The Center Right Is Worthless

Why should anyone support conservative liberalism?

As I said in the previous article, it only wields power to advance its anti-state, small government, pro-business, libertarian, free market ideology. Basically, if you vote for these people, what you are going to get is cultural libertarianism. They’re not interested in representing you or doing anything for you. In their view, their job is to “get the government off of your back” and foster laissez-faire in culture.


In spite of the mainstream Right, which upholds consensus antiracism in our culture, I have developed a positive sense of White racial identity. This is 100% due to my own upbringing, culture, intelligence and education. Mainstream conservatism venerates Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement and uses public profession of faith in “antiracism” as a litmus test of moral decency.

In our culture, the worst thing you can be is a “racist” and “white supremacist,” which the Left has defined as being synonymous with whiteness. The mainstream Right agrees and has defined White America as morally illegitimate and beyond the pale. In the mainstream Right, it is now legitimate to be a homosexual or a transsexual, but being a White male is something you have to do in the underground.

In the 2020 election, Trump is running on his Platinum Plan for Black America. White voters are an invisible majority whose values, interests and needs are not catered to by the Republican Party. The Republican Party is cucked and offers nothing of value on race. It puts up no resistance to the Left.

In the final debate tonight, Donald Trump will be asked why he hasn’t disavowed white supremacy. Again, it is a joke. He condemned the Proud Boys. The Republicans are helpless on race.


Of what value is the mainstream Right on sex?

What is the GOP going to do about young women who are out of control and older women who have become cat ladies and gone crazy? To ask the question is to answer it.

The party has fully embraced feminism and sexual liberation. It talks about “family values,” but the family has crumbled under conservative liberalism. Insofar as I have an intact marriage and family, it has nothing do with the GOP and is 100% due to my own efforts and values. Millions of children have been aborted since the 1970s and the conservative Supreme Court has balked at overturning Roe.

What is the Republican Party going to do on this issue? What is it going to do for me as a male voter in the next four years? Is it going to restore traditional gender roles? The Trump administration is waging a global crusade to advance feminism and homosexuality around the world.


The Supreme Court with Neil Gorsuch on the bench read transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act of 1964 this summer. Conservative liberalism couldn’t conserve the definition of marriage under Obama. It couldn’t conserve two genders under Donald Trump. It surrendered on the issue. Insofar as we are up against the forces of sexual anarchy and gender fluidity in popular culture, we are on our own.


The GOP’s biggest accomplishment in this department is dumping the Mississippi State Flag and presiding over the destruction of hundreds of our monuments. Even in states that had heritage protection laws, those laws turned out to be worthless and no deterrent to mobs.

Once again, I am a proud Southerner with a deep love of the culture and heritage of my people, but that isn’t because of conservative liberalism. If anything is true, it is in spite of the Republican Party and hacks like Dinesh D’Souza who demonize our ancestors as “Dems R Real Racists.”


Obviously, the GOP under Trump isn’t of any value to us in this area. Sheldon Adelson hit the jackpot when Trump got elected in 2016. He has been “the most pro-Israel president in history.”


When I was growing up, I associated Christianity with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Joel Olsteen and Christian Zionists like John Hagee. I got into Nietzsche and became an atheist. I only came around and became a Lutheran due to my interest in European history which caused me to disassociate the American Christianity that I was familiar with from the Christian tradition.


We lost it for supporting Trump in the 2016 election. Trump and the GOP used their political capital to reward Big Tech with a massive corporate tax break which sent their stock soaring and who returned the favor by censoring the Right on their platforms all across the internet. As always, the GOP chose its free market ideology and catering to big business over the needs, values and interests of its voters.


Several generations ago, the GOP surrendered the public school system to blacks and progressive pedagogues, which is why I have to scrape up money from you to pay for my own son’s private school tuition. Now, the GOP is running on school choice so that the black kids in the “failing schools” can transfer to the private schools we pay for in addition to the public schools. The interests of White parents and children don’t figure into the policies the GOP supports because they are so cucked on race.

