Trump (Temporarily) Halts COVID Relief Stimulus Negotiations

UPDATE: Trump reversed course last night.

Not really a surprise.

I didn’t expect this to get done until the lame duck session anyway.

I also expected the Amy Coney Barrett hearings to dominate the Senate through the 2020 election even though far more people care about getting their second stimulus check. Politically, this is unbelievably stupid but it fits the closing message of the Trump campaign which is focused on things like accusing Joe Biden of supporting the 1994 crime bill and calling blacks superpredators. Evidently, the Trump campaign and the GOP believes this is a more compelling message to blacks and White working class voters than another $1,200 check and would prefer to wait until after the election to send it out.

Trump’s margin with the White working class vote that he had in the 2016 election and which is the reason why he carried the Midwestern “Blue Wall” states and won the election has vanished in the polls. He doesn’t seem to be concerned about it though. White America isn’t eligible for the Platinum Plan. Lately, Trump has been far more interested in cheerleading the rebound of the stock market.

We will see how it shakes out next month. Maybe the Jared Kushner strategy will pay off.

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  1. It is in the interests of the Democrats to not pass another stimulus, as it would help Trump’s re-election chances, so he’s right the negotiation is pointless. If Trump puts as much effort into giving blacks a half trillion dollars, as he did building the wall, I don’t see them getting more than 5% of what he promised them. Even then they are saying its, trickle down money, which is a scam. Lets not forget that neither of these parties give a damn about the American people. They are in it for what they can extract for themselves and the donor class.

  2. Perhaps Trump is not so concerned with re-election now? How could they think that this was a good idea? Less than a month from the election..

    It’s been months since I felt motivated to vote for him anyways.

    • Blumpf is absolutely committed to losing like a pedantic tard. Inaction during the antifa blm riots in the last 5 months while capslocking LAW AND ORDER 100 times, bank and big business bailouts, 500 billion to joggers(a red meat lie btw), now withholding the stimulus checks. Yep he isn’t concerned with re-election at all

  3. There is no GD way there will EVER be another round of Stimulus Checks sent out – now, if the Stawk! Market goes in the toilet between now and the election(or after) you can be damned sure that the Orange King Of the Jews will throw the Jude Fetzen at Wall St.

  4. Wall St. is doing great, so screw the plebes! We’ve got to prioritize arguing over whether or not a cuckservative woman gets on the Supreme Court, plus duel over mail-in voting! Our fighting to gain a little more of the limited political turf the elites allow us to occupy is much more important, natch.

    Canada is helping their citizens get through this major economic crisis with a $1000 a month. Our bunch of donor knob-gobblers is willing to let us fall further into debt to landlords, mortgagors and other creditors, let desperately needed extra unemployment benefits expire, etc., in order to possibly, maybe score political points through the tired old game of “blame the other guy for the mess we’re in.”

    At least we get to yet again confirm where the populace stands in the elite’s hierarchy of needs: at the bottom. But continue to tell me how important it is to vote for the guy who’ll do more to protect corporations, bankers and the war machine (whichever one that is), because reasons. When the sheep are begging to get eaten by the wolves, all you can do is resign yourself to the inevitable, stand back, and let the carnage happen. I just hope the blood splatter doesn’t get on my pants.

    • “Canada is helping their citizens get through this major economic crisis with a $1000 a month.”

      It’s actually 2k a month and it’s only for people who were temporarily or permanently laid off due to COVID and only until the end of the year. They also suspended student loan repayment which has probably been more helpful.

      But if you left your job or are jobless, you’re getting nothing in Canada and with jobs disappearing, it has been more difficult to find work/get assistance. So the working class has still sort of gotten fucked, but the middle-class and upper middle-class who worked cushy jobs actually benefited from it. Hell some tech guys were given company computers for home offices and such.

      Canada’s response has been adequate, but it still doesn’t benefit working people. If you worked at a grocery store, you may have seen a minor pay increase of like a couple dollars an hour, but your friend who worked at a call centre is literally playing video games at home and getting paid 2k a month to do nothing while you were working full time or part-time, still getting paid poorly and now on top of that have to deal with Karens who are sitting at home bored and anti-mask nutjobs freaking out because they have nothing better to do. Small businesses are struggling to make ends meet and there has been no mortgage or rent freezes for individuals (but there has been for businesses)

      The response has been unequal and the people most at risk of getting the virus through their job are the ones getting paid nothing for it while it’s been a 6 month vacation for swathes of the population.

