Politico: Americans Increasingly Believe Violence Is Justified If The Other Side Wins

*looks up from historical research*

There isn’t going to be a non-accelerationist outcome to the 2020 election. Regardless of who wins, the loser will consider the winner illegitimate and will ratchet up the polarization.


“At the presidential debate this week, the Republican candidate voiced his concern about political violence—left-wing political violence. And the Democratic candidate likewise voiced concern about political violence—right-wing political violence.

They were both right.

Like a growing number of prominent American leaders and scholars, we are increasingly anxious that this country is headed toward the worst post-election crisis in a century and a half. Our biggest concern is that a disputed presidential election—especially if there are close contests in a few swing states, or if one candidate denounces the legitimacy of the process—could generate violence and bloodshed.

Unfortunately, we’re not being alarmist about the potential for violence; trends in public opinion that we’ve been tracking provide strong grounds for concern. …”

36% of Republicans and 33% of Democrats now support some degree of political violence to advance their political goals. This is up from only 8% in 2017. It is like having a front row seat to watch Avery Craven’s Blundering Generation thesis of the Civil War play out in real time.

Far from having any desire to participate in this, I haven’t gone anywhere near the protests. I haven’t supported either Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Instead, I believe that Modern values have slowly been eating away like acid at the foundations of American culture and unraveling the social fabric which has been building up over the course of a century to this looming catastrophe.

I think that Americans will eventually figure out that they really have nothing in common anymore and that this lack of cultural solidarity will boil over and plunge the country into violence. I want to get a head start in explaining how this catastrophe came about because this is where I see Modern values taking us in the future. I don’t think the country can continue going down this road for much longer.

This is why I have been so focused on researching the cultural change that took place in the years around World War I which was a crisis so jarring it shook Western civilization to its foundations and discredited the Victorian establishment. Great Britain ceased to the world’s dominant superpower. We’re headed toward a similar moment when the “mainstream” collapses. I’m interested in what it was like to live through the previous transition from Victorian to Modern culture.

UPDATE: It was 44% of Republicans and 41% of Democrats in September.

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  1. My prediction:

    Lots of media hysteria, but it will be obvious which side won by the next day, at the latest, although they might play-up the drama until the official Electoral College count is announced.

    Then, things go back to “normal.” No “civil war” no “boogaloo” – sure, maybe Portland SJW/Antifa throw a mini-riot but they always do that, who cares?

    No massive financial collapse. No “mass graves” from millions of Covid-19 deaths. No zombie apocalypse.

    Just the same old shit as always.

    • ‘Murrican Civil War II

      The Combatants:

      A multi-racial coalition of Conserva-shit Libs Incs. (Gay Israel Firsters), Alt-Light, Daily Stormers (Race Mixing, Buttplug Inserting Hipster Perverts, Anti-Racist/Anti-Semite, Libertarians.).


      A multi-racial coalition of Rad Lefty-Commies, Shit-Libs, Transexuals, Paedophiles, Black Panthers, and of course Anti-White Genocidal Psychos.

      The Outcomes:

      Con Inc. Wins:

      The country continues its slide into irrelevant brown poor shithole, where the power grid, water, and road system is dysfunctional. A small minority of tanned race mixing land lords will lord it over their poorer browner population.

      Lefties win:

      The country continues its slide into irrelevant brown poor shithole, where the power grid, water, and road system is dysfunctional. They will have another try at Communism, which will fail even harder and faster than all the other times it failed, because of the multi-racialism aspect. This time the collapse will end in mass cannibalism, and the last remaining Whites in the USA will get the Haiti Treatment TM.

      Who are you going to fight and die for White man?

      • There are about 13 million Amish and Mennonites in the US, ever increasing. I always wonder what will become of them in such a scenario. Do they allow themselves to be slaughtered? Do the hordes leave them alone? I think this country is going to be a version of Brazil. There will still be mostly white areas in interior parts. If these people are eliminated, this country starves.

  2. Where’s the right-wing violence coming from? The race realist/separatist crowd gets arrested for sending out bad words from their home computers. What I’ve seen are (mainly White) self-defense groups popping up when Pantifa and Burn Loot Murder decide to bless smaller towns with their presence, and then going back to their regular lives. The right needs to get going and start organizing! Joggers will eventually want to take a peaceful protest run through your monochromatic rural/exurban burg, so break out the ammo, dude.

