The Second Klan and Victorianism

What was the Second Klan about in the 1920s?

The following excerpt comes from Stanley Coben’s book Rebellion Against Victorianism: The Impetus for Cultural Change in 1920s America:

“The early twentieth-century assaults on Victorianism provoked a strong organized defense by fundamentalists, Prohibitionists, and various conservative and patriotic organizations. However, the huge nationwide Ku Klux Klan, with at least three million members, emerged as the most visible and powerful guardian of Victorianism during the 1920s.”

As it turns out, the Second Klan wasn’t so much about race or violence against blacks as it was about defending America’s traditional White Anglo-Protestant national identity, culture and morals in the culture war of the 1920s against Jews, Catholics and modernists.

Remember, the national consensus of the Victorian era was that an “American” was a White, Anglo-Saxon (in culture), Protestant with liberal and republican principles. By the 1920s, this consensus is starting to break down. We are entering the turbulent period when all this changed.

“Unlike the vigilante groups which had used the name Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War and during the mid-twentieth-century battles against integration, the Klan of the 1920s did not focus on protecting white supremacy in the South. At the height of the Klan’s power in 1924, Southerners formed only 16 percent of its total membership. Over 40 percent of early twentieth-century Klan members lived in the three midwestern states of Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. The Klan enrolled more members in Connecticut than in Mississippi, more in Oregon than in Louisiana, and more in New Jersey than in Alabama. Klan membership in Indianapolis was almost twice that in South Carolina and Mississippi combined.”

The Second Klan was not a Southern organization.

It was an American Nationalist group that defended the Victorian consensus in national identity, culture and morality. America was a White, Anglo-Saxon (in culture), Protestant nation. The Second Klan had significant support in the South, but it was based in the Midwest.

“Also, Klan members in the mid-1920s were not any more violent than other native, white, middle-class Protestant males. After the Klan organized nationally for maximum profit and political action in 1921, the organization expelled members and whole chapters charged with having taken part in vigilante activities. However, inconclusive newspaper and government investigations into the activities of a small minority of early Klansman during 1921 gave the organization a violent image. The name Ku Klux Klan (adopted mainly because of the Klan’s role in the immensely popular film, The Birth of a Nation), the Klan’s secrecy, and the order’s refusal to admit anyone except native white Protestant males contributed to this image, especially among blacks, Catholics, Jews, and champions of civil liberties.”

The Second Klan wasn’t a violent organization.

There were lynchings in the 1920s and deadly race riots in places like Tulsa and Rosewood, but racial violence didn’t have much to do with the Klan. It was more focused on Prohibition.

“The near absence of Klan violence against Southern blacks was explained, in part, by a perceptive editorial in the Savannah, Georgia, Tribune, a black-owned newspaper which strongly supported Marcus Garvey’s black nationalist Universal Negro Improvement Association and was outspoken about civil-rights violations. The Tribune‘s editorial (whose conclusions were corroborated by other evidence), published July 13, 1922, stated:

The evidence is that in the South the Ku Klux are not bothering with the Negroes. The naked truth is that when a band of lynchers set out to kill a Negro they do not take the trouble to mask. They do not think it necessary to join a secret society, pay initiation fees and buy regalia when Negroes are the quarry.”

If it wasn’t bothering blacks, what was the Second Klan up to in the 1920s?

“The Klan’s primary objectives consisted of guarding the major Victorian concepts and the interests these protected. The ideas of character, largely reserved for white Protestants, the home and family in which character was formed, and distinctly separate gender roles stood foremost among these concepts. A series of articles entitled “The Klansman’s Criterion of Character,” published weekly from March 1 to March 29, 1924, in the Klan’s national newspaper Searchlight, illustrated what the Klan expected of its leaders as well of its ordinary members.”

In order to understand the Second Klan, you have to understand the Victorian mindset which segregated men and women into separate spheres and gender roles, ranked the different races and nationalities in a hierarchy, sharply distinguished between the “civilized” and “savage” and saw the home as a sort of school where Protestant children were taught the moral virtues that collectively made up their “character.” A good person was a hardworking, sober, pious person who practiced self-denial and the moral virtues and who had genteel manners. This is what the modernists rebelled against in the 1920s.