      • Thanks for correcting me, Outlander. I had seen that “$1000 a month” line repeated many times, so I assumed it was true. I should’ve looked into it for myself, as I usually do. I apologize for misleading people.

        I went to Canadian gov’t websites, and read that those without employment benefits can get $1000 — $900 after taxes (!) — for a 2-week period (you can apply for that up to 13 times over a year period, for a potential yearly total of $12,000, which is where the $1000 a month figure probably came from), the disabled got a one-time $600 payment, and seniors a one-time $500 check. (Some seniors only got $300, though.) The $2000 a month figure for those with employment benefits is for up to a 28-week period, which is now over. How all of that was boiled down to a “guaranteed $1000 a month for ALL Canadians,” I’ll never figure out. The US corporate press not only lies all the time, they can’t do basic math.

        The US gov’t adding $600 a week to unemployment benefits (until recently) was incredibly generous, it seems, although we have the same problem you mentioned. People were earning much more without working, so there was an incentive to stay home and not look for work. To be fair, there wasn’t much work to be had months ago, but those still working weren’t being paid more as an incentive to stay at work, either. But when US dollars are overvalued because Fed wizards merely say so, and they keep e-printing dollars in the trillions as desired without blowback, what do silly things like incentives matter?

  5. The MAGA fan club is loving it. He could tell these people he closing all churches and replacing them with Holocaust museums… And then taking their guns.

    And they will still cheer uncontrollably

      • there is a truth to that but if we are going to shoot honestly from the hip, this Trump phenomenon is like nothing I have seen in my lifetime and before except Kennedy I would guess. Do you remember anyone being this crazed over Reagan? Obama had alot of hype but his followers werent this cult like after the first year

  6. The only thing he cares about is the Economy and by that I mean the Super Rich making a whole bunch of money while the White Working Class gets pennies on the dollar. He and like 15 people around him including his Wife have Covid-19 and yet he, the House, and Senate still can’t get a 2nd stimulus bill passed. What a joke. The people who support him are crazy. It’s vote for Trump that’s done nothing while in office or omg Joe Biden omg Joe Biden. What a joke. Why keep playing the game…protest Vote for a Third Party candidate or skip voting in 2020. Deo Vindice !

  7. Trump’s instincts-those of a gambler playing “all or nothing at all”- have failed him, this time with utter finality. The spoiled heir who squandered a $400 million dollar inheritance, yet reinvented himself as a faux real estate tycoon to the mindless masses, parlayed lie after lie into the biggest stake of all-President of the USA!.
    For decades, he sucked at the proverbial tit of the infamous Jewish shyster- lawyer Roy Cohn, who taught him to double down on every failed bet because at some point he would beat the house.
    Now, America and the world is witnessing the shocking, shameful spectacle of a cowardly sociopath desperately willing to throw every single American under the bus so he can somehow pull his chestnuts out of the fire and beat the house.
    His wife’s health, that of his staff, the Secret Service that protects him-none of this matters to Trump, as long as he feels he can con the great unwashed by projecting the image of a strong, indomitable leader.
    Like it or not, the Democrats will certainly win the trifecta in November: House, senate, and Presidency, and Trump’s final gamble will fail; fail so miserably that he will lose in an enormous landslide.
    The aftermath:The charges awaiting in the Southern District of New York predate his entry into politics and cannot be characterized as political revenge.Therefore, the fate awaiting this abject creature is the likelihood of conviction and imprisonment.

    • An interesting comment, and these two statements are especially good (in my opinion):

      “For decades (…) shyster-lawyer Roy Cohn (…) taught him to double down on every failed bet because at some point he would beat the house.”

      So true, although “shyster-lawyer” seems redundant.

      “America and the world is witnessing the shocking, shameful spectacle of a cowardly sociopath desperately willing to throw every single American under the bus so he can somehow pull his chestnuts out of the fire and beat the house (…) he feels he can con the great unwashed by projecting the image of a strong, indomitable leader.”

      True, but is it really shocking? Aren’t all or nearly all “great” leaders throughout history really image-projecting sociopaths who con the great unwashed (masses)? There are no good kings, for instance. Even Solomon “the wise” robbed and enslaved his own people.

