The Second Klan and Modernism

In the early 1920s, the Second Klan was on the other side of the culture war between Victorians and Moderns that I have been describing in recent weeks. In fact, the rise of the Second Klan was more about national identity and this cultural and moral breakdown than it was about race.

The Second Klan appealed to Old Americans descended from the founding stock – White Anglo-Saxon Protestants – who lived in small towns and rural areas in the South, Midwest and West and who supported Prohibition and traditional moral values. This is why the Klan is so reviled while gangsters who killed far more people than the Klan ever did are romanticized in shows like Boardwalk Empire.

The following excerpt comes from Nathan Miller’s book New World Coming: The 1920s and the Making of Modern America:

“Nose up like a clumsy bird settling into its nest, the small gilded biplane bounced several times before rolling to a stop on a grassy meadow outside Kokomo in central Indiana. It was late in the afternoon of July 23, 1923, two weeks before Calvin Coolidge became president. As the propeller ticked over, a solidly built man, hooded in a purple silk robe with gold piping and mystic symbols, jumped out the rear cockpit to the ground. A huge crowd, many wearing the flowing white robes of the Ku Klux Klan and estimated at some 100,000 people, watched as an official delegation filed out to greet him.

“Kigy,” he said.

“Istub,” they solemnly replied.

David C. Stephenson, an ex-soldier, itinerant Texas printer, and newly anointed Grand Dragon of Indiana, was escorted to a mound in the middle of the field – called the “mount” – and flung back his hood. Men and women cheered and applauded and bobbed up and down to get a look at “the new Messiah.” Previous speakers had already exhorted them to smite the devil and there had been allusions to the “Prince, the Sermon on the Mount and the Nativity.” Some of the multitude raised their arms to him and shouted prayers of thanksgiving. Parents hoisted their children up on their shoulders so they could have a better view. With an imperious gesture, Stephenson signaled for silence and began to speak …

The gathering was a tri-state Konklave of Klan members from Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, but for several days, bumper-to-bumper lines of cars had poured into Kokomo from every point of the compass. Some were draped in flags and decorated with placards: “America for Americans”; “The Pope Will Never Rule America”; “Trade With Klansmen Not Jews.” Kokomo had become the focus for those who saw themselves as the custodians of the Cross and Flag – the front line in the defense against evil, diversity and modernism. The meeting was the nearest thing to a national convention ever held by the Klan …

Under the leadership of Evans and Stephenson, the Klan boosted its membership to five million and offered a broader base than merely being anti-black, anti-Catholic, and anti-Jew. It tapped into inchoate grievances of the underclass against big business and economic exploitation. Echoing the old Populist platform of the 1890s, it was now strongly pro-farmer, pro-working class and anti-Wall Street. The Klan was the champion of Prohibition, guardian of the purity of Christian women, and opponent of international Jewish bankers, who, it was charged, had started the war for their own profit.

The typical Klansman lived in a small town or rural area in the South or Midwest. As the influence of the organization spread, it attracted displaced sharecroppers and tenant farmers who had taken jobs on the factory production lines of Detroit and in the mills of Cleveland. …

“We are a movement of the plain people, very weak in the matter of culture, intellectual support, and trained leadership.” Imperial Wizard Evans declared in explaining the growth of the Klan. “One by one all our traditional moral standards went by the boards, or were so disregarded that they ceased to be binding. The sacredness of our Sabbath, of our homes, of chastity, and fidelity, and finally even of our right to teach our own children in our own schools fundamental facts and truths were torn away from us. Those who maintained the old standards did so only in the face of constant ridicule.”

No wonder the Klan is so hated.

There really was a culture war and the Klan was on the losing side. Traditional moral values really were under attack by Jews and Modernists. America’s national identity was also being transformed. The Klansmen were not wrong that this would have enormous implications for future generations.

I’ve seen some people in the comments trying to argue that everything was fine in the Roaring Twenties because of the triumph of immigration restriction in 1921 and 1924, eugenic sterilization laws and segregation. This ignores the fact that the opponents of all these things and of the Second Klan were still rising and gaining ground in this era. Henry Ford, for example, eventually had to suspend publication of The Dearborn Independent because of opposition from Jews. The Second Klan also faced implacable opposition from mainline Protestantism and the media.

The Second Klan was supported by lay Protestants and was opposed by the Protestant establishment which had been backing away from explicit support for Anglo-Saxon ethnic nationalism since around 1910. This rift between lay Protestants and elite Protestants emerged in the 1910s and 1920s and would grow enormously in the 20th century as the mainline churches lost millions of members.

The following excerpt comes from Stanley Coben’s book Rebellion Against Victorianism: The Impetus for Cultural Change in 1920s America:

“During the nineteenth century, a large majority of American academic and literary intellectuals served as protectors of Victorian mores and ideas. By the 1920s, however, most leading American intellectuals had announced their rebellion against virtually the same conventions and concepts. This rebellion was supported by the nation’s foremost book publishers, literary and scholarly journals, and heads of philanthropic foundations.

The crucial factor in causing the intellectuals’ rebellion was a shift in their values. This led them inevitably into conflict with Americans who continued to hold and were attempting to protect the conventional ethos. Behind the shift lay an expansion of the parameters of late nineteenth century literary realism and naturalism and of Victorian science and social science. These twentieth-century trends were encouraged by the reinforcement of dissident ideas provided by increased numbers of intellectuals, an enlarged audience for such ideas, and much more money available for their creation and dissemination.

During the mid and late nineteenth century, trustees of colleges and universities in the United States almost inevitably selected as presidents men who shared the trustees’ piety and orthodox political, social, moral and religious beliefs. These presidents, in turn, chose faculty members who almost all understood that their most important duty consisted of improving the character and guiding the minds and souls of impressionable undergraduate students. As part of this task, they provided access to the accumulated higher knowledge of their academic specialties, including that scientific knowledge which appeared to confirm conventional American beliefs. …

What was this change in values and worldview that had emerged in the late 19th century and reached a critical mass in the 1920s and was clashing with Victorian values?

“A definitive statement of the intelligentsia’s values, applicable to the ideal objectives of most of the era’s finest poets, novelists, physical and biological scientists, and academic humanists and social scientists was delivered in a manifesto by the poet Ezra Pound, published in 1913 and restated by him in somewhat different phrases for over two decades thereafter:

“If an artist falsifies his report as to the nature of man, as to his own nature, as to the nature of his ideal of the perfect, as to the nature of his ideal of this, that or the other, of god, if god exists, of the life force, of the nature of good or evil, if good and bad exist, of the force with which he believes or disbelieves this, that or the other, of the degree in which he believes or disbelieves this, that or the other, of the degree in which he suffers or is made glad; if the artist falsifies his reports on these matters or on any other matter in order that he may conform to the taste of his time, to the proprieties of a sovereign, to the conveniences of a preconceived code of ethics, then that artist lies. If he lies out of deliberate will to lie, if he lies out of carelessness, out of laziness, out of cowardice, out of any sort of negligence whatsoever, he nevertheless lies and he should be punished or despised in proportion to the seriousness of his offense.”

The artist, Pound insisted, should utilize all information or technique that would help him interpret his subject accurately, no matter whom this interpretation may antagonize. A similar ethic guided social scientists during the 1920s as they described terrible deficiencies in the lives of “typical” middle-class and working-class Americans. Social scientists reported that satisfaction and happiness among some economically “primitive” peoples far exceeded that found among the American middle class or working class. A group among these social scientists demonstrated, to other social scientists at least, that Victorian racial and ethnic beliefs lacked scientific validity. They placed scholarly values above conventional proprieties in presenting the most pertinent information (mostly unfavorable about America and Americans) and the conclusive (largely negative about America) suggested by the evidence.”

