Why I Am Not Voting In 2020

Editor’s Note: This article was inspired by Peter Bradley’s Why I Am (Reluctantly) Voting For Trump and John Engelman’s Why I Am Voting for Joe Biden.

American elites rule through consensus.

Republican and Democratic elites agree on all the truly important issues and marginalize anyone who objects as being “fringe” and outside the “mainstream.” Culturally speaking, this includes the postwar consensus of liberalism, modernism, cosmopolitanism and antiracism and all of their corollaries like multiculturalism, feminism, gay liberation and political correctness.

None of this will be on the ballot in 2020. Donald Trump and the GOP agree with Joe Biden and the Democrats about the importance of upholding consensus antiracism. As dissidents, we are often told that we have “no place” in the Republican Party and “no place” in America. This means that neither party will represent our views. We are not welcome in either political coalition. We can vote for the Republican Party and donate money to it. In exchange for our support, it offers to politically marginalize us and stigmatize us as evil and drive us underground in our own country while pursuing its own agenda.

The whole point of participating in the political process is to secure representation, but since that is not being offered and nothing of importance is being contested it is a waste of our time. Regardless of who wins the 2020 election, the two parties have already agreed that we have lost. We have been banished from the political process and driven underground by this consensus, but mainstreamers are happy to part ways with their votes, which is their only asset, in exchange for nothing. As long as the GOP succeeds in scaring us out of our votes, it has no incentive to offer us anything for our support.

Is mainstream conservatism worth supporting in 2020? In the mainstream Right, it is illegitimate to be a non-self hating White male because of cosmopolitanism, but legitimate to be a homosexual or a transsexual. The GOP decries “identity politics” while practicing it by explicitly appealing to every group in society EXCEPT Whites on the basis of identity politics. It engages in politics with the Left by conceding and accepting the Left’s moral frame on countless issues – all the -isms and -phobias, its narrative of American history – which fence in the Right from doing anything even when it has power. Steve King was recently purged from the Republican Party for wondering why Western civilization has become taboo.

What does the GOP propose to do with power even when it is granted to them like in 2016 when they controlled the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and the majority of states? We all know the actual agenda as opposed to election year rhetoric will be more tax cuts, deregulation, military spending and Israel’s wish list and other donor class priorities like criminal justice reform. That’s what is truly at stake in the election and everything else is just window dressing. For decades, the GOP refused to enforce our immigration laws. More recently, it has given up on enforcing the law in half the country. The party of “law and order” now believes that only applies to places that elect Republicans.

Has the GOP gone through a “realignment” that has made the party more nationalist or populist? In 2016, we thought that and boy were we mistaken. By 2020, Donald Trump had turned the government over to Jared Kushner. Steve Bannon, Steve King, Kris Kobach, Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions were all purged. There was no change in its policy agenda. The party has not become more hospitable to nationalists and populists. Instead, it has become more welcoming of homosexuality. With a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch recently read transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

In terms of foreign policy, the Trump administration has been the most Zionist administration in history and has followed through on all its belligerent threats against Iran. It has condemned “globalism” in rhetoric without changing much of substance like how it replaced NAFTA with USMCA. Economic populism turned out to be putting Gary Cohn and Larry Kudlow in charge of the economy and cutting the corporate tax rate. BUILD THE WALL turned out to be building about 300 miles of the George W. Bush era border fence while proposing a net neutral merit based immigration system for business lobbyists. Ultimately, it took COVID-19 and the economic crash to reduce immigration levels. Last year, Trump was boasting about how we needed the highest immigration levels ever because of his sizzling economy.

Far from protecting our heritage, we’ve lost around 250 historic monuments and everything from Aunt Jemima to the Gator Chomp under Trump. Instead of striking a blow against SJWs, political correctness has only intensified and transmuted into violent militant wokeness. In 2016, Antifa was a negligible force in America, but by electing Trump we multiplied our enemies over a thousand fold to “trigger the libs.” By supporting Trump, we crippled our presence on the internet. With Trump and the GOP in power, we have endured staggering losses on free speech, free assembly, law and order, equal justice and historic monuments. What did we get in exchange for the losses we took? Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem? Israel’s recent diplomatic triumphs with the UAE? The First Step Act?

It is true that Joe Biden will be a terrible president. I can’t bring myself to vote for Joe Biden for all the reasons that most people will be voting against him. I can’t bring myself to vote for Donald Trump and the GOP either though because I just don’t see a path to any of our goals. I don’t believe they will conserve anything except the status quo which gives me no incentive to participate. As I have stated multiple times now, I don’t think it really matters who wins the 2020 election because either outcome will likely end up plunging this country into a dark and violent place that ends in national disintegration. The long term cost of upholding our current elite consensus is that major problems are not dealt with through the normal political process and fester and turn toxic. Eventually, it is going to boil over.

By supporting the mainstream Right, you are consenting to their Terms of Service. In order to be respectable, you are conserving liberalism, modernism, cosmopolitanism, antiracism, multiculturalism, feminism, gay liberation, civil rights, political correctness, all the -isms and -phobias and every other social revolution that the Left has managed to push through since the 1940s. My view is that it is better to opt out and defy all of those taboos and norms. It is better to be radical and different and to have no respect for the respectable than to go along with this bullshit. We should just accept being iced out of mainstream politics. It gives us the creative freedom to create the culture we want.

We’re not welcome in the GOP. They’ve told us this on countless occasions. That’s fine by me. What they call “conservatism” is a joke anyway. Even if they do win and warm a few seats in Congress, it doesn’t change the fact that the country is plunging down an elevator shaft at warp speed. It is better to not be under illusions that these people are even trying to do anything to stop it.

UPDATE: Trump contacted me this weekend to tell me that by joining the Diamond Club that I can be protected in my home from Antifa.

Note: I don’t care who wins. I’m just ready for it to be over. Increasingly, I think Trump will be reelected anyway because of all the violence, but that will only lead to more leftwing violence.

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  1. I do not blame anyone for not voting on the national level – for it is easy to make the case that it is either futile, or, indeed, damaging.

    I would not be voting on the national level if I had not been instructed in my Prayer Life to vote for President Trump.

    I think Biden is a terrible candidate, and, unfortunately, I have been very disappointed with President Trump.

    So, I will discharge my duty to God and, as well, my civick duty, though, I am under no illusions about what this next decade will be, no matter who wins.

    • Ivan i wouldnt miss the drama at the polling stations for anything, it should be quite a show, sit on the sidelines and do what? Pout? Voting is as american as apple pie! Lets go mix it up with them, remember to wear your battle costumes! Lol!!!!!

      • @Terry Smith…

        Yes, Sir, I understand all about the high drama thing, for, living in a 70% Black area, and wearing Confederate insignia all over the place, I am used to it.

        Now, are you ready for some irony?

        It’s always the Whites who will give me problems, not the Blacks, if a problem is to be given, which, normally there is not, though, at times there have been some high drama!