      • At least Hitler didn’t lie about his foot hurting to avoid his duty you see wars are for the “peasants”

    • Trump is merely a symbol, an outlet for something much larger. Which is why the Jews, the Left, the Beltway establishment, etc. hate him so much. Despite his flaws, people were willing to take a punt on him because he was the ONLY person out there signposting a possible way out of this Weimarican mess. Sure, he’s failed – but many more have woken up to the false, flabby GOP and the sham democracy we live in. They will look for another candidate.

      Someone who is not just feigning nationalism.

  8. I agree. Politically this is stupid but Trump does a lot of stupid things. I know he is dealing with the lunatic Pelosi who is looking to put all kinds of leftist crap in there but he should have worded it better than just throwing in the towel

    The other idiotic thing announced was by Home land Security Chad Wolf that” whhhhaaaaaaatttt supremacists” are the biggest threat to the country. Meanwhile black and brown people shoot it up, rob it up all day everyday for decades. I mean can the timing get any more ridiculous to announce this as well?

    I am voting for Trump no matter what but I am literally ready for this election to be over. I never realized my whole purpose in life as an evil White man was to constantly make sure black people feel good. In fact I was on a train the other day and staring at me was an advertisement of a black guy asking why is he discriminated against by car service drivers? No mentions of the statistics of whom does the robbing and shootings of drivers……crickets. On top of it in hilarious fashion was a black guy with no mask on in the train and a religious jewish woman whose 3 kids had their masks off. It was like all stereotypes were hitting homeruns.

    America has become bitter. The American Dream has become the American Meh. I remember my dad years back saying all a person has to do is have a job to own a house. Today for millions of Americans that statement is no longer true thanks to absurd amounts of immigration, foreign buyers and job deportations. That in turn creates resentment, divorces, holding off on having kids and being bitter. Personally, I see too much of it now compared to years back.

    No wonder more and more people are speaking of and are leaving America. Plus thanks to too much diversity, costs and job deportations, boatloads of cities and towns are crapholes now. Compare that to the 1950s or even the 1970s and one would be shocked. Back then folks would toss their families in a car and simply drive to a new location to live. Now those trips are a lot less.

    America the Stupid now likes to riot when a black guy is shot by any White person no matter where it happened. Now we have countless Democrats who simply let the rioters out of jail to start anew. Years ago those rioters would be beaten to a pulp by police or shot dead and/or tossed in jail for years. Time to break up the party. The U.s.s.r did and guess what? Life went on. The same thing would happen with a much needed breakup of America.

  9. Hilarious everyone thinks that Trump and Nancy Pelosi are enemies – Pelosi just did an interview and couldn’t answer a single, specific question about how she was using the power of the Speaker to oppose Trump and the GOP.

    She also said she didn’t want to pass another Covid-19 check because Trump only wanted to send people money with his name on the check – and she WAS prepared to fight Trump on that.

    Meanwhile, while Covid-19 was happening, both houses on Congress passed EIGHTY pieces of legislation giving money to Israel.

    But they didn’t have time to help Americans who lost their jobs due to Coronavirus.

    Priorities, people!

    • Banned Hipster, no doubt America is whacked. Pelosi could not name anything because she is clearly half drugged out all the time. She is clearly a pill popper, most likely a Xanax or valium type. Perhaps a drinker, too, but obviously booze one can smell on someone. That is why Trump calls her Nervous Nancy. These so called anti anxiety pills create anxiety after a while. Not good.

      Pelosi is clearly against Trump on many things. For example just on immigration alone. She wants the invasion of America. She voted against him on basically all immigration restrictions. I am sure she voted against him on taxes and is against probably all of his judge picks. She literally tore up his state of the Union address seconds after it was over a few feet behind him. It’s clear she has strong dislike for him and vice versa.

      Your point about Israel is a good one. We can’t even get a stimulus package together but both parties fall in line quickly ( with a few exceptions) regarding cash for Israel. This is due to the obvious: Jews are massive donors to both parties with the Democrats in particular receiving big donor jewish money. Second, no Republican from the South or even Midwest can win without Evangelical votes. Obviously, Evangelicals are mostly pro Israel due to the view Israel and Jews in general are the “Chosen people” by GOD. My issue with that is Biblically it seems to me Israel is Chosen only so much as it stays a GODly nation. So a nation with mostly CHRIST deniers with many virulently so, is still rewarded? Israel is also home to many money laundering operations, White slavery in terms of pimping non Jewish women and a place like Tel Aviv is the homosexual capital of the Middle East. You get the point.