“These studies of members’ characteristics found that Klansmen represented a near cross section of the white Protestant male population in their communities. Everywhere, the Klan fought to overcome the power of business and professional elites, except in some small towns. Outside those towns, few members of these elites joined the Klan, and those who did tended to be younger members who evidently believed that their ambitions could be best furthered by the Klan.

The Second Klan was mostly composed of the respectable White Protestant middle class. The Chamber of Commerce was usually their greatest enemy.

“Klansmen were concentrated in middle white-collar positions and among small businessmen. Those who were blue-collar workers were overwhelmingly in skilled positions. Members belonged to all major Protestant denominations, but the Klan included very few members of fundamentalist sects. They attended services in Northern Methodist and Disciples of Christ churches especially. Klansmen generally had lived in their communities longer than nonmembers, usually at least ten years before they joined the order, yet they tended to be younger. Well over three quarters of them were married. They belonged to more civic and fraternal organizations, particularly to the Masons. They possessed greater wealth, more property, and registered to vote in 1924 in much larger proportions that did nonmembers in their communities. Klansmen in the mid-1920s decidedly were not a fringe group of vigilantes, they were solid middle-class citizens and individuals of high Victorian character.”

The Second Klan generally attracted the best people in the White Anglo-Protestant Heartland: highly religious, civic minded, married men who were more settled in their communities and thought their culture was in decline because of Jews, Catholics and modernism.

“However, Moore concluded that the Indiana Klan “did not employ violence as a strategy, and only a tiny fraction of the hooded order’s membership ever engaged in violent or threatening acts.”

Isn’t it interested that Jewish and Italian gangsters in cities like Chicago are romanticized, but the Second Klan is demonized even though the former were far more violent and corrupt. When corruption was discovered within the Indiana Klan in the mid-1920s, the group fell apart because of the values of its membership.

“These statistics bear out Leonard Moore’s conclusions about the meaning of the latest books and articles about the Klan:

“Together, these recent works made it nearly impossible to interpret the 1920s Klan as an aberrant fringe group … In-depth analysis of state and community Klans from different regions of the country make it clear … that the Klan was composed primarily of average citizens representing nearly all parts of America’s white Protestant society.”

The image of the Second Klan doesn’t match the reality of the organization.

“The editorial continued:

“There are those who affirm that in its protests against lawlessness, against Roman Catholic domination, against Jewish monopolies here and there, against a divided allegiance to our country, it is doing a great and needed work; that it is the savior of Protestantism; that it is the defender of the Constitution; that it is a help to morals and religion; that it masks are but legitimate appeals to the dramatic within all of us … that it has “cleaned up” villages, towns and cities … There can be no doubt that … tens of thousands of good people feel just this way about it and are fervent in its advocacy.”

Leonard Moore summarized what he called the Klan’s “basic message”:

The average white Protestant was under attack: his values and traditions were being undermined; his vision of America’s national purpose and social order appeared threatened; and his ability to shape the course of public affairs seemed to have been diminished.

Where is the lie?

The Klan was best known for dealing with drunks who abused their wives and neglected their families.

“Stapleton easily defeated Bailey in an election held in May 1923. He soon appointed fellow Klansmen to every important city office. In addition, seven Klan members received appointments as police sergeants, and dozens more were selected as patrolmen. Less than a month after the election, the city’s district attorney reported a dramatic drop in bootlegging, prostitution, and gambling.”

Again, it is no mystery why the Jewish press and modernists hated the Klan because it was opposed to their corruption and campaign of moral and cultural degeneration.

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  1. You really do need to index your articles by topic Brad. They are quite good, mostly approachable to your average person, and extremely informative. I come upon stories I read five or six years ago and am shocked at how relevant they are to your topic of the moment

    • You make a great point and the real point being that Brad needs to be read and appreciated for the genius that he is and has become. His website needs updating and completely reorganized. He needs a new url. He needs to write a book. He needs for real leaders out there to start following him and acting on what he is unveiling through his historical analysis.

      BTW, I am never updated about comments and don’t understand why not. Honestly, I dislike this blog and comments. I prefer and I think most people prefer comments to be posted in real time. I understand wanting to moderate unlawful comments but I think the better approach is to moderate users who violate the rules, i.e., ban them. Otherwise, comments should be allowed by all without moderation. But I’m going to stick with my persistent call for men to use their real names. It has to do not only with courage but with honor with Victorian character. Of course don’t use your real name if it will get you fired. And this brings up another matter I’ve been meaning to encourage all of you to embrace, i.e., good competent legal representation. If you plan to persist in this realm you should know who you can call upon to represent you after you abandon your anonymity and are fired. IOW, consult with an attorney about your First Amendment rights and be prepared to take legal action against the company that fired you.

