Pride and Prejudice Fails To Meet Modern Inclusion Standards

I’m currently watching the six hour Pride and Prejudice miniseries with my wife.

After all these years, she finally convinced me to take the plunge into the world of Jane Austen. I’ve been going on for over a month now in our home about the Romantic-to-Modernist cultural transition and how 19th century liberals had a different sensibility than 20th century liberals. She thought this was an excellent opportunity to rewatch Pride and Prejudice because it is free of Modernism.

It is weird watching it in the context of America’s “reckoning on race”. It was announced last night that Hollywood movies like this which fail to meet the new woke inclusion standards won’t be nominated in the future for Oscars. I haven’t seen seen any BIPOC people. I haven’t seen anyone who is LGBTQ. I haven’t seen anyone with blue or purple hair, piercings or who is fat and covered in tattoos. “Racism” and “sexism” hasn’t been mentioned once. The patriarchy is still intact. In the Pride and Prejudice miniseries, young people are at balls courting each other. They aren’t singles at bars with jazz or some other type of loud noise playing in the background smoking cigarettes, drinking and hooking up.

I suppose there are worse things than watching Pride and Prejudice. Imagine having a woke girlfriend and having to watch the garbage that Hollywood is going to be churning out in the future.

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  1. I watched Pride and Predjuice 10 years ago and enjoyed it. I thought the above lady was very cute.

    Oscars? Yeah I’ve heard of it. Its that show where Jews give themselves awards and congratulate each other.

    • Try the old Greer Garson/Lawrence Olivier version of the film, with nods in the music to Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Absolutely BRILLIANT. And in glorious BLACK AND WHITE.

      As the world should be.

      • @Fr. John…

        We love Greer Garson, Sir, and, of course, we have seen their version, as well as all others, but, to our thinking, the overall strength of this 1990 English production is the best.

        Why it is more to our tastes is because of it’s leisurely detailed pace matching that of the novel, because of the strength of the character acting around the leads, and, as well, because of the incredible attention to the historicity.

        But, yes, any Jane Austen (with a White cast) is better than no Austen!

        But, yes – we adore Black and White.

        Speaking of Black and White, do you like the old Buster Keaton shorts?

  2. Good luck finding historical dramas that are made today without the panoply of Rainbow Revisionism.

    It’s a big reason why my wife and I enjoy vintage films – so that we don’t have to be belaboured by the overtly faggish characters, the race-mixing, or the World Congress in the cast…

    • Amen. It’s time to do what the Founder of Shangri-La said, in the old 1930’s version of the film with Ronald Coleman.

      May God preserve us until that better day.

  3. I work in a large antique store as a furniture maker, part of my job responsibilities, is to keep the antiques repaired and well kept . Most of them are from England, and many are 200 to 300 years old. I have worked on furniture made when Jane Austen was writing her novels. The furniture from Regency England, breathes an aristocratic and well ordered society. I sense, while I work with them that while that society did not have our technology, and comfort, that living in such a way, must have been an enriching experience. Compared with being nowhere people living nowhere of today. It wasn’t shangra la, but they produced some lovely culture.

    • That is very cool. Being an artisan checks all the boxes, manual labor with a natural gift and countless hours of practice. I just found furniture from my grandparents probably purchased in the late 40s to mid 60s, with some 70s I am sure and the quality in these mid tier dressers and tables is eons beyond what I found at the ritzy big city furniture boutique. Most of the new styles are plastic and particle board

      • The same with the ‘music’ of the Vatican Eww church- ephemeral, devoid of soundness, and merely consumerist trash, meant to be forgotten in the next ‘revision’ of:

        (And this is NOT an exhaustive list)

        THE Hymnal (although the TEC Hymnal 1982 is STILL better than ANY RC Hymnal)
        the Book of Common Prayer
        Worship II, III, IV, etc.
        Black ‘Catholic’ Hymnals (WTF?)
        the Tridentine Mass
        the Chrysostom Divine Liturgy
        the Bible
        Devotional works that update Prayer Language (Our Father in heaven, and ‘Yo, Mary’ as stellar examples)

      • @Captain Schill…

        They stopped making furniture of a solid wood substrate in the middle of the previous century. The justification for the cheapening of quality was that a non-solid wood substrate would be less inclined to warpage.