In other words, Modernism: the cult of the artist, the doctrine of art for art’s sake, the autonomy of aesthetics from religion and morality and society, embracing the “primitive.”

Jews were only starting to trickle into America academia in the 1920s. Franz Boas was one of the first and was a harbinger of what was to come.

The following excerpt comes from Nathan Miller’s book New World Coming: The 1920s and the Making of Modern America:

“Upper-class Americans wrinkled their noses at the Klan’s grotesqueries, but they, too, were firmly convinced that the United States was in danger of becoming the dumping ground for Europe’s “scum.” President A. Lawrence Lowell of Harvard led the Ivy League universities in imposing quotas for Jews while the top banks, publishing houses, law firms, and corporations refused to hire them. If prejudice against Jewish students was rife, it was even stronger against faculty. The teaching staffs of Yale, Princeton, John Hopkins, and the universities of Georgia, Chicago and Texas each had one Jew. There were two each at Columbia and California and three at Harvard. There were fewer than a hundred Jews on liberal arts and sciences faculties throughout the nation in the 1920s, and not many more a decade later.”

There were only a few Jewish academics like Boas in the 1920s and they were already having a deleterious effect. By the 1950s though, the American intelligentsia had become half Jewish. America had become liberal, modernist, cosmopolitan and antiracist in the interwar years.

Note: David C. Stephenson was a piece of shit who discredited the Klan when he was convicted of abducting, raping and murdering a young White woman. The Second Klan rose in defense of traditional moral values and fell when it was hoisted on its own petard.

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  1. As the nephew of a now-dead Irish Catholic who, though athletic enough to play, eventually, a bit of minor league baseball, got beaten up by his Klan classmates more than once, I think, at his one-room schoolhouse (still standing, though now a private home) outside Philadelphia in the school-year 1925-6, I like to think I’ve done my part, ancestrally speaking, to help Anglo-Americans vent their frustration at their dispossession.

    • So, not only are you a Wop, you’re a Mick, too. And yet, you find religion abhorrent. What does that say about your Catholi-schism, John? At least my WASP side of the family helped me to see that the Church is real, and exists in time and space, even if the Papacy is a lie….. And I don’t WANT to be dispossessed, TYVM. I’m now more of a WASP than ever before, since I’ve become Orthodox. I’m now a “White Anglo-Saxon Pravoslavniye.” I’d rather we negate every last Yid, Nig, Spic, and Trannie, instead. Peaceably, or course…my version of ‘Tikkun Olam.’ After all, what saith the Scripture? And didn’t Christ say, ‘The Scripture cannot be broken’?

      P. 139
      Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.
      20 For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
      21 Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
      22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.
      23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:
      24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

      Ps. 137
      O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction, blessed is he who repays you as you have done to us. 9Blessed is he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.

      • Supernaturalism is untenable. The effort to hold onto it is destructive of the Aryan mind—which is to say mind itself.

        Nothing in my comment was intended to suggest I favor any displacement of the Anglos, who are the greatest of the modern Aryan breeds and second overall, in the Aryan pantheon, only to the ancient Hellenes. Behold, in the video below, the beautiful birds that once filled Britannia …

        • One will notice the number to which those beauteous little airheads are blithely dancing away: “Let’s Work Together”—the call to multiculturalism, summons to self-extinction, siren song of suicide.

        • John, do you accept the idea that worship of a higher power is “hardwired” into us? If so, how can it be bad for us to believe in a god? Evolution programs us to follow whatever benefits our survival, after all. (If you aren’t a theist, you would most likely believe that, anyway.)

          I’m not trying to rile you up, btw. You’re obviously intelligent, and I’m curious about your views on the subject.

          • Decades ago, Boomer X, on an occasion when I was in the company of a friend and a friend of his whom I barely knew, I was struck that the latter—the friend of the friend—had no religious instinct, as I’ll call it, at all. He was a sharp guy who worked in some computer field or electronics field and who, when Rubik’s Cube had come onto the scene, had sat at a table and jotted notes on a piece of paper as he’d studied it (the cube) and had then solved it quickly. (This my friend had once told me.) Because I myself had always been religious and was, at that time, still religious and had always been among religious persons, this man, this friend of a friend, who, as I’d somehow sensed, had no inclination to religion, struck me as novel.

            In the decades since that, I’ve occasionally wondered whether non-religious persons, like that friend of a friend, are a rarity among, a sizable minority of, or a majority of humans. No statistics on religious belief, church attendance, or the like would answer that question for me; but every time someone asserts or suggests that belief in God is part of human nature or “hardwired” into us, I’m reminded of that time I spent with those two men. I say to myself, “No, it is not.”

            Oops—a Japanese man, probably born around the same time I was (1953), once told me, in conversation, that the Japanese are atheists. This, man, too, I’d met through my above-mentioned friend, who had met him in an American company’s Tokyo office where they’d both been working and who’d asked me to entertain the Japanese man while the latter was temporarily stationed in one of the company’s American offices, here in the Philadelphia area. I don’t remember what the Japanese fellow and I had been discussing when he told me the Japanese are atheists, but he was not an irreverent, flippant, or hip person—no Modern. He was just a Japanese family man, who was telling me that supernaturalism wasn’t part of Japanese life. If I’d asked him if it had once been part of Japanese life, he might well have said yes; but he was talking about Japan now, his own nation as he understood it.

            As to the other part of your comment, yes, I do believe in evolution, but I don’t believe it “programs us to follow whatever benefits our survival,” i.e., I don’t believe in “natural selection (of random mutations),” which Darwin proposed as evolution’s mechanism. I believe in what I’ll call “evolutionary drive,” which is not found in all organisms. It exists in the Aryan, who will evolve, but not in the other human types, who will be left behind evolutionarily. The Aryan is the human; the other human types are parahuman or subhuman. The Aryan is not merely a distinct species, not merely a distinct genus, family, order, or class. He is a new phylum, distinguished not by his body plan but by his mental activity. He represents the emergence of mind in the full sense.

          • Had to hit the reply button to my own response, John. Thanks for relating all of that. I appreciate it. You’ve certainly given me a lot to think about, especially with your comments on the Aryan. You might like reading Ted Sallis over at his EGI Notes site, as he debunks the HBD model that sees the East Asian and Ashkenazi as more intelligent or developed than Europeans.

          • I strongly recommend James George Frazer’s book “The Golden Bough” for those interested in these topics.

            It’s the best anthropology book I’ve ever seen. He draws on essentially every single human culture all over the planet, demonstrating common patterns and beliefs from cultures that could not possibly have had cultural exchanges, and produces such a wealth of examples for every single claim he makes that it is difficult to not be convinced. In a nutshell, his argument is that human supernaturalism and religious impulses are partly innate pattern-seeking, attempting to make sense of patterns in life that humans lack the context to fully understand – particularly the agricultural cycle. He also argues that the industrial revolution, by disconnecting most people from agriculture, is the most revolutionary change in human society since agriculture itself, and will result in utterly unpredictable consequences for all human society, religious thought, and perhaps the very existence of religion. He wrote this in the 1890s and makes multiple predictions; comparing subsequent events to those predictions is startling.

            The edition I have is this one:
            which does a very good job of staying true to the author’s original intentions while cutting down the truly monumental amount of evidence he brought to bear to a quantity the casual reader will find digestible and understandable.

          • “… from cultures that could not possibly have had cultural exchanges …”

            I doubt that.

          • Haven’t even read it and you’re already drawing conclusions. Never mind; the book would do you no good at all.

