Atlanta Descends Into Anarchy



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  1. There’s a limit to how much abuse cops can be expected to put up with. I know plenty of cops and without exception they’re just about the best men among us.

    • Cops are without exception the most middling men among us. Cops are literally midwits. Remember that guy who tried to sue because he was denied a police job because his IQ was too high? Government wants cops just smart enough to follow orders, and no more.

  2. The pigs were too close to the drunk savage, and should’ve tazed the bro from further away. It’s embarrassing that the two Barney Fifes couldn’t contain one inebriated pavement ape. Unfortunately for them the black sot wasn’t white, or they would’ve got medals and early pensions for the shooting.

    But now the cops themselves are “defunding” the Atlanta pig sty by not showing up. Cool. Let the dark beasts come out of their cages to kill and eat each other without interference. It’s not only diversity and proximity that adds up to war. Animals living near each other can’t help feeding on one another, either.

  3. Everything will be okay. A quick transition to “community-based public safety” groups will keep CNN safe. Peaceful protestors and the com-mun-it-y are now safe from violent, racist cops. There will be no more crime as long as they keep out the white supremacists who have
    been rioting and victimizing African-American Gentlemen of Color.

    • Absolutely. The denizens of Atlanta have nothing but sweetness and light ahead of them now that the evil, white supremacist police will be departing. More good news, too; the evil, white supremacist doctors, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, computer programmers, engineers etc. will also be leaving soon. This will leave open many opportunities for all those black geniuses I see on TV, the black doctors, scientists, tradesman,engineers etc. to thrive in the new Wakanda (or will it be the new Rwanda?).

  4. No doubt rewards will be coming for these “protestors” too. Trump will probably sign another “police reform” executive order. Looks like Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima are on the way out, The cream of wheat guy can’t be far behind. The coco puffs monkey will be replaced by… Moochelle? Snap crackle, pop and Betty Crocker are turning black or mulatto? Sad and funny. Our culture is vanishing before our eyes, aided and abetted by traitors and open enemies working together.

    White Genocide is just a “conspiracy theory”.

    • The suburbs north of Atlanta were beautiful especially inn the springtime years ago. The people were also great of course. I haven’t been there in years and I wouldn’t want to go there now, I’m sure it’s has become just another part of Apelanta. I want to remember it like it was.

  5. Is the cyclorama of the battle of Atlanta going to be okay? I’ve been there only once and have always regretted not using my admittedly limited time to go see it.

  6. I’ve been praying for someone to react, for someone to finally draw the line and say, “F___ You ! Pop that popcorn ! This is going to be quite something.

  7. The planet of the apes and nineteen eighty four just combined and it’s ready to combust. Love your White folk! We the the new niggers now and if you say otherwise your racist.

  8. The black District Attorney took the side of a fellow black? You don’t say! Eleven Charges? I am shocked, just shocked, I tell you!

    • “District Attorney took the side of a fellow black”

      Racial nepotism…….

      Something Whites have always lacked.

    • Law and order doesn’t matter to the POS.

      Whites should leave Atlanta while they still can. Let them dismantle the police force then and they can kill each other without restraint.

      Make sure there are plenty of cameras present so that the clueless whites that live in 90%+ white neighborhoods can observe how they really behave.

    • Funny, you’re happy when someone else does your dirty work. At least BLM and Antifa have the balls to do it. What’s your excuse?

      • I look forward to your successful ops against the enemy. Unless you’re just another keyboard warrior, of course.

  9. Instead of the cities defunding the police, let the police defund the cities.
    Without police, the cities will be open range for the orcs, with the resulting lawlessness driving out business and customers, death to city revenues.

    • Yeah, and where are all those urban rats gonna go? Some to your peaceful little town and some to my peaceful little town.

  10. There’s scuttlebutt that the statute of John C. Calhoun is going to be removed by the City of Charleston, even though that would violate South Carolina state law.

    Does anyone think Dixie/Confederate Nationalists will protect this statue from being historically erased?

    • November,

      I wonder when they will get around to wanting to rename Washington D.C. and replacing the Washington monument. After all Washington owned slaves. Maybe they are already pushing for that and I missed it.

      I still remember how shocked I was when I heard the Washington Obelisk represented a man’s manhood. That is pretty twisted.

    • Not a chance. WN / SN are only good at talking a good game. Now they’ve come up with another ingenious plan. “Whitestrike” LMAO.

  11. Cops nationwide should all just quit. Fuck this false idol worship of BLM.

    We know blacks are half devil and half child.