      Question: What does case law say about your First Amendment rights vis-a-vis an employer’s right to fire you for strictly legal political speech?

  2. I have to say that I miss the hatred of Catholics. With both the Papacy and American Protestant churches turning their back on the majority of their members, it is more important than ever we share our similarities instead of our differences.
    I like other pro white sites, but their hatred of Christianity is a real problem for me. They do not just question, the viciously attack and mock us. We need to do better.

    • I’m Christian, but I understand the desire of anti-Christians to promote a religion that appeals to our European tribal history. The problem is, our civilization was developed and became world-dominating under Christianity. A belief in a higher power is not something just picked up and dropped based on a fashion of the moment, either. It is something that touches and defines someone at their core.

      If the argument is that Christianity is failing us, I agree that the mainstream faith is JudeoChristianity, a zionist perversion. The mere association with judaism is enough to make the cross a poisonous symbol for some. But faith goes beyond what appears before our eyes. It cannot be quantified into what could provide a marketing benefit for our side. You can’t sever my ties with God, certainly not with a cheap imitation based on a part of creation. That is what paganism seems to be. Worshipping a mere representation of earthly creation, as opposed to celebrating universal creation, will not do.

      • @Boomer…

        Very well said, Sir!

        Unfortunately, Christianity/Inc.America has been successfully subverted.

        That said, it does not change the circumstance that Paganism, for all it’s intriguing aspects, will never be a stand-in for The Holy Ghost.

        Only one place to get The Holy Ghost – from The Holy Ghost, itself.

        As to Zionism – even before that hijackt Christ to it’s worldly purposes, there still were plenty of people who could not see their way to Christ, and preferred to wallow in the subtle mires of their private evils.

      • @Boomer I have no problem with those who do the Odin thing either. It seems forced but they are still my brothers and I support them. My problem lies with the ones who go out of their way to attack Christianity and call it “Cucktianity”. That just scratches the surface. I will be listening or reading a decent podcast or article when it goes off the rails and attacks my faith with more hatred than i ever heard any racial argument. I need to turn it off or close the site.

        This type of infighting is intentional and the work of bad actors seeding hard feelings and mistrust

      • Celebrating “universal” creation is the problem, not a solution. That’s the wide-open door that’s been used to make White Christians worry more about “mankind” and less about White-kind for far too long.

        Paganism (full disclosure – my team) is in no better shape for similar reasons. Truly ancestral/tribal and natural/patriarchal paganism is a small minority among the Wiccan pussy-hatters, rainbow-poz-otherkin and kumbaya one-worlders in the non-Christian faiths as well.

        If all Whites of all existing and developing faiths don’t focus first on staying together and preserving the earthly future of our race over worrying about the hereafter, we’re all going to be having this debate in the afterlife and orcs will be feasting on our kids’ bones in our own homes.

        • I appreciate your thoughtful comments, Exile. I’ve written elsewhere here that dissident Whites need to focus on general principles like the 14 words. Worry about anything else after we’ve saved ourselves and our posterity. After we’ve come together in the name of self-preservation, though, I would hope that divisions over minor matters like ethnicity would disappear.

          Reading about the multiculturalists ruining Paganism got a rueful nod of understanding out of me. I can relate to the frustrations of dealing with the self-consciously virtuous. They’re destructive egotists that ruin every institution they get their grimy claws into.

        • “”…If all Whites of all existing and developing faiths…”””

          If all whites with whatever could only understand that we have genetic mad liberal whites who are root cause of all problems, then we would not have orcs or other problems.

          Genetic mad liberal whites opened the door first to Jews and after that to all others.

          Soviet Union was white. Europe was also white. And despite this we got medieval witch hunt, French Revolution, Russian Revolution and and a lot of other madness.

          To save white race, it is very important to leave those others alone and concentrate attention to the pre others events and also how those others got in in the first place.

          Long time ago, Jew was very well know badass who`s entry in the every country was restricted by law.. Genetic liberal whites were the people, who infiltrated and took down every last society defending mechanism we had.