        In the last several decades the veneers that used to be typically 1/16th to 1/8 of an inch thick have been reduced to 1/24 inch – the result being that, in spite of the very strong contact cements and epoxies used, they tend to lift in unpredictable places, not to mention that even the best dyeing and finishing of them cannot imbue to them any sense of depth, because after you finished sanding and dewhiskering them, they are only 1/32 inch thick, at best!

        Essentially, the furniture industry has mirrored the culture of this country – replace everything that is real and natural with something fake and artificial.

        But, of course the devolution of high quality fabrication has been sold as ‘progress’.

        • You never fail to impress @Ivan. I am one of those who is rather well versed in most subjects, but embarrassed to admit the core masculine essentials like automotive, building and more specific things like woodworking I am totally clueless. The education system certainly did not prepare me as just as I was entering high school they did away with mandatory trade classes for everyone and just sacked me away in AP everything. No regrets, as I am an educated man, but we really all should learn at least the basics of working with our hands

          • @Captain Schill…

            P.S. One last thing – something I think would please you greatly, given that you came up Roman Catholic, are the short sermons of Fr. Robert Altman.

            He, as well as other true priests, and, of course, Archbishop Carlo Vigano, are standing up and calling out the church, the government, and the culture, for what they are.

            You can find him at YouTube, at the page, ‘Complicit Clergy’

            The first short homily with which to begin is Altman’s recent message, ‘You Cannot Be Catholic & Democrat. Period.

  4. By the way, the wife and I watch this wonderful miniseries every June – as a rite of annual passage.

    It’s the very best production of Jane Austen novels ever done – not just because of the excellent character acting and fine screenplay, but, because of the rigid attention to historicity – from the authentic fortepianos to the dress, to the colours on the walls and the then popular landscape paintings upon them to the obsessive attention given to the manners of the day.

    It’s also never tawdry, which is something to be grateful for, not just because a tawdry bone did not exist in Jane Austen’s body, but, because we can watch without being offended.

  5. Watching the pop-culture commentary channels on YouTube for the past year has been fascinating for me. Most of the video makers decry the destruction of their favorite franchises (Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who) through the diversity agenda replacing good storytelling. Over half of the audience has been lost for each of those franchises as they’ve become more woke.

    They also lament the fact that comic books are drastically declining in sales and quality, due to the inclusivity that means women and POC must be stronger, smarter and generally better than any white male. Characters like Iron Man and Spider Man have been respectively turned into a black girl and a hispanic boy, for no other reason than diversity. Aqualad was recently remade into a black, queer kid in New Mexico. Agenda uber alles, I suppose, even if it makes no sense.

    Those making the videos bitching about the terminal decline of their favorite shows and comics won’t connect all the dots, of course. The commentators often mention the “perversion” of the ideals of creators like Roddenberry and Lucas, who they believe sought to promote equality for all. They can’t seem to figure out that the promotion of equality eventually leads to the pushing for equal outcomes, deserved or not. But understanding that would make them hateful rayciss, so I assume the cogdis is easier for them to handle.

  6. Here is where money talks louder than words. I have no intentions of paying to see any movie that artificially inserts diversity where it never existed. Withholding our dollars will hammer it into the thick skulls of the Hollywood crowd that necessary mantra to bring them back to common sense.

    “Get Woke, Go Broke.”

    Whites are still the majority in this country. Even in a few decades, Whites will be the largest plurality. And more Non-Blacks identify more with White culture than Black culture.

