Donald Trump Has COVID-19

Before I closed down the site in August, I said that one of the biggest questions of the year would be how many people die from COVID-19 in the expected fall wave.

The death toll from COVID-19 crossed 100,000 on May 26, 150,000 on July 27 and 200,000 on September 16. This had all taken place during the spring and summer. What would happen when actual flu season arrived in the fall and temperatures became more congenial to the spread of the virus? October 1918 holds the record for the being the deadliest month in American history. While not being on the same level as the Spanish Flu, it was reasonable to assume that the death toll from COVID-19 could still climb in the fall and winter to at least half or three-fourths of the Spanish Flu death toll.

Seeing as how this is 2020, I should have wondered whether Trump or Biden would get the virus and die from it in the final stretch of the campaign. Now Trump has the virus and the 2020 campaign is all but over now. He won’t be able to hold rallies or participate in debates and will be sequestered in the White House. The narrative on television will be focused on the virus and Trump’s inept leadership on the issue. Nothing has done more to damage to him in the polls with elderly voters than COVID-19. It will be even worse for him if the riots ebb in the cooler weather and COVID’s rebound dominates the headlines.

Conspiracy theorists will spend the final month of the 2020 campaign arguing that “COVID-19 is a hoax” while Trump himself has the virus. It will be that and “it doesn’t count when old people with comorbidities” like Trump die from the virus. Those people are far more likely to vote than healthy young people and it does count in states like Florida which are older than the rest of the country.

The bottom line here is that Trump won’t be able to campaign or likely debate, COVID-19 will dominate the news cycle in October and the pandemic polls to Joe Biden’s advantage.

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  1. If _The Golden Bough_ is correct, Trump surviving this with minimal symptoms would clinch re-election; the king will have been tested and found still virile and viable. Trump dying or being badly incapacitated by it would guarantee a relatively peaceful Democrat takeover, the right being too demoralized to contest it. Both Trump and Biden getting knocked out would be the funniest outcome, and certainly the one we deserve.

    James Bowery, assuming you see this, do you still have your copy of “Valoric Fire”? I’ve been rereading the MajorityRights post you made about the seven points, way back when, and if you’re available there’s a few things I want to ask about it (whether here or by email).

    • I think the more important news ‘Item’ is the UTTER HATRED AND RACIAL VILIFICATION DJT is getting on social media. And, by extension, to YOU WHITES AS WELL.

      Every single one of these people’s comments and death wishes for THEIR President, should be looked on as Treason, and appropriate judgment, taken out on them. What is governance, if you don’t remove your enemies, ‘by any means necessary’ as the J-Left says?

      Never forgive, NEVER forget.

      “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (pg 3 of the 1980 Jewish Almanac).

      “Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860? — (Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23)

      “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, #3.8

  2. I never thought that the China bug was a hoax. And I generally am not sympathetic to conspiracy theories. (I do think that the virus was engineered in a Chinese lab but I much likelier think that it was released due to the incompetence of some low-level grunt than state-level strategy.)

    But I do have a conspiracy theory of my own, FWIW. I have no idea if others have opined on this and don’t care to browse the web to see if they have. Here it is:

    I’m certain that the Democrats were deliberately trying to bring someone with COVID into sustained physical proximity with a member of Trump’s staff (any member), and they succeeded: they managed to get someone with COVID into contact with Hope Hicks.

    It’s hardly unreasonable to assume. After all, if they can wiretap the First Lady (a pretty remarkable feat, and sociopathically malicious), then this this would be relatively easy to accomplish, by comparison. No devices needed. Just be in the presence of someone close to Trump for a while and breathe the same air.

    • Hope Hicks has given the clap to half of DC so spreading the It’s Just the Flu, Bro Virus would not be a big deal for her.

  3. He’ll quite easily recover from whatever symptoms he experiences. A couple of seroid jabs and Doxycycline to prevent a secondary infection. Lansoprazole for the gastrointestinal tract. Rest for a week and he’ll be back on the trail in no time. This isn’t March or April.

    Entire election is just going to hinge on how severe his case gets.

  4. If he develops syptoms he can be back on the campaign trail in around 14 days. If he takes a combination of Lansoprazole for his stomach, doxycycline for his lungs and keeps up on the vitamin D, sunlamp and hydrates well and takes a week off he will be fine. If he remains largely asymptomatic he will be back in 10 days. This virus is not a big deal if you are getting competent care.

