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  1. Boas and his kind really have done a number on this country with their pseudo science and anti Christian anti white revised history. Having to scan through social media yesterday and see nothing but Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs, Hispanics, blacks, Jews and yes, most prevalent white women, all living in this country post nothing but the most hateful (and false in every instance) memes about how Columbus and the white man have destroyed the West with nothing but innocent blood on their hands.

    These people come here, leech off our culture and work for a few years, then feel responsible to berate and beat us with what total shit everything our ancestors built is. I am usually blackpilled and irritated, but I cant say it has ever felt this pronounced. Fools hear second hand what other fools learned from people like Boas and Tim Wise, then speak as if scholars. All so tiresome

    • Yes, these scumbags are tiresome but ” . . . to every time there is a season” (Eccl. 3:1) and their season is about over. The Left has controlled the commanding heights of Academe and set the anti-White narrative for decades. Even if DJT wins the election and the Senate remains Republican he will still inherit a vast bureaucracy implacably opposed to him with powerful allies in finance and the MSM determined to destroy him whatever the cost.

      If Slow Joe wins it really means Camel Toe Harris becomes (nominally only) the next Mr. President about Feb./March of next year. The Democrats are playing a three card Monte game with Slow Joe as the money card but when you flip it over the ugly Camel Toe is there. Either way the next Mr. President will inherit a politically fractured country and most importantly, a financially bankrupt country.

      All Government depends upon money which requires real value to spend. The Left’s wars, social uplift programs, corporate welfare, taxation, immigration etc. have caused spending to explode and consequently, indebtedness. This indebtedness has reached the point where it is imperiling the value of the dollar which risks hyperinflation. The dollar has not been backed by one grain of silver or gold since 1971 which means it is backed only by “confidence”, not something Pres. Camel Toe inspires much of.

      If the dollar rapidly declines the Left’s policies of “equality Über Alles” will be impossible because implementing AFFH, more Section 8, war, EBT etc. require vast sums of money, the value of which will have been ruined. This will plunge most of the country into poverty as the value of SS, pensions, stocks, savings etc. (except in Troy ozs. of Au and Ag) plunges which will focus the minds of people on immediate needs with no time for politics except for the politics of anger directed against the hostile, ruling, Left Wing elites and their “conservative” allies.

      The social, political and financial capital of the U.S. was built over decades based upon the founding stock of the U.S. and European Christian immigrants, the vast majority of whom assimilated to these values over time. Certain groups i.e. The Usual Suspects, blacks and Asians remained outside of the mainstream but did not have the numbers to imperil the country. The Left knew it could never destroy the country through revolution so it brought in wogs by the millions after 1965 to displace real Americans.

      The Left’s policy of turning the U.S. into a shithole country is nearly complete but the new national creed will be: “Every man for himself and devil take the hindmost”; not: “We’re all in it together”. It’s only the White population which can build, the wogs can only destroy and turning over the country to the wogs will just sow the seeds of the Left’s own destruction. The end of the current regime that has been in power for decades during both Republican and Democrat rule is inevitable as it reaches its logical conclusion: bankruptcy and chaos. What comes next is up for grabs.

      • @12AX7 the bullshit politics worries me the least. What does give me endless stress is the masses and the level or unchangeable brain washing. Half the country outright hates us and believes the mainstream media and educational tales of Columbus and evil whiteness and is made up of the prior mentioned minority immigrants, Jewish people and white women. The other half is just as deluded not necessarily believing whites, we and themselves, are evil, but their red white and blue waving amounts to WWII and Hitler being the ultimate evil, race is just skin deep and we have all the same potential, and this will all just heal and get better.

        Things arent getting better and it doesnt matter who wins any political office. It all can really isolate you, with this Covid nonsense magnifying it will be all become poorer and more depressed.

