Portland Mob Celebrates Juneteenth By Lynching and Desecrating George Washington Monument

Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review and the author of The Case for Nationalism, recently had this to say about preserving our historic monuments:

National Review:

“In the wave of cancellations sweeping America, Confederate statues have been particularly hard hit.

They have been graffitied, assaulted, and torn down, while authorities rush to remove them.

For his part, President Donald Trump has been a steadfast defender of the statues and other forms of recognition of the Confederacy. He has come out in favor of preserving the names of military bases named after Confederate generals and pointedly said that we should build on our heritage rather than tear it down.

Conservatives tend to think the same way. They reflexively oppose politically correct campaigns to destroy anything giving offense.

They fear where the slippery slope of woke iconoclasm will lead — first it’s Jefferson Davis, ultimately George Washington.

They value tradition and worry we are trashing part of our history.

This impulse, though, is a mistake. Confederate statues and symbols deserve to be reevaluated, and often mothballed. …”

Yeah … “a mistake.”

What does Rich Lowry propose?

What is the glue that will hold this country together?

“An American cultural nationalism is an inclusive nationalism. As we saw in the early history of the blues, we shouldn’t believe the lie perpetrated by white nationalists that our culture is in any meaningful sense “white” or the countervailing lie perpetrated by black nationalists that blacks are anything other than fully American. The emphasis in the phrase “African American” should decidedly be on American. …

We should have a more capacious and merciful self-understanding. We all are Thomas Jefferson and W. C. Handy, the Pilgrims and Frederick Douglass, British and African, black and white, sitting at a vast Thanksgiving table within sight of an an enormous flat-screen tuned to a Lions or Cowboys game under the watchful gaze of a red, white, and blue–bedecked Eagle, sharing, laughing, squabbling, commiserating, and doing it all loudly in the distinct, instantly recognizable American style that makes its indelible imprint on us all.”

Watching NFL games on a flatscreen television on Thanksgiving.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the complete bankruptcy of mainstream conservatism.

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  1. Meanwhile…. in Atlanta….

    Here is a partial list of Black/African criminal gangs and the various neighborhoods that they control.

    By the way, Zone 5 is where CNN is located. Zones 5, 4, and 6 had massive police walk offs and call-outs for the past 3 days.

    Partial List of gangs in Atlanta
    Zone 1
    Y.M-Young Money (Bankhead)
    Y.S.M-Young Squad Mafia (Zone 1)
    T.S-Trap Squad (Zone 1)
    B.R.C-Baker Rd. Click (Bankhead)
    Y.D.C-Young Dangerous Click (Bowen Homes)
    M.D.C-Most Dangerous Click (Bowen Homes)
    S.F.-Street Family South (Henry County)
    G.S-Goone Squad (Zone 1)
    B.S-Bomb Squad (Zone 1)
    10-10 Young Niggaz (Da Bluff)
    D.4.L-Down 4 Life (Bowen Homes)
    D.F.B-Dem Franchize Boyz (Bankhead)
    M.S-Murder Squad (Allan Rachel)
    Y.T-Young Team (6 ward)
    60’s-Rollin 60’s Crips (Bankhead)
    G.D’s-Gangster Disciples (Bankhead)
    Sur13- Surenos 13 (Hollywood Rd.)
    F.S.C-Fair Street Crips (Fair st.)
    T.T.G-Train To Go (da bluff)
    G.M.P.L (Bankhead)
    D-Diablos (Zone 1)
    B.M.F- Black Mafia Family (Simpson Rd, Ashby, Vine City)

    Zone 2
    Sur 13-Surenos (Defoors Ave, Morogoso Ave, Lindbergh)
    L.G.F.- La Gran Famillia (Riverside, Bolton Rd, Collier Rd)
    L.K.’s- Latin Kings (Lindbergh)
    A.L.K.Q.N.- Almighty Latin King Queen Nation (Roswell Rd, Howell Mill, Collier Rd, Lindbergh, LaVista, Buford Hwy) *note: not the same as L.K’s
    B.P.S.-Black P Stones (Collier Rd)
    B.M.F.- Black Mafia Family (Atlantic Station, West Midtown)

