We Reversed The Realignment

Jonathon van Maren is living in a fantasy world.

The 2016 election was a realignment election … because of us. The 2020 election, however, reversed that realignment … once again, because of us. The math of based blacks in MAGA hats fizzled. Donald Trump plummeted from winning 306 electoral votes to 217 electoral votes.

Bro, what planet are you living on? Did we watch the same election? Donald Trump lost the Rust Belt. He decisively lost the Purple States in the North. He turned in the same result in Nevada. He lost Arizona and Georgia because of White voters. He underperformed John Cornyn in Texas with his based Hispanics. It looks to me like he lost his margin with the White vote in over 41 states.


“In July of 2019, conservatives gathered in Washington, D.C. for the National Conservatism Conference, the coming out party for the new Edmund Burke Foundation and a three-day discussion about the future of conservatism in the Age of Trump. Everyone from J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy, to James L. Buckley, the former senator and brother of the late William F. Buckley, was in attendance. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri closed the conference with a rousing call to action. Everyone agreed on one fundamental thing: The old GOP coalition of Big Business and social conservatives was dead. It was time to forge a new one.

The pivotal question was whether Trump’s 2016 victory was a fluke or a realignment. Trump, after all, is Trump. Did he expose potential new coalitions and growing fault lines in the Democratic base, or did his unique brand of celebrity and barnstorming rallies make him a one-off candidate? With the 2020 election results coming in, we have our answer. There was no blue wave. Trump lost by a handful of votes in a handful of states; the GOP unexpectedly won congressional races; if Republicans win the two run-off races in Georgia, they will retain the senate. Trump, the “white supremacist” candidate, won the highest share of non-white voters of any Republican presidential candidate since Nixon in 1960—double Romney’s 2012 count and nearly triple Bush’s count in 2000. …

To Camosy, the potential is obvious. “Gone is the classic left/right binary around big and small government,” he pointed out. “Instead, there is a party—the Democrats—who seem to be becoming the party supported by elite money, elite ideology, and Big Tech. The GOP, by contrast, seems to be becoming the party of populism and the working class. I say ‘seems’ because the major complicating factor is the Black and Latino working class. While still not doing good enough, the exit polls seem to suggest Trump and more populist Republicans are doing a much better job than they have done in recent years. There is a real opportunity to build a multi-racial working-class party here.” …

The 2016 election upended conventional wisdoms and inaugurated political chaos, with Donald Trump at the center of the maelstrom. Democrats have been desperately hoping—even assuming—that Trump was a one-off detour on the long march towards Progress (a goal that is forever just beyond the horizon.) Instead, the 2020 election results prove that the conservatives who gathered last year are not delusional—they’re on to something. Demography is not destiny. A new fusion of economic populism and social conservatism just might be.”

Behold, the party of the working class.


In the 2016 election, Trumpism 1.0 won the working class.


In the 2020 election, Trumpism 2.0 lost the working class.

It is true that there is a constituency for social conservatism and economic populism, but cucks like this guy lost the plot and the 2020 election. Donald Trump campaigned on social conservatism and economic populism in 2016, but delivered social liberalism and economic liberalism in office. In doing so, he lost the White male Independents who were worth 89 electoral votes.

How about a joke?

What do you get when Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon trade 5% of the White male vote (35% of the electorate) for 4% of the black vote (13% of the electorate)?

You get President Joe Biden!

I’ve dealt with this guy before.

A few years ago, he wrote an article denouncing the Alt-Right.

“I hope this reveals, yet again, why conservatives can find no common ground with the alt-right. I hope this explains why I find it so reprehensible and disgusting that commentators like Gavin McInnes are willing to give Richard Spencer a platform—and multiple times, too. Conservatism is going through a time of upheaval, and we have to be extraordinarily vigilant. The alt-right is attempting to infiltrate the mainstream, using people like McInnes, and Milo, and others. If they manage to do it, conservatism is going to need chemotherapy.”

Chemotherapy it is then.

A “moral victory” in defeat and returning to the wilderness.

In the 2020 election, Trump did better with every demographic with one notable exception. He turned out more Conservatives than he did in the 2016 election. He did better with Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Hispanics, Asians, LGBTs, blacks, women and the upper middle class. He should have won then, right?

White men is why Trump won the 2016 election and lost the 2020 election. He lost Independents and Moderates. He lost his margin with White men in the Center of the electorate, not on the Right. He lost the ethnocentric Far Right vote which is to the Left of the Conservative vote.

The first order of business for Yoram Hazony’s National Conservatism conference was to tell anyone in attendence who was actually a nationalist rather than a LARPing conservative to get out.


“The conference organizers kept repeating how unwelcome white nationalists were at the event, as well as in the movement they’re trying to launch. In a speech on the opening night, Brog told anyone in the room who might have racist sympathies to leave, telling them, “There is the door.” Hazony made similar points in his remarks, and encouraged attendees to take the threat of white nationalism seriously and not just dismiss it as a “tiny periphery.”

“There is the door.”