      Someone here mentioned Canada giving one thousand dollars a month during this coronavirus while America can only get out one stimulus check. Obviously other things have been done but America has for too long avoided direct payments to individuals while giving trillions to corporations. It’s a mindset that has infected this nation. It’s obvious paying people about one thousand dollars or a bit more per month would be a great shot for the economy. Instead we relish in our bootstraps bullcrap while the rich become socialists.

      Finally, I was watching a thing about Democrats targeting black voters in Texas to flip it blue. If that happens it’s over and out for Republicans. Decades of allowing blacks to have babies on the welfare system instead of sterilizing any welfare recipient after two kids tops has devastated this nation. It’s done nothing but allow a never ending crime cycle, promotes having kids out of wedlock, creates more welfare use and abuse. Put in the fact at least 90% of blacks vote Democrat.

      Decades of allowing an invasion South of the border so rich people can pay brown people less money has also created tipping point status as they, too, have many kids. Texas is about to go blue simply based on race changes allowed to occur.

      Even a state like Georgia is getting close to going Democrat due to the above issues just mentioned. All of this was preventable.

      Outside of a hopefully peaceful breakup or radical change on immigration and ending welfare people having as many kids as they want, it’s over within ten to twenty years tops. Learn a foreign language or a few and do your research. Diversity is clearly not a strength as the left knows full well. But it is a great way of getting them constantly elected.

  10. His supporters predict a landside win but I think he is toast. I will vote for him but it is an exercise in futility because whoever wins the ship is going down. I suppose I better dig through my clothes and find my Hawaiian shirt because the Boogaloo will soon be upon us. Its is too late in my life for me to learn Russian and move. Nor do I think New Swabia is taking any immigrants. (LOL)

    • “I think he is toast… But I will vote for him”
      That comment sums up everything wrong right now

  11. I’m surprised Blumpf hasn’t disavowed his supporters who visted him at walter reed hospital the other day. They had some heated arguments with blm/antifa rioters it could of spiraled into a fight he can’t be having his supporters defending themselves thats what those evil proud boys did against antifa. Might have to disavow if Jared or Bitch McConnell tells him too!

  12. And all the old Boomers who have spent their entire life voting for the lesser of the two evils as well as the Zoomers whose election in 2016 one was their first are going to tell you why you’re wrong about Trump.

    Anyone who is truly red-pilled is going to find the election next month to be enjoyable regardless of who wins. Retards in blue camp and red camp are going to flip out and have their naive worldviews shattered.

    Even if Trump wins and the Zommer/Boomer alliance wins, he isn’t going to do anything for them and he might just turn America into a shittier place with possibly a dumb war to boot. At least we won’t have to hear about him in 2024 when he leaves office.

    If Biden wins, it’s not going to be the “victory over fascism” that the Left believes, and the rich are just going to get richer, the poor get poorer and maybe even another foreign war as Whites continue to be oppressed.

    I’m just going to enjoy the conservative/liberal tears this time around. Both worldviews are built on false dichotomies anyway. Trump isn’t a populist or a fascist, Biden isn’t a moderate or a man of the people who is going to give you healthcare. This isn’t some important election like 2016, it’s a dumb election like 2012. When reality hits one side hard, it’s going to be funny simply for the fact that it may be a wake up call for some people. Personally I think Biden is going to win, but I’m fine either way.

    Bring out your clown horns for the U.S. President! Whomever he may be!

  13. We can’t keep printing money without an inevitable currency devaluation. We’ll end up buying loaves of bread with $2 trillion notes, like Zimbabwe!

  14. Most of the comments I read here show a disgust with Trump. I sure do not see an improvement with Biden, Harris and the democratic players returning to govern with the policies and values they are proclaiming. They will definitely hurt my family.