    Zone 3
    D&D-Down & Dirty Crips (Mechanicsville)
    Y.G.C-Young Gunna Crew And Rollin 60s Crips (4 season)
    30-Thirty Deep Crips (Mechanicsville)
    M.S-Merk Squad Bloods (Summer Hill)
    C.T-Paybacc Crips (Mechanicsville)
    Y.C-Young Choppers Crips (Thomasville)
    Y.D-Young Diplomats Bloods (Summer Hill)
    L.K‘s-Latin Kings (Grant Park)
    Y.B.B-Young Block Boyz (Grant Park, Trestletree Apartments)
    H.S-Hit Squad GDs (College Park)
    10/10-Ten 10 Insane Crip (East Point)
    S.S.C-Southside Crips (East Point, Forest Park)
    4.C.H.B-4 Corner Hustler Bloods (College Park)
    L.K’s-Latin Kings (East Point)
    G.D’s-Gangster Disciples (East Point, Zone 3)
    G.T.S.N-Gangster Two-Six Nation (Forest Park)
    Sur13-Surenos 13 (Forest Park)
    M.B-Maylen Boyz (Pittsburgh)
    Y.P.N-Young Paid Niggaz Bloods (Jonesboro South)
    S.B-Solider Boyz (Zone 3)
    W.B.C-White Boy Click (Cabbagetown)
    D.S-Doom Squad Bloods(Summer Hill)
    E.W.C-Englewood Click Hustlarz (Englewood manor)
    New Jack City (Pittsburgh)

    Zone 4
    KKK- Kut Khroat Komity (Zone 4)
    B.H.S-Ben Hill Squad (Ben Hill)
    Y.M-Young Mafia (Ben Hill)
    Y.S-Young Squad (Oakland City)
    B.S-Beecher Squad (Cascade, 1500 Block)
    Y.B.B-Young Block Boyz (Cascade)
    GTO-GTO Bad Boyz (West End)
    Rollin 200 Crip (Adamsville)
    31ent Bloods(Fairburn Rd)
    Fairburn Rd Black Disicples
    Latino Boyz Piru (Adamsville)
    Ghostboyz (Plainville)
    Shamrock Bloods
    Campbellton Rd Bloods
    Oakland City Crips
    Peyton Hustlarz
    Coolboy Swag Crips
    Allen temple Bloods
    MLK Hustlarz
    Oakland City Purp Gang
    Ben Hill Bloods

    Zone 5
    Y.C-Young Crew (4th ward, Boulevard, Wheat St.)
    3C-Triple Cross (4th ward, Boulevard)
    Y.S-Young Squad ( 4th ward, Grady Homes)
    L.K-Low Key (4th ward, Boulevard)
    I.S.G-Irwin Street Gorillas (4th Ward, Irwin St.)
    Y.P-Young Posse (Techwood)
    G.M.B-Get Money Boyz (4th ward, Boulevard)
    Y.Y.C-Young Young Crew (4th ward, Boulevard)
    Y.V-Young Vard (4th ward, Boulevard)
    B.M.F- Black Mafia Family (Boulevard & North Ave, 4th Ward)
    Zoe Pound (Fort St, Edgewood Ave between Fort St and Boulevard, Pink City)
    C.T.E. aka C.T.C.-Cut Throat Crips (4th Ward, Boulevard, Irwin St, Glen Iris, Ralph Mcghill Blvd, Cosby Spears, North Ave, Racine St, Auburn Ave, Edgewood Ave, Pink City, GlassStone) note*-affiliated with BMF or Black Mafia Family

