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I’m building on the last article.

What happened about 80 years ago? What was the previous crisis? What was the solution to that crisis? Obviously, it was World War II. The solution to that crisis which was imposed on the West by the victorious Allies led by the United States was anti-racism and anti-nationalism, Open Society liberal democracy and capitalism and a repressive culture that discouraged strong truths and shared loves.

This solution to the previous crisis and the consensus that was built upon it – repression of nationalism and racism – should now be decadent and leading us into a new Crisis:

What do you think?

I don’t know if I see it yet.

Note: Scenes like this remind me of the Game of Thrones finale when Social Justice Warrior Daenrys Targaryen and her foreign hordes burned down Kings Landing in the name of equality. The woke crowd hated the ending because it revealed they were the villains.

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  1. Actually I think it’s ironic that they’re going after Churchill. He was one of the grave diggers of our race and everything else along with it. However, Churchill’s unforgivable sin was that he was White.

  2. White deaths are going to be ignored in the UK, just like the White child sex abuse that still goes on. Whites are being “unpersoned.” We do not have rights; we are scapegoats for the the sins of humanity. This is projection by the darker tribes, cheered on by the White elites that psychopathically hate the lower classes of their own.

    Soon, we’ll have to withdraw together into towns and neighborhoods for safety and preservation. That will be an immensely good thing, as racial/tribal consciousness will be reawakened. The tribal separation that is human nature will come back, one way or another. The civilization built by our predecessors won’t go on without us, as the lower, darker tribes will be forced to discover. They will descend into living in jungles of their own making. Without our influence, they never would’ve progressed beyond them in the first place.

  3. While it may seem counter-intuitive, highlighting Islamic terrorism does not help the cause of the pro-white community. These incidents and our reaction to them are simply taken and used by the Zionists and Jew-funded ‘counter-jihad’ types to whip up support for their pro-Israel fake nationalist movements. There is also the added risk of inspiring some low-IQ white moron to take it upon himself to inflict revenge on ‘DA MUZZIES’ as happened in Christchurch.

    Institutional anti-white racism is where the fight is. If we ended Jewish multiculturalism random stabbings wouldn’t even be an issue. We must fight the problem at it’s source, not complain impotently about one of the symptoms.

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