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  1. Hunter, what do you think about voting straight Democrat in the fall? They’re better on foreign policy (more diplomacy, less military spending, less Zionist) and economics (taxing the elite, health policy, environment, science, public services.) On social policy, they’re not worse than the GOP — immigration, diversity, feminism, dildos, etc. Perhaps the second amendment might be the only card the GOP has to play in some regions.

    It seems like no matter what flavor of conservatism conservatives support — tradcon, libertarian, anarchocapitalist, populist — the end result is neoconservatism; the Styx/Allsup conversation proves it. Maybe there is something systematically, and even philosophically, wrong with conservatism?

    • My current plan is to start a live thread for the 2020 election like I always do, pour a drink and take a long nap on election day. I also plan to spend as little time as possible covering the Boomer Bowl in the run up to the election.

    • If someone wants some action from the GOP, they’d be better off to elect a Democratic president. The GOP, as bad as they suck, are a bit better on defense when they’re trying to stop the Dems from passing something meaningful. I think if not for Trump, the GOP congress would have fought back on censorship and increasing legal immigration. Even on Charlottesville, under a Hillary presidency, the worse excesses would not have taken place because the GOP and normiecons would have fought against what happened. The worse excesses, including amnesty and increased legal immigration, as well as ground wars for Bibi, will almost surely happen during a second Trump term. So, I do think it’s worth voting Democrat instead of staying home.

  2. I believe Trump will lose. Biden is senile, but I believe a sack of potatoes could beat Trump at this point. Don’t see any moderate support for him at all. He has lost everyone except for deep red Republican partisan morons, which is not enough to win a national election. And he will be going into the election with the worst economy since 2008 and probably a few hundred thousand deaths on his hands by that point. And most of the ones who die will be from his senior voter base.

    • This. Trump won because there was a large enough anti Hillary contingent to push him over the top and even then it was by small margins in most battleground states. Had Biden run in 16, he would have won and I think he will in November.

      • @SC Rebel…

        I doubt Biden will be the Democrat candidate for November.

        He is too weak, in too many regards, to even compete with President Trump, and the Democrats know it.

        The one candidate they had who could have given Trump a run for his money was Sanders, and the torpedoed his candidacy, which tells you about how serious they were to beat Trump.

        No, Trump will be in for another 4 years, particularly if Biden is running, because youngster do not like Biden, Latins don’t like Biden, and he is persona non grata with Progressives – 1/3 of the Dermocrat party.

        All Trump needs is to get the same 47 % and he is in.

  3. I See no reason to even have discussions with libertarians anymore. They are anti social, out of touch, and offer nothing to anybody. We should focus on the undecided and the left. To hell with the liberals.

    • As far as lolbergtards go, I’d sooner let a Louisville Slugger do the talking.

  4. Styx vs James Allsup? Never heard of that band, but if it’s anything like Styx vs Yes, I’m there, buddy! Saw Styx and Yes at the State Coliseum in ’79, separate times. After the Styx concert I was so high I stood on my buddy’s truck cab goin 80 mph down the interstate and grazed my head on the bottom of the railroad bridge!

    • “Suite Madame Blue” and “Roundabout” were two fine songs from those bands. Saw Ted Nugent in Bismarck ND in July 1979. Those were the days.

    • Styx fanboys claim styx won the debate lol not even close qtards and blumpf dickriders in complete denial

  5. “he has made the wrong move politically, economically and morally.”

    That’s what happens, when you associate wi someone wi a name like Kushner.

  6. Some Dude & Dart are likely trolls. Anyways …

    Hunter, where’s our manifesto ? Where’s a list of our wants / demands ? Where’s at least an outline of our plan ? Did we / do we, have ANYTHING to get a bunch of signatures on and send to ALL representatives local to fed … and The White House ?

    We have nothing. We have nobody. Not even the “gumption” to create a think tank to come up with SOMETHING. Stuff happened to people in the past ? Who knows how / why. We’re not the past. We’re the future. Confederacy 2 can be created in steps and phases. Step 1 of Phase 1 = Make a decision. Want it. Step 2 of Phase 1 = work on ( narrow down, ) a list of the perfect candidates for a think tank then contact them ………

    Or just take a long nap and wake up with a dark black steel toed boot pressing down on your face with just enough view to see tyrannys useful idiot in this case is a nigger 🙂

    • Gray Ghost,

      How are people supposed to take anything you write seriously, after you posted on OD that, “Everything is going to be alright because God put Trump in office?” Do you have any idea as to how ridiculous that makes you sound?

      Why don’t you just play a Confederate soldier in a civil war recreation. That’s about as close as you’ll ever get to your pipe dream of a Confederacy 2.0.

      • Nomember,

        We understand that without Gods Spirit in you … you’re unable to ever really see and understand the big picture. Unable to discern the political landscape beyond what you’re told by MSNBC other trolls and your equal peers who get and believe their info from the same sources. It’s you nonmember … who sound ridiculous to anyone with an ounce of wisdom and so much as a 1/2 lb of truthful news in their “Christian” heads.

        Re : Acting, I’m sure there’s a spot for you, ( and your equals, ) in The ( very diverse multi – culti far left Dixie hating, ) Hamilton Musical, North American Tour. Additionally I bet there’s a writing career for you at The Huffington Post.

  7. I hate listened to Styx’s Hannity boomer tier and Charlie Kirk kosher takes for an hour, and that’s all that I could handle without compromising by blood pressure. It make one wonder how many shekels Styx held out for, before he sold out to cuckservative inc.

    Libertarians should be on the extremely endangered species list without any effort to save them from extinction.

  8. I listened to about half of this debate. It was interesting and well done.

    In the end, it is a good illustration of what a conventional libertarian conservative (Styxenhammer – the current majority) thinks versus what a White Nationalist Populist (Allsup – the current minority) thinks.

    What does it portend?

    That these two factions will continue to remain apart, unless a new kind of leader emerges that can weld a coalition between the twain.

    • Ivan, why do you want that scalawag Styx in a coalition? Libertarianism is cancer to the White race. Keith Woods’s concept of “racist liberalism” is well-judged; “freedom” means only open season on non-Jews.

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