          • I agree. The real enemy is bad white people, e.g., lobbyists, the GOP and conservatives best personified by DJT. And yet, I know not one single person where I live in Mississippi who could remotely begin to appreciate ANY of this.

            IOW, if you want to know why we are losing and will probably be annihilated, go look in the mirror.

            “There has been no Party decree on religion. And there will not be one.” Adolf Hitler to Martin Bormann, circa 1941.


            I challenge you to analyze who Adolf Hitler was and to write a historical review of Nazis, The Third Reich, the holocaust, etc. while you still can, i.e., before the First Amendment is abolished.

            Question: If Adolf Hitler was running for president today in America, how many Americans would vote for him?

            Would you vote for him?

            Full disclosure I would vote for Adolf Hitler.

            BTW, radical efforts to hurt and injure me unlawfully will result in a strictly legal radical response of self defense.

    • Remember Britain was Catholic for the better part of 1200 years- Anglo-Celtic identity is objectively rooted in Catholicism, especially when you think of “Merry Olde England”. In fact it was only a few decades after Henry VIII’s “reformation” that England began to support Muslims against other Christians, which was unheard of in the Middle Ages. They also let the Jews back in (who would eventually run the banks of England).

      Catholics also saved Europe from Islam, resisted the Freemasons, and kicked out the Jews. Even in the 1930’s the Church was acknowledging that different races have a right to preserve their heritage (if done out of love and not hate).

      But when WW2 was won by the alliance of degenerate capitalists and satanic communists, there was no one left to defend the old order, and almost every church became liberal and corrupt. The division now is between conservative Christians and liberal “Christians”, rather than any denominational differences. I feel like my Catholic beliefs are much more akin to traditional Lutherans than any left “Cath”.

    • REFRAIN STOP THE PRESSES. My intent was to say “I DO NOT miss the hatred of Catholics” which makes sense as I am a practicing Catholic whose loyalty to the Church as an institution is low but as for the Faith, as high as possible. I could not imagine ever bearing ill will towards any true Christians. I have much respect for Hispanics and black people that honestly try and live by the virtues of Jesus and the overall idea of the Wests morality system. I just believe we are all very different and should mingle and associate as people see fit, not forced.

  3. I see the Second Klan Period as the Urban Northern Way of expressing what The South had expressed in years immediately following Appomattox

    The times and circumstances were not the same, and, consequently, the method and means had changed, but, the sentiment not.

    In the end, however, The White Gentile Races conglomerated here have been unable to hold onto power because the sole driving force of The United States of America is corporate.

    A dollar bill, and not anything else, is always the trump card in what I refer to as The Jew England Yankee United States’ of America.

    Of course, this is evil – evil incarnate in the most profound of ways, which is why it is hard to watch otherwise well-made documentaries such as, ‘The Civil War’, by Ken Burns – because they never ever broach this matter.

    Yep, I am voting for Trump, this in hopes that it will lead to a reorganization of this country, before they find a more readily marketable way to make a dollar from the sale of God.

    They already created an economy around vivisecting teens for their gender – vivisecting God is the only thing that’s left to monetize, although, certainly it has been successfully zionized – so maybe there is not much left to do.

  4. I wonder what kind of local organizations might pop up to satisfy the need of the commoner to protect themselves from the elites. Churches have been turned into Zionist organizations focused on Israel and “anti-racism.” Fraternal organizations like the Eagles are essentially drinking clubs shrinking in membership. The options for the common man look outward from the local community, and have been turned into ways to make localities less insular. Cosmopolitanism is the ideology that currently seems to be in charge, in other words. I suspect it will be a repeat of the old “building up from the bottom, one person at a time” local movement that goes from town to town. Unless an incident happens that helps such a movement to explode in membership and influence.

    Of course, TPTB will be looking to both co-opt and destroy any peasant group threatening their hegemony. That means national leadership and cults of personality will have to be completely avoided. When the weaknesses of individuals identified with a burgeoning movement can be exploited by its enemies, that movement can be quickly neutralized and sent into history’s dustbin. Decentralization and local control will be essential aspects of a strong anti-elite movement.

    • Jews and their shabbos goy deracinated and cosmopolitan have humiliated and bankrupted the Boy Scouts of America. BSA was an organization in my time and beforehand that stood for decency, Christian fellowship, patriotic citizenship, and other virtues that developed and molded future leaders of the nation.