    Zone 6
    E.A.B.H.B- East Atlanta Bounty Hunter Bloods (East Atlanta, Flat Shoals, Moreland Ave, Glenwood, East Lake, Memorial Dr, Decatur, Candler Rd)
    Y.S.ss-Young Squad Stay Strap (Reynolstown, East Atlanta, 4-way)
    Y.D-Young Dipset (Reynoldstown)
    D.T.E-Duct Tape (Edgewood)
    D.M.E-Dirty Money (Edgewood)
    G.B-Gutta Boyz (Egdewood)
    Q-F-Quick Flip (Kirkwood)
    B.F.P- Battlefield Pirus (Edgewood)
    S.U-Sqad Up (Reynoldstown)
    E.L.H.H-East Lake Hard Headz (East Lake)
    Y.B.B-Young Block Boyz (Reynoldstown, 4-way)
    Y.B.G-Young Block Girls (Reynoldstown, 4-way)
    L.H.S-Lady Hit Squad (Egdewood)
    G.D’s-Gangster Disciples (East Atlanta)
    D.P-Da Posse (East Atlanta)
    Garonteed Ent.Gang (Lithonia/Stn.mtn)
    3-6 Mafia-3-6 Mafia FLOKK (Zone 6)
    I.G’s-Imperial Gangsters (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD.)
    S.O.B-Shoot Out Boyz (East Atlanta, Gresham RD.)
    B.R.B-Bouldercrest Road Boyz (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD.)
    G.R.C-Gresham RD. Click (East Atlanta, Gresham RD.)
    L.K’s-Latin Kings (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD.)
    B.C.D.B-Bouldercrest Down Boyz (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD.)
    G.M.C-Get Money Crew (Memorial East Apartment/Memorial DR.)
    Y.S.H-Young Squad Hoes (East Atlanta)
    Y.P.C-Young Paper Chasers (Kirkwood)
    M.T.B.H-Martrail Bloodhound (Zone 6)
    H.B-Hamp Boyz (East Atlanta, East Hampton Apartments)
    G.K.B- Gangsta Killa Bloods/ G-Shine Bloods (East Atlanta, Moreland Ave)
    M.T.B.H.B- Marktrail Bounty Hunter Bloods (Candler Rd, MarkTrail, MaCaffe Rd, Columbia Dr)

    Yeah, America is GONE!


    • At least the Rollin Cheetos Truckas will not be delivering Coqui 900,* Olde English, and their accompanying snacks to all those crews. And the dots and punjabs who act as middlemen behind bulletproof glass to “purvey” those goods to said crews, are they going to stick around? No malt liquor, no snacks, (possibly) no gas. “Wut? N—a i tole you to fill it up yestiday!” “NO YOU AINT! DEY AINT GOT NO GASOLINE ANYHOW N—A!” [BLAM BLAM BLAM…BLAM] [10 seconds later: bird noises and that of wind sighing through ailanthus trees]

      *I might be dating myself with malt liquor brands, sorry.

      • Hideous. I’m trying to eat dinner and I looked at that? Please, a black box warning in the future, like on cigarettes.

  2. What will it take for White people to realize that the United States of America is dead? What will it take for White people to face where this is going? Is there any reason to believe America can return to any semblance of “normalcy”? It should be obvious by now, that the fix is in, at the highest levels.

    In the face of what is going on, what does Trump do? Puts sanctions on China on behalf of the Uyghurs. And Tweets, yeah. Even if he where inclined to do anything, he is unable to, and we all know why. The leftists that infest the gov are salivating because they know, White people will do nothing to stop them.

    Prepare to be mopped up, as we have zero leadership, and no inclination to take a stand while we can.

    • It’s worse than that. Trump has been tweeting lies about birthright citizenship, South Africa, shithole countries, and recently using the military and conserving confederate statues & the flag knowing he would not do a damn thing. So he inflames the left knowing they will take action while we shake our heads. The man is a danger to White people.