    It’s too bad that Europeans have been brainwashed into thinking it is a good thing to disrespect their own culture the way they do. The Asians are into the classical music that we initiated AND in El Paso, the Hispanics celebrate George Washington Day including dressing up in period pieces.

  7. I enjoy the old P&P series, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It’s a reminder of what Europeans once had and how far we’ve fallen. Plus, there are shots of the beautiful English countryside and plenty of humorous moments.

  8. Nuclear armed US bombers just buzzed Crimea from Ukrainian airspace. Kinda serious. Who ordered that shit?

    • Thanks for paying attention to the most important issue (war) that so many here want to ignore and never mention:

      • If Assange is genuinely a real ‘dissident’ –

        Then why did Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu boast to Israeli media right from the start, that Assange was an Israeli asset shielding Israel in his ‘leaks’?

        Why did Zbig Brzezinski say on USA national television, the NPR News Hour, in 2010, that Assange was publishing ‘Wikileaks’ seeded from the intelligence agencies themselves?

        Why did Assange help the Rothschild Bank to destroy rival bankers Julius Baer with his ‘leaks’? Why does Assange get his bail posted by Rothschild relatives? Why does Assange openly talk of being totally pro-Israel?

        Why is Assange quiet about his lawyer who was thrown under a moving train, apparently when learning Assange was never ‘living’ at the London Ecuador Embassy and only there for photos & meetings, the lawyer apparently about to expose the hoax against his law partners serving MI5 & MI6?

        Why have victims trusting Assange turning up dead, such as Peter W Smith, Assange even claiming he ‘never got’ the poor dead guy’s files?

        Why is Assange so loyal to the US establishment, he won’t use the USA Virginia federal judge bribery files that have helped stop other extraditions, and which would make his own extradition from Britain impossible, files successfully used previously to stop the extradition of hacker Mr Lauri Love?

        ‘Arrest of Julian Assange is Just Theatre – Assange is intel Operative’

        ‘Assange & Snowden are CIA ‘Rat Traps’

        • And Putin and Xi Xinping secretly work for the Rothschilds too….

          Disinfo to discourage the true Left.

          The conspiracy theory that Assange wasn’t REALLY trapped in the Ecuadorean embassy is especially difficult to accept!

          I generally agree with your comments, brabantian, but not this one.

  9. You’ll be happy to know that the University of Rogue Island wants to remove the WW2 murals because they don’t show joggers. Something like 708 joggers went down in the daisies during the war, while over 400,000 White men died to protect communism. And, Hunter, there is an excellent version of Jane Eyre, the 1983 version, that you and your wife might enjoy.

  10. If you make it through Pride and Prejudice intact, I recommend watching the Sense and Sensibility movie with Alan Rickman and Hugh Laurie. First “chick flick” i unabashedly enjoyed, to my girlfriend’s great amusement.

    • @Solidus…

      Yes, that Emma Thompson production of ‘Sense and Sensibility’ was also fantastic.

      Great screenplay, great acting, great soundtrack, and great attention to historic detail.

      Hugh Grant gave his best performance in that role, as the reluctant hero.

    • Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson! YES.

      Our entire family loves that film. “Such condescension,” such understated emotion, SUCH FEELING!

    • The later production 2005 w/Knightly/Matthew Macfadyen is great too, plus there’s Dame Judi Dench in the mix…. leftie sentiments aside.

      Sense/Sensibility……absolutely…. even though Thompson is a raving/sputtering leftie in real life, the movie is wonderful…..
      neither S/S or P/P are hardcore chick-flicks.

      a lot of Brit tv/movies, before the hardcore SJWing dystopia beginning in the early 00’s, is wonderful. hate to say, their worst is head/shoulders better than our best – of that time. you can get a lot of it on Britbox and Acorn(Oz) channels.. y, i still have Amazon Prime. well worth the nominal subscription tack-on.

      but something i’ve noted in the last yr…. more/more of the older movies/series which were earlier included in Prime, are now pay/view, many in my watch again list now have a 3.99$ fee, or only show a ‘peek’ season or two, w/the rest held hostage for more $ .. of course, the new/improved crap is thrown at you gratis.