      Ashkenazi jews didn’t want a noble leader of Gentiles emerging from an organization that’s rostrum could proudly say included every White man that walked upon the moon.

      It should be noted that deep state shabbos goy (and Protestant) Robert M. Gates insisted that homosexuals be permitted to be troop leaders in the Boy Scouts of America. After Gates and the alliance of judeo-Protestant corporate entities got through with the BSA it was persona non-grata, humiliated and bankrupt. Now these same pernicious force are picking at the bones of this once magnificent force of good for its last red cent.

      • I remember the news reports I heard about the last boy scout jamboree. The use of condoms was encouraged at this all-male event. Most of the young scouts weren’t gay, of course, so the advice was for the convenience of the adults supervising the kids. So, it might as well have been a NAMBLA-sponsored orgy, one where the parents willingly handed their sons over to be abused.

        • It was United Way that got the BSA hooked on cash from United Way, and then threatened to withhold cash donations to the Scouts unless they broke with tradition and brought in homosexual “leaders” into the organization. Once the BSA caved in to United Way, it only took a few years for the reports of sexual abuse of Scouts to start destroying the organization and leading to lawsuits.

          • Jade Helm,

            The United Way was providing financial aid to the BSA long before the anti-white interests began suing the BSA in court to allow openly homosexual scouts and troop leaders. Once the cultural marxists smelled blood in the water, former CIA director Robert M. Gates and corporate America turned on the BSA in unison.

  5. “Jewish and Italian gangsters in cities like Chicago are romanticized, but the Second Klan is demonized even though the former were far more violent and corrupt. ”

    Just as I posted last week. The original “Superman” radio show included an entire series all about demonizing the Second Klan, the plot revolving around a Klan father forcing his son to lie about an immigrant schoolmate. (A Jewish show trying to sow division between a father and son, is anyone surprised?)

    “the Klan included very few members of fundamentalist sects.”

    Yet … the media has always made them out to be snake-handlers or something.

    “the Klan fought to overcome the power of business and professional elites”

    Yet … the standard “progressive” talking point of 2020, based on a complete ignorance of Mussolini and Trotsky, is that “the rich use race to divide us.” In reality, the Second Klan aspired to protect the middle class from big business and their cheap labor.

    The TV show “Boardwalk Empire” – which romanticizes Jewish, Black, and immigrant organized crime mafias, includes a subplot demonizing the Second Klan, and falsely portraying them to be all about “The Negro.”

    • @BannedHipster,

      I am in no way defending organized crime by any race or ethnicity, but at keeping, the Italian mafia cleared the streets went out of their way to protect innocent men, women, and children from the violence associated with gangland rivalries.

      In comparison, the jewish-Anglo empires roasted alive innocent elderly me, women (many pregnant), and children during the fire bombing of the ‘free city ‘ of Dresden Germany during February 13-16 1945. The death estimates from that most heinous war crime go as high as 100,000.

      • @November

        “the Italian mafia cleared the streets went out of their way to protect innocent men, women, and children”

        “roasted alive innocent”

        I see you hold strongly to the Jewish anti-American, pro-“immigrant” narrative, so much that you literally have to spread fairy tales about immigrant trans-oceanic organized crime and pretend it’s somehow telling that there were more deaths caused by the Allies in the largest war in human history than the street crime of immigrant organized crime gangs.

        Thank god I’m not an “Alt Right” “dissident right” type, because then I would have to pretend to take such an argument seriously.

        • Bannedhipster,

          No brother. It is you and your “real American” founding stock that has been in league with the jews ever since the revolution against King George III. Perhaps, you should brush up on the jewish treachery of playing both sides against the other as the winds of war shifted.

          To say that that the total body count of the Irish, Italian, a Ashkenazi organized crime families exceeds the death toll of your anglo bombardiers over Dresden burning people alive, while at the same time your jewish masters were literally celebrating their Purim holiday is an a blasphemy of historical truth.

          I’m sure you’re familiar with the (((western allies))) death camps that killed over 1 million German soldiers that surrendered, and the hundreds of thousands of German women and young girls raped by you kin.

          Don’t even try to claim some more superiority when you and your kinfolk are almost responsible for the current dystopia in the western world.

          With Anglos and Jews, the rest of us lose.

        • Bannedhipster,

          Your anglo “founding stock” were transoceanic organized criminals for international jewry in both world wars of the twentieth century. You just called it the US military instead of La Costra Nostra.

