Most Americans Now Oppose “Racial Justice” Protests

This must be a bitter pill to swallow.

ABC News:

“NEW YORK — As the decision in Kentucky to bring charges against only one of three police officers involved in a raid that killed Breonna Taylor sparks renewed protests nationwide, a new survey finds support has fallen for demonstrations against systemic racism.

The poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that 44% of Americans disapprove of protests in response to police violence against Black Americans, while 39% approve. In June, 54% approved. The new survey was conducted Sept. 11-14, before Wednesday’s announcement that a lone Louisville police officer would be charged in the Taylor case, but not for her actual death. …

The new poll finds the recent shift in opinion is pronounced among white Americans and Republicans, whose views on police violence and racial inequity in policing look closer to the way they did in 2015 after the high-profile police killings of several Black men. Just 35% of white Americans approve of the protests now, while 50% disapprove. In June, 53% approved, while 34% disapproved.

Among Latinos, 31% approve, compared with 44% in June; 63% of Black Americans support the protests, down from 81%, with more now saying they neither approve nor disapprove. …”

This poll was taken before the two cops were shot last night in Louisville. Public opinion has done a 180 on the issue since June. It has begun to dawn on more non-blacks (Hispanic and Asian support for BLM has also plunged) that there is no limiting principle to “equity” and “antiracism.”

If racial gaps are proof that blacks are being oppressed by “systemic racism,” then it follows that Asians are oppressing them even more than Whites because the gaps are even greater. Hispanics are also oppressing them. The system itself is racist and illegitimate. “Equity” is achieved when a black thug or a White anarchist burns a down a Vietnamese restaurant in a riot in Minneapolis. The owner of the Vietnamese restaurant is reduced to their level through the destruction of their property.

How do you tell blacks that they are victims of “systemic racism” and walk that back once the polling turns and it becomes a liability for Democrats? Did they think this through?

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  1. I am glad to find that only 31% of Latins favor the “protests”. While it should be zero that is encouraging news. Assuming I read the article correctly we are the group most against the rioters.

    I personally know no Mexicans/Mexican-Americans to support the riots/protests. Then we have a general antipathy toward a certain segment of the population anyway.

    • @Cristina…

      Thank you for chiming in, Dear Christina.

      Those who are largely unfamiliar with Latin Culture will have their impressions largely formed by what they read and see of the barbaric violence that, in recent years, has been sweeping Latin lands.

      Thus, they cannot be blamed for falling into the reductionist thinking that, somehow, Latins are a chaotic lot, barely capable of the law, when, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

      My extensive experiences with Latins of every sort, not to mention your Mexican clan, have created the impression in me that, though there are some differing views, a hefty majority of Latins have little to no respect for hooliganism and riotous skullduggery.

      So, no, I am not surprised to find a majority of your blood do not support what is going on, and, yes, like you, I am a bit surprised to find that it is even 31%.

      That seems a little high to me.

      I know many many Mexicans throughout Eastern North Carolina and I cannot even think of of one who is sympathetic to this, or even, would consider participating in something like this.

      In fact, if one can speak Spanish well enough to ask, one will find out that the overweening reason why Latins are coming here, an, indeed, have been coming here, is to get away from precisely this sort of thing!

      My very best wishes to you and all The Durango-ites!

      • Ivan Turgenev,

        You definitely know how to deal with females. You are charming. Are you sure you are not part Latin?

        As I wrote to November I am sick with a cold. Texas weather is very changeable and I am in North Texas. Therefore I can browse and sleep today.

        Most violence in Mexico is between the Cartels versus other Cartels and the police and soldiers.

        Thank you for the sympathies for Durango. A wonderful place. The scorpion problem is less than before.

        • @Cristina….

          If you keep a bag of dried Elderberries, dried Rose Hips, and Dried Lemon Myrtle leaves, raisins, and a jar of local honey in the pantry, you will never again suffer from a cold and only in the rarest of instances a flu.

          My wife and I have used this to incredible effect over the last 30 years, and it is what got me through the Corona virus this winter.

          When, or if, you get your supply, let me know and I’ll give you our ancient Russian Babushka formula to chase the virules away – that a tea which is also quite delicious to taste.