  11. Watching such shows is to be re-initiated into our culture; it is an act of cultural recovery for a sick, sad time. William S. Lind, the theorist of, 4th generation warfare, has a book out from Arktos called “Retroculture: Taking America Back”, which is convergent with this topic.

  12. We have been acting outraged for at least a decade now as they cast non whites usually dark African men to play roles as King Arthur, Lancelot, Zeus, Achilles, Heimdal. I have no doubt it is done intentionally to enrage our natural instincts with nothing to do with diversity or whatever term they use now.

    Our newer properties have not been spared. Watchmen HBO replaced German John “Dr Manhattan” Osterman and Hooded Justice with black men as well as discarding the whole original story and making it about racism against colored people and white violence with the Tulsa “Massacre”. I was excited for about a minute to see Dune brought to life with modern tech in a series. They turned the three main characters with the uttmost intelligence in blacks. In one case the Doctor became a black woman.

    The Spiderman game on Xbox my son and I both really enjoyed is getting a sequel. Peter Parker has been replaced with “blacktino” Miles Morales, a character most fans cant stand, and believe it or not for reasons beyond race as he just sucks and is over powered with none of Peter’s heart. This must be done for a reason as the people in charge of all this and media in general are not stupid rather are surrounded by masses of other intelligent people. This is beyond just being woke.

    It is a campaign to demoralize as well as making us turn our anger towards black people, when in most cases they have nothing to do with it, and at least in the case of Spiderman don’t like Miles Morales either. With the rest of the movies, most don’t care either.

  13. I’ve seen almost nothing American for the last ten years, and even more wokeness isn’t going to reel me back in. All the movie and television (and game) studios there can go out of business for all I care (or for all they care, because they don’t seem to be too concerned about turning a profit).

    I only really watch anime anymore, and it’s in many ways lagging about seventy years behind the latest fashion of the West. No casual sex, rape, drug use, tattoos, obesity, abortions, diversity, feminism, or critical race theory (there’s the occasional exception to some of these, but it’s not much).

    • @Someone…

      We quit going to the movies 30 years ago. In the 1990s and early 2000s, my wife and I would only selectively cull from their output in catalogs – oeuvres such as ‘Pride and Prejudice.’

      Since 2010,, at the least, we do not even do that.

      We either watch vintage films or European films – and most of those from The East.

      French films, which we used to love, are simple insane with tawdriness and diabolicalness.

    • @someone same here. To be honest there are more than enough podcasts, academic lectures and books, audio or not, that watching any form of movie or television seems pointless. The last great and profound movie I remember watching was “MOON” with Sam Rockwell years ago. I highly recommend it to everyone, that movie really hits you in the gut and explains the feeling of being a “cog in the corporate wheel” better than anything. Nolan’s Dark Knight movies are very good, but yhey have been deemed “fascist” from the so called film intellectuals.

      Even older films I once loved have become unwatchable. Whether Revenge of the Nerds or Twelve Angry Men, I see now the groundwork being laid for our eventual poisoning. Books and audio shows are it for me. My TV hasn’t been turned on in months as I could see the lockdown used as a method to dumb us down and depress us even more. Its a real shame they destroyed the few pop culture properties I love, like Watchmen and now Dune. At least we still have Lord of the Ring

      • LOTR is being made into a series by Amazon Prime, an outfit not known for challenging the diversity narrative. JJ Abrams, who is mainly responsible for taking Star Trek and Star Wars to their inclusive limits in recent movies and thereby destroying the franchises, recommended the two producers running the show. Abrams recently put out an anti-Huwhite supremacy guide for his Bad Robot production company, saying that we pale folk should no longer be allowed comfort, and the dark-hued should get time off whenever they ask for it.