  5. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and the virus disproportionately sickened or killed the young and early middle-aged like the Hong Kong flu, or the first swine flu did.

    The very “erratic” (now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t) course of the pandemic is gradually beginning to make sense:

    We must not lose confidence in the ability of real science (virology, epidemiology) and orthodox medicine to understand and learn to control this unique disease. We must stop listening to quack doctors and libertarian cranks appearing on the internet and Fox News, who deny that there is a pandemic and lie with statistics; and tell us mask wearing is useless, unhealthy, and a violation of our rights; and advise us to take hydroxychloroquine (or lots of tonic water), elderberry, ivermectin and bleach, etc. to prevent the “non-existent,” “hoax” disease.

    There is plenty of scamming and fraud in a pandemic, but conspiracy theory are the worst hoax and scam.

    Note that Chris Martenson the capitalist “wealth management” advisor (“Peak Prosperity”) has recently switched sides on the pandemic. Early indications that he was unreliable were his constant promotions of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, etc., and of course, just being a capitalist financial advisor. I recommend John Campbell who is equally easy to understand (laymen’s terms), though less entertaining (no scary music, no honey badgers) but consistent:

    • Fully agree with your comment.The initial signs that Martenson is a quack were on display from the beginning: Shilling for elderberry juice, hydroxychloroquine (despite equivocal evidence at best), constantly giving medical advice when he has a doctorate in tissue pathology, and the annoying pose as a fearless contrarian, which allowed him to “talk the talk” to the gullible and unsuspecting.
      Dr. Campbell, despite being a crotchety bore, is fully credible, has decades of experience as a doctor, and knows what he’s talking about; ergo, he “walks the walk” and, unlike Martenson, is not in it for the money.
      Trump’s reckless behavior, contempt for science, and disregard for the safety of all Americans (including the people with whom he interacts with) stand as an object lesson in the consequences of selfishness and stupidity: Covid isn’t a hoax. Sweden is not America, and people who don’t wear masks and socially distance have only themselves to blame for getting infected and infecting others.
      In the words of Chris Martenson (irony intended):’In didn’t have to be this way, folks”.

      • Thanks for the intelligent response, that indicates, to me, that you are probably correct on many other issues.

        Re: “Trump’s reckless behavior, contempt for science, and disregard for the safety of all Americans (including the people with whom he interacts with) stand as an object lesson in the consequences of selfishness and stupidity”:

        Well said. Yesterday I made this statement by Patrick Martin my “quote of the day”:

        “Given his role in downplaying the virus and disparaging the use of face masks, he is like an arsonist who has inadvertently set himself on fire.”

  6. As much red meat as President Trump has eaten in his life, I seriously doubt the virus will have a chance at finding a pristine crevice in his colon in order to set up a manufacturing base.

    No, the virus will have to outsource, but that won’t stop it from claiming to be a Nationalist…

    • Drumpf is in terrible shape. Morbidly obese. Corona-chan

      favors acceleration.

      • Actually he lost some weight this year, probably in a diet forced on him to look better for the campaign. He is overweight, but not morbidly obese. Pritzker in Illinois is what I would call morbidly obese.

  7. We’re supposed to believe our Anti-White overlords, doing their damnedest to eradicate our race with “Diversity”, suddenly care about our health and safety when it comes to this virus? Conspiracy theories are inevitable when you can’t trust your “leaders”.

    • The only faggotry is you guys believing that Trump gives a shit about Working- and Middle-Class Whites. He can’t even dish out another 1200 bucks apiece to Main St but he can shovel Trillions to the kikes on Wall St and US corporations without batting an eye.

  8. It’s still fake. Viruses don’t exist. The burden of proof is on you to prove that this invisible demon who jumps from body to body, actually exists. What physical evidence do you have? None.

    • Do you expect consistency and accuracy from a capitalist financial advisor? Signs of his unreliability were there all along, including his constant claims that a malaria drug really does work and that politics is the barrier to orthodox medicine letting us take it.

      • No wonder Brad stays in fiat. I knew there had to be a logical reason.

        The Americans are the least trustworthy. You’ll get more honest information from Marc Faber or Egon von Greyerz, IMO.