          • When you have an opportunity, do tell how you know I haven’t read it. In the meantime, I’ll present an alternative view, which reflects, I believe, the later—and, of course, now “discredited”—diffusionist theories of figures such as (Sir) Grafton Elliot Smith and W. J. Perry. This is from footnote 65, as found in my1973 copy of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero with a Thousand Faces” but quite-possibly unchanged from the original, 1949 edition:

            “It is still uncertain by what means and in what eras the mythological and cultural patterns of the various archaic civilizations may have been disseminated to the farthest corners of the earth; yet it can be stated categorically that few (if any) of the so-called ‘primitive cultures’ studied by our anthropologists represent autochthonous growths. They are, rather, local adaptations, provincial degenerations, and immensely old fossilizations, of folkways that were developed in very different lands, often under much less simple circumstances, and by other races.”

      • @Father John…

        Yes, John is a product of race-mixing, as am I and as are you, Father.

        That said, he brings that unique perspective of those two once profoundly Catholic Cultures, and the fact that he has lived long enough to be a piece of living history.

        Now many of us who come from very different European Tribes, as you are clearly aware, are looking past old tribal feuds, because we are all in the same boat – threatened with extinction by both the Corporate New World Order and it’s venomous ally – The Judeo-Bolshevik Left.

        Thus, in defending the position of The White Anglo Race, we, those of us who are either a part of it or none of it, defend ourselves.

        Be well, Sir!

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      Yes, you’ve done your part, Dear John. Thank you for that.

      The Anglo Race used to be rather vociferous. I remember it well, this because a number of them, good-ole-boys, would try to beat me up because of my long hair – oh, so long ago.

      Times have changed, however, and Anglos, of which I am half, are on their knees and mostly out of their minds.

      It’s sad and sobering to see how Jewry has drubbed them to the ground.

      Really, it’s sad to see such a thing happen to anyone, even if part of your comes from the Drubbers.

      Yes, My Friend, we must do what we can to save them, not only because they have shared this great country, of which they have been the principle architects, with us, but, because, they are, if not the best race on earth, certainly one in a small group of them.

      Maybe we will not see the final victory, as the curtain of time is closing in on you and I, but, if we have done our duty, we can go to our graves confident that we have contributed to the survival of what is most right.

      God bless you and mama on this day!

      • Well said, Ivan, well said. Have relayed your wishes and send the same, in return.

      • The Anglos made their beds with Ashkenazi jews against their European cousins. To repeat a paraphase ypu; Anglos can inherit the maelstrom they set in motion by their treasonous alliance with das juden.

        It might not be the rank and file John and Jane Doe Anglos that rubber stamped this deal with the devil, but they didn’t mind as long as they were on top of the mountain looking down at world jewry’s opponents.

        Even today, the “Five Eyes” of the anglosphere intelligence agencies from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand have partnered with Israel as a sixth “eye.” I cannot extend them the the absolution that Jesus gave to his executioners. They do know what they are doing. Perhaps, like the “Frong and the Scorpion ” parable, it is just their nature.

    • John,

      Why not tell us the reason your uncle was attacked? Was it random, mistaken identity, completely innocent, or did he try to rile folks up like you try to do right here? I think the real Klan (Forrest’s “troops”) died more than 100 years ago and it became a boogeyman under its new “leadership”.

      • @Snowhitey…

        Surely, Sir, you do not think that ‘The Real Klan’, was only ‘Forrest’s troops’?

        The Klan was everywhere in The Reconstruction Era South, and waging war while, ostensibly, it was peacetime.

        Could very well be what, in a new guise, comes to be over the coming years.

        And it will not be just one group in one place, but many in many places, because everyone has a stake in what is going to go down.

        Be well!

        • It’s Madam….

          I was referring to the original Klan in its original form for the original reasons. Of course I know it wasn’t just Forrest’s troops. Who knows how it morphed after that. The next generation so to speak.

  2. A RIDDLE…

    How The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan, a Mason-sponsored rural and smalltown Reconstruction Era organization of Confederate veterans – sworn to fight the occupying United States’ Government, and sympathizers of any faith, class, or race – got to being an organization of mostly White Collar Northern Urbanites, prancing around in peacetime for vanity’s sake in the streets, on the exclusive premise of race, is a riddle for the ages.

    Or, at least, so it is for me.

    Talk about co-opting something for your own ends!

      • @Fr. John…

        Yes, Father – it’s a problem on this planet that we like to take what others have made and claim it for ourselves.

        Pursuant to this, I am reminded of what one Negress, singer Abby Lincoln, in Ken Burns’s series, entitled,’Jazz’, said about this country : ‘They’ll steal your ancestors, if you let them.”

        As to Jews and co-opting : I think Jews do it better than anyone else, so, because of this, they are going to be more conspicuous, on that score, if one cares to look into that matter.

        Of course, in the end, the processes of co-opting are just one aspect of a larger process we might rightfully refer to as, ‘Usurpation, which, again, is part of one even larger process – that of imperialism.

        And, of course, imperialism plays itself out in all the theatres, not just in one about land, but, in those culture, environmental, academic, cultural, and on and on ad nauseum.

        Be blessed on this day, Good Sir!

  3. My grandfather was a member of the 1920’s Klan. But in a real sense the 1920’s Klan was not a direct descendent from the Reconstruction Klan. The Reconstruction Klan never used the title “Imperial” in anything preferring the title “Grand” Also they admitted Catholics. Hundreds of Catholics in Louisiana were members of the Reconstruction Klan. Nor did they always were whites robes. The symbol was a black dragon on a gold banner trimmed in red, not a white cross with a blood drop. Some Dens (Dens, not Klaverns) wore white, others red, some black, and so on) Duke’s version of the Klan was closer in ritual and terminology to the Reconstruction Klan than the 1920s Klan and he admitted Catholics.

    • @Heartland…

      As to Imperial Wizard Duke’s Klan – you have to think that, what with being down in Louisiana, Duke would have had an anæmick organization, unless he had admitted Catholicks…

    • “The Reconstruction Klan (…) admitted Catholics. Hundreds of Catholics in Louisiana were members of the Reconstruction Klan”:

      Of course. The South was from the beginning more Catholic (beginning with Santa Elena, Florida, Spanish colony, and Louisiana, and Maryland.) than the North, and more Jewish, and especially, multi-racial.

      • @Anonymous…

        And yet it’s The Northeast that is endlessly lecturing The South about ‘multiculturalism’ and the need to be ‘diverse’!

      • @Anonymous…

        “The Reconstruction Klan (…) admitted Catholics. Hundreds of Catholics in Louisiana were members of the Reconstruction Klan”:

        Of course. The South was from the beginning more Catholic (beginning with Santa Elena, Florida, Spanish colony, and Louisiana, and Maryland.) than the North, and more Jewish, and especially, multi-racial.”

        According to the KKK historians I’ve spoken with, Southern Jews were also part of the original Klan, as they had been in The Confederate armies, and, as well, until the 1990s, Southern Jews were often silent donors to and supporters of their local smalltown Klaverns.

        Don’t you know that would just kill the SPLC and the ADL to hear that?

        Maybe they already know it, but, won’t admit it, not in publick…

        • Judith Benjamin, former CSA cabinet official, financed the Reconstruction Klan from his London exile.

          • @Heartland…

            I did not know that, though, I am not at all surprised to hear it. Benjamin believed in what The Founding Fathers had established (States’ Rights), and, was, in his own weird way, A Southern Nationalist, all the while being a Jew.

            He was not alone in this, however, for Southern Jews used to be this way, which is way so many, in terms of ratio, fought for the Confederacy.

            Thank you for the comment!

          • Before World War II, the Jewish establishment tolerated or even endorsed the KKK because it was in their socioeconomic interest to do so. After the war, they’ve supported open borders and every civil rights movement because they’ve perceived it as a wonderful tactic to prevent what they’d consider anti-Semitism. They sail whichever direction the wind blows and favors their well-being, NOT the well-being of their Gentile neighbors or host nations.