          Yes, I am well familiar with scorpions, this because during my time in the service I did quite a bit of work in the desert. Lamentably, I have even suffered the unpleasant fate to awaken and realize a tarantula was crawling over me!

          Thank you, Dear Lady, for your kind comments. No, I am not one drop Latin blood, but, rather Hungarian and English.

          That said, I speak your language coming and going, and, as you have observed, I am very very much at home in the old hacienda honour culture of Mexico.

          I also revere the great artesan crafts of Old Spain, as they evince themselves in such fantastic olde colonial towns as, ‘Oaxaca’

          It is my personal experience that Latin ladies are terribly charming, yes, of course, very very appealing.

          Not drawn to thin women, when I was a younger bachelor, I, I have always appreciate Latina curves.I am particularly fond of how Latinas like to chat, and, of course, laugh.

          I also like the classic Mexican Paterfamiglias, and how they zealously guard their family and set a high bar for honourable conduct in the community.

          And, oh, yes, Latinas do so laugh in such an infectious way.

          Alright, My Dear – have a wonderful evening!

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            As always I thank you for your endearing letter. I do not have those curves you referred to for I am slender. I do chat a lot. My mother said that when I was little I would follow her around the house asking questions and with nonstop chatter.

            We have or will obtain the ingredients you mentioned. We already have organic honey and Rose Hips that I think is vitamin C. The other ingredients will be obtained tomorrow when grocery shopping is done.

            My cold is irritating with a headache but it is not that bad. I was only kept at home today because of the Coronavirus concerns or over concerns depending on viewpoints. No need for school authorities to panic. They hear a cough or spot a temperature and who knows? Even at a private school.

            I will appreciate your grandmother’s tea recipe. I love a good tea especially when it is cold at night. So whenever you graciously give me the recipe I will appreciate it.

          • Dear Cristina…

            Thank you for your kind word, My Dear.

            No, I did not think you were curvy, because of your disposition!

            Have no fear, the curves will come. They always do, for one thing is sure – we never go out like we come in!

            Yes, I loved the vignette about you following your mama around chatting up a storm. How easily I can see this!

            Now for the formula…


            #1. Dried Elderberries
            #2 Dried Rosehips
            #3. Dried and chopped Lemon Myrtle Leaves
            #4. Local Honey *
            #5. Dried Black Raisins
            #6. High quality filtered and unchlorinated water.

            DIRECTIONS… (You can adjust this proportionally)

            #1. Place 4 quarts of water in a stainless steel pot. Place on stove and heat.
            As the water begins to smoke and simmer, remove from heat. (Never boil and herbal tea, as you will kill a lot of what is good for you inside the herbs)

            #2. Add your honey now (if you wish) and then stir it until it is completely dissolved and one with the water.

            #3. Add 1 cooking cup of dried Elderberries to the brew.

            #4. Add 1/2 cup chopped Rose Hips to the brew.

            #5. Add 1 cooking cup Dried Raisins to the brew

            #6. Stir, cover, and then leave to seep

            NOTES ON USE & STORAGE…

            #1. After allowing to steep at room temperature for at least 45 minutes hours, strain enough through a fine filter so that you, and anyone else who might be around you, can have a drink of 4 ounces.

            In the case of using this, it is more effective to drink 4 ounces every hour, than it is to drink 12 ounces and then wait another 12 ounces 3 hours later.

            #2. After the whole brew has steeped on the stovetop for several hours, filter and strain enough to fill a whole large thermos, then place place the whole brew pot, as is, in the refrigerator and leave overnight.

            #3. The next morning, or sooner (depending on how quickly the liquid is going) strain the whole brew pot and place the whole contents of the now filtered tea in containers, then put back into the refrigerator.

            #4. Continue to drink this tea for a full week, because if you drink it for a few days, really start to feel completely, (as is always the case) and then stop drinking the tea, the virus might rebound on you.

            #5. As you feel better (over the next day or two) you can stop drinking the brew every 45 minutes, and just do it once every 2-3 hours.

            #6. The tea works under any circumstance, BUT, if you drink it on an empty stomach, you will get a bit more bang for your buck, so to speak.

            #7. This tea is more comforting warm, as my wife prefers to take it, but, it is just as medicinally effective taken cold as warm, so you decide.