    • If the Biden-Kamala team get in, my studied opinion is that there will be an economic collapse in coal, oil, gas, metals, machinery, chemicals, autos, airplanes, engines, and related electricals and electronics. It will be bad. Already, many of these industries are in the toilet, or circling the bowl.

      Then to add fuel to the fire there are Biden’s promises about the Paris Accords and the Green New Deal.

      Then we have all of the standard stuff like guns, and crazy Blacks, Latinos and other non-Whites.

      Lets not forget soaking White Americans for more taxes too.

      Consider all of the above, and then consider most people are blowhards, particularly the gun nuts.

      • So, is your belief that most Whites would do nothing but quietly starve under Dementia Joe and Camelatoe? In urban areas, definitely. Otherwise, I’m not so sure. At various websites I go to, bragging about how (for one example) certain people better not come to their town has been replaced by a disturbing quiet on the matter. Whether that means they’re getting mentally ready for trouble or to just give in, I’ve no idea. That leads me to ask: Are those of us who are concerned going to organize in case of trouble? If so, TPTB should be very careful how they proceed. If not, a few examples will be made, and the cattle will soon go back to empty bitching and do nothing.

        • You’re right. Eerily quiet. And anyone thinking of organizing or prepping in any way, however innocuous they think it may seem, should emphatically NOT be advertising that fact, online or anywhere else!

    • Where’s the right-wing violence coming from?

      From libtards’ imaginations.

      That’s why the best the article could do was this absurd attempt equivalence:

      Competing protesters from the right and left have clashed violently in Portland, Ore.; Kenosha, Wis.; and Louisville. Left-wing extremists have repeatedly laid siege to federal buildings in Portland, and on several occasions, armed right-wing protesters entered the State Capitol in Michigan.

      As though actually peacefully demonstrating (albeit while armed) can be equated to burning down cities, assaulting bystanders and declaring political autonomy.

  3. Secede now peacefully.

    This will give people options other than violence and focus attention not on this impossible present divided nation but the prospect of a brighter and better future.

    • A peaceful secession is impossible. The left doesn’t want to separate from its enemies, it wants to dominate and destroy them. That’s why they’re so busy attacking Japan, located on the opposite end of the world map. They always invade other people’s spaces instead of building their own.

      • “That’s why they’re so busy attacking Japan”:

        They’re busy attacking CHINA. U.S.-occupied Japan is a good, submissive ally (puppet), as are the U.S.-occupied southern half of Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, India, etc. – all willing to be dominated, therefore not being attacked.

        • The point still stands, though. The left never abides separation. They only want to control, or to destroy those who won’t be controlled.

        • They are attacking by Japan by performing the same kind of cultural revolution that has doomed the Western world. Japan fulfills its purpose as an “ally” as long as it doesn’t sink into the ocean.

          • The Empire is encouraging Japan to re-arm fully, for the war against China, and Japan is doing it. Like Germany which is also re-arming for the war against Russia.

      • To secede peacefully will take some time but it offers a non violent way to end this now almost never ending threat of violence coming from the Left while these Marxists/Communists/Anarchists and their Leftist MSM are claiming and publicizing (fake news) that all the violence and threat of violence is coming from the Right. Since no important political figure on the Right has really called them out on their lies about Charlottesville, etc they think they can get away with any lying narrative they can dream up.

  4. This is a fake poll. 52% of people are not prepping for a war, that’s absurd. And it is also false that 1/3 of people think political terrorism is justified. This is a click bait article.

    The only people prepping for a civil war are far right militias and antifa. These are a tiny minority of the population.

    There is not going to be a civil war. There are no factions, first of all, just ideology. Second, the police state and military industrial complex will curb stomp any small incidents which would lead to nationwide insurrection.

    Everyone should take care of their work, homes, and families. It is a waste of time sitting in one’s basement waiting for nationwide social collapse to occur. Not going to happen.

    • @Gryphon Alinor…

      I totally agree with you that most Americans have no interest in fighting a civil war, much less prepare for one.

      Americans, as a whole, are a moderate people not given to idealogy, but, practical matters.

      You can hate that or love that, but, that is the way it is.

      Americans like to shop, watch professional sports, take rides, go golfing, fishing, hunting, or bowling, surf the internet or chat on the phone.

      Those activities are not the breeding ground of revolutionaries.

      I lived through the era of 1963-1974, and, after all that, things just kind of petered out and life pretty much went back to normal, without any grand changes to the structure of the country.

      That said, events take on a life of their own, so, we’ll see.

