Reddit Co-Founder Resigns For He Can Be Replaced By Someone Who Is Black

Anti-racism is anti-White.

Liberalism is a mental illness and disease.


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  1. Well, Mr. Ohanian’s name would indicate that he is of Armenian stock, which apparently means that the Nihilist Judeo-Bolshevik mental virus does not exclude members of The Eurasian Races, either.

  2. Is he going to give it up? He is not really sincere if he is not going to put out, anally, in public, and in front of his mommy.

  3. This guy is married to hormonally enhanced tennis star Serena Williams. Ohanian is probably really upset at the death of George Floyd because Floyd reminds him of a less muscular version of his own wife.

    • That is some nasty shit, nasty but funny! So, he is Mr. Serena Williams. Hmmmmm; If I were in his position I would tell her tonight: “I’m going out for a quart of milk, be right back”. I would then get in my car, drive east and not stop until I hit the Atlantic ocean.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing too about Serena Williams, her face musculature looks exactly like Clay Matthews who is also reputed to be a user of performance enhancing drugs.

  4. Robert Reich
    Jun 4
    What if — and hear me out here — we invested in Black communities rather than mass incarceration and the police”

    Port au Prince, coast to coast.

        • Yes, I hate taxes but I am willing to increase taxes for deportation and building a concertina wire fence on the southern border, every yard from San Ysidro, Cal. to Brownsville, Texas.

    • Port au Prince, Coast to Coast,

      To funny!

      The Den of the (((liberals))) is the major metropolitan areas in the west, they are going to fail if this rioting is to continue.

      Remember the (((Bolsheviks))) want the guns and Farms first!

      Makes sense if whites flea urban area’s?

      • The universities are ground zero for the communists, the hives they depend upon and hibernate in when times are bad for them. That is where gullible young people get filled up with shit from their college professors, earn useless degrees and are unemployable and saddled with debt after graduation. One good thing about corona is that it has devastated the finances of these frauds and some of them will go out of business.

    • @Jijcf…

      You may not consider them ‘White’, but, they do, and very Orthodox Christian, at that.

      Don’t get those Armenians started, Boy, or they’ll box in your nose in with the stories of their great White Culture’!

      Of course, to many Western Aryans, Armenians, just like Georgians or Czechens, are Eurasians, which is kind of low budget ‘White’ of the former Imperial Russian Empire.

      • Hello Ivan;

        Let’s not forget, the Christian Armenians suffered genocide starting in 1915 during WWI at the hands of the filthy Moslem Turks. That genocide doesn’t count however, they were Christians.

        • @12…

          Excellent historick point, as per usual, Dear 12. May I add that it may not be The Turks whom the Armenians despise so much, but, The Azerbaijanis?

          Well, maybe, maybe not – it’s a photo-finish for they whom The Armenians despise the most.

          On a lighter note, I adore Armenian string cheese and their brandies and cognacs are so good that the French would be jealous, if Les Francais ever decided to stop peering at their navel and taste them!

          In any case, all the best to you and yours!

  5. Y’all really think that we’re gonna vote our way out if this? (Rhetorical)

    The white virtue signaling has gone full cuck-straight to 11 on a 10 scale.

    • @Gunny
      If voting made a difference, the establishment would outlaw it.

      Thanks for all your good work.

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