            #8. When attending events, such as school while fighting off something, simple fill a thermos full of the tea and take it with you. My wife did this for years, before she started working from home, and was prevented her from accumulating sick days against her record.


            #1. As all virus cells have spikes, and use those spikes to stab healthy cells and infect them, Elderberry destroys that process as soon as it gets into your blood, it quickly identifying the bandits and turning all their spikes down, so they can stab no one.

            At this point, you may not be well (if you waited too late to begin drinking tea), BUT the virus inside you immediately begins to weaken, because it cannot do what it was programmed to do – proliferate.

            #2. Rose Hips and Raisins are a massive bolt of Vitamin C, which which turn your T-cells into King Tiger tanks. Rose Hips & Raisins, however, are better than Vitamin C capsule, because they have many allied chemicals in them which boosts the efficacy of the Vitamin C within them.

            #3. Lemon Myrtle leaves have a specific efficacy against viral cells in your sinus and head, and so, though, technically they are not necessary, my wife and I have found their addition to this traditional Russian tea formula very helpful.

            #4. Honey is optional, and you can add it to the brew, which makes it absolutely delicious. That said, Honey is a sugar which ferments and turns inside the tea, so, if you make this recipe with honey, it will last about 4 days in the refrigerator, before it begins to turn and lose it’s good taste. That said, even then the formula is effective.

            Without honey, the tea will keep it’s flavour for more than a week, if stored in the refrigerator.

            ENCORE NOTES…

            #1. Oregon Grape is the most effective thing against things that lodge in your throat, it killing all Strepto-cocci, without bothering you. So, if your throat is an issue, take 2 capsules of Oregon Grape, 3 times a days, with or without the tea, depending on what’s going on with you, or the living dead in your household.

            The same thing applies for Oregon Grape that applies to this tea – take for a week, as instructed, even if, after a couple of days, it seems like there is no reason to continue.

            #2. Zinc tablets and lozenges are good for viruses, because they interfere with the viruses ability to replicate itself, though, they do it in a different many than does The Elderberry.

            #3. If you, or your patient, is very very sick, you can choose to augment this tea with 1,000 mg of Ester-C every two hours. Do not do this, however, if your patient has diminished kidney function or is susceptible to anxiety.

            Do NOT take more than 30 mg of zinc, daily, for it will kill your liver!

            Well, there you have it, My Dear. All the best for you and your family with this ‘vaccine’-recipe!

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            What can I say? I thank you for the recipe and will take it before supper. While my cold, cough, and headache is relatively mild I look forward to drinking the tea for pleasure as well as preventive. My mother also gives appreciation for your recipe. Usually we just soldier through a cold with soup, tortillas, bread etc. Bland food.

            That was the longest letter I have ever seen on this site. That must have taken you hours to type. That type of effort is incredible. Once again thanks.


          • Ivan Turgenev,

            I am getting better and enjoying the tea. Thank you.

            I just caught the reference to turning my cells into King Tiger tanks in number 2 above. My family has seen the old film—The Battle of the Bulge with Henry Fonda and others and all I remember of the film was nearly invincilble large tanks moving forward. I watched it a few years ago when I was small.

            The man playing the German was in that great scary movie about sharks called Jaws. Because of that movie when I am at the beach I never go in the water more than a few yards. Then I read most shark attacks occur in shallow water near the shore. So I always make sure there are plenty of people farther out from shore than me.

          • @Cristina…

            You are so very very welcome. Happy to be of benefit to you and your family!

            Look, something you must know – tortillas made from pure corn flour are healthy for you, and, yes, of course (because it is bland food) good to eat when you are sick.

            That said, bread, or anything with gluten in it, is not.

            Are you familiar with gluten?

            If not, it is that magical gluey ingredient in wheat flour which makes it perform so well when baked.

            Problem is that gluten, gradually sets up a hard wall inside your intestines which prevents your intestines from absorbing nutrients.

            In turn, that gradually puts your bone marrow to sleep, which, in turn means that, because your bone marrow is no longer producing many red blood cell platelets and white cells, your immune system is compromised.

            You can see this in how Corona virus has affected different age groups – for youngsters almost never succumb to the virus, or any virus, whereas the over 70 age group has suffered a mortality rate of about 15%

            These older people have compromised health problems, which lead to comorbidities, that arise largely from gluten consumption, and, thus, they have died at a much bigger rate.