  5. 100% due to mainstream media pushing fake news for 4 years while all alternatives are deplatformed. The mainstream wants to prevent the ongoing organic breakdown of mass culture, which threatens their careers, and they have been more and more openly totalitarian about it. The old media and tech corporations have united as a cartel to shut down any of their competitors. But deplatforming doesn’t produce their desired effect of corralling everyone back to the mainstream. People don’t just go back to watching CNN and agreeing with everything celebrities tell them to believe. Deplatforming just pisses people off, polarizes them further, and causes them to view violence as the only way out.

    People with perspective see the two parties as almost identical neoliberal imperialist parties (and both culturally modernist as HW has done an excellent job documenting here). For normies who lack critical thinking abilities, the election is a life and death struggle between satanic pedophile communist demonrats and genocidal fascist dictator rethuglicans.

    • Good points. Millions are dropping out of the system e.g. homeschooling – an unintended consequence of covid – never to return. Ditto millions dropping out of televised sports. A veritable cornucopia of red pills hath been sown.

    • “People with perspective see the two parties as almost identical neoliberal imperialist parties”:


      “For normies who lack critical thinking abilities, the election is a life and death struggle between satanic pedophile communist demonrats and genocidal fascist dictator rethuglicans”:

      Both parties are fascist. Neither party, and not a single politician of either party, is really socialist. They are merely the two right wings of a one-party Plutocracy.

  6. I remember many years ago the late talk show host, Bob Grant, always saying ” There is a war going on and only one side knows it.” At the time he was talking of the black on White war. I just got reminded of that yet again reading the actor, Rick Moranis, was sucker punched by yet another magic negro yesterday in New York. Of course the lazy police give a lazy answer of ” unprovoked assault” with no mention of an obvious hate crime.

    Blacks literally get away with millions of hate crimes not called it by lazy police and cowardly, scum politicians. Meanwhile our demonic news media speaks of the Proud Boys. Hate crime laws are such an abuse of the equal protection clause of the Constitution but zero is done about it. White people are obviously not protected under such laws. But the jews are, goyim!

    But, but, but I thought die versity was a strength? No, it’s just a means of letting communist devils in the door whose purpose is to kill and enslave Whitey with their black enforcers.

    I saw something on Vancouver, Canada. It’s known as Hollywood North due to many acting jobs going there. Anyway, it looked like so many American cities. Not particularly nice looking and overly die verse with leftism paraded everywhere.

    Leftism has infected so many White people it’s incredible.Gee, thanks open borders scum. Thank die versity freaks. Thanks Jewlywood for decades of lies. Thanks, blacks, for turning every once good White area into Haiti. It’s all leading to potential civil war. But don’t worry, those lovely rich people who’ve created the greatest wealth disparity in Us history are doing just fine.

    • Yeah I saw the Rick Moranis thing the other day it pissed me off because the news headline said random attack I don’t know how a violent punch to the face on 67 yr elderly Moranis can be random but according to journalists it can be. Of course it wasn’t “random” that we know its because De Blasio that cuck piece of shit has given joggers there free reign and no repercussions or jail time for violent attacks on whitey because they are “mostly peaceful protesting” New York still has random unprovoked attacks and murders 3 months after the saint floyd riots.

      Vancouver is a beautiful canadian city but my god is the price of rent there unbelievable, so unless you won the lottery you would be better off picking another province to live in. Even in shitty neighborhoods rent is through the roof. Not many joggers in BC which is a plus but you have alot of Asians there, the Asian population is got to be at least 40% nowadays tho I’d happily take Asians over joggers anyday of the week

      • “Not many joggers in BC which is a plus but you have alot of Asians there, the Asian population is got to be at least 40% nowadays tho I’d happily take Asians over joggers anyday of the week”

        That’s the equivalent of saying you’d rather die from diabetes than by cancer. Our people are losing either way.


    The best way out is to accept our differences, agree to allow states, and or areas of states from states, to secede and be sovereign.

    If, from there, some, and or all, states wish to form varying confederacies, that would work, too.

    Case in point – Eastern North Carolina, very Confederate of spirit yet today, would be better off united with our brethren just to the south of us, or, if Virginia redraws, with Southern and Western Virginia aligned with West Virginia.

    Such a state I already call, ‘Virlina’.

    In any case, there is absolutely no point to shooting each other over differences that cannot be resolved by violence.

    In matrimony we refer to this as, ‘Irreconcilable Differences’.

    That said, I was not born yesterday. I well understand that the powers that have worked long to make The United States’ Government theirs will not suffer their great power platform to be diced up without a fight.