As for the state of the education system, the riots we have seen over the past six months are a reflection of the GOP’s preferred policy of cultural laissez-faire and doing nothing to address any long term problem like political correctness spreading through the universities and K-12 education.

Student loan debt? You got to pay them. The GOP isn’t going to help you there.


The indictments are coming!

The Durham report is coming! Tik, tok!

Yeah, Donald Trump was elected in 2016 to restore “law and order,” but he spent his first term boasting about all the black felons he let out of prison with criminal justice reform and allowing Antifa and BLM to do whatever they wanted and burn down the country. He got A$AP Rocky out of prison in Sweden. The FBI and DOJ locked up White Nationalists while Trump gave clemency to black felons.


In 2020, morality in the United States is the -isms and -phobias.

Conservative liberals judge you by the “content of your character.” They don’t care if you are an honest person, a courageous person, a decent person, etc. Instead, the only thing they care about is whether you are a racist, sexist, nativist, xenophobe, homophobe, etc. The Left defines morality for them and they accept it at face value. Tucker Carlson fired Blake Neff for shitposting on a forum. As for Steve King, he was purged from the Republican Party for wondering why Western civilization had become taboo.

If you are a decent, kind and moral citizen, it is not because of these people. You owe it to yourself. According to these people, you are a racist monster for identifying with Western civilization. You have “no place” in the Republican Party. You have “no place” in America. You’re awful!

What is Donald Trump and the GOP going to do about the culture over the next four years?

What are they going to do about anything to take the load off of your shoulders? Continue to promote homosexuality? They’re not going to do anything for you. You will have to do it yourself. If you are going to have to do it all yourself anyway, why do you need them around?

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  1. The Centre-Left ain’t worth much, neither.

    Of course, it’s only logical that, when things are badly in need of an overhaul, anything ‘centre’ would be bad, because that is the symbol of adherence to the status quo.

    When things are going well, centrism makes sense.

    To this end I am reminded of one Irish Nationalist who, giving a lecture in Latvia to Nationalists a few years back, said that the 21st century would be about Nationalists and Socialists battling over the heads of those in ‘the centre.’

  2. The irony is the white Southerners are the most fanatical supporters of conservative liberalism. CL seems to have become a kind of proxy ethnic identity for white Southerners today.

    • @ATBOTL…

      After nearly 200 years of warfare, Sir, The New England Yankee Race has completely subjugated us, The South.

      Fortunately, as generous as y’all are, have only insisted that,. for the Second Reconstruction, we do one thing to be y’alls’ subjects – share in the lobotomy y’all had done by International Jewry.

  3. Equally important to the political betrayals by USA Republican pols –

    Was the massive betrayal in the USA cultural wars by the Christian religious groups and leaders that you mention, such as Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority and its big success back in Reagan’s time.

    It is forgotten now but even Democrat Al Gore’s wife Tipper was in on the moralistic Christian action.

    They had tens of millions of people behind them … and they let it all fizzle away, with vague promises that the Republicans they were helping to elect, might do something bigger for them someday

    And they never resolved the issue of on the one hand preaching that ‘abortion is murder on a genocide level’ and on the other hand dealing with their listeners who went out and started killing people involved with abortion clinics, which churches had said equalled WW2 death camps

    It seems that what happened to USA ‘Bible Christianity’, is they successfully distracted their own followers with all that ‘end times and rapture’ material, Jesus was coming back soon so the politics didn’t all matter so much, even a goofy Hollywood movie with Nicholas Cage about the rapture, all the true Christians and little kids taken instantly to heaven

    And as a ‘bonus’, there were Christian preacher claims that helping Israel and doing wars in the middle east ‘would make Jesus come back quicker’

    The USA Protestant Christian leaders, for all their ‘Bible fundamentalism’, by and large did not hold the line on any issue, and became in practice just as LGBT-accommodating and George-Soros-leaning in general as Pope Frankie

    • Just check out how many “Bible fundamentalist” evangelical churches have been groveling to Black Lies matter. A clear enemy who wants them dead, and they’re genuflecting!

      I thought the shepherd’s job was to actually FIGHT the wolves.