            Italy, which is wheat-eating obsessed, consequently suffered a very high mortality rate in the Wuhan virus problems earlier this year.

            That’s right – so keep all wheat, spelt, barley, and rye out of your diet.

            Sweet potatoes, brown rice, and organic corn products are best, and, as well, flours made not only from those things but, sorghum, beans, tapioca, millet, and potato are best for you – particularly for your family members over the age of 40.

            When you completely stop eating gluten products, the very very long circular glutinous wall in your intestines gradually dissolves in 2-3 months, and, if you are older, much of your immune system then repairs itself, that, as a consequence, leading to improvements in all sorts of things that you might not think were related to gluten consumption.

            Yes, Robert Ward, the one who played SS-Kampfgruppe leader Joachim Peiper, had exactly the right imaginary feel.

            By the way, Peiper was blown up in his villa in Southern France by the Mossad, in the 1970s, though, the Mainstream Media never reported it as such.

            War never has an end, and there is no end to war in life, so don’t make war on yourself by eating gluten!

            Alright, Young Lady – all the best to you and yours!

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            That was extremely valuable information on gluten. Now I will have to be careful not to eat too much bread and flour tortillas even if they most of the time are whole wheat. So it is corn tortillas for me and brown rice more than regular potatoes! Of course I will mention this to my grandmother and mother who plan meals.

            I also thank you for your defense of latins in this thread. A valiant effort.

          • @Cristina…

            “That was extremely valuable information on gluten. Now I will have to be careful not to eat too much bread and flour tortillas even if they most of the time are whole wheat. So it is corn tortillas for me and brown rice more than regular potatoes! Of course I will mention this to my grandmother and mother who plan meals.

            I also thank you for your defense of latins in this thread. A valiant effort.”

            You’re very welcome about the defence of Latins. Though I am aware of a few others who have some familiarity with Latins at this blog, I can tell that most are speaking from a distant impression of Latins.

            While it is important for them to be able to air their criticisms of Latins, I feel it is also equally important to offer a different perspective, that is actually not solely mental, but, from real life.

            I have read Marquez and Cervantes, I have spent thousands of hours being and speaking with Mexicans, and, yes, I have been blessed to be loved by lovely and kind-hearted Latinas.

            So, I have lots of good things to say about y’all and I am going to say them.

            Moreover, I am always concerned that people see that it is possible to be a White Nationalist, or, as is my case, a Southern Nationalist, without having a negative opinion of either women or other peoples.

            Many on The Far Right in my country have confused being appropriately patriots of our own tribes with being highly critical of those who are not from our tribes. Moreover, many of us often choose to be critical of immigrants because we lack the guts to confront the fact, both in private and publick, that it is our government who is to blame for the fact we are being replaced – NOT those who come here!

            As to bread and tortillas, all I can do is point you back to what I said about gluten, and bid you to pass that along to the older members of your family.

            Beyond the issue of gluten, but, concerning wheat bread, I will say this : buy flour and bread products, if you must, from your local Mexican farmers and manufacturers, (those that are exclusively using Mexican-grown flour) this because American farmers are simply doing what the industrial chemical companies are telling them to do, which means they are spraying wheat, and other crops, with very toxick chemicals – like Roundup, if you know about that.

            La mayor parte de mis amigos y amigos Campesinos de Mexico me han informado de que that small Mexican farmers are using raising crops with little or no spray.

            So, trust your local farmer and local baker, after you inquire about their purchasing habits.

            White rice is not horrible for you, BUT, it is not good either, and the same for white potatoes, this because both those things turn immediately to sugar within you and sugar is, by far, the most cancerous thing in the normal diet.

            Sweet potatoes and brown rices, however, do not behave this way inside you.

            Let me be clear – sugar can not only create tumours inside you, from nothing, it accelerates their growth, and, also is the only thing that can metastasize a tumour, the reason being that half of sugar is fructose, and that ingredient is what cancer needs inside you to spread itself around.

            For that reason, corn syrup, a popular sweetener in my country, is a very unhealthy thing.

            Americans suffer a lot from cancer, and it is almost always due to our terrible diet, load full of oxidyzed oils, sugars, smoking, alcohol, overly cooked red meat, chemicals, and, yes, gluten.