        I told a group of die hard Republicans that America was built by Europeans for Europeans, and immigration from outside Europe needs to end. They all began screaming “YOURE A RACIST AND YOU ARE NOT WITH US OR PRESIDENT TRUMP. THIS COUNTRY NEEDS LEGAL IMMIGRATION”. Because I told them we shouldn’t become minorities in our own countries

        • Hello Capt.;

          You are correct regarding the brainwashing, of course, and it is a very important point, too. Regarding how to reach the masses with the truth about history, such as the terror of Haiti when the French were massacred and the boundless cruelty of the Aztecs, recitation of facts makes people uncomfortable but doesn’t seem to change minds. I stopped trying to reason with people but I will present information contradictory to the officially approved narrative at least to watch cuckservatives squirm and sometimes, to even think.

          One fact which surprises people who say “we” need some immigration is that the U.S. is already the third most populous country after China and India and also about %40 non-White. This comes as a surprise and it makes White people uncomfortable. When challenged I ask the doubters what country do they think is the third most populous; crickets is the response. I then tell them I don’t need more immigration and neither do they, their children or grandchildren.

          Events are in the saddle now because of decades of bad governance, Left Wing propaganda and “conservative” betrayal. The Left Wing Establishment has drained the Treasury in their quixotic pursuit of “equality” and wrecked the country, too. The Left has always been an urban, not a rural or suburban phenomenon and after corona, these geniuses have also wrecked the three urban bastions of Left Wing power: NYC, Chicago and SF. For those reasons I believe the Left and their “conservative” allies are vulnerable; ultimately they live or die based upon the health of the state and they have mortally wounded the Left Wing state which supports them.

  2. Speaking of Gods, I wonder what Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is up to. Let’s take a look…

    Oh my, Spencer is suggesting Biden will win the election purely out of voter hatred for Trump. Despite the fact Biden has had a rally recently and nobody showed up. Interesting.

    Oh look, another tweet by Spencer citing polls and he’s convinced Trump will lose. I sure hope Spencer has a really soft pillow to cry on when he sees Trump’s electoral college landslide on election night…

    Trump has cut immigration in half and enacted 400 immigration policy changes all of which have made the New York Times cry like little babies yet Spencer is talking about Trump being a homo enabler and going to lose the election.

    If I didn’t know any better I would say Spencer is cheering on for Trump’s defeat out of personal animosity. But what do I know. Perhaps we should place our trust in Richard Spencer’s judgement, I mean not all of us can be powerful metrosexual gods like Richard.

    • @The two trumptards,

      Your hero has stabbed both of Ann Coulter and Julian Assange in the back during his furfi term as king of Israel. Those two mare than anyone else were responsible for putting that zio-conman into the Ival Office, and he blocked one on his Jitterbug phone, and had the bitches in cuck uslais imprision the other.

      When trump huffed and puffed about tech censorship, he did nothing but get Diamond and Silk’s Twitter account back.

      Why don’t you two carpetbaggers go sell Zion Don to a more suseprsusce audience.

    • Your faggy MAGA Twitter account is “DaedricBlade”. You named yourself after a video game that was made for retards. No wonder you are so annoying. You are an actual mouth breathing nerd.

      The comments you were posting about White trash. Only anti-White jews use that term. You are going to Hell, anti-White nerd.

    • Why in the living fuck would Spencer even think about supporting Blumpf after countless betrayals and lies?! Of course he wants to see Biden win out of spite it couldn’t be more obvious

      Spencers right Blumpf has done everything to destroy white advocacy of any kind and even worse painted a target on our backs. Trump doesn’t need help in losing the election from Spencer he’s already doing a splendid job himself by being a dumb zog puppet president

      • You think you have a target on your back? You’re gonna have a laser dot on your back when Kamala starts running the show.

    • Your weird Spencer obsession lends weight to the idea you are, in fact, (((Andrew Anglin))).

      Who the hell even cares about the nobody Spencer, except for the bizarre obsessive jew-negro dwarf who runs the Daily Stammer?

    • Trump did not “cut immigration by half” – covid merely put a temporary hold on it. Trump fast-tracked treason-visas and never enforced the felony against employing illegals – what Worked Before when America Was Great, w/o any “wall.”