    • Brabatian- It’s rather simple, actually. RJ Rushdoony was in the forefront of homeschooling, anti-abortion, and acknowledging the satanic nature of all Federal government, back in the 1960’s. He espoused the theological position known as Reformed/Calvinist Postmillenialism, which was the ONLY theology that could (and did) take on the Dispensationalism of Falwell, Swaggart, Robertson, et al.

      The Moral Majority were bought, early on, and sold their souls for their GODLESS ABERRANT ISRAEL IDOLATRY, and they took and GUTTED Rushdoony’s vision of a theocratic republic, and pissed it away.

      Gary North noted the crux point with an article on David Chilton, here.
      De Mar also has an article on what Chilton did, in defense of biblical worldview.

      But it was Falwell, who got a jet from the ZioNAZIS, who started us on the road to Perdition.

      Every last G-D Scofield Heretic, and Dallas Theological Seminary Grad, should be tried for treason, to both the Church and the State, for what they allowed the Jews to do, to gain hegemony.

  4. The Democrats, Black Lives Matter, and White Liberals have made it known than anything American or Confederate will be Vandalized and Removed in 2020. It’s pretty simple why….those Violent Terrorists know the Republican Party cares nothing about Monuments or anything like that. It’s pretty much like the Race Riots / Violent Terrorists are doing the dirty work of both the Democrats and the Republicans. They know that 100%. The Republicans have been playing this game with Southern / White Voters about our Heritage, Culture, and History. Not saying anything necessarily negative about it but being all secretive and removing such things on a regular basis. I’d say the establishment Big Business Republicans are very happy about the Race Riots and Violence because now the whole secret removal of our symbols is no longer necessary because the wave has gone in the right direction for the destruction of all White Southern Society. So what does the right wing do…..Vote Trump yet again. Nothing will change with these complete idiot Voters. I have no respect for them. These people talk a bunch of smack but Cuck and Vote Republican every single time. We’ll never solve this problem until people stop playing the 2 party game. People can at least look at Third Party candidates this Year. Just look. However we have a real problem that 2 of those parties think this is still the late 1700s / early 1800s. One with God and the other without. We’ll never defeat our enemies thinking like that. Muh Constitution flopped. We see the largest growing political ideology being Nationalism….be it Civic Nationalism or White Nationalism. Of course Blacks on the left wing have skipped over Black Nationalism and freely embraced Black Supremacy and Violent Marxist Terrorism. We must defend ourselves and step one is embrace our White Identity. Just doing that sends a message that the “Racist” word don’t hurt anymore and at this point being White is really a political ideology. Our people should think more about that and embrace Nationalism. We Must Retake Everything! Deo Vindice !

  5. I don’t believe Trump has a hope of winning at all. Trump and the Republicans did nothing as all of his supporters were wiped off social media. Now thanks to the Republicans, the media is once again controlled by the left wing. I think this half trillion dollars for blacks, letting black criminals out of jail, is just something he is doing with the hope the Democrats won’t come after him after he loses power in two weeks.

    And is it just me, or does the vibe of this election feel completely different to 2016? In 2016 the atmosphere was electric, the entire country was involved. Now it seems like no one at the grass roots level is taking part. Perhaps they figured out there isn’t any point.

    • It’s 2012 all over again. Milquetoast, arrogant Republifags get thrashed. GOP needs to die and a new nationalist party emerge.

      • @Bongstreet Yeah except don’t call it nationalist Ffs… Enoch and striker should take a giant L for calling it NJP exnay on the word association say. Just call it democratic justice party whats in a name?! China and NK do it Its not even optics btw its just practical common sense

        • If you’re afraid to even call yourself a nationalist you’ve already lost.

          If we keep running away from what we are and what we want, and pretend to be something else, maybe next time we will lose a bit more slowly?

          Optics Cuck harder, Thom.

    • I wouldn’t write off Trump yet. Amy (virtue signaling) Barrett and “The Democrats are the real ‘racists'” may work for him yet. No one is dumber or more pathetic than a self hating White “conservative”.

    • Once again? The Left(jews) have controlled the media for all of the time that most of the people on this site have been alive.