            It’s unfortunate that more patriotic and loyal Jews like Rothbard and Michael Savage Weiner are in the minority, but President Nixon knew how organized Jewry operates. He was probably the last President who looked after the American middle class and was wise to the deep state and JQ. In his second inaugural address, he pledged an America First foreign policy and to dismantle the bureaucratic power known as the deep state which would eventually overthrow him. Trump’s too friendly with big business, but he’s still the best shot at weakening the deep state and look what’s happening to him now.

            Trump or Bust 2020

  4. How The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan, a mason-sponsored organization of Reconstruction Era Confederate veterans fighting the occupying United States’ Government – and everyone, of any race, class, or faith who would support that – ever morphed into a mostly White Collar Northern Urban organization, prancing around for vanity’s sake on account of race, is a riddle for the ages…

  5. The Second Klan seems to have been mostly an Anti-Catholic organization, parallel with the Anti-German agitation of the War years. The Klan was about as “traditional” as Fred Trump or Norman Vincent Peale. The so-called “antisemitism” of the organization was never its purpose or function, practically speaking, it was about intimidating Catholics, brawling with them, burning Catholic churches. it was the same impulse that was behind the Anti-German rioting. Portland is the epicenter of Antifa for the same reason the KKK was involved in trying to ban Catholic schools in Oregon in the 20s. Same DNA. “100% American” or “100% politically correct” – it’s the same virulent Yankee-Judah mentality. I don’t think it’s really a coincidence that Trump is in office and Antifa is rioting and burning buildings under Trump. It’s symbiotic relationship, Trump has deliberately refused to stop their intimidation campaign and the main targets of the Trump administration are any groups who are willing to stand up to them. “Stand-by, I’ll pay your legal bills” – Yeah, your public defender. The Trumps, since they came to America, turned their backs on their heritage, and have always been 100% American “support your public schools” types. Parasites like those in Freemasonry. I’ve never heard of antisemitic violence originating with the KKK, just as you never hear of antisemitic violence coming from Antifa.

    “The Klan’s appeals to morality and patriotism initially masked the reality: the political intrigue and social conflict and the loyalty to the Klan that transcended political party affiliations. In 1922, Klansmen won election to local and county offices throughout Oregon, and some Klansmen won seats in the state legislature. The Klan helped elect LaGrande Democrat Walter M. Pierce as governor and played a significant role in passing an initiative measure requiring all children eight to sixteen years of age to attend public schools. While targeting Roman Catholics, the compulsory school bill would have eliminated other private and denominational schools. As the only state to pass such a law, Oregon gained notoriety and faced numerous legal challenges. The law was never implemented, and the U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional in 1925.”

    This dirty Jew writing in “The Atlantic” never mentions any violence against Catholics by the Klan, such violence was the only real reason the Klan was long-tolerated in the US, despite being a criminal organization, it was tolerated simply because it was an Anti-Catholic quasi-masonic organization.

    “Unsurprisingly, such an antagonistic worldview produced and sanctioned a great deal of violence. From the late 1910s through the 1920s, Klansmen carried out hundreds of beatings and whippings, and dozens of murders. They threatened bootleggers, flogged Mexicans, tarred and feathered doctors who performed abortions, and strong-armed politicians. They lynched black people, showed up on night rides to terrify prostitutes, bullied Jews, and lashed young women found riding in cars with men.”

    • “practically speaking, it was about intimidating Catholics, brawling with them, burning Catholic churches”

      Nonsense. This wasn’t 1600’s Maryland. The issue wasn’t religion – the issue was immigration.

      Hunter Wallace – look up when they started to broadcast imagines of “Klansmen” with “swastika” imagery – sometime in the 1980’s I believe. Consider this fake “white nationalist” movement, especially the types always trying to ret-con American history with the German NSDAP and WWII.

      Then, read this:

      HW, knowing what you know about this “movement” – considering what you have seen in the last decade – ask yourself if this sort of thing is in good faith.

      Hint: it’s not.

      • Look, it’s been 60 years since Vatican II, it’s not surprising that people are rusty about the controversy of Catholicism in the United States, even as today churches are burning, the nomination of a potentially pro-life Catholic at least appears to be one of the most contentious political issues in the country. You must not read the comments from the paranoid fossils on here to understand. The Klan didn’t suddenly dissolve when immigration was restricted. The Klan was just a cleverly marketed quasi-masonic organization. And the original Klan was defended well into the 1930s by the mainstream culture into the 1930s.

        • @JPS

          ” You must not read the comments from the paranoid fossils on here to understand. ”

          Yes, E. Michael Jones has created a whole new generation of Catholic paranoids thinking there’s an Ian Paisley in every rural town in America ranting against “Papists.” He’s worse than the Jews in his bigotry against half the white people on earth.

          It was a brilliant way to divide the growing white populist movement – what better than dragging up ancient history from the Reformation?

          Then again, that is what religion is good for – mystification. That is its purpose, after all. “Anti-Catholic” sentiment was about immigration and economics, not some bizarre religious theological reason no one even understands anymore.

          ” the nomination of a potentially pro-life Catholic at least appears to be one of the most contentious political issues in the country. ”

          The Supreme Court is majority Catholic, what the hell are you talking about?

          • “not some bizarre religious theological reason no one even understands anymore.”

            Oh you understand it. And no it’s not about Anti-Protestant sentiment. This isn’t the late 16th Century. It is really about Christianity, period. Catholicism as it was, was a powerful force in society, and was the real bulwark of Christianity in this country (certainly outside the South) and in Europe. To be “pro-life” just represents in the mind of the Jews and the rabid secularists, the old Catholic Church, the old traditional morality.

            “The Supreme Court is majority Catholic, what the hell are you talking about?”

            Gorsuch might be genetically Catholic but he attended one of those rainbow wasp cat-lady Episcopalian churches in Boulder. If I recall correctly, Thomas reverted to Catholicism. Sotomayor is someone who might have been baptized Catholic but is 100% of the Left.

            Late in life, Bork converted to Catholicism, Thomas was not Catholic but was raised Catholic and has reverted, Kavanaugh is Catholic, these nominations were very controversial. Of course you know what I’m talking about. These were controversial nominations. They won’t nominate someone like Roy Moore and any “mainline Protestant” who made it to a position to be nominated would be almost certain to vote for abortion. Roberts, Gorsuch and Kennedy made it through smoothly, undoubtedly because they were known to be reliable liberals. Bork, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett, there’s no controversy because the Court is mostly Catholic! Quit arguing like a Jew. You’re sound like a Jew downplaying the JQ. “Paranoia.”

          • “E. Michael Jones has created a whole new generation of Catholic paranoids thinking there’s an Ian Paisley in every rural town in America ranting against Papists”:

            Not in EVERY American town, but in some:

            English burners of the Papist traitor, lest we forget and be lulled into complacency by Papist Propaganda:

            “Pope Night” was once the most important holiday, next to Thanskgiving, in New England.

            Ian Paisley was at his best in his opposition to Papism.

      • ((( quite literally coddles the faggotry of Greg Johnson, and attempts to impugn the dignity of two of the best historians alive in Mark Weber and David Irving.

        The question is: Who is behind that judeo-anglo kosher pile of jackass shit? MI6, Mossad, or a consortium of all of ZOG’s assets?

  6. “It tapped into inchoate grievances of the underclass against big business and economic exploitation. Echoing the old Populist platform of the 1890s (…) strongly pro-farmer, pro-working class and anti-Wall Street (…) champion of Prohibition, guardian of the purity of Christian women, and opponent of international Jewish bankers, who, it was charged, had started the war for their own profit”:

    That was the good side of it.

    Mary ” Yellin’ ” Lease is a NON-Klan example of the same period who held all of those good positions. Quite interesting:

    • Jews who control history departments will never tell an accurate history of the Second Klan because they want to do the same thing today with the same genetic dregs of the white population.