        Because this year is so crazy, and because the polls in this area are administered by die-hard Negro Democrats, we have taken the liberty to request absentee ballots, just so that there is a very clear way to track our votes, which, in North Carolina there is, if the ballot is actually reported – which we are not sure it would be.

        Our state is under heavy assault by those alien to us who have bought the governor’s mansion, just as they did it in Richmond, and, that so, the wife and I are keen to make sure our votes are counted.

        At any rate, be well!

  2. I recommend participating in local politics. Who s your county board chairman ? Who s your sheriff? Somewhere in your local areas there s a tough White guy running for something… or consider doing what I did:
    Get out of the country

    • @Jaye Ryan…

      Yes, Sir, we are active in local matters and, yes, the wife and I study Hungarian daily, if things 3, 4, 5 years up the road become untenable in Dixie.

      • @Terry Smith…

        Sometimes that is true, Dear Terry, other times not. Sometimes cowards just crawl up inside themselves and do nothing, while all hell breaks loose around them.

        You see, the wife and I have been active for Dixie for a long time, but, that has not changed the fact that most of our fellow Southerners just want to look the other way and not deal with things.

        And, if things continue to get worse in this here country, and our fellow Southerners continue to bury their heads in the sands, we are very definitely not going to stay here and be martyrs for those who could not be bothered.

        On the other hand, if our fellow Southerners will straighten up and make a fight for Dixie then we, too, will do that.

        We’ll stay so long as Southern Men decide to act like that, but, if they decide to live submissively under more and more tyranny, we won’t do that – we’ll get gone for good.

        Submission, Good Sir, is just not our thing.

        As it is, we’ve been made to feel uncomfortable enough in recent years, in this here country.

        Thank you for your thoughts, as always!

        • Ivan my friend stay here this is your home in this world. You are needed here. Marse robert needs all his soldiers at their post.

          • @Terry Smith…

            Thank you, Dear Terry.

            It’s up to our fellow Southerners.

            Again, Kind Sir – thank you for your sentiment!

    • LOL. Ryan. Or at least get 40 miles out of Chicago.

      Trump is going to have to get White people like Brad off the couch, which maybe more difficult than he thinks.

    • “Consider doing what I did:
      Get out of the country” – Jaye

      Yeah, and Stonelifter before you….

      Believe me, I’d much rather live in an all-White land like Hungary or even Latvia, after visiting there a few years ago. And for that to happen for us, I need ‘four more years.’ Which means I am voting for Trump, and telling our children to vote for him, too. I’m still financing their education, after all…..

      This stance, then, is mine for more than a few reasons:

      1) With the worldwide COVIDscam lockdown against the USA, we are de facto ‘virtual prisoners’ in our own nation. Until we can blow the lid on the COVID LIES:



      And/or at least get out of here, it’s better to vote for the incumbent. Devil you know, rather than the ‘Kali the Destroyer’ you don’t…..

      2) Trump does seem to care for economic health. As a 60-plus person, I need to have someone willing to help businesses be rebuilt, to keep SSI solvent. As we had NO personal retirement venues when I entered the workforce, forty years ago, we were TOLD to put our trust in SSI. So I did.

      Yeah, tell me about it…https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicholasreimann/2020/08/24/social-security-fund-would-be-empty-by-2023-if-payroll-taxes-were-cut-actuary-estimates/#1c4950b1a3b2

      But can you imagine 65 MILLIONS of Americans who VOTED for Trump, sitting still while stupid Donald attempts to cut off their SS income? Even the Dems can read THAT political record! Don’t think that’s going to happen. At least, I’m counting on it…..

      3) The populace who votes for Trump is FAR BETTER a neighbor to trust in, than the Antifa/BLM thugs that are Biden’s shock troops, whom I DON’T want next door to me. Yes, we could have a police state under Trump, too- but I’m more willing to believe that of Kabala Ha’aretz the Whore, and Biden, the walking Corpse, than I am of Donald J.
      I mean, even the Socialist Party HATES Kabala! (even as they describe her as ‘right wing’ – Oh, Lord, the utter demonic insanity of such people!) https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/08/13/pers-a13.html

      4) The growing uncovering of all the EVIL that Jews have done, is making both Trump and the Kushners less willing to continue their scams.

      Who KNOWS what scams the Dems could do, if they had ultimate power?

      5. “Trump is going to have to get White people like Brad off the couch, which maybe more difficult than he thinks.”- Krafty

      Krafty, Miracles do happen…. LOL. And, believing that to be ‘most certainly true’ (a quote of M. Luther)
      I say, ‘DEATH TO THE JEW WORLD ORDER- Next year, a Christian Theocracy in every White Land!!’
      – I can dream, can’t I?

  3. A Republic No Longer

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can exist only until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.” – Alexander Tyler (1747-1813)

    These United States began as a democratic republic. Over time, they have devolved into a democracy albeit a republican democracy. Yes, there is a fundamental difference. Little wonder that some Americans, especially Euro-Caucasians and especially male Euro-Caucasians, no longer vote.

    Is there a remedy for this rot? Yes, a remedy based upon Science not personal opinion or abstract theory. It can be found in the recent (2018) novel, Retribution Fever. Do you have an alternative?

    • Scientism and Materialism are the answers? Isn’t getting away from basic principles and the lack of a moral base a major part of our current societal decay?

    • That Tyler quote is fake. It’s one of those things that gets cited in a multitude of places and repeated because it sounds good, but as soon as you start looking into it you find there is no actual source for it and no specific indication that anybody by that name said that. I know this because I did try to track it down some years back.

      If you can cite the specific book, pamphlet, speech, occasion, or whatever where he said or wrote it, please do. But I’m pretty sure you can’t, because it’s fake.

      The sentiment is vaild, and it can be repeated. Just don’t present it as a quote, because it’s fake. There’s enough lying going on already.

  4. All the qtards and trumpers are flipping the fragg out over a possible Biden presidency. I dunno why If Biden wins you are basically just getting Blumpf lite anyway same recipe same shitty neo liberal/conservative taste

    Best case scenario with biden race riots and blm looting and protesting dies down from the victory of the lefts win. A alternative delusional scenario is his former pro white self from the 70’s early 80’s gets rescued from Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown to time travel back with the deloran and explain to young racist pro white amnat Biden the confusing and cursed clown world we live in. Worst case scenario with Biden, he turns down the presidency after winning it offers it to camel toe harris and she kills every whitey with blm and antifas help and rules as the queen mulattoess of the united states of wakanda… A bonus to this is all the grifters and fuentes gets the bullet too lol jk

    • You don’t get Trump-lite with a Biden victory. You get Obama version 2.0 with Kamala Harris, AOC, Bernie Sanders and BLM in charge.

      If you think it ‘doesn’t matter’ if those elements are in your charge of your life, then you’re nuts. You have more hatred for people on the right than people on the left. A clear sign of Richard Spencer indoctrination.