    • Sanctions on China for their treatment of Uyghurs are well-merited and should have been imposed years ago. We had sanctions on South Africa and the USSR in the 1980s for far, far less. However, this appears to be a diversionary tactic; maybe China will take the bait and give us a “unifying” contained war.

      Of course, whites need not fight – the 13th Diversity Brigade will sweep all before them on the road to Beijing!

    • Most white conservative Southerners online are still doing the “Demonrats are the REAL racists” thing. So it looks like we are still a long way from waking these people up.

    • “George Washington was a slave owner,” Pres. Trump says. “Are we going to take down statues of George Washington?”

      Well DJT, now you know the answer: Most Emphatically, Yes!

      Rich Lowry and the other ass kissers on NR, the Republican Party, big bidness etc. believe, incorrectly, that feeding white proles to the monster will satiate it. Nothing will satiate this monster, it will eventually devour itself like the Committee of Public Safety in 1793.

  3. Typical kike twaddle…for an example of kiked goyish twaddle: nytimes.com/2020/06/18/opinion/george-floyd-protests-looting.html

  4. I had to look Juneteenth up, I had no idea what it was.

    The savages will never be satisfied no matter what we do.

    High time to separate.

  5. This Rick Lowry person is unintentionally funny. I always considered George Washington to be my favorite among the Revolutionaries. He seems like he could have been a Roman general and Senator.

    The part where he mentions American football as that important is bizarre and is approaching idolatry. The idea that watching a sport is more important than race and religion is incredible,
    I hope he is not serious. If so, it is no wonder the conservatives are growing extinct.

    The Founding Fathers of the USA were all Anglo Protestants/freemasons. I am not insulting them for I believe their statues should stay. But If my religion traditionally condemns both Protestants and freemasonry then how could any Catholic really care about the institutions and the society founded by them?

    There is also the racial element. Why would Latins want to support beliefs and traditions we did not create. We have our own. Assimilating a few of us is one thing but millions and millions?

    When Lowry said that the American culture was not traditionally white he is either a liar or a fool. Probably a liar since no one can be that dumb—-I don’t think. The country Lowry wishes to currently preserve is essentially a United Nations in minature.

    Is a demand to tear down the Washington Obelisk next or renaming Washington D.C.? Why not? Nothing is off the table for now.

    Remember I have not insulted the USA Founding Fathers. They and their beliefs just do not represent me. I do have way more respect for them than Rick Lowry however. But then I respect the goats my family and friends recently ate for our Fiesta more than Lowry.

    • Cristina,

      As I am sure you are aware because I’ve mentioned it many times, I was baptized Catholic but am now an agnostic. I believe religions are a people control mechanism but many forms of it are benevolent. However, the Second Vatican Council turned the entire church over to the Satanists. I am not trying to insult you at all I am just broad speaking my beliefs. You appear to represent the old ways and you have my respect for that.

      The true Freemasons were compromised and, I believe, Washington wrote about his deep concerns on this.

      What people fail to realize is that our current Jew problem can all be traced to the Rothschilds who are Satanists or, in layman’s terms, they use a hidden knowledge for evil purposes. I won’t mention Queen Lizzy because I can’t bear to shatter the illusion for her diehard fans. And, something else I can’t bear to shatter for all the true believers so I won’t mention it is that the single crown of monarchy is bestowed upon them by the triple crown of The Vatican. It’s all a facade.

      Our true origins have been denied to us.

      • Snowhitey,

        What you wrote did not insult me or even surprise me to any extent. We have books in our family library detailing infiltration of the Church by the usual groups. Sources include but are not limited to Yves Dupont, the book called The Plot Against The Church 1967, Malachi Martin, Anna Emmerich, and others.

        I have usually been enrolled in private schools frequently Catholic. I have heard sermons from Traditional priests mentioning such information. Various Catholic prophecies mention similar matters as well.

        Yes. I believe in the traditional beliefs.