      Trump’s Dept of State and DHS have already re-allocated over 420K EXTRA treason-visas, to distribute early next year (after the election, of course), to Replace Employed Americans with 3rd Worlders – to “make up” for covid-lost immigration.

      • That said – I do hope he wins in Nov – so that maybe the left will start a full blown insurrection. That’s about the only hope we have of getting Americans to defend their homeland.

  3. Meanwhile over on JerusalemBart, they are fawning over ACB and how “brilliant” her answers are to the demonic questions that are being asked as if having her on the court is going to reverse the immense damage that has been done by abandoning the Lord.

    Hint: It isn’t.

  4. Gryphon’s … “ferocity” … against Richard Spencer really just shows how empty the Republican party actually is, how out of touch it is with voters, and especially the real intellectual edge of right-wing thought.

    Spencer is – to be blunt – an irrelevant has-been who wasn’t even all that much when he was. His entire career had one big win – the 2015 NPI conference (which was great) – after than, Spencer just became a Trump shill and was given media coverage in an attempt to hurt Trump.

    But the GOP – as you can see by the behavior of a GOP astroturfer like Gryphon – realizes they have no future outside of white nationalism so they are desperately trying to regain control of the “Alt Right” they had when Breitbart.com was astro-turfing the “Alt Right” back in 2016.

    Trump delivers nothing for White America – he delivers EVERYTHING for Israel, promptly and consistently – and if the Democrats hadn’t have picked such a joke of a candidate, Trump would almost certainly lose.

    Even against a racist old senile joke of a candidate like Joe Biden, Trump could still lose if the 10,000 to 20,000 “white nationalists” in the Rust Belt just don’t show up to vote.

    You’ll notice that there simply isn’t the online “meme magic” for Trump like they had last time. The online trolls had virtually no effect on the actual vote, but it did help demoralize some of the anti-white left.

    Frankly, I can’t see how Trump could lose – it’s possible, but I really can’t see Biden actually winning. But the absolute hysteria of GOP shills like Gryphon shows that the GOP knows that time is quickly running out.

    All pro-whites should stop being particularly interested in this election and start figuring out what to do the day after the election, no matter who wins.

    First order of business is to do what you should have done last time and take over the local Republican party. Instead, the Alt Right just wasted a bunch of time shilling for Zion Don instead of forcing Zion Don to earn our votes.

    You want the Republican party to shill for you – not the other way around.

    You do that by refusing to vote for a Republican until they start kissing your ass.

    If that means throwing an election – DO IT. It only takes one election for them to start sucking up to the voters they lost.

      • @Hunter, I certainly am along with a lovely fruit arrangement and hundred dollar Bed Bath Beyond gift certificate. Say what you want about Richard , he is.a benevolent leader

    • Frankly, I can’t see how Trump could lose – it’s possible, but I really can’t see Biden actually winning.

      Why? Trump’s Electoral College win hinged on 77,744 votes – 0.7% of the vote cast – in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. He has now lost significant ground with White voters in these states, whereas Biden’s net favourability among White and independent voters is much higher than Hillary’s was in 2016. And there is no Jill Stein to split the vote this time. The math says Trump will lose, and lose BIGLY.

      • @Ron has a man-crush on me. He literally posts about me on multiple blogs and multiple handles and has for years.

        He’s my number one fan.

        I’m flattered, I guess, but I think he needs some therapy.

  5. The trumptard spamming here has been prolific, predictable and dull. Most of us here are now probably just ignoring it. The ridiculous attempt to raise Little Dickie into the dissident lord and master had initially been worth a chuckle or two, but now it’s just pitiful and boring. If the trolls are going to leave after the election, good. Let them move on to other bridges. But if they don’t…whatever. They’ll be largely ignored, anyway.

  6. Look at you, HW….Pretending to lead the life of a retiring scholar, a Jefferson in his Monticello translating Montesquieu, a Virgil writing his Georgics….you are a poseur, a mountebank and a scoundrel.

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