            ‘Sta bien, Mi Querida, si tuvieses mas preguntas, que me platices!

          • Ivan Turgenev,

            Without further ado and not wishing to drag this thread out any longer i continue to thank you for the information and like you wrote if I have further questions I will ask them of you.

            The American diet is addictive and tasty. We do avoid fast foods anyway.

        • Where is Jose Antonio Primia de Rivera when you need him? His movement could have went toe to toe with the cartels.

      • I’ve lived with these awful creatures everyday of my life. You need to realize “MI FAMILIA” comes first. Your nephew gotten involved in a shooting and you’re the police chief? Find some way to throw it under the rug. You’re a policeman and somebody offers you $50 to not testify against them whom you’ve seen steal something off the outside of a store? Take it, MI FAMILIA needs it. Yes, when the hooligan is not family or cannot give bribes THEN they arrest, but never before that. Please buy a house in a barrio in Tarrytown, NY; Cicero, IL; or Hazelton, PA and tell me that these “people” are somehow on par with anything with civilization. Are we really supposed to believe that the fact that the most dangerous cities in the world are either Latin American cities or black-filled shitholes is just one giant coincidence? If you invite Ciudad Juarez into your city your city becomes Ciudad Juarez, sorry.

        • @Pat Hugh…

          “I’ve lived with these awful creatures everyday of my life. You need to realize “MI FAMILIA” comes first.”

          Strange, My Dear Sir, but, if I am not very much mistaken, I might think you to be describing the elite Anglo-American political class.

          • No, the goal of enriching “MI FAMILIA” with an emphasis on ME, is a goal which transgresses any moral or ethical qualms for the Hispanic. If you really want to get the full Hispanic experience I recommend that instead of visiting their countries as a rich gringo tourist you instead take a job as a janitor in a supermarket in a majority Hispanic area with an overwhelming amount of Hispanics working there. Then, you’ll see their true nature.

        • There is a name for what you have described Mr. Hugh, “Familial Amorality” and it has been studied extensively. You are apparently living amongst people from those societies who are in the process of turning the U.S. from a partly Third World nation into a completely Third World nation. “Familial Amorality” is one of the most pronounced characteristics of the shithole countries Herr Trump mentioned but did almost nothing about. I wish you the best, sir; please consider moving to a White area even though it’s difficult to pull up stakes and move.

          “Familial Amorality”:

      • Brian Pace,

        Yes, President Trump does say alot of tough statements but actually doing anything postive is a different story.

        • @Cristina…

          Yes, President Trump is an excellent talker, though, often not so much a doer.

          Still, it’s a hell of a lot better than Bush and Obama – both of whom are so screwed up, politically speaking, there never will be an unscrewing.

          In fact, President Obama is so diabolical, I think he did this country and it’s peoples incalculable damage.

      • Trump has done nothing to stop the violence: No defunding of its sources, no suspension of habeas corpus. He only uses it as a talking point for reelection.

        I’ve been hearing the “law & order” crap since the Sixties but I’ve yet to see TPTB do anything effective to counter Anti-White violence.

    • I view blacks as a lesser threat than Hispanics or Indians. They are happy to keep quite form their own ethnostate neighborhoods while taking jobs for half the pay. Blacks alteast make their presence known and are not a hidden column forming power under the noses of your average american

      • Captain Shill,

        An Anglo who married the older sister of a friend of mine said the same thing. He said we were way more clever than the blacks, way more numerous, especially in the Southwest and we are close to taking the Southwest in a few years.

        He said all the anglos he met are reconciled to it. Make no mistake. I am against illegal immigration to any country based on moral principles—like Thou Shall Not Steal, and Thou Shall Not Covet Anything That is Thy Neighbors.

        • @Cristina,

          I understand where you are coming for, and for the most part I agree with your sentiment although I assume if you are reading OD you are not an Indio but Hispanic. I don’t dislike Indios. I don’t dislike blacks. There is just something about watching your neighborhood and surrounding areas in which 8 generations of your family are buried, turn into what is basically an unrecognizable land.