    • “The part where he mentions American football as that important is bizarre and is approaching idolatry. The idea that watching a sport is more important than race and religion is incredible,
      I hope he is not serious. If so, it is no wonder the conservatives are growing extinct.”

      So true, so true. Football needs to go away. Many American man-boys individually waste thousands of dollars on this idiocy every year, to watch men run around in tight pants. It has turned into deification of blacks. Pathetic, grown white “men” wearing the jerseys of their favorite black players. The white working class puts in their day at work, then goes home in the evening to enjoy alcoholism and “sportsball” games or cars driving around in a circle. Meanwhile, other tribes push their children to aspire towards positions of influence and excellence. This is why whites are going extinct. I’d leave this rotten, dying country if I didn’t care about my family.

      • Powell,

        Well said. I however believe your side will win in the end. The other side is pushing too hard too fast. Just because the corporations collapsed fast as did the police does not mean they speak for everyone.

      • “The white working class puts in their day at work, then goes home in the evening to enjoy alcoholism and “sportsball” games or cars driving around in a circle”:

        You are describing the “culture” of Appalachia, both above and below the Mason Dixon line. Football and Nascar are paramount. Schools MUST reopen this summer, in the midst of the pandemic, to begin football practice. I can hear the races going at the local racetrack tonight and the stands are packed.

  6. This might sound crazy. However it’s very true that America’s founding fathers and the same goes for the Confederacy was Slave Owners. That’s accurate 100%. Now obviously a small percentage of people in the Confederacy or USA actually owned slaves. I’m sure race never played a factor in the ownership of Slaves either. It was seen purely in the form of Economics. Today we could easily called Illegal Immigrants modern day Slavery. All these American and Confederate Monuments being destroyed is very bad. Yes I agree with that. However the reality is even our own Ancestors made some mistakes. One of those being a Constitutional Republic that literally can’t defend itself. It’s so obvious now that Jews control our Military and Foreign Policy because the Jews love the US Government fighting for them in the Middle East. However our own Federal Government and Governors are a bunch of cowards and still don’t use the National Guard and other Military in a Fascist way against these protesters which are nothing more than Domestic Terrorists paid for the the Democratic Party and New World Order. Our elected officials and people have been hiding behind the Constitution all these years and now this is happening. Plus we had something of a “Police State” at one time and still do today. Oh but it’s not a Police State that will completely eliminate the problem but a Police State that only targets Pro White activists like Unite The Right. We can look at every single American and Confederate Monument’s removal as something we can see as right the wrongs. No I’m not talking about being a White coward and apologizing for being White. I’m talking about Conservatives and others become extreme White Nationalists. I’m talking about having a future that is 100% White People Only in this country and that will last forever! No more Diversity. No more Multiculturalism. No more Liberalism. No more Jews controlling us. No more Cuckservatives. No more enemies of our race living here. We’re the majority opinion now in the Right Wing….these people now realize the White Nationalist Movement is right. Now the game should be changed. All on the right wing should see all non whites the same as Illegal Immigrants. All are illegal living in this country and all should be Deported. That’s the only way we can have real racial peace in the World. By all races of people respecting each other and staying separate. The Liberals wanted the forced integration of the races…..now it’s failed. The Black Supremacists are the majority opinion on the left in terms of racial issues. The Mexicans will be next being paid as protesters against White America. We should rewind and stick with our own kind. Stay in our own native / respective nations and have Peace in the World. Deo Vindice !

  7. No cops to put a stop to it? I’m shocked. If I pulled down and burned an MLK statue my wife would be making funeral arrangements now.

  8. “Conservatives” are completely incapable of conserving anything except anti-White gains.

  9. No more votes for Republicans, no more taxes for Democrats. Our people will live in freedom and security, or are enemies will not.

  10. If they cancel sportsball this fall, college and professional, America will see massive widespread unrest and the Americans that are silent right now, will be fully awake.