  9. This is extremely humiliating for Blormpf and it could even kill him. Here’s hoping!

    By the way was Trump having an affair with the young female who first tested positive? If nobody but her and Trump get it we can probably assume so.

    • She’s quite the lowlife if so. But then, I don’t understand women at all, other than the fact that most of them are whores. So maybe your theory lines up after all.

  10. Lol You Coof you lose orange man I’m sure libtards everywhere are having a good laugh and celebrating with champagne whisky and beer from the news and hoping you die from it. I normally would feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a giant back stabbing piece of shit but here goes it. I hope and pray that you get better from the coof virus, really accept Jesus into heart, stop being a corrupt scumbag, stop being a self congratulating tard, stop telling lies and stop kissing the asses of those who hate you and want to destroy America and everything good and decent in this world itsa alot to hope and pray for but there it is Amen

  11. And if he dies Pence will not be able to beat Biden. End game. What does it take before our people embrace red state secession?

    • it’s not about states. Every “red state” capital city is globohomo. It’s

      about cities vs countyside. Spanish CW except

      that in ‘Murka the military is owned by the Jews/SJW’s.

  12. “White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows delivered the first press briefing since Trump and the First Lady tested positive last night. He confirmed that Trump is experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms”

    Ohhhh Gawwwddd the horror! The President has a cold!

  13. “The bottom line here is that Trump won’t be able to campaign or likely debate, COVID-19 will dominate the news cycle in October and the pandemic polls to Joe Biden’s advantage.”

    You seem awfully confident about that. I was a believer in Covid19 but when I heard that the Chinese life was back to normal and Wuhan was reopening soon I was no longer sure it was a major threat. Some localities were strongly affected by the initial outbreaks. Since then the disease appears to have lost most of its virulence. It is difficult to trust the statistics because it has been clear that persons like Gates have made big plans, seemingly with foreknowledge (the same kind of foreknowledge Ron Unz talks about) that are based on dealing with the “threat.” Look at the batshit insane reactions in Australia, the way the Canadians are still hyperventilating about it. There is definitely more to this than infectious disease going around. Trump seems enthusiastic about vaccination. Indeed, Trump’s downplaying the disease is a lot like the neocons attacking Trump – it seems like reverse psychology to hype up the disease.

    • I can’t help thinking that if the borders were closed, if proper preparations had been made, if Trump had been serious from the get-go, if proper medical treatments had been given, if the covid pozzed people hadn’t been put in nursing homes, the disease would never have become such a bogeyman. Trump seems to have been setting things up for Chabad Jews to make a killing, and by downplaying the disease, he got the shitlibs frantic about it, when their initial impulse had been to hug chinks.

  14. Trump: “Gavin and the proud boys must go”
    Gavin and Proud boys “Who must go?!”
    Trump “Gets corona Virus”
    Gavin and Proud boys “LoL hahaha”

    • Indeed. I hope all of the Republicans get it. I hope he gave it to Biden too. lol But seriously, I don’t believe Trump has the virus. I think he’s faking being sick so he can say it wasn’t his fault, when he loses the election in a landslide. Don can never lose. His ego won’t allow it.

  15. Apparently you forgot that the CDC said that only 6% of the deaths are true COVID-19 deaths. The rest had an average of almost three (3) pre-existing illnesses. So deaths are somewhere around 10K which is still less than the seasonal flu.

  16. Corona-chan is a manufactured virus, and its components (SARS, MERS, AIDS) are deadly. But the overall danger hasn’t been nearly as great as predicted. Your survival rate is 99.7-99.9% (depending on the age group) if you’re under 65.

    The way politicians here have handled it has been the real disaster. I’m no Blompf fan, but it’s obvious that leftist pols have used this to ruin the economy and gain tighter control over the populace, all in the name of getting their nemesis out of office. (That anyone not insane was willing to cost people jobs, homes and lives for political power tells you why our system is well and truly f^cked.) If we would’ve isolated the the infected and exposed, and made masks readily available, this mainly-manufactured crisis would’ve passed long ago.

    I had initially supported a lockdown, only because the sensible moves made by places like South Korea and Taiwan weren’t being repeated here. It was important to see how deadly this Frankenvirus was going to be. However, the shutdown has obviously gone on way too long. The effect of the virus on those without pre-conditions certainly doesn’t justify it.