    Just quit lads.
    Fuck this for a game of soldiers overwatch ING savages.

    • Exactly. It’s not worth the risk for them.

      They ultimately work for ZOG anyway, so no loss by leaving.

  12. “Walk off the job” – i.e. get paid but do nothing which is slightly less than what they usually do – cops and Blacks deserve one another – dumb, lazy and entitled but yet still glorified by the media and citizenry they are the worst that American Society has to offer.

    • “Cops and Blacks deserve one another”

      Great point.

      Sadly it will fall on deaf ears in most corners in America since we have the worst kind of political tribalism here. Where the only options are the woke left, and the neocons. I won’t side with either of those in a civil war.

      The only people I can respect are the ones who want to watch this shitshow destroy itself, and resolve to stay the fuck out.

  13. Felony Murder is when you kill someone while committing a separate felony—ie, a bungled bank robbery resulting in someone dying. The DA is unqualified. Over-charged for political purposes, appeasement, and a gym bag full of cash. Atlanta will burn again upon acquittal, just as planned by the race hustlers and pimps.

    • I’m just amazed at this non-stop parade of affirmative-action, inarticulate, knuckle-dragging negroid overlords like this DA, Mayor Lightfoot and Keisha Lance Bottoms. Not to mention that useless Seattle police chief. Wishy-washy, incompetent wimmin and sloth-brained POC. Who the F**K put these people in charge?

  14. Unfortunately after Turner sold the gig CNN is mostly run out of New York City. This is disgusting, they guy grabbed a weapon after the police had been acting calm and reasonable and pointed it back. I happened so fast how did he even know it wasn’t a gun being pointed at him. At most if the liberal city has a no pursue criminals policy let him go get a job somewhere else. I am assuming the reason cops work here is like the reason teachers work in places like East Saint Louis and Chicago, these gigs in bad areas are where entry level employees have to start out. Looks like conditions have gotten so bad with the hostile political class running these people it isn’t worth it anymore. I knew a friendly hipster type guy in college, the only teaching gig he could start out in was in the Chicago Ghetto. After a couple years he quit teaching, he still seemed somewhat hipsterish but when you brought up the ghetto he acted startled and shook his head and said “it’s hopeless” “they’re terrible.” So no, I won’t accept the liberal lie that this is about “systemic racism.” No, the cause of this is “thug culture” and I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often and more cops just snap considering they have to put up day in day out with just the most stupidest shit black people do. No, the cause of all these “racist” incidents is black behavior that tarnishes the reputation of the whole community.

  15. How many ever wondered why prince harry married a negro? Why was their wedding ceremony a BLM sermon? The list of who’s who of invitees was highly questionable. Pay attention to how those invitees react to what is going on in our times. Most, if not all, will unequivocally be in BLM’s court.

    The queen is a fraud. Let that sink in. The rothschilds are in on the game steering things beautifully. I feel pretty confident this information is accurate but, as always, time will tell.

    All the corporations and government heads who kneeled or folded are on the payroll. Many of the ususal traitorous liberals are just too stupid. Some do need a pass due to their chonically deteriorating mental condition.

    The magic money printing machine rules us all.

    Just don’t watch….. observe. This way you don’t miss out on too much.

  16. I have another theory why rioters have been allowed to burn cities. It is stimulus for the real estate market. White flight is guaranteed at this point, which means lots of suburban construction and housing price increases. Also the municipal bond market is screwed and cities will be going broke, so cutting down police might be part of that.

  17. The Police in ALL the Leftist run cities should go on strike.

    The BLM supporters have dug their own graves, now LET THEM DIE IN IT!

  18. “ever wondered why prince harry married a negro?”

    Because he is a pampered inbred moron effete royal.

  19. Perhaps the most interesting development in this drama was the appearance on CNN of a certain Alonzo Williams – he the Negro Sheriff of Burke County, Georgia.

    And Sheriff Williams’s opinion of the unfortunate affair in Atlanta?

    That the officers were totally justified in what they did, and for numerous reasons.

    See the brief illuminating interview, below…

  20. It’s really a sad place but Atlanta is a perfect example of what happens under Black / Liberal rule. The whole “can’t we all just get along” in terms of race is pretty much over. I don’t think anybody believes it anymore. Blacks are the most racist now than ever before. Our folk is doing the same thing and supporting White Nationalism. I think the majority of White People now support White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

    • No, Dear Brian – the majority of White Folks do not anywhere near support White Nationalism.

      Hell, a large part of them do not even know about it, much less know what it means, and most of those who do are horrified by it – in any form, no matter how watered down.

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