  6. The Steve King was the absolute lowest point of the post-9/11 Republican party.

    King was literally just some conservative guy from Iowa who said “it’s ok to be white” and the entire Republican party lined up to throw him off the cliff.

    Even his sucking up to Israel didn’t help – so let that be a warning to other Republicans who think “muh ISrael” is going to save them.

    • King even did a bizarre sideshow thing with diamond and silke I forget what it was called… it didn’t matter tho he was still kicked out by the RINO Gop Inc.

      Steve King was the canary in the coalmine he was the last piece of proof that any form of white advocacy even amnat flag waving advocacy was no longer acceptable in the republicuck party of corrupt shithead losers

    • It was worse than that, they collaborated in a defamation campaign by the New York Times that was based on deliberate misrepresentation of an interview. Venomous Jews ordered the Republican Party to use the blatantly false and defamatory reporting of the New York Times as the pretext for kicking him out of his committees and denouncing him. The Republican Party and Trump will never do anything to stop internet censorship ordered by the ADL.

  7. We should replace hello as our phone greeting. Instead we must answer the phone with: Do you denounce White Supremacy?” Before workers can get their pay check they also must denounce white supremacy. Also they cannot clock in at work without denouncing white supremacy. In the middle of the morning and in middle of the afternoon there must be a gathering of all workers or employees in whatever business to shout and scream about how much they hate white racism and white supremacy as pictures of David Duke are shown at which they will thrown heavy objects. We denounce White Supremacy must replace in God We Trust on all coins and currency.

  8. That picture you’ve got under “SEX” is guaranteed to kill all desire to have any. Seeing it makes me think a theocracy might not be a bad idea, after all.

  9. This is the stuff of a Mission Statement.

    IMO, your analytical and writing skills are without peer.

    BTW, when I check the box that says, “Notify me of new posts via email,” I’m never notified. What must I do to be notified.

  10. Me. Wallace: am a bit mystified that you can find refuge in a Lutheran Church from all the ills of modernism.
    All Lutheran bodies are untainted with Christian Zionism is about the only real plus, but even the nominal traditionalists like the Missouri Synod(LCMS) are going out of their way to shed their European heritage via recruitment of Negroes and other non-White ppl. They are multiculturalists like all the rest of them.

  11. “When I was growing up, I associated Christianity with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Joel Olsteen and Christian Zionists like John Hagee”

    Robertson was onto something with the release of his 1991 tome ‘The New World Order’ which aptly describes the Globalist movement Trump and Bannon are struggling against!  It’s a conspiracy!

    ( )

    “What are they going to do about anything to take the load off of your shoulders?”

    President Trump ordered a ban on critical race theory indoctrinations at Federal Government grantees.

    So thankful to the God Emperor for stopping the diversity crowd from telling me how allegedly awful I am at my job in Higher Ed.  In fact one of the Big Jews sent out a campus wide email about how they are going to comply with Trumps order.  Whew!

  12. On the mark, HW. Well done. Center right politicians prefer to be in the opposition because it allows them to amplify the libertarian policies of left liberalism that they champion to donors and to hinder the economic policies of socialists and non-liberal leftists. The center right uses fear mongering tactics to scare social conservatives who prefer economically redistributionist policies into voting for their socially and fiscally liberal or libertarian donor policy agenda. Center right politicians like John McCain and Jeff Flake have more power when a centrist democrat is in office because they can work across the aisle on the domestic libertarian and foreign militaristic bipartisan agenda.

    Also, do you give email receipts to those who donate anon via mail?

  13. They don’t even want the government off your back, either, unless you’re a CEO or a billionaire. If you’re some low wage worker who lies on his taxes, they want you strung up by your ankles and beaten with a rubber hose. If you’re a “white supremacist,” they want the FBI to frame you for terrorism and put you away for life in solitary confinement in a maximum security prison. If you try to separate from globo-homo, then they want you to be shot or burned alive by feds. The GOP exists to be militant shills for plutocrats and use the force of the police state to maintain a populace of cheap, compliant slaves

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