  17. Prediction I received this afternoon, from a friend:

    If Trump gets through it without getting very sick, he’ll win the election bigly.
    If Biden gets the covid and gets through it without getting very sick, Trump will win more bigly.
    If Biden gets the covid and dies, Biden will win in a landslide.

  18. LOL look at the dropouts pretending to be scientists. Pathetic.
    Trying to convince the rest of your alt-right tribe about the coronavirus, HW? Good luck because you’re clearly unable to do it.

    • Some of the commenters have had it and recovered. As far back as March. Stfu. We already know that steroids, certain antibiotics and acid reflux medicines like Lozoprawhatever turn unpleasant cases into something a lot less dangerous. A lot of the coughing is just your stomach churning up too much hydrochloric acid into the easopgagus for example. The thing is nasty but a well cared for patient should be able to shake off even a bad case.

  19. Absolutely no one thinks he’s going to die from this and once he recovers he’s got 6-12 months of antibodies. This whole charade by the press and political system should result in Treason trials and firing squads.


    From the article:

    “Everyone has Coronavirus

    We are hopefully coming to the realization that everyone should have had to begin with: there is no actual way to avoid getting this virus. You have to get it, build immunity, and move on with your life.

    Trump’s campaign manager has it.

    Kellyanne Conway has it.

    Two Republican Senators just tested positive.

    Everyone either:

    1. Has coronavirus
    2. Had coronavirus
    3. Is going to get coronavirus

    That is the status until a herd immunity is built and then the virus doesn’t have the ability to transmit from person to person, because so many have immunity. That is the way you keep it out of the old people’s homes.

    This is the adult reality that the children who run our society are going to have to come to terms with at some point, because there is no measure that is going to stop the spread of this virus, other than absolute isolation.

    But absolute isolation would have to be indefinite, i.e., forever.

    Is that a price that we are willing to pay?

    To remain in isolation forever in order to try to avoid getting infected with a mild flu virus which might not have ever even killed anyone?

    I don’t think the government should be allowed to decide that for us.”

      • But in the meantime the disease and virus has turned into a moral issue. And a phoney one at that. Lockdown was a good precaution and the doctors had time to figure out a therapeutic regime. Now that they have enough experience very few people are dying. The left have become a fucking bad joke.

        • This isn’t a left issue. Most Americans think there should be coronavirus restrictions, but we just disagree on the degree and who should implement them. New Zealand has probably been the most successful in handling the pandemic by acting early to close its borders and enact necessary local lockdowns or mask and social distancing requirements. These actions had widespread support across party lines. Unlike you, I back Trump, but he was wrong to listen to Kushner and he should’ve followed New Zealand’s lead instead. I don’t agree with Brad Griffin on somethings like Trump and WN, but on Covid 19 restrictions he’s right and you’re wrong and he’s clearly more educated than you on it.

          Trump or BUST 2020

          • No it is a very leftist issue. The initial blunder in the US was to allow international travel in February. Because that would be racist. Second area was to not nuke NYC. That would be racist.

            1.Stop the planes 2. Suround NYC and Chicago. Burn those bitches down.

          • 1 Polls such as those on Gallup and Rasmussen show most Americans disagree with you. 2. Trump enacted a partial ban from China and even that was criticized by most of the media and left. 3. Your solution of nuking entire American cities tells everyone you’re an idiot. How are those wet sheets and rubber walls treating you?

            Trump Trump Trump
            Wally Wally Wally

          • Ghosts, some of us have had Covid19 already and recovered. Short of stopping international travel the only way to stop the spread was nuking cities. It’s rhetorical point. You are going to get this disease eventually. Estimates suggest 80% infection eventually. The initial lockdown was justified, continuation of the restrictions through summer was an error. Continuation now is an error. You are going to get infected one way or another. Via vaccination or transmission.

      • It is just the flu. Probably being sarcastic about the millions starving to death, even he was being literal it doesn’t prove that what he says in this article is false.

        I’m not a supporter of Anglin but he’s right. Everyone needs to be an adult and realize that herd immunity or a vaccine is literally the only way to stop the spread of the virus.

        • Anglin insisted that millions of people would starve to death because of the lockdowns. He also debated Greg Johnson about COVID-19 in April when the death toll was still around 57,000. His position was that it was “just the flu.”