    We haven’t even hit the second wave of COVID, which will begin during Fall.

    RIP America.

    God save us all.

    • I am hoping sportsball gets cancelled. Some college athletic programs can not afford the monetary loss and will get shut down or cut back. Fewer “scholarships” for black kids to run around with balls in their hands. Of course they aren’t bright enough to realize that maybe they didn’t have it so bad with all those athletic scholarships and other benefits provided by whitey.

      • If football does not grace the TVs of the U.S. this Autumn it will be like no more heroin for a junkie or not one more ounce of Jack Daniels for an alcoholic. It’s probably the only thing that will concentrate the minds of most white normies. They will know something has really gone wrong in the U.S. if there is no football.

        DJT will move Heaven and Earth to have football this Autumn. He will sign any Executive Order, any waiver necessary, provide Federal monies if required, personally intervene, have the military provide logistical/engineering support if necessary; whatever it takes. This is a winning tactic for him, it’s what his loyal supporters expect of him and it’s one of the few times he will not let his supporters down. It may provide him the margin of victory, even if only a thousandth of an inch wide in the final weeks of the campaign.

        Of course, if he wins reelection it’s balls out for him: an amnesty bill for big bidness and an attack on Iran for “our greatest ally” amongst other disasters. Then it’s up the stairs of the Presidential Helicopter, off to the golf course with a quick middle finger to his most loyal supporters. “Thanks, suckers!” will be his parting shot.

  11. The orange idiot and his top jew staff advisors, the jew Kushners and satan himself jew Netanyahu are loving this. They did brag in 2001 they were going to bring down the USA. We weren’t listening.

    Brad you were so right about antifa predictions after Charlottesville. We were listening with our hands tied with the threat of .gov reprisals.

  12. It’s obvious we are in the beginning stages of a Marxist revolution. Blacks will be the battering ram and be backed up by antifa communist devils. This is what happens when a Soros and many others are allowed to fund Marxism. It’s why so many of these beasts are becoming district attorneys or intimidating ones that have been there to bend to mob rule.

    I glance at tv news and the marches never end. Some pathetic usually Democrat gets on tv talking some gibberish about more anti bias training or more diversity all aimed against whites of course. America is done. More statues come down with zero arrests. Do nothing cops just looking for a check.

    Nogs will demand more and more until it’s just like South Africa. A perfect example of whites who refused to deal in reality and did not cut up the country taking their share. Now it’s a crime and Aids infested dump.

    Notice filthy Biden has not condemned anything. The old traitor selling his soul at nearly 80 to sneakily try to become president before his body rots in the ground. A vile wretch.

    The most likely Jew La Times mumbling something of how “crazy” it is for so many gun sales to be happening? Seriously now?

    This Blm nonsense is not going away unless the military makes it go away. And arrests and lawsuits. It is clearly a terrorist organization. Notice zero mentions of GOD with their movement? At least Mlk mentioned GOD. Thus it’s a Marxist attempt to overthrow white America with the help of diseased whites brought up on Jewniversity self hate.

    You look at antifa and their eyes look like some bugged out lunatic devils. Where did they go wrong in life? Then toss in the lies of television and the selective news. Our founders did a bad term paper called the constitution filled with holes like Swiss cheese any subversive could take advantage of….and have.

    Juneteenth is just another subversive day that will be used to destroy. I just saw shit tons of them marching to take down white America. Yes, we are in about 1912 of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution all over again.

    You thought news was bad before? Just wait till they hardly report non white crimes any longer or our tv is filled with black faces in never ending leadership positions. The goal is to make whites as poor as possible and then ruin them on a hell on earth episode. It’s either going to be military takeover, civil war 2 or Bolshevik run America in a South Africa like hell.