      Richard Spencer doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you. The clown literally thinks he’s revolutionary with his tweeting and feminized pod-casts. He thinks he’s a contemporary Nietzsche, an elite who lords over all the ignorant little people. The ‘little people’ being you.

        • DJT’s success in the Near East, such as it is, will have no effect upon his chances for reelection. The Left hates him relentlessly and doesn’t care if he cures cancer tomorrow and builds a hydrogen fusion reactor the next day. They are fundamentally irrational and are motivated by a racial hatred of White Christians. There can be no compromise with such people.

          Trumptards will turn out enthusiastically for their guy no matter what depredations against White people he commits either. DJT has objectively failed to build more than about 300 miles of the southern wall. His hit or miss policies against immigration and refugee rackets and turning loose thousands of black criminals to commit more crimes while the power of the State is brought down like a hammer on White advocates means nothing to them. They are equally irrational although decent, gullible people. The group in the middle may vote for DJT because of justified fear of raging black mobs which is now Trump’s strategy: The other guy is worse.

          If Trump gets reelected it will be interesting to see if he attacks Iran. The U.S. Government, at the behest of its owners has been setting off alarm bells recently claiming that Iran is weeks/months/days (perhaps seconds?) from getting nuclear weapons and must be stopped. Since sanctions haven’t worked there is only one thing left, the big stick. If reelected there will be nothing left to hold him back; he will be like the little dog on the old RCA 10 inch records hearing His Master’s Voice to attack.

          If Trump loses the results will be the same. He will be like the little dog on the old RCA 10 inch records hearing His Master’s Voice to attack.

      • Thats not true gryphon. I don’t hate the right more then the left I just see the Trumps lies and the grift cult for what it is. Qtards isn’t that much of divisive remark considering how committed they are to believing in blumpf lies and according to gop zog inc they don’t even belong in Trumps party either and they are his biggest die hard supporter ffs! Think about that for a second

        In fact I’m a right centrist, have been for the last 10 years basically not much has changed for me politics wise. I’m very Right on some issues and very left on others I’m pro white but I’m not a natsoc. I don’t know Spencers true intentions but the riding with biden thing makes sense for all of the gop and trumps betrayals. Spencer is just fishing with the Biden nomination he wants to see if the left have any kindness in there black hearts (FYI they don’t) I know but he’s just doing it to see their hypocritical reaction I think and ultimately to get confirmation that neither party will accept him

  5. The US Presidential Election is just like a WWE match – the outcome has already been decided before the match even begins.

    • The only difference between national politics and WWE is that the politics gets written up in the papers. As a youth, I searched the sports pages in vain for coverage of the “professional wrestling” match I saw on TeeVee.

    • The U.S. is like the RMS Titanic after hitting the iceberg. It may sink somewhat slower or faster whether it’s Trump or Camel Toe Harris at the wheel but down it’s going. Whatever choices are available, one of them is no longer not hitting the iceberg, we are well past that point.

      The real RMS Titanic sank in the year 1912.

      • WWE wrestling is actually entertaining though… Old school WWF and WCW was the best tho real childhood nostalgic feel for me. Some Japanese wrestling is really entertaining too

  6. Hunter Wallace, you could become the Tucker Carlson of the online right with your talents but you insist in staying under the wings of the anti-Trump Richard Spencer side of the “alt right” , “dissident right”, “far right”, or whatever you want to call it.

    Again and again you blame Trump for what his enemies are doing. Are you angry that you think you have been removed from having a loud voice in the Trump movement on your terms? Charlottesville was a mistake, who honestly thought chanting “Jews will not replace us” would be good optics? It’s not even entirely true, for every Jew ‘trying to replace us’ I guarantee you I can find 3 White people who assist and help plan our replacement. Just look at who runs the tech industry, the Washington Post is the most anti-White newspaper in history and it’s owned by a White man…Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, who by the way funds all kinds of anti-White initiatives.

    Going back to Charlottesville, public activism in the name of White identity politics was sure to end in disaster. Anyone who would of predicted otherwise should not be in charge of anything.
    The motto of this site is “nationalism, populism, reaction”. You won’t even acknowledge any credit to Trump for his small victories, you only exploit his obstacles and list them as failures.

    Richard Spencer dismissed Trump and become fully anti-Trump after only one month Trump was elected and has been ever since. The problem with the Richard Spencer part of the movement is they have no patience, they said the wall was never going to be built, yet hundreds of miles of wall have gone up. Not as fast as we wanted but it’s happening. It took Trump 4 years, but he finally banned critical race theory from the federal government, can you imagine another president doing that? He has defended confederate statues, not as quickly as we would have liked but he defended them. It took Trump awhile but his secretary of state just announced that we are pulling out all troops of Afghanistan in 2021. You have no patience, you just assume the worst of Trump, expect the worst, and don’t have the patience to wait for his actions.

    You can follow in the foot steps of Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer and continue to be anti-Trump or you can do what every other sane nationalist is doing and casting their vote for President Trump. It’s not too late to change your mind, nobody will think less of you for changing your mind except the Richard Spencer crowd. As someone else noted, all the future leaders of the far right are wearing MAGA hats right now. Your problem is you don’t know what potential looks like, you just assume failure, and won’t be satisfied until you’ve convinced everyone on this site that the United States will enter a civil war.

    • Trump and the GOP had 2 years when they controlled House, Senate, Supreme court and White House. They could’ve brought the troops home, built the wall, ended immigration, deported the illegals, overturned Roe vs Wade, smashed BLM/Antifa, prosecuted Clinton/Comey/Clapper/Brennan…

      What did they do, again?

      • You’re repeating Richard Spencer arguments. You only focus on Trump’s failures or delays and don’t focus on the small victories or victories-in-progress.

        I’ve heard it all before. Like it or not, not voting for Trump or encouraging others not to vote to Trump is a vote for Harris / Biden.

        Swallow the sanity pill and ask yourself if you want to live in an America run by AOC, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and BLM. If the answer is no, then you have to vote for Trump. Stop living in fantasies about civil war / race war. Not going to happen. Swallow the sanity pill.

        • Nice way to deflect answering the direct question “What did they do, again?”

          Deeply retarded to think every apathetic voter has fallen under the sinister spell of Richard Spencer.

          • Who here gives a shart for Little Lord Fondleroy’s views? Talk about emptyheaded strawmanning! Spencer is a non-entity, Trumptards, m’kay?

    • Blompf promised a 2000-mile wall. That was scaled back to 450 miles by the end of 2020. Right now, I believe he’s at 217. Remember how he promised to drain the swamp? He had an opportunity during the gov’t shutdown. Under the gov’t’s own rules, if a shutdown lasts longer than 30 days, the president can layoff or fire anyone. Instead, he mysteriously gave in to the Dems a week later after receiving nothing in return. Blompf is also implementing the US CofC program of letting in more foreign workers than ever, but legally, which is a two-fer: fewer jobs for Americans, and lower pay in the jobs that remain. People unashamed to be White have been persecuted by his DOJ, while he panders for minority votes. I could go on and on, but the proof that the Potatus has betrayed us on every front is extremely obvious.

