take that covid-19 is now being used to literally enforce totalitarianism of thought and act is despicable. You should be ashamed to ever have invoked the name of the Kingfish on these pages. Huey would never sell out. Nor would I . You did.

    • Feel free to review the archives.

      I’ve had ONE POSITION on the coronavirus since late January. I have said from the beginning that it wasn’t “just the flu” and that it was a serious threat comparable to the Spanish Flu. This was my position in early February at a time when the media was downplaying the virus. Around the time of the Super Bowl, the narrative in the mainstream media was that the flu was the real threat.

      I’ve seen nothing that has caused me to reconsider my position on the virus. Instead, I have been insulted by people for not going along with the media and then for not going along with FOX News. This is fine with me. I have never followed the herd like a lemming anyway.

      Lots of people are angry right now because of how wrong they were about the virus. I wasn’t wrong about the virus. I was right about the Iraq War when Tucker Carlson was wrong about it. I’m happy to be right about the virus while Tucker Carlson is wrong about it. 15x more people died from coronavirus than died in the Iraq War. This is a bigger f**k up than Iraq.

      It’s not my job to shill for Donald Trump. I’ve been critical of Donald Trump, but even I didn’t anticipate he would face a pandemic and screw up this badly.

      • Facts, eh? I have two sisters-in-law nurses in South Florida, a presumed epicenter of the killer virus with its international draw and inhabitants. Guess how many corvid deaths combined at the two hospitals they work at? One. I suppose one can always reject evidence that is counter to the narrative. Of course, two can play that game. Many doctors have reported excess claimed corvid deaths due to financial incentives to garner bailouts and charitable contributions. See, not so clear after all. In fact, at both hospitals staff are being furloughed due to other medical appointments and procedures being cancelled over corvid hysteria, meaning more hardship for workers for no objective reason.

        The only conspiracy is the Establishment pretending their totalitarian acts are for the general welfare instead of a use of a situation to accumulate power and wealth ( they will buy up the devalued assets at a bargain just like they got out of the stock market before it’s collapse. Just coincidence, I am sure you accept. Yeah). You can believe they have your best interest at heart if you like, it will not save you from the reckoning ahead. Others walk in reality. Rejoin us.

        • 1.) It is true hospitals are being financially devastated and workers are being furloughed by the virus. If that is the case, why does your conspiracy theory make any sense?

          2.) Doctors are losing money because people are afraid to come to the hospitals and elective surgeries have been cancelled.

          3.) The reason doctors are losing money, staff are being furloughed and hospitals are losing money is because COVID patients are in the hospitals.

          4.) I have lots of family members who work in hospitals and have run this ludicrous nonsense by them. The people who have to treat COVID patients are at greater risk to being exposed to the virus. It is an awful situation either way.

          5.) This is paranoid nonsense. Your state is already reopening. Your governor didn’t want to lock it down in the first place.

          6.) I have no idea why you are living in denial of reality. No one wanted this to happen. Politicians certainly didn’t want this to happen on their watch. Devastating economic news and deaths is bad for them.

  7. “The flu truthers hold as gospel that the flu kills tens of thousands of people a year, but these numbers are estimates, not confirmed deaths.”

    You still haven’t answered the question I put to you a few entries ago, Mr. W., when you told me you’d get back to me. If, as you seem to be implying here, there are a great many Covid deaths yet to be noticed, well, then, where are they? A week or so ago, if I’m recalling correctly, you posted numbers that showed the unnoticed deaths–based on total deaths in excess of the average–could be maybe 50% over the present “confirmed” deaths, not some multiple like the one that you and the Scientific American article you’ve excerpted are suggesting might apply.

    • The above article mentioned nursing home deaths which aren’t included in the covid 19 death tally.

      I assume you read that, so that’s where they are, 10,000 of them at least.

      Did you read it or are you just ignoring it?

      • These worthless, useless instances of walking feces such John Bruttofico have latched onto the insanity so deeply that they will deny every bit of reality and evidence.

        They’re no less stupid and insane than the leftists.

        At this point, I no longer care. They’re going let this stuff loose no matter what, and that will result in millions of deaths.

        So, all one can say is — have a happy death!

      • Unless your granny is in one, does ANYONE EVER think of/take note of nursing home deaths, ever?
        What bizarre lengths fools are going, to justify their bloodlust for COVID counts…..

        • I’m with you on this one, Fr. John. These bitter old alcoholics and wife-beaters have developed a ghoulish fascination with fantasizing about how many people are going to die from the chink flu. Hopefully it’ll carry them off as well, since they’re already dead inside anyway.

        • What projection! You psychos not wanting to protect people are setting up the old and vulnerable to be scythed down. Not having shutdowns are precisely what would kill thousands more, you budding serial killers.