  13. Trumpstein was telling therm it’s OK to tear down Washington because he was a slave owner. We also have Juneteenth because of Trump. No one knew what it was until the fool cancelled his rally in support of his African American friends. Trump has done more damage to America than Obama could’ve dreamed of. This is what you get for voting for a conman.

    • Yes, both Ann and AOC are correct although with opposing goals in mind. The so called non-profits should be thoroughly audited and taxed, too. The Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, The Open Society etc. cannot withstand scrutiny, they are criminal actors now. The bloated endowments of educational institutions like Harvard and Yale should also be heavily taxed, they are the hive supporting the communists.

      Ironically, Pocahontas supported a wealth tax in her misbegotten presidential campaign, about the only thing she said that was good. The Democrat establishment immediately shut down any talk of a wealth tax. The Republicans, of course, all the way up to DJT, agreed 100% with Democrats on this one issue.

      Bloomberg, Gates, Buffet, Paul Singer (look him up) and other scumbag bidnessmen breathed a sigh of relief when the wealth tax was censored by the Lügenpresse and removed from public debate. That tells you all you need to know about it. It was the only decent idea in the woeful Democrat primary campaign.

  14. We told you it was coming and to use that White forward thinking to prepare.

    Preppers get the last laugh.

    You might wanna have a list handy of the Commie agitators in your area.
    (Hint- they’re all crowing on Social Media.)
    You know, in case you want to send a Christmas card.

    When it’s okay to be an outlaw, well…

    • Exactly. “God will not fail his people in the end.”

      The fools don’t even realize they are praying to the god of an alien and hostile tribe.

  15. National Review? This is NeoCon flailing, trying to gain traction after nearly four years at the bottom.

  16. End game! What the white racialist movement has predicted for decades-and been ridiculed for- is now upon us. Consequently, everything the Segregationists predicted would happen to America if segregation was dismantled is also upon us! American is the laughing stock of the world( and rightly so) and weakness on the domestic front is sure to guarantee military adventurism abroad by powers hostile to the United States. When that day comes white people in red state America needs to be immune to the siren call of pseudo-patriotism and let the system fight its own wars! It has sold us ought. Donations from corporate Communism has insured the enemy will have millions of dollars to continue the struggle for decades.America will not live to see its Tricentennial! I am reminded of the wisdom Mussolini enacted in the Italian Social Republic whereby business entities are not allowed to grow beyond a certain size otherwise you have hostile financial elites that covertly control the whole system as is now the case with the United States. Antifa and Black Lives Matters may call themselves WOKE but the system and Antifa and Black Lives Matter are on the same side! That is not revolutionary, that is complicity! The truly awakened are those who call for an Ethno-State as they have realized the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution and the United States is terminal and a filed political experiment. And when the Ethno-State becomes a reality I hope it crushes corporate capitalism !

    Where is our useless as tits on a boar hog absentee landlord president in all this? With him its all bark, bark, bark, growl, growl, growl, no bite! Dereliction of duty in the extreme! What has he done that I should vote for him a second time?

  17. Re: “the Portland mob”:

    Remember, the worst “mob” is the imperial mercenary forces of capitalism that will even beat up health workers during the pandemic, and kill more White people every year than non-whites (in the U.S.). For example, here are Macron’s “Praetorians” in their bullet-proof, teargas-proof full-body armor with Israeli training who are having great fun mobbing and dragging a young White nurse by her hair, and beating her against a tree, at a fully authorized health workers’ protest rally in Paris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oZ3rY1bs40 Note that France USED TO have the world’s most highly rated public health system, but it’s privatized and under austerity now. The health system of the U.S. is also descending down the list.

    Protests against police violence and protests against the protests are a distraction from the pandemic; and the protests and the pandemic both distract from the U.S.’s imperialist wars, cold, hybrid and hot, that are raging on every continent except Australia and Antarctica; and the protests and the pandemic and “patriotic” war all distract from the economic depression affecting the masses, who are more expendable than ever in this age of total surveillance and near-total automation,

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