      Trumptards are like the abused wife, grateful that they weren’t hit today, or weren’t smacked around as hard this time. Even though they’ve been lied to over and over, they keep coming back for more.

    • Why are you so concerned about whether Trump gets Hunter’s one vote or not?

      So grabbed by the pussy by Mr. Orange-Aid that you can’t stand anyone not genuflecting before him?

    • @Gryphon Alinor, go back to your zio-conservative think tank on J Street. Using Richard Spencer as a whipping boy doesn’t sell here, as I highly doubt anyone who reads or comments on OD consider Spencer their leader.

      Here’s the thing that you can’t get through your MIGAtard kippah wearing head is that as crappy as Spencer is, he’s heads and tails above your hero DJT and anyone else in the Kushner administration.

      It was only a matter of time before kosherative, inc. sent an judas goat in an attempt to lead dissident Whites into Israel First’ party of the talmudic combine. One would have thought that the Mossad/Likud op would have more effort in trying to reelect King Cyrus II.

      By the way, what’s the going rate of 30 pieces of silver in Tel Aviv?

    • Every other “sane nationalist” is disavowing Trump. Only the black pilled and the delusional are voting for Trump sincerely. Maybe people who are doing it as some form of accelerationism as well.

      For someone taking a principled, public stance though, supporting Trump at this stage in the game is the losing move. You’ve been listening too much to that loser Fuentes and Beardson and are absorbing their talking points. None of this is about “following the footsteps of Spencer” and has nothing to do with the inside hit job that was Charlottesville.

      If you have any ears that can still hear, turn off Amnat propaganda and start listening sincerely to those they tell you to mock. Trump is a kike shill who has done nothing and will do nothing to benefit White Americans. That is directly in our hands now as we were doing back in 2014/2015 when Fuentes was still wearing pampers.

      Don’t be that guy who comes back 5 years from now and says “Yeah you guys were right”. Educate yourself while you still have the ease of access. Who knows when the censors come from Occidental Dissent, or Keith Woods, or Borzoi, or Thamster or whatever. There are so many intelligent people out there putting out intelligent critiques that you’re missing out on because you don’t want two midgets to laugh at you and call you “cringe”.

      • @November & Outlander

        Typical incel arguments. The rest of us have to work, vote, and live life. Sitting in your basement, playing video games, 4-Chan posting, and waiting for a civil war / social collapse to occur is no way to go through life son.

        You can make fun of Nick Fuentes all you want, at least he’s not voting a straight democratic ticket and ridin’ with Biden’ like Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer.

        All you guys have is mockery and memes. Every sane nationalist, i.e. nationalists outside the old alt right sphere, thinks Spencer is a clown.

        You insist that I will be proven wrong. Nope. Every future far right leader is wearing a MAGA hat right now. You people live in a Spencer echo chamber, you only listen to each other.

        • “Every future far right leader is wearing a MAGA hat right now.”

          Bahahahaha, what a delusional fag you are. Fuentes, who is a virgin with a high-pitched voice that any woman over 5’6″ could knock out with one punch, peaked about a year ago and it’s been all downhill from there. Trump still tweets Charlie Kirk. The Groypers accomplished nothing.

          • I’m talking about children. A “fag”? How old are you? Are you grown up an who calls people “fags” for disagreeing with you?

            You’re not right just because you brought up Charlie Kirk…

          • “America First ” and the incel army of “Nickers” are being corralled by a Fiipina married to an Ashkenazi jew.

            Fuentes has been compromised by his no so hidden homosexuality by Milo. Patrick Casey and Fuentes are superchat shekel gobbling AmNat grifters.

            Sorry dude, but the only thing Nick and company will be leading are “Pride parades” riding in the Grand Marshal’s car with Milo and Alexander Ali.

    • There was some good that came out of c’viie. Our puppies needed to learn this is no novelty, this is no joke. It quite ably demonstrated our lack of strong leadership our lack of planning and cooperation.our infighting , there will be a next time, hopefully we learned from the last time.

  7. One reason I support Trump is that we have to win over more normies and neutrals if we hope to have ultimate success. I think the only way that might happen is for them to see the Left keep on expressing its uncontrolled hatred and violence. Another term of Trump will accomplish that objective.

    • it applies the lotion,

      or it gets the punishment.

      U silly cuck:

      we need the Republican pty to die,


    • Vote for Trump if you live in a swing state, but vote for a right-wing 3rd party candidate if you live in a deep blue or deep red state.

      The best way to get the establishment to show its true colors if for Trump to win the electoral college while losing the popular vote.

    • I agree. Maybe he’s not doing us much good directly, but he sure is making the other side’s blood boil, which could help us in the long run. If Biden wins, his opponents will shut up and accept it. If Trump wins, his enemies will cry and rage. That’s enough for me.

    • Trump prevents us from winning over normies. Why would whites come to our side when they believe (incorrectly) that they have Trump fighting and “winning” for them? Our growth was huge between 2012 and 2016, then completely stagnated and even reversed under Trump.

  8. Does antifa have nukes? Does antifa have WMDs? If so, would a false flag terror attack blamed on white nationalists damage Trump? Homeland Security has already come out and said the obvious lie, that there is no greater terror threat to America than whites nationalists. That statement was meant to prepare, to ready the mind for a future planned event.What is there plan? Blaming whites for antifa terror attack?

    • Antifa reports to the highest level of the international banker’s cartel. Yes, they have nukes available and WMD’s. Maybe this is what is coming.

    • @ Robert Browning- yep-great point/comment….historically,before a people are wiped out via genocide, first they must be dehumanized….

      so , blaming a nuclear attack or other WMD attack on white nationalists will be the next obvious step in ZOGs destruction of whites in America.

  9. So called “conservatives” in New Hampshire nominated a tranny, satanist, cop-hating freak for sheriff because it had a “R” by it’s name. Sadly, this is what too many of our people have been reduced to. We want nothing to do with republicans or democrats. May not even watch the election returns, we’ll wait until Wednesday.

    With any luck, Biden will win and give us time to groom a respectible candidate who may reward our votes with at least 1 (one) policy that serves our interests for 2024.

  10. “I don’t care who wins. I’m just ready for it to be over” – But it won’t be over, especially if Biden wins which is essentially a Harris presidency. Oh sure, if Trump wins, the riots and lunacy will continue. However, a Biden win will be seen by the democrats as a “mandate” and they will further ramp up their antics. It will be payback time for all conservatives and Trump voters. “White supremacy” will be viewed as the ultimate evil on the planet, and we will likely experience our own pogroms.