  6. Yes the 2nd Era Klan was such a great organization. The Ku Klu Klan became the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and very much was an American Nationalist organization. Sure we was 100% for White Christians. However we also believe strongly in being Patriotic. I’d say that very few Klan violence was found in the history of that era of the Klan. I have a picture of William Joseph Simmons on the wall and he’s kind of a role model for me. He was such a positive figure in the Klan and the Klan was very much for good White Christian People. The Klan was something of a Patriotic Church. We still carrying on everything he and others did for the KKKK now here in 2020. Most of our books was from that time period. We could say that was one of the greatest times in America…speaking of the early 1900s. Oh but the establishment of the World had other plans and 2 World Wars happened which killed a whole bunch of good White People. I say no brother wars and we should all respect each other and work together. We might not all agree on everything (beliefs / organization membership) but we all love God and our people and that’s what’s important. Deo Vindice !

  7. “the city’s district attorney reported a dramatic drop in bootlegging, prostitution, and gambling.””

    So … they shut down the Mafia, in other words.

    E. Michael Jones points out how the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith gave a lifetime achievement awards to Jewish organized crime figure Moe Dalitz – because he had laundered so much money through the ADL.

    Ann Coulter wrote that Barry Kirschner, the Florida district attorney who spent years trying to squash the case against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, was given a lifetime achievement award by the ADL as soon as the scandal hit the news.

    We see the ADL is an important central organization, directly connecting the Jewish mafia with police forces, politicians, and Hollywood, where films showed the Klan fighting against the Jewish mafia criminals as villains and the Jewish murderers, extorters, sex traffickers, and drug dealers as romantic heros.

    It’s actually pretty obvious once you see it, isn’t it?

    Google, Facebook and Wikipedia all do whatever the ADL tells them to. The FBI pays the ADL for “training” about “white supremacists.”

  8. Randolph Bourne and his ilk holds zero sway over contemporary America. Now, It is all Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault, all the way down, and Helen Cixous, Judith Butler, Judith Halberstram, Emmanuel Levinas, and other “French” Jews. It will be this way until Africans totally take over. The period you are studying passed long ago. It did not setup the post-war period; the cataclysmic violence of WW2 did. America was degenerate and stupid long before Randolph Bourne. He is more “American” than you are, Brad. The reactionary interpretation of America as a solid white supremacist republic is utterly false from the get go. Alexander Stephens knew this. From the beginning it was designed to obliterate racial belonging, and all belonging. America is the pinnacle of liberalism, from the beginning!

    Derrida and Foucault, and the others to a lesser extent, indeed CHERRY-PICKED certain minuscule pieces from Nietzsche’s writings, while ignoring the rest, and they admitted this, for their own fraudulent Jewish purposes. You think you can kill two birds with one stone; that you can dismiss both the left and the right; the Jews and the ultimate anti-Christian (Aryan) Nietzsche by the old guilt of association fallacy, so as to stake out some bourgeois middle ground. You think that Nietzsche somehow split the wider appeal of the alt-right, and if we just KKK’d our way from the beginning, all the way, we would be fine. I’m sorry to say, but you’re wrong. You can shill a superficial Christianism all you want, but it will go nowhere, because there is no future for Christiantiy. It served its purpose – Liberalism.

    • Another “anonymous” says “there is no future for Christiantiy. It served its purpose – Liberalism.”

      This “anonymous” Christian ethno-national agrarian socialist/communist emphatically does NOT agree with that.

      Re: “The reactionary interpretation of America as a solid white supremacist republic is utterly false from the get go. Alexander Stephens knew this. From the beginning it was designed to obliterate racial belonging, and all belonging. America is the pinnacle of liberalism, from the beginning!”

      I wouldn’t put it that way. The U.S. was always capitalist, and it is the historic pinnacle of laissez-faire liberal capitalism. I agree it was never “solid” White, which was impossible with the early inclusion of masses of Africans and Latins and other Catholics in Maryland, Santa Elena (Florida) colony, Louisiana Purchase, etc.


    A rich old white ‘man’ versus a ‘woman.’ The perfect analogy of the choices left to those who continue to vote.

    Those with true honor and character would never vote given the non-choices today. They would do something else.

    BTW, I started watching Vikings on the History Channel and I was enjoying it initially and then comes a ton of feminism and homosexual promotion. Pathetic.

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