A More Perfect Union

Colin Woodard envisions an American future based on nothing more than the “ideals” of liberty and equality. What does that future look like? Is it even possible for a nation to be based on nothing but abstract ideals? What happens if Americans cease to agree about the ideals?


“Statues toppled, buildings renamed, curricula “decolonized,” staff fired. The protests following George Floyd’s killing have emboldened cultural revolutionaries in America and Europe. The iconoclasts are changing minds, and could be in a position to enact a root-and-branch reconstruction of America into something completely unrecognizable to its present-day inhabitants. Imagine a country whose collective memory has been upended, with a new constitution, anthem, and flag, its name changed from the sinful “America” to something less tainted. Far-fetched? Not according to data I have collected on what liberal white Americans actually believe. Only a renewed American cultural nationalism can resist it.

According to multiple surveys, the effect of the riots which occurred at around the same time as the BLM protests is quite different from what occurred with previous waves of rioting. First, many of the participants in the major riots were white. Second, there has been no clear call for Nixonian law and order following the riots, but rather greater public acceptance of the BLM movement’s unsupported claims that contemporary structural racism explains why police shoot unarmed black men or violent crime plagues inner-city neighbourhoods. While 57 percent of Americans disagree with the protestors’ radical slogan, “defund the police,” an astounding 29 percent support it. This is so despite the deaths of a number of black people during the riots and the fact the riots have coincided with a steep rise in the number of black homicide deaths in inner-city neighbourhoods due to a “Ferguson Effect” of police reducing their presence in these areas. …

In order to find out how willing liberal Americans are to jettison the country’s cultural identity, I decided, on May 7th, to ask what I thought were outlandish questions—almost to the point of inflicting a Sokal Squared-style hoax on survey respondents. The answers I received amazed me. I then repeated the exercise on June 15th, after the George Floyd killing and subsequent protests to see whether things had gotten even crazier. It turns out they have.

After the preface, “To what extent do you think that the following should be done to address structural barriers to race and gender equality in America,” I presented 16 statements that an amalgamated sample of 870 American respondents could agree or disagree with.  …”

What kind of country do progressive liberals want the rest of us to live in? Is such a country worth fighting for, paying for or defending? Take a look at the response to these proposals:

Progressive liberalism is on course to defile, degenerate, deconstruct, unravel and destroy the ethnocultural core of the United States which is regarded as tainted and illegitimate. Conservatism liberalism is a doormat that legitimizes these changes. Sooner or later, White Americans are going to have to choose whether they want their children to live under a woke dystopia in which they are “racist” by definition of being born White or salvage what little is left of America.

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  1. I get the temptation to leave this moribund multicultural empire behind. However, the chaos going on around us is acting as a refiner’s fire. After all the libtards and other racecucks have been eaten by the dark ones, there will be left behind a hardened, burnished core of ZFG Based Whites.

  2. DIEversity is Deadly.

    NO DIEversity = NO Racism

    Time for States and Counties to SECEDE from the Union.

    • Do you think we’ll get actual secession, or have it in name only? The rural/urban divide is currently the major one, so it would be difficult to accomplish the splitting off of whole states, imo.

  3. How are you gonna teach bl@ck “history”? Even if they had actually done anything, they never wrote it down. It’s all in the fevered imagination of White liberals.

    • “Black history” just means teaching the “history” of all the horrible, oppressive, evil things Whites have done to Blacks for 400 years. “Black history” is code for Anti-White history.

  4. Woke negro-worshipping cults are what is left of traditional American culture. That’s the problem.

    • We have destroyed and allowed to be destroyed all of our supermen. We let the (((academics))) chip away at their genius in their fetid dissertations, and that has led to the statue iconoclasm. Next they are going to lynch whites in masses.

  5. It is all to prepare the world for the Moshiach, the long awaited Jew messiah. The one who according to bible prophecy will turn on the Jews, will wage war on the Jews, and who will kill mostly all of them. Have faith.


    Don’t they have better spellers in the ‘More Perfect Union?”

    • Black people can’t spell because privileged White people refuse to build book stores in black neighborhoods, to keep the black man illiterate and oppressed.

  7. Here’s how Trump might just win.

    He can claim he dialed back the racism after assuming office as an optimist. After the iconclasm we are in a different world. This is truly an existential battle. He should destroy a few of the organizers of the riots.

    This is the existential cycle. We talk about Turchin and Kondriatiev Waves but we are seeing a wave that encompasses Columbus. These people want to go back to a Pre Columbia world order.

    We can’t let that happen without a fight. I’m not kowtowing to these savages.

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