  7. The KKK was a Confederate vets organization that persisted into the 1930’s when the last of the Confederate veterans died it died too.

    The KKK was a secret organization, and most politicians from South of the Mason-Dixon belonged to it. Including politicians who were considered liberals, or progressives.

    The Klan wasn’t overtly anti-Catholic, but, when they told a Catholic Priest to leave and take his nuns with him. The Priest, took his nuns and left until the local Catholic Bishop could smooth things over.

    I don’t know about this second Klan stuff? Maybe in Indiana? LOL. Southern Indiana might as well be in Kentucky. The shortest route to southern Indiana is through Kentucky. This is the bluegrass country south and west of Louisville. The rest is grifting.

  8. “”…I’ve seen some people in the comments trying to argue that everything was fine in the Roaring Twenties because of the triumph of immigration restriction ….”””

    Do you see how important is history. Short term hooray versus long term stability. This is world wide problem. Even in the Eastern Europe sometimes is hard to explain that we do not have problem with immigrants but we have problem with communists who bringing them in .

    People are happy that we do not have immigration now and some folk ignoring the hard fact that global elite packing business, education and public offices with their people. Luckily local Nazis are aware.

    Every business owner knows that loud support of mass immigration, foreign labor and homosexuality makes getting credit from bank very easy. But every business owner also knows that support for foreign labor may cause peaceful protests from local football fans.

    You will never win a war with arguments. Normie never think , normie is only afraid. Is the bank credit really worth pissing off football fans ? Who will not hesitate to use every last Antifa method.

    • @Juri…

      “You will never win a war with arguments. Normie never think , normie is only afraid.”

      Yes, and no, My Ukrainian Friend.

      Yes, ultimately, war must be won by sterner means than be what is invisible – ideas, BUT, no war for survival can be fought unless the Normie is infested with the ideas that rightly teach him to fear what is truly a threat and what is not.

      So it is, Dear Juri, that fear is not only a weapon that can be used against us, it is one that can also be harnessed as a fearsome weapon to get us to do what is right – just like fear prompts you to look both ways, when you are crossing the street with your child’s hand in your hand…

  9. To say that “America is historically a Protestant country” – although certainly a true statement, is misleading. The US is historically a state (or states, once) that have been dominated by Freemasonry. That once there were state churches in the United States has had little bearing on America’s religious heritage. The fragmented sects of the Protestants want to claim a collective hegemony over America’s history, but it was not Christianity, but Freemasonry, that maintained that hegemony. My pioneer German Catholic ancestors were already arrived in the 1840s and all of them had arrived here by 1870. By 1870, there is little doubt the Catholic Church was the largest Christian denomination in the United States, and the most influential. It was attacked because it was influential, if it had not been attacked, it might have grown to such an extent that much of the country would have become Catholic. To call the KKK “Protestant” is a big stretch. What denomination was it? It was Anti-Catholic. Anti-Catholicism is not the same thing as Protestant, even if it hides behind the Protestant label. A secret society hiding behind a pretended respect for Protestant Christianity. The KKK was not about positive belief in Christianity, it was a quasi-masonic organization. You don’t have Margaret Sanger giving a speech to you because you are “Christian.” That is ridiculous.

    • “Freemasonry … What denomination was it? It was Anti-Catholic.”

      E. Michael Jones detected.

      It’s very similar to the New York Times 1619 project. The idea is to “center” the history of America around something other than the actual American people. In their case, Africans. In Jones case, Catholic immigrants.

      Religion is a great way to divide whites. Imagine pretending that Freemasonry is relevant – it wasn’t even relevant by the 1800’s. Maybe the 1700’s, but ffs there was an “anti-Masonic” party long before the mass Irish/Italian/Polish immigration of the late 1800’s.

      • “Imagine pretending that Freemasonry is relevant.”

        Imagine trying to talk about the Bologna massacre without mentioning P2. Imagine pretending, as Americans do, that it is sophisticated to be intellectually dishonest about the role of secret societies and “conspiracy theories.”

        E Michael Jones tries to downplay the role of Freemasonry. If you think Freemasonry (and its modern offshoots) is irrelevant to the motives and organization of public policy in our history, you’re an ignorant fool. Masonic and quasi-masonic organizations continue to dominate Western society. The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. Of course, this is an article on the Klan, a secret society. The only way to pretend Freemasonry was “irrelevant” to this topic it is to be intellectually dishonest. Of course, that is the whole premise of Freemasonry, that they try to create a false impression of what they are about to outsiders.

        When my grandmother was a girl the Klan burned crosses in Dubuque Iowa because of the large Catholic population. A decade before the Germans forced to give up their schools. Of course, the Anti-German sentiment was closely allied psychologically with Anti-Catholic sentiment and anti-monarchical sentiment. This is all part of our history, today we have the genetic descendants of the Klan on the streets as Antifa, chimping out about RBG and the Catholic nominee. They’re the same low-class Yankees they’ve always been.

        Incidentally I’m only talking about the Klan as a popular sensation of the 20s as inspired by The Birth of a Nation, which is a fine film. The original KKK is basically totally unrelated to the progressive era Klan that wanted to ban Catholic schools (incidentally Macron is planning to ban homeschooling).

        The Klan didn’t let Margaret Sanger address them because it was Christian or traditional. It let her address them because they had hatred of Catholicism and Catholic families in common.

        Anti-Catholicism remains hugely popular, check out any comment section whenever the Jews and their lackeys run a story condemning Catholic priests, baby-farming convents, homes for unwed mothers.

        • “today we have the genetic descendants of the Klan on the streets as Antifa, chimping out about RBG and the Catholic nominee.”

          This is what JPS actually wants you to believe, and he even has a fake sob story about “the Klan” abusing his grandmother. The reality, of course, is that the literal genetic descendants of the Klan have been the only people standing up to Antifa, “in the streets,” etc.

          He – like E. Michael Jones – is anti-white, and he wants to redefine the history of the USA to revolve around his bizarre ideological fixations.

          You can be sure he will be at every “right wing” site attacking white Americans for their “anti-Catholicism.” Just like shitlibs whine about “anti-semitism” and “anti-blackness.”

          Remember – these people don’t even control THEIR OWN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

          And they are too cowardly, and too weak, to reassert control over their own institution.

          So, they go to pro-white sites to attack white people, especially, the historic American people.

          If they really cared, they wouldn’t be on a pro-white site, they would be on a Catholic site, trying to convince their fellow Catholics.

          But they never, ever, ever do that. They only attack Whites – Americans – who are not Catholic.

          See how that works?

          Just like E. Michael Jones, who constantly attacks White America and even tells people to deny they are “white.”

          • “This is what JPS actually wants you to believe, and he even has a fake sob story about “the Klan” abusing his grandmother. The reality, of course, is that the literal genetic descendants of the Klan have been the only people standing up to Antifa, “in the streets,” etc.”

            It’s mainly descendants of Catholics, Germans and Irish who populate the far Right in this country. Look at the ancestry of whites in this country. The KKK did burn crosses in Dubuque, when my grandmother lived there. Why wouldn’t they? It was a town with a large Catholic population, and the Klan was, at least initially, a socially approved secret society criminal organization that was largely intersecting with Freemasonry. And for what reason? My grandmother’s ancestors had lived in the area since the 1840s, when my great great great great grandmother and her husband had settled there. Anna Barbara Christoph’s little stone house that she lived in as a widow has been put in a public park as a little historical exhibit. And of course the Klan was about spreading liberal, progressive, 100% American hatred of the people who had settled that county. My grandmother had a kind of German accent, though she knew no German, she passed away in 2014. Of course they never got much traction in that part of the country, given the demographics. In Oregon, they took over Portland, in Oregon, they tried to ban Catholic schools, the German language schools had banned within the past decade throughout the country, why not try to ban the Catholic schools? So that 100% American “progressive” thinking has a monopoly on education?