        Joocentric Hollyweird doesn’t need to be told to root out pro-White views. Black worship (of people and magic) and pedophilia promotion is their current forte, anyway.

  14. HW,

    You mentioned Renee for the first time in awhile. How’s she doing?

    And mentioning her only leads my mind to the obvious but uncomfortable sequitur, my regrets that I never tried to patch things up with your father-in-law before his time was up. Too, I wonder how he would react to finding out that I now live in Germany, married to a German woman, and we’re expecting twin sons before the end of the year.

    • @Bob…

      I do not think that Nr. Griffin would survive Austen novels, because not only are they totally unpolitical, they move at a snail’s pace, something which I rather think he is loathe to do.

      Not that they are not worthy, for, yes, they very much are.

      That said, I think the screenplays that were made out of Pride and Prejudice (as reported on here), Sense & Sensibility by Emma Thompson, or Northhanger Abbey, as done about 15 years back, are actually better than the books, if I dare utter such a thing!

      An excellent production of Mansfield Park was made about 10+ years ago – extremely worthwhile.

  15. Ooooo….so much to comment upon here.
    First, in the P&P series, the actress is Julie Ehle. She didn’t become as famous as Colin Firth, but she’s been around.
    As for the P&P series, it was very magnificent. I especially liked the dancing, because I do English country dancing (which alas, with C-19, is now dead), and we had Jane Austen balls, etc. The big dance at Pemberly, by the way, is Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot, a popular dance, and when everyone knows what they’re doing (no Mr. Collins, please!), it is very beautiful.
    Movies? I don’t care for theOlivier/Garson. It feels flat, they are setting it in Victorian, not Regency period (although they got the uniforms right for 1815), and both actors are twenty years too old. I do like the P&P, but also like the 2006 movie With Keira Knightley and Matthew McFadden. I think it’s every bit as delightful and close to Austen…and is only two hours, and the director Joe Wright really caught a lot of Austen’s subtext in the characters.
    I also liked the Emma with Kate Beckinsale, although a recent BBC release on TV with Romola Gerai is quite splendid. She’s a great Emma.
    I’m happy with color movies, although Orson Welles said color gets in the way of drama.
    As for contemporary movies: on the academy’s (ha-ha) new ‘standards’, it’s simply stating out in the open what they’ve been doing not-so-covertly. A recent Jane Austen BBC production, Sandrington, had our female lead black, although no one said anything, the emphasis on blacks and slavery is hit-you-over-the-head present, and everyone is petty and mean.
    Or there was a BBC War of the Roses series where Queen Margaret was black, and they really bragged about it.
    There are good contemporary period films, but you have to look for them. A recent one is about Mary Shelley, which was an adequate biopic. Also, I liked Current Wars, featuring Edison, Westinghouse, and Tesla. A few years ago there was Moliere, a French film, very funny and human dealing with the playwright. Also there was a German movie about Goethe which was quite compelling.
    I’m kind of mixed about reading Austen. I prefer Byron. But two good adventure series in the era are Sharpe’s Rifles, and Horatio Hornblower, both BBC. Very well made, and deals with heroism and character. Both are based on writers Bernard Cornwell and C.S. Forster. I think Cornwell is great.
    As for Buster Keaton, I love his shorts, and of course The General is one of the greatest films ever made…and it’s pro-Confederate. Don’t miss it. Keaton always said his characters were true Americans who found a problem and solved it, and didn’t bother philosophizing.
    I have a set of cabaret songs by Friedrich Hollaender (1920’s), and one song is Meine Schwester Liebt den Buster…My Sister Loves Buster…about a German girl crazy about Buster Keaton. Funny and in a foxtrot style.
    As for furniture, I have furniture my family had in the 30’s. I love the sofa and chair, although they are falling apart and I’m caught between dumping them or paying 4,000 for restoring them, but they have a solid dignity and coziness.
    I’m glad countenance is happy in Germany married to one. A novel of mine, German Days, deals with America and Germany in the detente era, and is a retelling of the Tannhauser legend.
    I also liked a recent Little Women film starring Saorirse Ronan, although many hated it, but I found it very satisfying, capturing the inner life of Louisa May Alcott.
    And see her in Brooklyn. A truly good movie about values and living in America. A good 50’s movie.
    Really, Anime is all you see?
    There’s good films here and there; get cracking, Occidentals.