          If i go to the store, drive about, movies, anywhere i feel like I have no place here anymore. Most Hispanics are very pleasant, when their level of English allows it, and i have seen black crime and incidents, yet they don’t bother me. It is just the feeling that my families home is no longer ours, and I am the visitor. The Indians and Pakistanis though are the real culture shock. A new mosque of Sikh temple goes up every week as a church goes down. The shops and homes are scooped up as they knowingly prey on elderly people or the fact that an area is turning. They are the real new conquerors because they keep their ethnic ranks tight, and view the whites they only deal with when ripping them off in their stores, with disdain.

          • @Captain Schill…

            “I don’t dislike Indios. I don’t dislike blacks. There is just something about watching your neighborhood and surrounding areas in which 8 generations of your family are buried, turn into what is basically an unrecognizable land.”

            I feel exactly the same. I live in an old Southern town that more and more resembles The United Nations.

            Not that I am not on good terms with my neighbours, for most certainly I am.

            Yet, I am keenly aware that Southern Culture is being overwhelmed here, just as it was in my childhood home of Raleigh, and, just as I left there in the mid 1990s, because of what had happened, I am aware that I may ultimately have to leave here.

            It’s why I have long been a secessionist, this because I am perfectly well aware that those in charge of The United States’ Government full intend to make us yield to having no home.

            I am ready to disabuse them of their notions, and have long been, but, alas, most of my fellow Southerners have completely lost their balls, not to mention we have no worthy political class, and, that so, my own people have become experts at looking the other way.

            A world traveler and a great admirer of Mankind, I am all for minorities and friendships with as many nations as we, White Southerners, can sincerely have, yet, I still believe in having a home with my own tribe.

            Thank you, as always, for your comments!

          • Captain of the Blackpilled tribes,

            A good comment. I believe everything you wrote is obviously true.

      • @Captain Schill…

        “I view blacks as a lesser threat than Hispanics or Indians. ”

        If I may, in my view peoples are not ‘a threat’ to this country.

        What is a very serious threat, however,are the corrupt and lawless ways of the governing elite, this because they are tearing up the fabric of the nation by having in too many different peoples in too brief a span.

        Thus, what is the threat is the policy of rendering The Native American White a minority in his own land.

        Yet, I do not just think this about our land, but, for any government that would flood it’s native population with strangers.

        Thus, if The Mexican Government started flooding it’s populace with Yemenites or Finns, I would possess the same critical view of them.

        Be well, My Friend!

      • The ideas that Blacks “are happy to keep quite [sic]”, to live in their own neighborhoods, or to take menial jobs for low pay are so blatantly at odds with a reality that I had to reread your post to make sure I didn’t misunderstand it. But, yes, that does seem to be what you attempted to express. If insanity is the inability to distinguish fantasy from reality, you are deep in the throes of madness.

        • Ray,

          I believe Captain of the Blackpill Trible meant Indians/mestizos are the ones that keep quiet in their own neighborhoods. Then again perhaps I misunderstood him and your interpretation is correct.

    • Where the hell are these Hispanic shills coming from? You’re allies with the blacks and have the same goals as them anyhow. You’re just mad that the antiwhite policies you helped foster have ramifications for yourself. Fuck yourself and get lost. I’d rather lose than win with support of Hispanics. You kikes have no loyalty.

    • Well when you consider that there are far more Afro/mulatto-“Latinos” in the US population in absolute numbers and percentages than there are in Mexico, 31% isn’t really all that surprising.

      • Flaxen,

        I think Mexico is about 1% negro and that counts anyone with black blood even those who are majority Indian. Mostly around Vera Cruz i believe.

        I never saw a black in my life until 3-4 years ago in Mexico City. An American tourist.

          • Not that I’m a fan of Mexican thugs I’m not, but during the race riots in Chicago they were the only ones holding their own and fighting against the blm mob and the joggers were practically running for the hills. The Mexican gang was going after innocent blacks civilians too but understandably so with all the shooting and looting. The blm mob were probably going after Mexican businesses next but they backed off after cartel gangs attacked black civies I’m guessing is what happened

            My pot head friends use to tell me (when I was young in my junior high school days mind you) never buy pot from black thug dealers they will rip you off or try to jack you (steal from you). Wise words to live by, avoid the groid at all costs

    • “I personally know no Mexicans/Mexican-Americans to support the riots/protests (…) we have a general antipathy toward a certain segment of the population”:

      No doubt that segment includes the Indians (indigenous) and all Mexicans with darker skin tone than the lighter-skinned Mexican aristocracy which is largely of “New Christian” (Crypto-Catholic Sephardic) descent.