    Trump, with all his faults, will at least buy us a little more time and allow Antifa and BLM to further drive ‘normies’ to our side. Four more years of Trump will further divide the nation, and drive Heritage Americans (whites) to finally realize that the importance of race and culture can no longer be denied.

    • Drumpf doesn’t “buy us time”:

      he has already set Whites and the Right back 4 years.

    • I agree. I’m disappointed myself, but I’ll vote for him partly because he has tried to do some things, and partly because of the absolute revulsion biden and harris arose in me. As for riots after Trump wins, Which the dems are promising now, we’d probably get worse riots with those two commies in power. And anyway, threats don’t work on me.

    • Ambrose Kane, As much as I want Whites to wake up, I think only a handful more will wake up if Trump is reelected. We’ve been targeted for destruction for years, yet many Whites still believe that diversity is natural and good. It’s my opinion that most Whites are gone and we will never get them on our side. We have to work towards a solution with the Whites who are already with us.

      • Then the only solution is Orania type settlements, which an intact US government will never allow. So that leaves you with waiting for a collapse, or exiting the country.

        • Powell, you don’t see self-organizing as a possibility? Just don’t make it obvious that we’ll be organizing Oranias. Even blacks buying land in Georgia specifically for a blacks-only town (“We can have Wakanda,” they actually said) felt the need to CYA by adding they would have room for “pro-black” people.

  11. A Trump administration is objectively still the lesser evil here.

    In point of fact, it is simply not true that a Trump administration and a Biden administration would be the same.

    People should support Trump reluctantly and with qualifications.

  12. I’m mulling voting for Trump as president and then down ballot voting Democrat.

    Trump radicalizes the left and if both Chambers of Congress are held by the Democrats, itll trigger the right.

    It’s the civil war vote strategy.

  13. The left, the left, the left… they’ll go crazy, the left. Does it look like “the left” gives a rats what we, or so called normies think? There are no normies left. It’s Trump or anti-Trump. Instead of strategizing about what “the left” is doing, why doesn’t the GOP strategize? Why don’t we?

    He’s the Trojan Horse that unleashed antifa, BLM, tranny book reading time, Israel all day, corporate grifting & everything else that was somewhat under wraps before he was elected. He’s lost the support of Spencer and his people and White suburban women. Who was he pandering to yesterday to replace them? Latino’s for Trump. He retweeted that he was the most pro-gay POTUS ever.

    The good news for trumpers is that he will always show up in full make-up to entertain crowds. And of course there’s always tweets for dessert.

    • You’re repeating Richard Spencer arguments that Trump is the cause of all this. Did you forget that Obama set all this in motion? Trump cares about national identity, not globo-homo. I don’t think he actually cares about globo-homo enough to address it face it on yet. He has had small victories banning transgenderism in the military which is a signal that he isn’t on board with globo-homo.

      Stop blaming Trump for what the left is causing. Trump is not a “trojan horse” or closet cultural marxist. That’s absurd.

      Speaking of Richard ‘the clown Spencer, when was the last time Spencer blamed anything on Obama. It seems like everything is Trump’s fault. The only times I hear Spencer refer to Obama is in a positive light; talking about Obama’s ‘Gen-X appeal’.

      Richard Spencer is a weak man who wants to be ruled by others, even if those rulers silence and persecute his allies. Say what you want about Trump, at least he wasn’t intrusive like Obama was. All Obama ever wanted to do was be intrusive in the lives of middle America.

      I would like to hear Trump’s critics on the right blame Obama once in a while. They don’t. Because they take their talking points from Spencer, who is a Marxist clown. Obama caused severe damage to our country and the world, extremely severe. We’re still seeing the effects of it. Not just in an executive sense but also in a philosophical sense.

      • “Trump cares about national identity, not globo-homo.”

        Trump’s idea of “national identity” is nominally-American multinational corporations having higher market cap than nominally-European multinational corporations. That’s the extent of it. MAGA stands for Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon, remember? It’s sportsball-tier “my team better than your team” patriotardism that actually equates American national identity with US based stock exchanges. It actually reduces American national identity to globohomo.

    • ‘He’s the Trojan Horse that unleashed antifa, BLM, tranny book reading time, Israel all day, corporate grifting & everything else that was somewhat under wraps before he was elected.”

      Yeah, this “coup” we’ve seen is about the Jews having their cake and eat it too. Trump lets the cultural Left push us around while the Zionists get everything. But the GOP voters are convinced he’s doing the best he can.

  14. Can you really have a military with nukes with blacks, browns and Jews stacked in control positions re the warheads?

    • A truly frightening thought. The good news, such as it is is that nuclear weapons require sophisticated, high tech maintenance because the tritium in the devices decays over time (it’s a beta emitter) and must be periodically replenished, something beyond the scope of the colored people in the military. Tritium has a half life of about 12 years unlike Plutonium with its half life of about 24,000 years making it dangerous to handle. Also, the constant neutron bombardment of the plutonium triggers for the thermo-nuclear devices also causes deterioration of components and thus more required maintenance.

      Nuclear weapons are a White and Asian thing although loose nukes, even if no longer functioning as weapons in the hands of Jontavius, Shaneequa or Manuel are not a comforting thought.

  15. I’m going to make a bold prediction…

    If Trump wins, he’ll wait a few years before starting a war with Iran, probably after the Chinese have established a military presence there (being the stable genius that he is)…

    If he loses, Bibi and Jewvanka will scream “MIGA!” as he orders the attack, right after SCOTUS declares senile ole Joe’ prez …

    So, voting will be important, it’s choice between WW3 in 3 years (if Trump wins a second term) or 3 months (if Trump becomes a lame duck)

    Read Glubb Pasha, Empires always rise due to internal factors, and fall due to external factors. The Murican Superpower is one good beat down away from defeat, dismemberment and ruin.

    Black swans are right there, flying along the horizon.

    • Biden has also been a longstanding, reliable servant of Israel. Regarding a war on Iran, it doesn’t matter which one gets in. Trump is building a coalition of the willing with the Arab states that are recognizing Israel. If Biden gets in, he will build on what Trump has done. You can be sure that the US embassy will not be moved back to Tel Aviv or Trump Heights be abandoned.

  16. Yes very good points. The Conservatives / Republicans will never do anything for White Christian Society. Those who keep voting for the Lesser of 2 evils are a huge part of the problem. Why keep doing that? What really changed under Trump? The Democrats have become the most left wing and racist against White People ever. What was Republican / Trump response? Nothing. Just posting a Tweet on Twitter. It’s all talk. The Republican Party and Fox News make it like the Conservatives / Republicans / Trump are on our side now….nope not gonna happen. It’s all talk. The Third Party candidates running for President are nothing but a joke. Stuck on muh Constitution all the time both Constitution Party and Libertarians. Those candidates offer us nothing and have zero solutions for the problems of now. This isn’t the 1700s. Nobody cares about muh Constitution when a bunch of Anarchists, Black Racists, and White Liberals are burning your city down, looting the stores, destroying your monuments, and other extreme forms of Violent Terrorism. Trump did nothing about it. The 3rd party candidates think muh Constitution will save us. We have no other choice really than skip the election and every single election until we have White Nationalists running that we can support. Deo Vindice !