            The KKK was progressive, Antifa is progressive, and that is not just a coincidence of terminology. Look at Richard Spencer. He’s actually ambivalent about the Antifa / BLM people. That’s not surprising. The Pacific Northwest is Antifa because it was KKK because it is full of people with those shitlib genes. Violent, sanctimonious trash of New England / Puritan origin.

            E Michael Jones is not anti-white, but he is very politically “astute” in how he frames things. It hasn’t protected him, but he knows talking about Freemasonry or about race falls flat like a lead balloon. I’m not trying to build an audience or trying to avoid censorship and condemnation. You can’t explain the modern world without Freemasonry, there’s no dominant ADL without B’nai B’rith, there’s no FBI without a Bonaparte to found it and a Freemason Hoover to run it. There’s no Skull and Bones, no FDR, etc, there’s no liberal Republican form of government without Freemasonry.

  10. The typical Klansman lived in a small town or rural area in the South or Midwest. Echoing the old Populist platform of the 1890s, it was now strongly pro-farmer, pro-working class and anti-Wall Street. The Klan was the champion of Prohibition, guardian of the purity of Christian women, and opponent of international Jewish bankers, who, it was charged, had started the war for their own profit.

    Huh, isn’t that interesting.

    The “Mafia” is celebrated in movies and popular culture, but the Klan is vilified in the same films and books, and it’s all contemporaneous. The Ron Unz articles about the mass censorship wave before and after WWII are instructive, especially how opposition to the war, from both the “right” and the “left” has been all but air-brushed out of history.

    Think of it too as the Ellis Island Invasion. Just a generation after the Yankee invasion of Dixie, done with a newly conscripted “immigrant” class. At each step, you see the Empire conqueror the natives by importing and weaponizing “immigrants.”

    Mark Twain basically thought that America’s first real overseas imperial project, the invasion of the Philippines, was at least partially to bring the North and the South “back together.” After Reconstruction the Empire accepted Dixie on equal terms if they agreed to provide muscle. It became a sort of England/Scotland relationship. Instead of Northerners and Southerners fighting a new war, they would join up and instead go overseas and take over the Spanish colony of the Philippines, then go house by house slaughtering any indigenous resistance.

    Wilson and FDR were “Anglophiles” which is a euphemism for those who wanted an American Empire along the British model, and in fact absorbed the remnants of the British Empire after the Great War.

    Even the “Rebel Flag” – which has been little more than a symbol of working class rural America for generations – has to be utterly demonized because of how fragile the Imperial narrative really is. It’s also why “Southerners” and the “white working class” are always and constantly attacked as “racist.”

    Because “racism” is a distraction from American Imperialism. The Civil War mythology, the “free the slaves” narrative, is there to justify American imperialism.

    Ask an Iraqi if he’s upset about segregation in small town Georgia in the 1950’s.

    Ask an Afghani or a Venezuelan.

  11. Yes the second era Klan under William Joseph Simmons and others was an outstanding White Christian organization. We still follow his direction. I have a picture of William Joseph Simmons on the wall! I don’t think anybody can deny that America and the South was a better place when the Klan had millions of members. That’s a perfect example of why Democrats, Republicans, and others Hate the Klan because made this country a better place. We can do it again when people stop putting faith in Democrats and Republicans and put our faith in God and White Unity. These days it’s not just about the Klan but us working together with other Southerners and White Nationalists. Deo Vindice !

    • Yeah Brian, those poor little Irish, or Italian, or German Catholics—our mean old White Protestant ancestors were so mean to them. They starved them, and our mean old White Protestant ancestors beat their poor little Irish, Italian and German asses bloody every day and twice on Sunday.

      • Maybe your White Protestant ancestors should have done exactly that. You’d still have a country.

        • They were too busy with the abortion and contraception to turn away the Catholics. Antifa are the genetic offspring of the lowest order of the old wasp class. That’s why Seattle and Portland are epicenters, and really, that’s the only reason. Defective genetics and morality.

          Krafty Wurker reminds me of some redneck in Southwest Missouri who told me that the Catholic Church was founded by Julius Caesar. That’s the other side of America. Actually those people are relatively inoffensive, but they are at the level of the niggers whose culture and style of religion (SDA is sort of like Nation of Islam) they have gradually absorbed.

  12. There will always be hierarchies, and most normies will be satisfied with choosing between options without much difference between them. As long as their lives don’t get too upset, that is. A strongman offering to rebuild a nation on behalf of the working man could go far in times like this. (A strongman not inclined to foreign adventures, especially.) Unfortunately, all we have now are spineless wonders chasing mere self-glorification.

  13. As far as I can tell this second Klan baloney was invented by the National Alliance, a weirdo organization.

    I first read of it, on one of those link things on a paleo-con website, now out of business.

    That National Alliance character who went to jail for child molesting/child abuse, was I believe the original author of the Second Klan nonsense.

    C’mon Brad you can do better.

  14. You have weak arguments. Ford stopped his publication because he kept getting sued by Jewish and Christian organizations and they organized a boycott of Ford cars. The masses didn’t really have a problem with his publication or beliefs. The KKK fell apart from scandals from within and mainline Christian organizations didn’t support it because it was considered a vigilante group that took the law into its own hands. Why did anticommunist Republican J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI designate the KKK as a seditious organization along with far left groups like the Black Panthers and American Indian and Hispanic militant groups? If people rebut and disprove your arguments, at least have the decency to post their comments.

    TRUMP 2020 OR BUST!

    • Bust. It will be bust. You can take that to the bank and cash it.

      Where the hell did you come from? Jewing Point USA?

      • Which has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Learn some debating skills, genius. Isn’t it time for you to praise your overlord Spencer and shill for sleepy Joe like always?

        Trump Trump
        Wally Wally

  15. It can’t get better because White America voted itself out and allowed jewish imposters to take over way too much. Are there individual jewish owners of things that do responsible acts? Of course. But like with blacks we are talking about as a group and the fact is as a group of people with White skin, jews are far and away the most leftist and undermining out of Whites. You will always get the jewish oddballs like Michael Savage or Mark Levin or even a local jewish guy who will agree with you on political things overwhelmingly.

    Just look at the narrative now. Despite blm and antifa looting, rioting and destroying for months, our heavily jewish owned media focuses on the Proud Boys and the Klan? I mean, seriously? They focus on White Supremacy. What a disgusting, evil joke. They focus on Trump being a ( cough) Nazi. It’s all so tiresome putting out ridiculous political fires that have no basis in reality. Now I see why the tv stations are often the first things that get taken over in a coup.

    Speaking of tv, I have that roku tv which I highly recommend to anyone who does not have it. YouTube is one of the apps on it so it’s great watching their videos on a tv screen. Anyway, I just got finished watching a YouTube video called, ” Philadelphia: America’s Worst Looking Ghettos.” I highly recommend people to watch it. It’s just a guy driving in a car showing the black shitholes of Philly. The guy does not even talk. The video says it all. The few stores there are mini markets, bombed out looking Chinese take out and laundromats.

    It’s blacks being black. And our lovely gov’t pays these people in welfare and food stamps to have more kids. Virtually all not in the bond of marriage. More like in the bond of booty. Then people wonder why America is screwed. Don’t forget these areas in Philly are literally the same ones accused of stealing votes for Obama where Romney got literally zero votes. The worry for the Trump campaign is the same thing will happen to him.

    I laugh at old White leaders saying socialism will never come to America. Really? What do you think blacks and browns will go for and are? Even the younger White generations are increasingly ok with it.