  15. Notice the huge shift in tone of the left with insisting vaccines and therapies be done “by the book” bureaucratically dragging on forever as opposed to their attitude with Act Up 30 years ago when there was a pandemic targeting THEIR constituents? All they did was bitch about their right to try anything immediately, damn the consequences, even killing a bunch of them when they tried Suramin, the anti-proatazoan drug used to treat African Sleeping Sickness. Yet the left insisted the pipeline move these therapies as fast as they could to the public. Now all of a sudden with the entire economy in the gutters they insist we go slowly. All this “lets just stay at home” and let the economy stay in the gutters wasn’t the tone leftists were setting during their last pandemic? Cinemax ran some movie promoted as a Patrick Stewart movie, of course when it came on it was nothing like Star Trek, Stewart had a bit part and it centered on some gay guy in his 30s in NYC in the early 90s who was so rightfully spooked about the aids epidemic he was thinking about going back to Wisconsin to live a quieter life. Yet the whole tone of the movie was how foolish he was and needed to stop worrying and get back to ass fucking. Ass fucking during an anal sex pandemic is A OK, suburban families being allowed to go to the Olive Garden on the other hand is way too dangerous to allow.

  16. Your post could be re-titled: “Trump BRIEFLY halts Covid relief stimulus negotiations.”

    He acts on personal feeling, emotion, “instinct” – and suggestion/direction from Republican Fox News’ nightly Carlson-Hannity-Ingraham Show, and of course Ivanka (Jared Kushner) – but sometimes a glimpse of reality penetrates the fog. He realizes he lost the debate, and his White House is now the national hotspot, he having infected more people than have been infected in some entire countries, and his “Warp Speed” pre-election vaccine release strategy will not be allowed by the FDA, so he re-opens the relief stimulus negotiations because more paltry $1200 checks MUST go out before the election.

    But who cares? No one should. It doesn’t matter which right wing of the one-party plutocracy wins or loses.the so-called “election.” The U.S. is NOT “polarized” either. It is solid and durable and in almost universal agreement:

  17. But if the checks DO go out again, just before the election, it will be evident to all that this is a bald-faced election ploy. Where was the help for the common people all those other months while the elites keep racking up fortunes?

    It doesn’t matter which right wing wins.

  18. What’s wrong with you people! Can’t wait to see you all hauled up for re-education sessions when the streetshitter takes over!

  19. We are 27 trillion in debt right now, we cannot afford another “stimulus”. A lot of people are too lazy to work, that’s the real problem, not Covid-19.

    UBI is a stupid cause, you get the same result with being pro-union and pro-high minimum wage without adding trillions to the debt and causing massive inflation as you would with UBI.

    This website is getting depressing, it has a pro-lockdown, pro-handout, and anti-voting philosophy. The historical articles are getting redundant. I’ve been a reader of this website for 3 years and I can safely say it is no longer about “nationalism, populism, reaction”, it’s about complaining and trolling people who disagree with anything HW believes.

    • Debt doesnt matter as long as there are goods and militarty to back the currency.

      This is part of why Social Credit economics would be more effective that what we have now.

      The point of national debt right now is to give the rich debt to buy so they get more money for having money.

      If by some miracle government money doesn’t fall directly in their hands in the first place and some of it gets to average people that’s better than we can hope for in the current year.

    • Workers are at the tender mercy of the marketplace, so if something goes wrong in the economy it would by good for people to have guaranteed income and benefits. However, a UBI “paid for” by gov’t once again pits workers against non-workers. Those with jobs often resent paying for those without work. A wiser way of funding it would be a (minimum) 10% corporate tax, but US politics is dominated by corporate servants in the uniparty, so that would happen right about the time my jetpack and transporter get delivered.

      Under Eisenhower, income inequality was kept down due to the stronger union presence in the workforce, progressive personal and corporate tax rates with much higher rates at the top, massive infrastructure spending, and so on. (I’m talking economics here, not disastrous political moves like Little Rock.) We were then helped by being the major industrialized nation left standing, but as most of our manufacturing has been shipped overseas, turning inward and rebuilding our industrial base would have much the same effect now. The elites are globalists, of course, but their constant seeking of new consumers for their markets that must keep expanding and the desire to keep us poorer and divided are at loggerheads. Eventually, they’ll have to take the boot off our necks and allow more prosperity to reach the great unwashed, or suffer the consequences for their short-sightedness.

  20. There’s a big difference between having contempt for normiecons and just being out of touch with them.

    Saying he won’t bail out corrupt dem cities is a big win with his core white working class base. Just like people were soothsaying about him getting Covid while it was clear from the get go that recovery->galvinized base was going to happen unless he actually died.

