European Coronavirus Deaths 2

It has been two weeks since I last checked on this.


Spain – 219,764 cases. 22,524 deaths (20%). 92,355 recoveries (80%)

Italy – 192,994 cases. 25,969 deaths (30%). 60,498 recoveries (70%)

France – 159,828 cases. 22,245 deaths (32%). 43,493 recoveries (66%)


Spain – 264,663 cases. 26,621 deaths (13%). 176,439 recoveries (87%)

Italy – 219,070 cases. 30,560 deaths (23%). 105,186 recoveries (77%)

France – 176,970 cases. 26,380 deaths (32%). 56,217 recoveries (68%).

What does this mean?

Spain has cleared 76.7% of its cases. France has cleared 46% of its cases. Italy has cleared 61.9% of its cases. By comparison, the United States has only cleared 24.6% of its total cases.

The flu has a case fatality rate of 0.1%. Look at Spain where 3/4ths of cases have resolved. The CFR is 11.77%. It wasn’t just the flu, bro. It was SARS-CoV-2.

Note: The global case fatality rate of SARS was 11%.

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  1. Some chinese researchers have suggested we may be dealing with different strains of the virus with differing lethality and/or differing mortality rates. Not enough information at this point to come to a conclusion.

  2. Top British and Italian scientists working for the government are already blowing the Whistle on bogus statistics being shown to the public. What we have here is a Global move to lock us down whilst a technocratic matrix is woven on top of our socially distanced heads. This website does not address this, nor does it look into alternative theories for the actions being taken by governments. Furthermore this website insults people who research real conspiracies and slanders them as ‘idiots’. Rather than conduct research into real conspiracies as I have, this website goes about the intellectually lazy method of believing professional skeptics like Michael Shumer who is a stunning stupid or dishonest character who believes everything the media claims and continues to this day promoting the discredited hoax of Lee Harvey Oswald did it all by himself without anyone else involved. The stupidity in that line of thought is beyond explanation, rather it parallels the idiocy of QAnon and other junk conspiracies such as flat Earth and no-nukes theory. Serious research has been done into the deep state and the Zionists who pull its strings. The deep state is rather a system, mixing organized crime, government, oligarchs, and private corporations who perpetuate a system out of self preservation. Above the deep state is the Zionist Oligarch, and above the Zionist Oligarchy is the Zionist Banking Families, who control the issuance of financial instruments and rig the futures markets. They use false flags to help push their goals. This website still believes Osama Bin Laden did 9-11 with 19 Named Arab Hijackers. This is false. Dominik Otto Suter, CEO of Urban Moving Systems is WANTED BY THE FBI for crimes of 9-11, he is a Swiss-Israeli soldier with links to Israeli Military Intelligence. It was his team that planted explosives in the world trade center, alongside the “European” pedo-artist group Gelatin B-Thing, who were all Jewish and secretly agents of the Mossad, who happened to be implanted on the 80ish something floor of the WTC 1 week before the airplanes hit, conveniently enough by the infamous Mossad Art Student ring of the late 90s and early 2000s, they were not expelled until after 9-11 when white hats chased them out.

      • You’re both idiots.. for much the same reason. Shit. And I thought this blog was worth something, after reading comments about it on other sites, and seeing some good banter. It’s just as bad…. cuz any site that censors opinions, is merely a mental circle-jerk for the few the mod allows on the platform. Which is ‘stupid and delusional.’ And ‘junk conspiracies’ are only junk, to those who don’t want to investigate them… yeah, Q is weird, but every once in a while, you know? Same thing with flat earth. If Obama was scared of it, I’m willing to investigate it as possibly real, too…. cuz he’s a… well, you know the word. Liar. Oh, and ‘N’…

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