    How anyone could let the third world pour in, have tons of babies, have gov’t pay for those babies and then expect it to be like 1950s America which had far less people, was far more White, was far less expensive and the housing stock was plentiful. Heck, I even watch some old game shows from the 1970s and one woman won 5 thousand dollars and the first thing she said was she could now put a serious down payment on a house… California!!

    You tell me which America was better? Back then or this shitshow now? The ones who brought slaves over from Africa screwed us so hard. The issue never goes away. Jewish ownership of Hollywood and the media has also screwed us so hard with no end in sight outside of a breakup. It has led to a super fake agenda that says the Klan and the Proud Boys are our real problems. Next I expect an agenda being pushed that says ” 2 plus 2 is actually 5.” This is how stupid this country has gotten. And yes, learn a couple of foreign languages like a few are doing on this site in case you do move out of America. Life is short after all.

  16. My grandfather attended klan meetings in the 1920’s, so it was said. Was he a member? Don’t know. We lived in Missouri, he was a miner, and sentiment for the Klan was fair, but not overwhelming. There was a Klan parade in the main town, although a lot of people joked about it, because the Klan was anti-Jewish, and the Klansmen bought most of their sheets from Miller’s Dry Goods…and Miller was a Jew.
    Also, in 1917, after the mining company started bringing in immigrants…’Hunkies’, we called them, who worked for lower wages, miners rose up and, over a couple of nights, took all the Hunkies to the local railroad depot and loaded them onto boxcars, and also roughed up any mining officials for good measure.
    My great-grandfather, on the other hand, a German immigrant and mining official, let some frightened Hunkies stay on and under his porch, and when a mob came, he told them to get the hell off his property, and they did. No one was killed, it was orderly, if you could call something that, and the comments in this thread about the Klan being caught up with immigration are true.
    Once strict immigration laws came in, the Klan’s influence waned, as it did in the South when Reconstruction ended and the status quo reasserted itself.
    There were many vigilante type groups keeping (coercing) moral standards. In Missouri, we had the Bald Knobbers in southern Missouri, some wore sacks with horns…a legacy of the Bushwhacking during the Civil War.

    I note the Hollywood and left attacks on the Klan, which like to show Klansmen being killed by blacks, or stood up to in unhistorical ways. The excerpt from Boardwalk Nation recalled that, as the Klan was shown trying to move into Atlantic City. Nuckie, the corrupt pol who is the ‘hero’ of the series, has a black bootlegger who is a kind of patron. When a fellow black is killed by the Klan, the black takes a Klan leader, makes a long speech how his daddy suffered, and cuts off the Klansman’s finger. The speech was lifted out of the film Mississippi Burning, almost word for word. I really doubt some black would have gotten away with that in that era.
    I watched Boardwalk Empire for about a season, but tired of it. Everyone was a slime ball or thug, and I need heroes. It’s was well-made, but kind of slimy.
    I also recall Places in the Heart, where Sally Field befriends a black laborer, the Klan pays a visit, and he beats them off, then John Malkovich, a blind vet, comes to his aid wildly firing a revolver. I think if a black was thumping whites, they would have just killed him then and there.
    Much like a book I read where the hero is in the cavalry, his men fight the Klan and they wipe out twenty of them in a pitched battle…almost lifted from Birth of a Nation, except with roles reversed.
    I also recall a local ‘Alternative paper’ featuring an article of a good old boy who fought the Klan with his Tommy gun, spraying them with bullets. I think all of this is b.s., and I’m struck how it’s almost mandatory the left offer these examples of resistance.
    They want to be historical tough guys, all these keyboard revolutionaries.

    The reference of WWI being a way to cement the North and South was implied in Milius’s TV movie The Rough Riders, where the Spanish American War is seen as a way to heal North and South, and Joe Wheeler, a Confederate general and senator, is Brought in to be overall commander to balance all the northerners. Wheeler winks to President McKinley. ‘Thing is,’ he says, ‘you need a southerner to pull this off, and you want me.’
    Wheeler was actually in command, and in battle, he did have a tendency to shout ‘got them damn Yankees on the run’, when he meant ‘Spaniards.’

  17. This is too funny to leave out but have you noticed when ever somebody is possessed, either in movies or allegedly real life, even Protestants try to find a Catholic Priest. Nobody tries to find a Southern Baptist minister to do an Exorcism. I miss the days when father Malachi was a frequent guest on Coast to Coast!

  18. I enjoyed Father Malachi, and he made some interesting revelations about the Vatican. Originally being a baptist , I didn’t realize we went in for that.

    I. believe Cristina Romana said when she saw the Klan, she was reminded of penitents in Spain, because that’s how they dress. Cristina: you reading this? Comment.

    • dargason,

      It was only luck that had me catch your comment since I nowadays read less than half of the articles and maybe 10% of the comments.

      Penitents in Spain do dress similar to the Klan on occasion. I was taught that the KKK is a freemasonic organization and my religion traditionally ex-communicates Catholics for belonging to freemasonry.

      As for the Klan itself? I know little of such matters. I do know that I would rather live in a city dominated by the Klan than a city dominated by blacks or Jews who hate my religion. Perhaps I am wrong but I think the Klan would leave my family and myself alone. A city run by blacks is a disaster that needs others to help it.

      I have heard that the KKK is anti-Catholic but then so is the USA. I believe the USA did not have any diplomatic relations with the Vatican from the 1860’s until the 1980’s. Yet the United States recognized the Soviet Union in the 1920’s I think and established relations with Red China in the 1970’s. That means that the official policy of the USA is that they like Communists more than Catholics. More the government policy than what the average American believes.

        • Just a reminder for any Freemasons here. As a Freemason, you swear an oath to protect brother masons, and there is nothing keeping Jews from becoming your “brother masons.” A brotherhood containing Christians and Jews together, and we wonder why the internal rot of the United States has progressed to this level. Michael Moses Hayes, Grandmaster of Paul Revere’s Lodge.

    • dargason,

      i forgot to add that I read your comment because I remember the pleasant conversations we had in the past. Glad to see you are still commenting.

  19. The weirdest flaw of late Victorian/Edwardian America is this obsession with Catholicism being a foreign threat, especially since Catholicism at that time was anti-modern and trying to maintain the old ways in a time of great technological and scientific change. I personally think it was a bit of a gay op so that Northerners could feel better about the fact that they imported Germans, Irish and Italians to go off and kill their fellow Americans in the South.

    “Don’t blame us fellow American! We’re Protestant just like you! It’s the cAtHoLiCs!”

    It sounds cheesy when someone said America ceased being a nation in 1861 and began being an empire, but it shows all the signs. Hire foreign Catholics to kill off Anglo-Celtic Protestants in revolt. No different than King George shipping Hessians to the Thirteen Colonies to kill Americans.

    • My thrifty German ancestors were successful enough to pay the the money to stay out. Don’t blame them, they had nothing to do with it.

  20. Christina: Nice to hear from you and clueing us in on Spain. Actually, the US did not recognize Soviet Russia until the 1930’s under Roosevelt. He always liked Stalin, and considered America and the USSR as good partners to run the world after WWII. Reading David Irving’s Churchill’s War, Irving noted how Churchill was very enthusiastic about the Soviets as well, mostly to crush Hitler.
    Roosevelt originally wanted ALL military disbanded after the war except the US, USSR, China and Britain, with an ‘International Police Force’ established.

    The Catholic animosity was experienced by me. I belonged to a masonic youth organization, and I asked a friend if he wanted to join, and he wanted to, but he was Catholic, and his mother said no.

    My uncle converted to Catholicism…to marry a girl…pretty typical, and people in town wouldn’t even speak to him again. The girl dumped him, he married another Catholic, and had a very happy life with four children.
    It’s funny how a big reason people in my town disliked Catholics ‘was ’cause they kept having all them kids’, as though excessive childrearing was some kind of vice. Maybe that’s why the Catholics have grown, while so many protestant families are dying out.
    Perhaps this primal fear of huge families was an undercurrent feeding the abortion movement.