  17. I would say the first thing needed by racists—I mean pro-whites—I mean White Nationalists—is a proper calendar. Okay–we’re at the unfortunately-narrow limits of my scholarship; but as I understand things, the earliest recorded event in the history of Europe would be–what is it?–July 1, 776 BC, or something like that. That’s the start of the first Olympiad. There are all kinds of complications, because calendars of various peoples and polities started the year on different dates; but until a scholar weighs in, let’s say January 1, 776 BC, marks the beginning of the chronicle of the European people, which is to say, the chronicle in which we’re interested. It would be nice, for the sake of completeness, if we could start with the Big Bang, but that’s probably out of the question.

    So–there’s no year-zero, I am told, between 1 BC and AD 1. That means, unless I’m completely misunderstanding, that January 1, AD 1, is January 1, Year 777, if we take January 1, 776 BC as January 1, Year 1. That’s good: 777 is easy to remember, if we want to say “777 is the first year of the Christian calendar in the European calendar.” That’s what we’ll call the calendar I recommend using: the European calendar.

    Now–how will you know whether the use of this “European calendar,” with the concomitant disuse of the Christian calendar, is a good idea? Just watch the Jews: If they ridicule, criticize, or disparage it—or even if they merely try to ignore it to death—then it’s a good idea. If one of them tries to outsmart you by embracing it, i.e., by saying it’s a good idea, then it’s also a good idea. In short: It’s a good idea.

    We need an abbreviation, which could be in English, for the sake of simplicity; in Latin, as in “Anno Domini–A.D.,” for the sake of tradition; or in Greek, for the sake of reverence. I’ve settled on Latin, since it yields–more or less–“A.E.,” which is easy to remember and is distinct from other abbreviations of which I’m aware—“A.D.,” “B.C.E.,” “A.H.”

    So, “A.E.”–“Annalibus Europae,” “In the annals of Europe.” I’ve chosen that hopefully-legit Latin form so that the abbreviation may be placed AFTER the year number (as opposed to “A.D.,” “In the year of the Lord,” which is properly placed BEFORE the year number.

    1 AE — Start of the European calendar (776 BC by the Christian calendar)

    24 AE – Founding of Rome (753 BC by the Christian calendar)

    777 AE – Ascribed year of birth of Jesus (AD 1 by the Christian calendar)

    1576 AE – Crowning of Charlemagne as Emperor of the Romans (AD 800 by the Christian calendar)

    2552 AE – British colonies on mainland North America declare their independence (AD 1776)

    Well–hope I’ve done that arithmetic right, i.e., that that No-Year-Zero thing hasn’t confounded me. For “AD” years, if I have it right, you just add 776. That’s why AD 1776, the American Revolution = 2552 AE (=776 + 1776).

    Let’s see, that means today, which is September 14, AD 2020, is September 14, 2796 AE.

    History starts with the history of your people, whom you wish to restore.

    Have to run, so don’t have time to proofread this. Hope it’s clear enough.

    • Great post sir “history starts with the history of your people whom you wish to restore” absolute truth, for those of us who know who we are, our history begins with adam, the man with the ruddy complexion.

      • One day, maybe, white dates that go farther back in time than the first Olympiad and that mark events that occurred someplace other than Europe will be fixed. Should they be, then the European Calendar I recommend can be supplanted by whatever calendar those dates might enable us to assemble. We start with what we have.

        Anyway–glad the post pleased you.

  18. America exists in twilight between the sun of our achievement and the darkness of our decay. We maybe unable to go back into the sunlight, but we should not willing go further into the night. That is what we would be doing if we ignored voting in this election. As others have noted, all the major institutions of the country are in the hands of our enemies. The only point of purchase we have on the system is our votes. Even if Trump provided just a breathing space, it would be worth working for his victory. Also any resulting violence by the left would work to our good by further delegitimizing them among our fellow whites.

  19. There is no better time to severely damage the two party system than in November. Regardless of your principled stance either Biden or Trump will be the next president. With a Biden presidency we return to the slow-burn status quo we’ve known most of our lives. With Trump, there is opportunity.

    Reelection means the radical Left, having been twice denied (Bernie) in favor of the standard-bearer, will attack the old guard controlling the Democratic Party. The billionaires backing the old guard aren’t about to bankroll the vulgarians, despite currently pandering to them for the vote. This will become evident and cause a serious split in who Leftists support in 2024.

    Meanwhile, the old guard Republicans will struggle to maintain control of the party and get further exposed (think Chamber of Commerce endorsing Democrats). The Nikki Haley wing will rise up in 2024 against whoever the Trump wing supports. It won’t be pretty, and the old party trick of ignoring the populist will fail.

    These splits within the two parties must happen if there is ever a chance to secure representation, even as a minority party in a political landscape made of many. Chaos, in this circumstance, is needed.

    • “Abstention is a vote for a maoist dictatorship. You are in fact voting communist”:

      Don’t listen to Epoch Times and Fox News! Fear not. There will never be a Mao and no Cultural Revolution, such as saved China from its century of humiliation, and restored its (Confucian) morality and work ethic putting it on the road to becoming the world’s largest and arguably most advanced economy.

      Instead of MAO, we. will only get more MACAO (as in the formerly-Portuguese gambling-and-brothel mecca) immortalizing influence. Americans will never be allowed to elect real socialism. Fear not. You CANNOT vote communist.

  20. Campaign Don v. Current Don – you can’t even begin to compare the 2 – “Golden words he will pour in your ear/ But his lies can’t disguise what you fear” – Shirley Bassey might as well have been singing about Blormpf.

  21. Unless you have some tactical reason to vote for Trump (such as believing it will descend the country into a Civil War started by the Left) you’re not a serious guy if you’re voting for Trump.

    It wasn’t too long ago when Boomercons in Texas were playing with the idea of Secession under Obama. Now they can’t be more comfy under Trump as Texas turn bluer and bluer.

    The only way to wake conservatives up is to let the Left stamp their boot on their throat. History showed us that in Spain and Germany, why not learn from history instead of giving into fear? Let the Conservatives blink first.

  22. Yeah you know, I don’t like everything Trump does or anything, but we need to blow the democrats out of the water with a landslide or it’s gonna be a huge fucking problem for us. Trump can bridge the gap to 2024, if biden wins it’s fucking over for us.

    Trump victory also means total demoralization for our enemies, which is a good thing. And if they try a coup it’ll be a huge overreach. You’re too caught up in your argument and your big brain shit. Lizard brain this election, let the cards fall where they will.

