Two Police Officers Shot In Louisville In “Mostly Peaceful” Breonna Taylor Riots

A few months ago, I said that “antiracism” was plunging America into a crisis because the obsession with it was driving the country mad. I was watching Tucker Carlson’s show last night when the BLM and Antifa protesters in Louisville opened fire and shot two police officers.

Louisville Courier Journal:

“The two Louisville Metro Police Department officers who were injured in a shooting Wednesday night amid protests in Louisville include a major and a Second Division officer.

LMPD Maj. Aubrey Gregory and officer Robinson Desroches were identified Thursday by department officials as the two members of Louisville’s police force who were injured in the shooting, which occurred around 8:30 p.m. near Broadway and Brook Street. Both survived and are recovering, interim Chief Robert Schroeder confirmed Thursday morning.

Gregory was hit in the hip, Schroeder said, while Robinson was hit in his abdomen.

Larynzo Johnson, a 26-year-old Louisville man, was arrested near the scene minutes later and is facing two counts of first-degree assault of a police officer and additional counts of first-degree wanton endangerment, according to an arrest citation obtained Thursday morning. Schroeder said he’s facing 14 counts of wanton endangerment — “all directed against police officers.” …”

The Breonna Taylor story just keeps getting dumber.

Actually, the police were not executing a no-knock warrant search warrant. The cop who was charged with wanton endangerment returned fire after Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire on the police. The incident had nothing to do with “systematic racism” or “white supremacy.”

The facts and the truth and the law and the process are completely irrelevant to the mob. The only thing that matters is emoting their feelings, their narcissism, enthusiasm and self righteousness and the narrative that is spun up by the media which is telling them the cops are slaughtering poor innocent blacks and getting away with because the system itself is racist and oppressing black people.

The cause of “antiracism” trumps everything. It has already been established that you can assault people, terrorize them in their homes and burn down their businesses without it being a big deal. It even makes sense to shoot a black police officer to strike a blow against “white supremacy.” An “antiracist” mob can open fire on the police and the media will still call it a “mostly peaceful” protest.

Can a country which is ultimately based on nothing but an obsession with “antiracism” continue to function and survive? We’re going to find out very soon.

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  1. “I don’t see much much future for America…it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problems and the problem of social inequalities. Everything about the behavior of America reveals that it is half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” – Adolf Hitler

    • cd,

      Seems like I have seen that quote before. If Hitler said that in the 1930’s then he must have been unusually intelligent and prophetic.

      • Christina, I made the case that trump should nominate you to fill Ginsberg’s vacancy on SCOTUS in the “Senate Republicans have enough votes….”

        • November,

          i am home sick today with a cold. I am not used to cold weather and the quick changes in Texas so naturally I checked my favorite website. I graciously accept the nomination.

          I rule no more abortion, no homosexual marriages, no sanctuary cities, all rioters/looters shot and stacked. No more bombing the middle east. Withdrawal of all troops from the middle east back to the USA.

          For moral and consistency reasons I ban illegal immigration. Even legal immigration to the USA is ridiculous. You have more than 300 million citizens. How much more do you need?

          Also, I rule that self defense is a God-given right regardless of who is the victim and who is the attacker.

          • You’d be a cinch to pass the US Senate. Only jews, Mormons, and some protestant numbskulls would oppsose you elevation to SCOTUS.

        • November,

          It is amusing to ponder having real power.

          I also believe in the death penalty. And I would not be adopting any negro babies to prove anything. I plan to have my own. Those not of my blood are not and never could be mine. La Familia es Todo.

          I am getting sleepy and have to go to bed. i go to school tomorrow I believe. Catch you later.


      • And the unusually intelligent Fuhrer was a confirmed Papist too (“I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so”) – like fellow butchers Franco and Mussolini. He even tried to rescue Pope XII and take him north as the Allies advanced on Rome. He put the Papists in charge of Yugoslavia, to purge it (genocide) of Orthodoxy and launched a new “Northern Crusade” against Russia that almost succeeded, and his Reichsconcordat, of 1933, is still in effect!

        • As the de facto catholic/orthodox Clergy here, Anony-mouse, your point about AH’s catholicism strikes a duplicitous chord. Are you trying to further impugn the Western Catholics, or raise up the ‘wonder’ of the Russian Bolshevik slaves to the Jews, in the ‘great patriotic war’??? One cannot tell.

          In either case, ‘all are guilty and fall short of the glory of God.’ It was not the Catholic countries that led the BLOODY charge against the NatSocs, it was secular France, apostate Scandinavia, hubris-laden Britain, and the dumb*ss Yankee USA. All Germany wanted was her own borders back, and a respite from the Jewish Weimar apostasy all around her.