    • @dargason

      Great comment. Thank you.

      No, we are not all that fond of the Garson/Oliver Austen film, which is strange, because we have enjoyed both those actors in numerous other roles.

      Glad you appreciate ‘The General’, by Buster Keaton. Most works of art do not hold up well after their era. Keaton’s are the opposite.

      Buster Keaton is one of those people that made me glad to be alive in the 20th century.

      Yes, we enjoyed Sharpe’s rifles and Horatio Hornblower, too, and as well all the Merchant & Ivory films of the Victorian/Forster ilk.

      I’ll have to look at the Beckinsale ‘Emma’, Though Kate is a beautiful Russian girl ,she has never knocked me out in the performances I have seen by her.

      At any rate, be well!

    • And for those who wish to sing along …

      Mit meiner Schwester ist nichts zu machen
      Die ist gefühllos – oh, wie modern!
      Sie int’ressiert sich für tausend Sachen
      Bloß nicht für Liebe und nicht für Herr’n
      Man könnte meinen
      Sie hätte einen
      So ‘nen ganz kleinen
      Geheimen Hang, so nach der andern Seite
      Leider ein falscher Einwand
      Denn nur die Leinwand
      Die regt sie auf

      Meine Schwester
      Liebt den Buster
      Liebt den Keaton
      Und sie sieht’n
      In jedem Mann
      Alle Männer sind nur Nieten
      Gegen Keaton
      Und sie sieht’n
      Sich täglich an
      Alle Männer sind nur Rester
      Gegen Buster
      Und sie schwärmt für ihn von Neujahr bis Silvester
      Meine Schwester
      Liebt den Buster
      Liebt den Keaton
      Und sie zieht’n
      Dem Chaplin vor

      Ja, ja!

      Ach, mit meiner Schwester ist nichts zu machen
      Sie gibt für Buster die letzte Mark
      Sie sagt mit Bressart wär’s nicht dasselbe
      Da sei die Wirkung nicht halb so stark
      Ach, meine Schwester, Sie werden lachen
      Ist melancholisch
      Bloß weil der Buster melancholisch ist
      Sie kauft sich all’ seine Photos
      Die sie mit Salz und mit Pfeffer frisst

      Meine Schwester
      Liebt den Buster
      Liebt den Keaton
      Alle Männer sind nur Nieten
      Gegen Keaton

      Meine Schwester
      Liebt den Buster
      Liebt den Keaton
      Und sie zieht’n
      Dem Chaplin vor

      Ja, ja!

      Ach, meine Schwester – mir fehl’n die Verse
      Braucht zum Genießen keinen Genuss
      Die ist so krankhaft und so perverse
      Wie wohl die Jugend von heut’ sein muss
      Gott, ist die düster, und doch so sinnlich
      Und doch so trotzig, und angeekelt von der Welt
      Und doch so albern ist meine Schwester –
      Ja, der ihr Piepmatz und Rothschilds Geld!

      Meine Schwester
      Liebt den Buster
      Liebt den Keaton
      Und sie sieht’n
      In jedem Mann
      Alle Männer sind nur Nieten
      Gegen Keaton
      Und sie sieht’n
      Sich täglich an
      Alle Männer sind nur Rester
      Gegen Buster
      Und sie schwärmt für ihn von Neujahr bis Silvester
      Meine Schwester
      Liebt den Buster
      Liebt den Keaton
      Und sie zieht’n –

      Na ja, is ja egal!