          The death toll is now over 210,000 which is far greater than the 1957 and 1968 pandemics. The idea that over 200,000 people die from “just the flu” every spring and summer is laughable. He has no idea what he is talking about. The only disease in American history that has killed more Americans in less time than COVID-19 is the Spanish Flu and it didn’t kill nearly as many people in the first wave of it in the spring and summer of 1918.

          Anglin also insisted that COVID-19 was a gigantic conspiracy. 1 out of 6 Americans has now been infected by the virus. Oh, and Donald Trump has been infected by the virus, which was supposedly a conspiracy to derail his presidency. He is a crackpot who no one takes seriously anymore.

          • Anglin barely graduated high school, went crazy and lived in the boondocks of Southeast Asia, became an alt-righter after being a lifelong leftist in order to scrape a living from what Richard Spencer popularized, and he’s in hiding and no one knows where he is now because he’s in some legal trouble. Nobody in his or her right mind thinks he’s a scientific expert.

            If you’re anti-Trump 2020, you’re anti-American PERIOD. Plain and simple and can’t get around it. USA: love it or leave it!
            Wally George was the godfather of conservative shock entertainment.

            Trump Trump Wally Wally!

          • Eventually you’ll be infected. Lockdown was appropriate for spring but it’s now just delaying the inevitable.

          • Speak for yourself, John Charity. By all means, never wear a mask when you finally venture outside of your bunker. Put your money where your creationist mouth is.

            Trump Trump
            Wally Wally

    • Anglin has zero credibility on this topic. He latched on to the Gilligan approach because it’s contrarian, and everything he does is about being contrarian with regard to whatever establishment society is doing. For a lot of current policies, that does tend to point to better answers. For epidemiology, it does not.

      If President Gilligan had made a big fuss about it early and point-and-laughed at the Democrats downplaying it, he could have had a shot of forcing them to double down on downplaying it while he could take up the banner of closing borders in the name of medical security etc, and he would have had much more secure ground. He’d have been the one saying “I’m keeping you safe”, the left would be the one screaming conspiracy nonsense and “hug a chinaman”, and it would’ve generally been a much more tenable position. And he’d have had plenty of reason to take the precautions that would prevent this current situation.

      But he’s President Gilligan.

      I hope he comes through okay, because on a personal level, I like the guy. However I’m not going to go along with any pretense that this situation isn’t nearly entirely his own doing.

      • I agree. The disease was the golden opportunity to shut down borders and dress up fascism as medical emergency. That’s exactly what I’d have done anyway. I’d have been using the idled air lines to deport millions of third world scum. I’d have also surrounded De Blasio’s New York and lot let any of those fuckers leave giving the army shoot to kill orders on quarantine. But here’s the thing, if he’d really acted on the spread he’d have been vilified anyway. In the end Trump did no worse than Macron or Boris. The only two countries in a similar situation are the UK and France. Both did badly. Both are genuine liberal democracies just like America.

      • Trump’s show of “downplaying it” (having weeks of press conferences on it?) was reverse psychology. Just as initial refusal to admit it was a threat (in the initial stages when the shitlibs were telling people to hug chinks) was a way to set people up for the overreaction. (and for Jared’s buddies to short the market) And there’s little debating it at this point: the overreaction to this disease is unprecedented. If anything, Trump’s alleged “illness” seems like a last “hard sell” for vaccination.

    • @Gryphon Anglinor

      Herd immunity is IMPOSSIBLE without a vaccine. There is no case in history of “herd immunity” coming spontaneously into existence.

      That’s why, for example, the Black Death killed a third of Europe, yet kept returning and killing more people for centuries. It was only the large-scale adoption of shingle and tile roofs in the 17th and 18th centuries that finally mostly banished the plague, since it removed the thatched roofs where the plague-bearing rats and mice lived.

      Cholera, measles, smallpox, etc. all lingered for centuries. Millenia, in many cases. Herd immunity was never achieved.

      In fact, if herd immunity could be achieved that easily, most of the diseases would have gone extinct.

      Without vaccination, there’s NO REASON COVID-19 can’t linger for centuries, too. Rising, falling, fading away almost to nothing, bursting out to kill a few million again.

      Masks and other measures are pretty much just an effort to limit the deaths until a vaccine is created and herd immunity is achieved by the only method that can produce it, vaccination.