          Now, one could also agree with you, and say that the modern Roman communion is fully behind all of those overtly secular forces (Post-Nazi Germany, Apostate France, UK, rabidly sick Spain, and the Canucks, Ozians, the female de facto moslem whore leader of NZ, and the USA) to enact GloboHomoSchlomo…. and thus, long for the hope that the [sic] “Orthodox” lands will take the lead in repelling Satan and his Minions (Israel and her vassal puppet states) – but we’re not there yet..and most ‘Orthodox’… aren’t, with their Novus Ordo Calendars, their Ecumenicism, their ‘rapprochement’ with Bergoglian Rome, etc.. And, as long as we have problems at home, why bring up 70-year old atrocities, merely to score ‘brownie points’ among the Christophobes on this forum?

      • This should please both Christians and National Socialists that Commander George Lincoln Rockwell called Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler the two greatest people in history. Unironically, both are hated by jews with extreme vigor. Hmm?

  2. I see a real split in whites where ever other group seems a united front. There are legions of Republican types who still need to post Trumps spokesman LaRon to validate how “anti-racist” the country is and when two cops get shot, a large percentage of whitey was just posting the pic of the black cop with the caved in head take “BLM doesn’t care about black lives”. The examples are endless as you all know, I cant tell you how many Boomers have been celebrating Amy Barretts nine adopted African children.

    I dont think a large portion of whites will ever wake up, because of their lack of intelligence combined with decades of brain washing. No one is saying you cant like blacks and even support them at times, but this need to always place themselves second or third tier to gay, black and brown is really a problem.

    • I was reading about birds who lived in New Zealand for millions of years. They had no natural predators hunting them, so they lost the ability to fly or to run away. So when predators were introduced to New Zealand in th 15th century, these birds went extinct. Most Whites have become like those birds.

      • Same with the penguins that inhabit Antarctica, except that (knock on wood) no invasive predators have been introduced to their habitat, I mean other than Man has caused their possible extinction.

    • Plus she is Catholic. Not exactly sound theology over there, but then again you can say the same for most Protestant churches.

  3. It’s good for Trump that the nogs are going to burn that bitch down on the cusp of October.

    Time to Purge.

  4. “The cause of “antiracism” trumps everything. It has already been established that you can assault people, terrorize them in their homes and burn down their businesses without it being a big deal. It even makes sense to shoot a black police officer to strike a blow against “white supremacy.” An “antiracist” mob can open fire on the police and the media will still call it a “mostly peaceful” protest.”

    I saw a comment on Twitter. It was probably a quote by a famous intellectual. The gist of it was:

    “There are moral breaks on vice, but there are no moral breaks on virtue.”

    We haven’t seen anything from the virtue signallers yet. If they can do another Hati they will.

  5. What more could possibly happen? Trump keeps hiding behind the Governors and Mayors. He failed us on Covid-19 and now 200,000 Americans have died from it. The streets have been occupied by Anarchists and Black Lives Matter since June. What will it take before Trump and the Republican Party finally realizes the military is for more than fighting Wars for Oil Companies and Zionism? Deo Vindice !

  6. Thanks for the coverage of Louisville Hunter. Here in Kentuckiana, I was about 25 miles from the Ville today, but did not enter the city. Local news sources indicate that not much of note happened today, but I suspect that BLM and Antifa will act up again tonight.

  7. I for one would have no problems with the police being able to do as they please to these “peaceful protestors”. These thugs need to be curb-stomped, old-school style.

  8. Tucker Carlson’s (founded, though he sold his shares a few months ago) Daily Caller reporters were swept up in the crackdown on journalism: “Among those detained were journalists Shelby Talcott and Jorge Ventura. The two are employed by the right-wing Tucker Carlson-funded Daily Caller. According to Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Ingersoll, both Talcott and Ventura are being charged with two misdemeanors for breaking curfew and unlawful assembly, after allegedly failing to sequester themselves in a predetermined ‘observation area.’ The US Press Freedom Tracker, which collates instances of 1st Amendment violations around the country, has confirmed ‘at least a dozen press freedom violations,’ including six arrests related to protests that began Wednesday evening and continued into Thursday morning. Online video recordings show police assaulting journalists in Louisville, Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, making it “one of the most aggressive nights since federal officers largely left Portland in mid-August,” according to the press freedom organization. The US Press Freedom Tracker has confirmed over 115 arrests and 207 physical attacks against journalists since the beginning of the year. Out of the 207 physical attacks against journalists, 141, or nearly 75 percent of all assaults, have been committed by police”:

  9. Can a country which is ultimately based on nothing but an obsession with “antiracism” continue to function and survive?

    The country died at birth: “All Men Are Created Equal”.

  10. It looks like assassinating police officers is almost legal in Kentucky. The black “police assassin”, Larynzo Johnson was arrested and charged with, get this, “wanton endangerment and assault”.

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