    If history is any indicator, they will attempt to enlist everyone to fight for them, until they can figure out a way to reconfigure things so that nothing really changes.

    The question is : —– are they capable of that, strategically speaking.

    On the other hand, we can look to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, not so long ago, to see how this is done with very little blood shed.

    My prayers are for that.

    I wish for Dixie to be out from under the burden of being in a union that hates it.

    That said, I wish everyone well, including those Northeasterners who detest my Southland.

    I simply do not wish to be married to them anymore.

    Let’s get a divorce and meet for coffee after.

    I look forward to the day when I can drive by the post office and not see the flag of our enemy flying over ours.

    Yes, I look forward to driving by a post office that flies north Carolina’s flag at the top, with a Confederate flag right below.

    Such a symbolism completely expresses my community soul.

  8. If you’re anti-Trump 2020, you’re anti-American PERIOD. Plain and simple and can’t get around it. USA: love it or leave it!

    Whether it’s Marxist or national socialism, socialism is socialism and still leads to tyranny!

    Keep America Great Trump 2020

    Keep Cool And Keep Coolidge

    I like Ike

    In Your Heart, You Know He’s Right – Goldwater

    Nixon Now

    It’s Morning Again In America – Reagan

    The Better Man For A Better America – Dole

    A Safer World and a More Hopeful America – Bush

    • Weird how these cuckservative clods appear on here like clockwork before elections.

      Bush, FFS.

      I haven’t seen this much cringe and retardation in a post since I stopped going to cuckservative sites long, long, long ago.

      • HW needs to start enforcing his rules, and clear out the obvious trolls. Comment moderators are needed here.

  9. This is all fake. There are no “sides”. All of the elites are on the same side when the cameras are off. There will be no organized fighting because organization requires leadership. All of the violence will be repression of normal people by corrupt elites and their toadies. If you resist your state-sanctioned beating by antifa, the cops will shoot you.

    James LaFond is right. The civil war 2 already happened. They won, because AR15Boomer on the Internet turns into a pussy when you call him a White Supremacist. This is the mop up operation, we are subjects of a hostile power, and it’s time to act that way. There will be no violent 2 sided massed conflict for supremacy. Resisting a hostile foreign power that has total control of the state apparatus looks entirely different and is a long, slow process.

    Have babies, build a self sufficient community, remember who you are.

  10. Since early August I’ve had more than a dozen people, in my neighborhood and at work, take me aside and quietly ask for advice or help.

    These people rarely came around in the past.

    I’d say many boomer-aged normie cons are “stockpiling” – that is, buying their first firearm and two boxes of ammunition, two or three cases of 12 oz. water bottles, a few extra cases of canned goods, an extra bottle of multivitamins, etc.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    One neighbor, more advanced than others in his thinking but lacking mechanical skills, realized that he needed to learn how to clean and lube his new, unfired Springfield XD. He tried, but couldn’t reassemble it. So he came over to ask for my help. We spent the afternoon in his kitchen until he could repeatedly dis/reassemble the handgun without help, then went over other basic skills until he was comfortable. Before leaving I told him to practice everyday and call if he needed help.

    I’m reminded of the McCloskeys in St. Louis.

  11. Yes and it’s really sad that we even talk about this in 2020. The Covid-19 should have made Americans be more humble and come together with faith in God. That all of us are dealing with sonething bigger than us but we must overcome it together. That idea ended when Black Lives Matter and the Antifa hit the streets. Now things are so partisan that wearing a mask in an actual pandemic has become political. It’s really pathetic and the Violence is 100% unnecessary. I would also mention the 2 Party System has played a role in the violence and riots. The majority of people are fine with being a Democrat or a Republican but those who believe in real political change don’t. The 2 Parties have pushed down Third Parties over and over again so no real chance can happen unless the people say enough and Vote Thirs Party. Some just skipped out om that and became Violent Race Riot Terrorists.Deo Vindice !

  12. “We’re headed toward a similar moment when the “mainstream” collapses. I’m interested in what it was like to live through the previous transition from Victorian to Modern culture.”

    I’m of the opinion that nothing will replace the “mainstream”. The mainstream is dead, and it will be cultural chaos from here on out.

    The only way they could get things back to what it was like up until the 1990s, is to silence all of the competing voices by shutting down the Internet. Even if they could get away with that, they still have to raise new generations of children indoctrinated into their mono cult-ure. Once most people pass a certain age, say 25, their attitudes do not change.

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