      Expecting herd immunity without a vaccine is like expecting to drive at 65 mph without a car.

      • This isn’t bubonic plague though. It’s killing the very old and already very sick. While it is possible to get it twice, the second infection would be a very very mild cold for almost everyone affected.

      • My old man went to China for a holiday last year in November – December for a number of weeks. He got a flu was sick as a dog for a few weeks over there. This year he had same kind of flu, around the same time my family had a flu that went through the whole community.

        Now this flu had SAR’s like sign’s and symptoms, horrible flu, absolutely canes the throat. Pain from back of the throat to the top of my upper bronchial. Then this cough for weeks afterwards which is worse then the flu, being a bacterial infection.

        Here’s my hypothesis, this SAR’s like flu makes the globules epithelial tissue of the upper respiratory tract more hospitable for a common hemolytic bacterial infection, resulting in higher inflammation, cortisol levels, and scarring. Which is a recipe for cancer in the long term. Man the inflammation and infection went right down into my voice box and messed with me voice… Most guys I’m friends with had the same thing, we’re all high testosterone. It’s true doesn’t affect women and children as much.

        It’s a real flu, just not as bad as it’s made out to be. Only one person in the entire community was tested due to a known traced exposure, but tested negative, everyone else refused to be tested. As no one wants to be locked down again.

        One set of Dr’s wanted to test for corona, another set of Dr’s said don’t worry about it. I went along with the don’t worry about it DR’s. So the medical community is really split on this. You can tell which Dr is more swayed by AMA directives, the get tested for corona Dr’s. The Corona testing stands are empty where ever I see them.

        On another note don’t expect international travel to get back to normal till 2025…Maybe longer who knows. That’s what the global bankers made our federal reserves sign up to, on the corona debt… Yay Democracy. Friends of the family who are pilots were told a month ago not to expect any international work till 2025. So the sour grape vine confirms the truth of the matter really.

        Remember Greta, “Change is coming whether you like it or not!” .

        Just saying.

        @Ironsides You can take the vaccine and be the experiment for us, I’ll wait 10 to 15 years to judge it’s side affects. I’d rather develop natural immunity, the anti bodies last longer, most of us have a natural protein spike on our killer T cells anyway… Yay Sweden for not being able to enforce the law, and Norway for doing the research… Funny how that slipped through there information net.

        I hope president Trump doesn’t get too much neural degeneration from the drugs he’s taking for the flu. There’s stock piles of those chems now that the allied militarizes stopped poisoning the enlisted men and women with. A couple of the the side affects for stronger versions of those drugs are suicidal ideation and suicide… yep give to our soldiers for malaria prevention on operations. Trump recommends the conservative base takes them… stupid party indeed.

  21. Quote of the day, by Patrick Martin: “Given his role in downplaying the virus and disparaging the use of face masks, he is like an arsonist who has inadvertently set himself on fire.”

      • Of course. No one should doubt his recovery with the world’s best care. The doctors are giving him the best medications including antibodies (and NO hydroxychloroquine or bleach) regardless of high cost and scarcity. They would change his blood every few hours, if needed.

        He MUST leave the hospital immediately, to save his image of strength and win the election. An apparent “very mild case with very swift recovery” will be a powerful political hammer to strike at Biden. Then Trump can resume laughing at those who take the “Plandemic” seriously.

        • I had this back in March. It would have been easy enough to do this presidenting Malarkey with what I experienced. Once he’s got a couple of negative tests he should start live streaming. He’s got anti bodies kicking in a few days and can give plasma live on TV. Stop being a faggot.

  22. Martenson (“Peak Prosperity”) recently began to doubt non-aerosol transmission, claiming that the virus has a very short duration of infectiousness (although the RNA remains detectable) outside the human body, but this recent scientific study reinforces the professional consensus that it is indeed quite long-lasting, almost ten times more durable than influenza virus: Looks like hand-washing and sanitizer will make a come-back.

    • The cure is as follows. Doxycycline, Lanzoprasole and some combination of asthma steroids. It’s not a killer now that the doctors have had time to swap notes on decent treatment.

          • It is being turned to his political advantage, exactly as I predicted. After multiple treatments with the best drugs and monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, he is bragging already: “Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”

    • Asthma steroids will prevent pnumonia if he takes a course of the right antibiotic. He will be fine.

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