    • I’ve mentioned that elsewhere. The Mexicans have stayed out of this. Definitely worth noting.

      Mexicans I know have an overall disdain for the blacks. They look down on them and generally think they are an inferior people and a waste of space. You definitely can be assured that if anything like this happened in Mexico, Mexicans and their government would swiftly step in and the problem would go away in very short order.

      • Ron,

        Thank you for writing this. Remember that I am not an illegal alien and I am against the whole concept. What you wrote is completely true. One of my grandmothers was born an American citizen before WW 2 and she is furious at the rioters.

        • Because the Mexicans in those cities are lot worse off (materially) than the Joggers in American cities. About the only material advantage they have over American Jogger cities is that freezing to death isn’t a real concern in most densely inhabited parts of Mexico and local food is more accessible. Most of the rest of their situation is not so advantageous in terms of Mexico’s economy, society and the available government gibs. And, of course, narco trafficking is a major factor in the murders and kidnappings.

      • @Ron…

        “Mexicans I know have an overall disdain for the blacks. They look down on them and generally think they are an inferior people and a waste of space. ”

        Yes, indeed. In fact, Many Mexicans, especially the rural kind, would make good Klansmen, if they could only get rid of their tan!

  2. Palmetto cheese got canceled?!

    Ffs this shit has gone so far off the rails I don’t even know what to say anymore. Smh

      • @Krafty…

        No, Sir, Palmetto Cheese is owned by a certain Mr. Henry, he mayor of Pawley’s Island South Carolina.

        Sadly, under pressure, he backtracked and apologized.

        Yet another spineless one of our own.

        The recipe, however, came from a certain Negress in the town, she one of those sisters who spent years delighting everyone with her culinary creations!

        • Pimento cheese?! I didn’t realize that was a thing I wonder what that tastes like I don’t care much for pimentos in green olives I prefer the garlic stuffed ones more those are way better Imho

          “Enjoy the ride and theres a pimento taco, a pimentaco in the glove box” fellow gamers will get this quote

          • Dear Thom,

            Pimento cheese has no olives, but is a delicious cheddar cheddar spread made from grated cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and, yes, small-sliced red peppers.

            Though I prefer my wife’s homemade recipe, Palmetto Pimento cheese is easily the best commercial brand I’ve tasted – bar none.

  3. I consider the police to be a necessary evil, and mostly glorified security guards for the wealthy. I’ve thought for quite awhile that mass incarceration of people here should stop. That’s why the colored don’t like the police, not because the cops are always shooting some spade, but because they are always stopping them and putting them back in the revolving door prison system, and it’s mostly for drugs, not because they did anything to anybody white. .

  4. It’s the “Hispanics” that are gumming up the works for the Democratic party. The brown “Hispanics” do not think of themselves as “people of color” along with Blacks, hating on “whitey.” They just don’t see things that way.

    The “white Hispanics” think of themselves as, well, “white” and they are far more “way-sis” than White Anglos are.

    As for Palmetto cheese – I’m still pissed off they banned that awesome Carolina mustard barbecue sauce from Walmart because the owner was a Dixiecrat Christian who put a Confederate flag on the bottle. I used to have them ship me bottles via the mail, it was that good.

    • @BannedHipster Got to love the free market. Its a great product that everyone likes and wants… But it has a Confederate flag on it. Or the owner has an opinion which breaks from the politically correct corporate orthodoxy..
      It must be banned. But you can open your own store and sell your product goy, just like you can build your own social media platform. Its the free marker

  5. The democrats are the party of criminals. I don’t know what was going through the democrat’s heads thinking Americans would approve of their streets descending into total chaos and violence.

    Black Lives Matter is a terror organization. Why would that statement be controversial? They are burning down our streets and shooting people, what more do they need to do in order to make it official?

    Trump is going to win in an electoral college landslide. He will most certainly keep the senate.

    Hell, with the unpopularity of all this chaos going on, voters may pull a total upset and take the House of Representatives away from the Democrats as well.