    • 2024 – 2028 – who fucking cares – TX and FL will go Blue within 10 years and then nothing matters. White broads are not breeding any more(Thanks, jews!) to offset the Mex and Colored gals that breed like rats and if the White broad does crap a few out it is with some Black buck. It’s always “We’ll get ’em next time, boys” – the mantra of losers -with the milqetoast “Conservatives”. You can’t vote your way out of this mess, Whitey.

  23. HW please worry about sand bagging your home from this storm!!!!!!!!
    Take a break from metaphysical western philosophic lamenting!!!!!!

    Nature dose not ForGive!!!!

  24. These people admit that their implicitly white paleocon republican party has no future, but still vote GOP regardless.

    It makes no sense. It’s making the decision to go down with the ship, except they aren’t even the captain. They’re slaves down in the bilge.

  25. The “worthy of re-election” commander-in-chief’s B-52 long-range strategic bombers are flying along the Russian border with Ukraine, a short distance from Moscow, getting the Russians and the world used to the idea of having B-52s fly by “harmlessly,” before the planes begin actually carrying nuclear bombs: https://southfront.org/u-s-b-52h-strategic-bombers-fly-over-ukraine-again-as-lukashenko-and-putin-meet-in-sochi/ …just one reason, one of hundreds or thousands but sufficient in itself, why I am not voting for Trump-Pence or for the candidates of OTHER right wing of the U.S.’s one-party system.

    • DJT’s success in the Near East, such as it is, will have no effect upon his chances for reelection. The Left hates him relentlessly and doesn’t care if he cures cancer tomorrow and builds a hydrogen fusion reactor the next day. They are fundamentally irrational and are motivated by a racial hatred of White Christians. There can be no compromise with such people.

      Trumptards will turn out enthusiastically for their guy no matter what depredations against White people he commits either. DJT has objectively failed to build more than about 300 miles of the southern wall. His hit or miss policies against immigration and refugee rackets and turning loose thousands of black criminals to commit more crimes while the power of the State is brought down like a hammer on White advocates means nothing to them. They are equally irrational although decent, gullible people. The group in the middle may vote for DJT because of justified fear of raging black mobs which is now Trump’s strategy: The other guy is worse.

      If Trump gets reelected it will be interesting to see if he attacks Iran. The U.S. Government, at the behest of its owners has been setting off alarm bells recently claiming that Iran is weeks/months/days (perhaps seconds?) from getting nuclear weapons and must be stopped. Since sanctions haven’t worked there is only one thing left, the big stick. If reelected there will be nothing left to hold him back; he will be like the little dog on the old RCA 10 inch records hearing His Master’s Voice telling him to attack.

      If Trump loses the results will be the same. He will be like the little dog on the old RCA 10 inch records hearing His Master’s Voice telling him to attack.

  26. What do people on this site have against Nick Fuentes anyway? Nick Fuentes and Tucker Carlson have the right idea. So does Red Ice and Lana Lokteff. All of whom are far more a reflection of the European far right.

    They are all logical, presentable, not divisive, witty, and most importantly: sane.

    • What I assume you’re referring to as the “European far right” is actually the European center-right and is entirely American neocon astroturf in service of American/Jewish interests in Europe. These would be, for example, the “far right” parties in Poland or Hungary, that sell their long-term sovereignty to the American empire in exchange for very short term token gestures like fake Catholic “nationalist” rallies or whatever (while liberalism continues to be spread in their countries). The real far right like Golden Dawn is relentlessly persecuted and not at all similar to neocons like Fuentes, the clowns at red ice, or the American bootlickers in Poland or Hungary.

      • Please explain how Red Ice and Lana Lokteff are “clowns”. Are they not “extreme” enough for you? I don’t get it. What is your idea of a ‘true’ nationalist? Billy Roper?

        You and I are not part of the same movement.

    • Right… bc blocking and calling people “wignats” for wanting off the MAAWGA TWAIN isn’t divisive?

      Nick the Spic is a bratty trust fund kid who throws tantrums. That’s why we dump on him.

      • It makes you look immature attacking Nick Fuentes’ age. Yeah, he’s just a kid, but he has more common sense and brains than most people in the “movement”. Not to mention a larger following.

  27. Trump is the great buggy man who incites the left- they absolutely hate him. That’s good enough to get my vote. Besides, I need a few more years in my personal life to prepare for what’s coming. Let me explain, once the Dem’s take control again they won’t relinquish it due to demographic change and ethnic voting patterns. Without that threat of a shift of power the more radical elements will permanently be in control of the permanent ruling party and all that entails. I have little children and need more time tp prepare (move close to like-minded friends, land, etc…), that’s why I’m voting for Trump….

    • Sorry mister stetson you dont have a few more years to get ready, none of us do, we have no promise of tommorow, mentally prepare today!

  28. It boils down to critical race theory.

    President Trump issued an EO and directed the OMB to stop these anti-White struggle sessions at federal agencies.

    With Biden they will be continued and radically expanded.

    At the state level higher education institution I am employeed by they are planning future MONTHLY indoctrination sessions. ‘The bearings will continue until morale improves!’ What a massive waste of dozens of hours of time.

    The God Emperor is fighting against this and has my vote based solely on this one issue!

    P.S. Trump is also good on economic protectionism and tariffs!

    • @Jeff…

      Yes, and Trump is also very very good for tone, and, even more importantly, for having exposed the United States’ Government for the lawless tyranny that it is, and who is doing what.

      Trump has also appointed the best group of judges in many many decades, and, as well, he has thumbed his nose repeated at NATO and the UN.

      Too, his tenure has provided a wind of support for the pro-White, pro-Christian, and pro-tradition governments of Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

      The list is not complete, but, he’s a much better president than we’ve had in a very long time, disappointments nothwithstanding.

  29. Interesting, relevant material here https://www.newcoldwar.org/american-revolution-the-black-hole-of-american-electioneering-and-the-lessons-china-must-draw/
    on why the U.S./American system is IMMUNE to change from within. Americans cannot change the system. ELECTIONS AND PROTESTS MAKE NO DIFFERENCE:

    “I believe that there will not be an insurrection in the U.S. because there is no power in the U.S. that can overturn or transform the American system. The American system is too powerful, it can already change the meaning of words: turning ‘revolution’ into reforms hemmed in by the limits of the electoral system. This is indeed an extraordinarily powerful system. Only an enormous outside pressure can cause the United States to change (…) Why Can’t America Criticize Its Own System? Apart from ’empowering’ people, giving them the fantastic illusion of grasping political power and being able to influence it, the American electoral system is also importantly related to the system’s construction of an American person’s identity (…) the United States is an multi-national country, assimilating many people from different ethnicities, nationalities, cultures, and societies. To bind these people together, a country cannot rely on blood ties, shared ethnicity, or shared culture, but instead on shared political values—the approval of the Constitution of the United States, and the approval of the foundational political values of the United States. Political values and the American system: these two formulate the ‘national identity’ of the United States. Disavowing the American system is tantamount to disavowing the American national identity, necessarily meaning being anti-American. Every civilization must construct its own foundations for national identity. The national identities of European countries lay upon race, blood, and land, and, after, language and culture. Denying one’s race, blood, land, and language is to go against one’s own national character, and is hardly acceptable. China is also multi-national, its national identity based more on culture and language; one able to integrate into the Chinese nation is one who can be accepted. Land is secondary, and ethnicity and blood ties may also be factors. But in summary, the inclusiveness of the Chinese people is quite potent, with ethnicity, blood ties, and other such factors relatively weak considerations. From the point-of-view of Chinese people, disavowing Chinese culture, history, tradition, or the perception of China’s territory and borders, is what it takes to disavow or be disloyal to China. From the standpoint of the United States, ethnicity, blood, land, language, culture, and history are not key factors; only political values are. To disavow the American system is to disavow the American ‘nation.’ From the standpoint of any nationality, for one to deny their own national character is very much unacceptable, no matter if it is Europe, China, or the United States. The distinction from Europe and China is that the American nationality is built on the foundation of a political system and values….”

    More: “As one can see, the separation of powers and electoral system in the United States has created a perfect ‘cognitive trap’ — people believe that this system can endlessly empower individuals and provide limitless potential and possibilities, that it can change anything. (But) this system is in fact like a black hole, taking all the potential and sucking it in and dispelling it — even if it means there will be no changes in reality (…) Americans honestly believe that the American system is exceptional, the best in the world. This is an earnest and steadfast faith (…) Criticizing the American system is a serious political error. It’s taboo. This is because it is anti-American, ‘unpatriotic,’ ‘un-American.’ It is a stance that doubts the very foundations of the United States. So when there is an elephant in the room in regards to the American system, everybody can see it but dare not speak up. I believe that the majority of people do not even see this elephant in the room because they have been so thoroughly brainwashed by the perfection of the American system. It is only a minority of people who can see this (…) In the United States, challenging and overthrowing the system is taboo. It is simply impossible. This is because the American system is considered sacred, perfect. It is only particular individuals who have problems, only particular problems that cannot be handled well. The system itself has no problems. Therefore, all actions can only be carried out within the purview of what the system allows. The only path is by election….”

  30. The Republican Party has always been dominated by rich businessmen. The Democrat Party has come to be dominated by well educated, well paid bi-coastal professionals. These disagree around the edges: the rich businessmen are less woke; the well paid professionals are less openly enthusiastic about cutting taxes for the rich. Nevertheless, both groups are indifferent to concerns and goals the rest of us feel strongly about.



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    • All you needed to say to convince me to vote for Biden was that if he were to win all the MIGApedes would cry. That’;s enough for me to vote for him.

        • They aren’t already? Anyhow, I’m bored and I want to see some action. Wasting away in a slowly self-destroying country surrounded by people who hate their race and their ethnicity for another four years doesn’t seem fun. Donny Dump won’t do anything except worry about the black unemployment number, his Hispanic approval rating, and Israel’s well being so I may as well elect the guy who will take all those people down with us.

          • Vote for Kamala, who hates you. Doesn’t make much sense. All of those things you mention were strategies for re-election, so they don’t necessarily apply to a 2nd term. None of us are happy about the Israel stuff, but they are going to get whatever they want either way. And Trump at least attacks the media, which no other President has ever done.

  31. How can anyone reward Trump with a vote after “The “Deal of the Century”? One part of the Kushner-Pompeo-Trump “Deal” is the formal rapprochement of the Persian Gulf oil monarchies states with Israel. Now the super-wealthy Emirati are even investing in the Israeli football team “Beitar Jerusalem,” whose fans engage in anti-Palestinian rampages and habitually chant at the games “Death to the Arabs!” One more example of how the love of money “trumps” ethnic and cultural solidarity!

  32. This article was posted on Amren.com and the comments there are horrifically boomerish. Nothing but Finklethink about “we have to keep the Demon Rats out!”

    Has anyone else noticed how the comments at Amren have gotten worse and worse over the years? It’s basically a place for braindead boomer Republicans and Asian supremacists. Now these retards are coming here.

  33. I don’t want Sec. 8 nigger resettlement coming anywhere near my cluster of white counties. That’s enough to vote for Trump and against Kamala, who will be your President if they win.

    • We had more non-Whites come into our community than I’ve ever seen when the bootlicking governor re-opened the state too early. Trump doesn’t care who comes into our communities as long as we stay away from Mar-A-Lago. We are “disgusting people” if you haven’t heard.

      I went to 3 Trump rallies, 2 before and 1 after the election. Don’t call this “Fake News” until you hear Trump deny it.

  34. I read a comment on AmRen that Hunter Wallace’s problem is he equates Trump with the Republican party, as if they are one in the same.

    I would like to bring up the latest tweets by Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer, who is by default the leader of the anti-Trump dissident right:

    “The Right is good at freaking out at advancing leftists who ‘hate America’ or ‘Western values’ or some such—at understanding every election as a ‘Flight 93’ crisis.” – Richard Spencer

    “But the Right is totally bereft of a vision; they can block and retreat but never advance. In the end, fortune favors the bold. I, for one, have little sympathy for conservatives as they get tossed in the dustbin.” – Richard Spencer

    Notice he blames nothing on the left? Richard just posted an article that said White babies = White supremacy. What is noticeable is that he didn’t comment on it. Is the article the fault of the right too?

    I get it. The anti-Trump crowd hates Trump allowance of globo-homo and Israel-acknowledgement. I’ll give you guys that Trump is a Zionist and is indifferent to globo-homo.

    Comparing these two attributes to what the left represents is like comparing a hand gun to a tank. The anti-Trump crowd take these two attributes to Trump and use it to discredit that on most issues he is holding the line against the left.

    Like it or not, not voting is a vote for Biden. Hunter Wallace, the people reading this article and being influenced by it would vote for Trump over Biden if they were forced to vote. Why? Because everyone with a brain cell knows if Biden wins, it won’t be Biden in charge, it would be Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Antifa in charge.

  35. Go vote for a liar that has done more damage to the country then Obama. Has his FBI saying “White” supremacists are the number one problem in the US. Goes out of his way for jews and Israel. Trump is worse than Obama for whites.

  36. Goals have to be achievable. Keeping America White isn’t achievable. It’s already lost. My goal is total revenge against corporations. I think that can be better achieved in the Democratic Party. It won’t be long until someone with a Sanders like platform wins. Therefore I plan to always vote straight ticket Democrat now. I couldn’t commit to this until Clinton was gone.

    Biden has a much better foreign policy record than Hillary Clinton did. He made one mistake – authorizing bush to invade Iraq, with the intention that Bush first consult UN inspections. It’s not a pattern of war mongering like with Clinton.

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