      • It doesn’t matter whether they’re in nursing homes or on the surface of the moon, you fucking idiot. If they’re not in excess of the average deaths for this time of year, then it doesn’t matter whether they’re Covid-19 or not. If you think it can be proved that they’re Covid-19, then what you’re saying, in effect, is that deaths this year were going to be below average but then Covid-19 came along and ruined things. Call every death that has taken place in America since New Year’s Eve Covid-19 if you’d like: What you’ll be saying is that this was a remarkable year in which nobody was going to die–but then Covid-19 came along and ruined it.

        I’ll repeat: I’m not the one who put forward the data on deaths in excess of the average for this time of year. Our host, Mr. Wallace, put that data forth, a week or so ago, and the numbers he mentioned in connection with it allowed him to argue that Covid-19 deaths were about 50% in excess of the tallied deaths. (In fact, he said there was “no other explanation for it.”) Now, your position–to repeat what I said in the paragraph above–and Mr. Wallace’s implicit position is that we should even go into the deaths within the normal number-range and attribute them to Covid-19, too. As I pointed out in the paragraph above, that’s just inane–and Mr. Wallace has yet to respond to my having pointed that out to him, twice now.

        • But deaths from China Covid Virus are in excess of the average deaths at this time of year. Oh, why bother, nothing like a fact can penetrate your skull.

    • The IHME model was wrong about 60,000 deaths by August. It was too optimistic. The death toll in New York is coming down now while it is shooting up in other states.

      • But the IHME model should become more and more accurate as we approach the end of the pandemic. Looking at the curve (, it really starts getting flat around May 15th with 70,044 projected total deaths. (In fact, around May 5th it seems to strongly start bending “downwards” as it goes towards flattening.)

        Also, if you look at the Total Cases and Total Deaths on worldometer (in logarithmic scale), you can see we are very close to getting flat on the log scale. That is a good sign that we are nearing the end of the pandemic.

        • What makes you think America is approaching the end of the pandemic? Almost nobody has gotten the virus yet, and we would need 66% of the population to get it and develop immunity for it to naturally peter out.

    • Lol, the number of deaths should pass over 73k in a couple of weeks just based on current rates, but they think that will be the end total? Who is being paid to make this crap?

  8. Peak Prosperity mentioned an Italian study that suggests Hydroxychloroquine may help to prevent individuals from getting the virus.

    65,000 chronic patients with Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis who were on HCQ only 20 tested positive for the virus which is far less than the general population. Perhaps it is a result of their lifestyle due to their illness but it looks promising.

    • I wish all these libertardarians who are out protesting to be allowed to go out and get infected would protest to get the government and the medicos to start treating Covid-19 patients with HCQ immediately when symptoms appear, rather than when they’re on their last leg.

  9. The simple fact is, Hunter, neither you nor I know what the real numbers are nor how those numbers are arrived at. Tell me, have YOU personnally seen Corona death around you…personally, not reported. I mean, if it’s really that much of a pandemic we should all be “bringing out our dead”, right? I’m beliveing my lying eyes and not government “information”.

    • I will give you an example.

      In Columbus, GA (Muscogee County), there have been 7 deaths.

      In Albany, GA (Dougherty County), there have been 120 deaths.

      Both are these cities are near me. Almost no one has died in Columbus. Deaths are way above normal in Albany. The only difference between the two cities is that the virus arrived and spread further in Albany before the lockdown in Georgia.

    • There are complexities. The horse racing meet in Cheltenham is widely seen as a reckless event to have allowed to happen. 100s of thousands of punters, right at peak transmission in one town clogging up a city for a week. Yet, there’s no elevated Cluster of cases in Cheltenham. No hotels, bars etc with any obviously elevated number of cases. But at the same it’s pretty obvious that such crowds ought not occur again for the foreseeable.

      Personally I’m more interested in the proximity to air travel and airports. But now of course this thing is rolling through populations on the ground.

  10. At this point is doesn’t event matter. Why? Because Dr. Fauci is human scum, who gave 3 million to the Wuhan bioweapons lab, with Dr. Batman Baric and Shi-Zhengli of Wuhan-UNCC fame. Dr. Baric has his own anti-Covid drug, instead of being put in jail for life for creating this disease he is allowed to peddle his “cure”. Gill Bates has shares in his company. The entire medical top tier team is involved either in the Wuhan lab, bioweapons research, covering up for shitty vaccines, eugenics, and/or medical terrorism. The people will not be lead by a cabal of people who should be in jail for life for their role in creating this disease. The people at the top are so bad and evil that they should not be listened to. Until we can get real epidemiologists to speak those people have zero credibility. Lockdown must be ended, however no nightclub/movie theater action. The people leading the response must be arrested for thier actions. What this website doesn’t get is Technocracy Inc. big play on Covid, using the lockdown as an excuse for social engineering and laying in a mass surveillance grid.

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