    • “Black Lives Matter is a terror organization”:

      The Anglo-Zionist Empire has uses for MANY different terror organizations, that it allows, sanctions, and supports (often with our tax dollars, or with stolen oil, confiscated bank deposits, CIA drug revenues, extortions, etc.) It even pretends to fight against some of these proxies, and disciplines them when they begin to “go off the reservation.”

    • Take away the House of Representatives from the demoncrats, eh? You mean like the first two years of the Kushner administration when the GOP had control of congress and the White House, and what did kushner’s administration give to his working class base white voters? A tax break for millionaires and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. Too much winning!

      This isn’t the right audience to shill for Kushner and the shabbos goy GOP.

  6. It was bound to be! Failure, mass disillusionment and reaction is the PURPOSE of staging or allowing these corporate-funded, media-hyped, orchestrated, NON-revolutionary protests and riots. I’m not saying it is a conspiracy, but only a proven strategy. The catharsis is almost finished and the Empire will only be strengthened by it.

    And here is an example of genuine protests, which are NOT U.S. directed or sanctioned: The Colombian narco regime is such a perfect democracy (and key ally in the war on neighboring Venezuela) that it is being integrated to NATO (the only NATO partner in Latin America) and we would never want to do anything or allow anything to harm it.

  7. Random thing that just popped up in my newsfeed. AMERICA’S GOT TALENT POLITICAL SPOKEN WORD GENUIS BRANDON LEAKE WINS ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE AND VEGAS CONTRACT. Without even seeing the guy I knew “black and gay”. Yuppppp.
    I don’t know much about the show but there was some talent from the clips I just watched, and the guy who speaks about “black bodies” gets his own Vegas show.

    On top of it, the performance is total craps. Imagine Imbrahaim Kendi X doing a Sam Hyde Ted Talk for an hour only it cost you a $199 for tickets in the Caesars Palace

  8. Potato blumpf got twitter cucked again lol He recently tweeted and said Demoncrats are rigging the elections and they put a spoiler saying its safe and secure haha. I mean what the hell is he gonna do about it?! he gave big tech huge tax cuts. Some radical libtard accounts underneath this tweet are outright saying Trump supporters are gonna be murdered if he is re elected

  9. “Most Americans Now Oppose “Racial Justice” Protests”

    Blacks are a bucket of crabs and can not help but pull everything down. Lofty ivory tower notions of Racial justice quickly devolve into mob violence when actual black bodies are added to the equation.

    This Summer Of Floyd has shown once and for all that the segregationists were right all along in warning what would happen if integration was pursued.

    There are guerilla marketing tactics the Alt-Right can avail themselves of. If you see a black Lives Matter sign, add a letter O to lives so it says Black Olives Matter! Lol!

    • Nah, as somebody on this forum said at some point, it actually means black LIES matter- — Just leave it alone and don’t get arrested for a “hate” crime.

  10. Hunter, I encourage you to read the works of Gene Sharp, or study the works of Otpor!, the NED, the IRI, Atlantic Council, CANVAS, and the Open Society. What you are seeing here is co-ordinated colour revolution. The corporations are not supporting BLM to be “woke”, they are doing it because their share holders are oligarchs associated with this colour revolution. Liberal cities, or hyper-conformist jurisdictions with low IQ populations are led by trained agitators who have successfully started civil wars and overthrown entire governments then redistributed said nations entire wealth. The operated on lies and ignorance. You must always support their primary opponent. I’ve come to this conclusion from long study. The Communist Party of Russia should be supported over Neo-Liberal Globalist Satanic forces. Why? Because the CPUSSR or RF has taken social change, it supports Christianity, it is anti-Oligarch and deeply pro-Sovereignty. No matter its name of ugly history it is defacto against the Globalist order. Imagine how the world would of been better if the Colour revolutions didn’t take place and organic nationalist change appeared. What I am saying, is the Neo-Liberal dissolved, gutted, and faggotized entire nations and their economies. The CP was in process of reformation and its reformation process however bad would have been preferable to current model. Multipolarity instead of unipolarity, and most importantly, most concessions the oligarch gave was its fear of un-controlled Communism. Communism is a scam that leads to Libertarianism, however if the process of Communism is interrupted by non-Globalists its process of reform would ultimately lead to a better product than we see today.

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