    There was always a distrust of Catholics in protestant America; much fear of ‘Popery’ which we got from the English. In the Revolution, Benedict Arnold was angered at our taking aid from France, in that we might be beholden to a Catholic power. In the 19th century, Americans saw themselves as forward thinking and progressive, and Catholicism as decadent and ‘European.’ There was also the dislike of the Irish and a desire to keep ‘pure’ American values and race. Yes, Jews got a pass.
    The Know Nothings, the anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic party of the 1840’s-50’s, was chiefly led by Charles Levin, a Jew and the first one elected to Congress in America.

    We didn’t necessarily ‘hire’ Catholic mercenaries to kill off protestants, but the Union army needed bodies to replace the ones the generals were wasting and Johnny Reb was picking off, and there were the Irish. But the Union army was still mostly composed of native born, protestant Americans.

    The real change in the stock was by 1920. Even then, there was still animosity against Catholics. Al Smith lost the run for the presidency because he was a New Yorker and Catholic.

    Catholicism being a ‘foreign’ threat was a reminder of the reformation, when any Catholic had to obey Rome, and the protestant rulers were nationalists rebelling against a globalist power…of sorts.

    it’s still a question: who do you obey: your country or the Pope?
    You might ask the same of the Jews, but most American protestants knew the Jews are ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE…right?

  21. dargason,

    I appreciate the response. Who do you obey? You obey the defined dogmas of the Church. What country you are in only means what government you are under and what mutual rights and obligations citizens and the authorities owe each other. Government does not hold the Keys to the Kingdom.

    An example is the abortion issue and homosexual marriages. If I was a citizen, of age and a member of the Supreme Court I would always rule against murder and perversion. I could not give a damn if the Constitution accepts those atrocities or not. Does not scripture say you must obey God not Man?

    Remember the United States was created by WASP’s for WASP’s. They gave it away with a lot of help from their enemies which I find astounding. From their viewpoint they never should have opened the door to other religions. It means their destruction.

    Your personal experiences were extremely interesting and informative including the point on the large families. I am one of 11 children. I am trying to imagine marrying a Protestant. Only if my family allowed it. I would never marry anyone that my parents disapproved of.

    • @Cristina…

      “An example is the abortion issue and homosexual marriages. If I was a citizen, of age and a member of the Supreme Court I would always rule against murder and perversion. I could not give a damn if the Constitution accepts those atrocities or not. Does not scripture say you must obey God not Man?

      Remember the United States was created by WASP’s for WASP’s. They gave it away with a lot of help from their enemies which I find astounding. From their viewpoint they never should have opened the door to other religions. It means their destruction. ”

      Outstanding comments, Dear Cristina.

      You know more of our history than do most of our countrymen, or, if they understand, they won’t say it as do you.

      I appreciate your willingness to stare things straight in the face and be straight about what you see.

  22. The anti-Catholic bias some commenters have strikes me as strange. Growing up, if we ever went to church (which was rare), it was a Catholic one. That was mainly because my father’s side was Catholic, and his family went to church every week. (My grandfather insisted on it!) My mother’s side was Lutheran, but they never went to any services outside of Christmas. Anyway…once, some kid told me we couldn’t be friends, because I occasionally attended Catholic mass. He thought that made me a weird, alien creature to be avoided. That was 50 years ago. Until I came to this site, I had never again heard anything like that. Treating Catholicism like a form of social leprosy still seems odd to me.

    • @Boomer X,

      Same here. The anti-Catholic sentiments expressed primarily by southern anglos does seem to be provincial for the most part.

      I too am the product of a Catholic father and Lutheran mother who compromised, and raised me in the Episcopalian Church.

      From my own experiences, my Catholic friends were not of the ‘fair weather ‘ variety, whereas anglo-american (you know the “founding stock” ) with surnames such as Young, Carleton, Davis, Hoover, and Spencer were quick to leave their working and lower middle class White Catholic friends behind for Ashkenazi “friends” they met in their fancy private secular high schools.

      As a footnote towards on modern day Lutheran Churches that I attended when I was in the mood to sing Christmas carols, even on Christmas Eve, the unwelcoming vibe I picked up was palpable.

      Now, I’ll only cast my shadow inside of a church in hope that it falls down in my presence.

      • November,

        I know you did not address me but I found your comment interesting. Some of the anti-Catholic obsession here might come from agents provocateurs and some come from the southern fundamentalist types. My grandmother born and raised a citizen of the US before WW 2 said that fundamentalist types frequently hate Catholics and love Jews. My personal experience in Texas is that the younger Anglos are not near as bad as their elders.

        I understand why anyone would be upset with current Catholic churchmen but they violate our laws and most of them are about as Catholic as a rabbi. There are millions of us however who believe in our defined dogmas.

        Either way as a general rule I try to avoid Catholic vs Protestant on this website. It is useless and self defeating.

        • @ Christy,

          Indeed, buy there are longtime commenters that honestly anti-Catholics.

          I do agree that the rivalry is empty, especially in a world where the mainstream churches and clergy of both faiths have been subverted.

          On Telegram, the debate is primarily between Christians and Pagans. Like Catholic vs Protestant duels on OD, neither side budges and digs their trenched deeper.

          • November,

            Thank you for your comment here as well as the comments below. Yes people wasting their time by provoking unnecessary religious divisions are foolish. By the way none of your comments to that strange person shocked me. Guys at school frequently say similar comments or more explicit ones. It did make me laugh for I do not wear my halo too tight.

            I did notice how Boomer X and you have mentioned how during election year people with names I do not recognize come out of the woodwork to whore for the Republicans.

            Seemingly, most white pagans exist because the mainstream christian religions have turned against their own traditional supporters. As long as people continue to give money and support to institutions that either seek their destruction or are indifferent to their demise then they kind of deserve what they are getting.

  23. An example is the abortion issue and homosexual marriages. If I was a citizen, of age and a member of the Supreme Court I would always rule against murder and perversion. I could not give a damn if the Constitution accepts those atrocities or not. Does not scripture say you must obey God not Man?
    I am one of 11 children. I am trying to imagine marrying a Protestant. Only if my family allowed it. I would never marry anyone that my parents disapproved of. – Cristina Romana Alva. H.

    Are you trolling or for real? You’re not even an adult or citizen and you think your take on our Constitution will be taken seriously? The 11 doesn’t shock me at all. Fortunately, most people have enough common sense to not want a theocracy and most women are sensible enough to have an identity outside their parents and most of us don’t see marriage as a moral imperative.

    • shawn,

      Yawn. You people do not even follow your own constitution. You people are going belly up so quit pretending to be tough. You have reaped what you have sown.

    • mendes,

      Did I hurt your feelings? Too bad. The idea that the Constitution of the USA is higher than the laws of God and nature that forbid murder of babies and homosexuality shows how sick you are. When you die you can tell the Devil how things should have been.

      • smf98,

        LOL! You must’ve really pissed her off and hurt her for her to return and respond twice to you with her Pascal’s Wager pseudo-argument. She sounds like she’s from a Third World cesspool or if she’s living in the civilized world maybe all she knows is religious fundamentalism? I bet she doesn’t even know who your username is named after and perhaps she’s jealous because guys check you out more than they do her? In any event, I suggest you don’t feed the trolls and reply to her ignorance on how a constitutional republic works.

        I hope you’re a Trump supporter because he’s trying to release the GOP from the grips of the religious right and Chamber of Commerce. That’s why CRAH hates him and our country. She needs to go back to where she came from if she despises our nation so much–as Jesse Peterson puts it, the greatest nation on this side of heaven!

        Trump Trump
        Wally Wally

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