    Helping poor blacks looks good to cucked right wing whites in his base. And that’s a big part of our problem.

    The fact that Trump is not actually good for us does not mean he’s making campaign mistakes. He was never, at any time, campaigning to us in the first place.


    “Your chances of dying from Covid-19? If you’re healthy & under 65, a 40-mile daily commute by car is more likely to kill you”


    “Dr Mike Ryan, the executive director of the World Health Organization’s health emergencies programme, recently stated the WHO has estimated that 750 million people have been infected worldwide.

    If this is the case, calculating the current, rather than the estimated, IFR is pretty straightforward. You simply divide the one million deaths [1,034,068, to be fully accurate], by 750m.

    1,034,068/750,000,000 = 0.138 percent.”


    “So, an IFR of 0.138 percent. Which is significantly lower than the initially predicted one per cent. Or, to turn this figure around, according to the WHO figures, if you become infected with Covid-19, there is a one-in-750 chance you will die.

    Essentially, if you are under 45 the risk of death (so far) has been 0.00158 percent or about one in 70,000. Over the age of 65 it is 0.17 percent. What is it for those with no significant underlying medical conditions? Much lower.

    Leaving that issue aside, for those in the lower age range, even in those up to 65, the risk of death remains extremely low. The following statement comes from a paper written by three Stanford University doctors, entitled ‘Population-level COVID-19 mortality risk for non-elderly individuals overall and for non-elderly individuals without underlying diseases in pandemic epicenters’:

    “People <65 years old have very small risks of COVID-19 death even in pandemic epicenters and deaths for people <65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon.”


    “The COVID-19 mortality rate in people <65 years old during the period of fatalities from the epidemic was equivalent to the mortality rate from driving between 4 and 82 miles per day for 13 countries and 5 states.”

    To put this another way, for healthy individuals under the age of 65, even during the peak weeks of the pandemic, a forty-mile commute was more likely to kill you than Covid-19 in most European countries and several US States."

    • Of course they knew that. The ancient Romans were the most advanced of their time and they inspired the Renaissance while the people the Nordicists elevate were living in huts and caves. Come on, Trump, get it together or else we’re certain to have Alzheimer’s plagiarist and blasian floozy in the White House.

      Gryphon Alinor:
      UBI is a stupid cause, you get the same result with being pro-union and pro-high minimum wage without adding trillions to the debt and causing massive inflation as you would with UBI.

      Actually, UBI would’ve led to a shaving of bureaucracy and the tightening of borders. Since people get direct payments, welfare state departments and their bureaucrats would become obsolete and you can’t have UBI and mass immigration so immigration would automatically be trimmed. Unfortunately, Yang lacked the name recognition and donors to make it and senile Biden is too beholden to his donors and party elites to even consider UBI during his administration. Sanders and Pocahontas may have been open to UBI, but their party elites hated them too and they ended up losing.

      Wally Wally
      Trump Trump
      I like Ike
      Nixon Now
      The Gipper

      • Nah they were living in lavish hill forts or what the Romans called Oppida. Most celts had populous walled cities on hills, same with the Germans. They were often miners and gold prospectors. Excellent metallurgists and carpenters. Nice try Schlomo.

        • Like I’d really take a history lesson from a future militia member convict that calls Covid-19 the regular flu, puts down Hunter for posting CDC facts on coronavirus, and claims he knows more about medical science than Dr. Fauci and the professionals. Nice try but as usual, you fail, basement dwelling dimwit LOL

          USA USA
          Wally Wally
          Trump Trump

  22. This is how you lose an election. Stab you base in the back. Two simple steps.
    1) Denounce a milquetoast organization as white supremacist.
    2) Hold up payments to white working class supporters who can barley afford to pay their bills.
    And for good measure go on the most popular radio show in the country and brag about how much you are doing for blacks and how you sent “tank buster” missiles to the Ukraine to fight those evil Russians. Rush is actually trying to keep Trump on an even keel because he’s even sensing how bad Trump is blowing this. It’s awkward to listen to. .

  23. I still don’t think you quite understand Trump. He’s all about promising and not delivering. If he delays it until after the election, there is no third term, so he’s free to then make up some excuse.

    He’s a person who lifted ted cruz’s political platform insincerely.

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