  16. @Captain Schill…

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Sir!!!

    Like you I am an educated man from the upper class, who, speaking for myself, was blessed to have hot and cold running Negro servants as a child.

    That said, my mama, from a hardscrabble rural NC background, not only imparted to me a respect for manual labour, but, as well, insisted that I work in her garden, something which was echoed by her parents, when Little Lord Fauntleroy went out to their farm ,which is something I often did.

    As fate would have it, I wound up making my own guitars, by hand, and, from there, my finishing and dyeing techniques (done with historical plant dyes and mordants) attracted the interest of an accommplished high end furniture maker in upstate New York.

    We spent a number of years purveying one of a kind pieces to the wealthy down in Manhatten, a time and work which, though very challenging, was something that I was blessed to experience.

    The furniture maker and I, though we are no longer involved in the business, are still close friends, he living a retirement in The Deep South.

    But, yes, the joy or working in the woodworking trades – things from joinery to marquetry and finishing, are something that I think would bring joy to any man, for whether it is the joy of guiding the planes under your hand, applying the rasp and scraper, using hot hide glues and wood dyes, working with wood is a truly amazing thing.

    At any rate, God bless you and y’all up yonder.

    We continue to pray for y’;all, and for the departure of Bill de Blasio – this in hopes that a new Rudy Giuliani might are and make that area habitable again.

  17. All the movie studios are run by lying is the motion picture academy, I’m sure by 2030 they won’t give “best picture” awards to themselves if there isn’t scenes with child nudity and black yeast infections with clips of whitey being know, cuz love and inclusion!

  18. I’m glad someone has that CD of Hollander. Lots of fun. I also have a great one of Jerome Kern songs…The Jerome Kern Treasury; lots of show tunes from 1916, etc., never heard since.
    I especially like ‘The Ragtime Restaurant’:

    ‘Ragtime coons
    A-singing all the ragtime tunes you want
    And when you eat your fill
    You’ll give a ragtime tip
    Pay your ragtime check
    With a ragtime bill
    My, that’s some ragtime restaurant!’

    In the recording ‘loons’ took the place of that AWFUL word.

    Or The Bullfrog Patrol, circa 1919:

    ‘He sang all night
    With his froggy might and main
    At broad daylight
    A man insanely
    Called ‘Won’t you cut it out, it really is no joke,
    I wish that Bolsheviki froggy-dog would croak.’

    I was thinking how race is so preponderant in media, and the BBC is lousy with it. I sent a screenplay to them some years ago, and it was rejected. The woman doing so was a manager Wirth some four-inch long Indian name, and there were three grammatical errors in her letter.

    The recent BBC series Victoria. One episode has a British missionary in Africa confront a tribal leader killing off his opposition. One black girl is the last of her clan leaders, and the missionary saves the girl to take her to England. I noted how the Africans couldn’t care less about her, except the tribal king, who sees her (a la Macbeth) as a future enemy, and she had to die. The Africans had no compassion whatsoever.
    The Missionary introduces her to Victoria, who, since the girl is of noble family (kind of), takes her into the royal household. She wishes to civilize her.

    The missionary was delighted, so he could also pump up the cause of abolition.

    Prince Albert, the realist, sees this is Victoria using her emotions and not her sense, and is cool to the girl, who begins to have culture shock and withdraws, crying to herself in her native language.
    Albert finally gets Victoria to let the girl go. The missionary will adopt her ‘as his own daughter.’
    I thought it was a good example how the white people, the so-called high minded ones, make these racial problems in the west by bringing blacks over and trying to make them in our image. Albert, while an abolitionist, sees that we and they are different races and peoples, and Victoria was trying to force herself and the girl to become something they weren’t.
    I thought it was uncharacteristically honest about race. Also noted the girl was really not a major player or had a lot of lines, she was in effect a symbol, like most third worlders are today.

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