The door through which Trump entered the White House is the same one through which he now makes his exit as a one term president. We’re the social conservatives and economic populists in the middle of the electorate that the Right needs to win the White House. Without us, Donald Trump can win 94% of Conservatives and still lose the election. There aren’t enough based blacks and based Latinos to win Northern White working class states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

Note: White male Independent voters who were attracted to Donald Trump in 2016 are the reason why Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are on the Supreme Court. While people like Richard Spencer might not have personally cared about abortion or religious liberty, they empowered those who did care about those issues. Now they are gone and … well?


  1. I think you’re partly misinterpreting the election based on exit polls which haven’t been fully adjusted yet and make less sense this year as many people don’t vote in person. Many of the results also are effectively impossible, like the voters nationwide being 5% less white than 4 years ago yet being 5% more white in some states. I think a better interpretation can be made based on the results, especially as Maine and Nebraska, who split their EVs into congressional districts and are almost all white, provide an excellent contrast between white working class (no degree) and white upper middle class (Bachelors degree or better). Nearly all the voters are in in these states.

    Nebraska’s 1st district is 92.1% white, of which 35.1% have a bachelor’s degree or higher and who have a median household income of 66,312. In 2016 it voted Trump by a margin of 20.7% and in 2020 by a margin of 15%, a 5.7% swing away from Trump.

    Nebraska’s 2nd district is 81.6% white, of which 47.1% have a bachelor’s degree or higher and who have a median household income of 80.527. In 2016 it voted Trump by a margin of 2.2% and in 2020 it voted for Biden by a margin of 6.6%, a 8.8% swing away from Trump.

    Nebraska’s 3rd district is 94.4% white, of which 25.4% have a bachelor’s degree or higher and who have a median household income of 56,529. In 2016 it voted Trump by a margin of 54.2% and in 2020 by a margin of 53.2%, a 1% swing away from Trump.

    Maine’s 1st district is 94% white, of which 40.5% have a bachelor’s degree or higher and who have a median household income of 67,667. In 2016 it voted Clinton by a margin of 14.8% and in 2020 by a margin of 22.7%, a 7.9% swing away from Trump.

    Maine’s 2nd district is 94.2% white, of which 25.2% have a bachelor’s degree or higher and who have a median household income of 51,673. In 2016 it voted Trump by a margin of 10.2% and in 2020 by a margin of 7.9%, a 2.3% swing away from Trump.

    Clearly all districts are white enough to infer things about the white vote, and there is a major contrast between the levels of education, Nebraska’s 2nd being almost twice as educated as Nebraska’s 3rd, and Maine’s 1st being significantly more educated than Maine’s 2nd. In both cases we can see the far bigger swing against Trump in the educated district, and given the less educated district still has a large educated minority, it’s possible the uneducated portion went even further towards Trump. The Trump loss was clearly not caused by working class whites, but by middle and upper class whites. A glance at the swings in county maps elsewhere suggests you would see the same trend all over the country.

    • Trump lost the working class and performed 7 points better with voters making over $100,000 a year. Was it college educated, wealthy suburban Republicans who turned against him? If so, why is he doing so much better with them than last time? It looks to me like it was White male Independents who didn’t show up in all of these states. In Maine, there was a huge gender gap in the electorate (40% male, 55% female) and Independents leaped toward Biden.

      The unmistakable trend in the exit polls is Independent voters. It could be that some of the exit polls are off like Nevada, but could all of them be off by such a large margin? I doubt it. Look at how Trump won in Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Texas. In the two former states, he found new White working class voters to replace Indies. In Texas and Florida, he found new support with Hispanics.

    • @ tommy vercetti ” the trump loss was clearly not caused by working class whites, but by uppee and middle class whites.” Truth !!! Excellent post sir.

  2. The larger point: Trump failed. Brexit failed. Le Pen failed. AfD failed. Wilders failed. All Western attempts to stem immigration outside of Eastern Europe have failed. White identity in the west is a dead man walking. There is nothing now to stop turbo migration to the USA, and Trump himself will sign off on it in the unlikely event that he retains the Presidency. One billion Americans! White birth rates are plummeting, and won’t recover. We’re heading for a profoundly multicultural/entropic America where whites will be totally outnumbered and despised. And nothing can stop it. No one with any power is going to turn around, in the middle of this process, and say “It’s okay to be white.” NOBODY! The white race gobbled a bottle of pills a long time ago, and nothing can reverse it. That’s the black pill, and everyone is too scared to face it squarely. So what do we do in that world? When every attempt to fight back has collapsed and failed? Do the “Ghost Dance”?

    • Agreed. It’s worth noting that Tim McVeigh (Nazi Party) blew up a regional FBI office in Oklahoma over a Christian sect of pentacostalists who were mostly black in Waco.Tim McVeigh, a wierd avatar of white supremacism avenged a cult that was disproportionately black in a sect that was already disproportionately black. Instead of being seen an early BLM ally he’s recorded as a rightwing white identitarian terrorist.

      • Captain John,

        I believe you mixing up Jim Jones’ People’s Church with the Branch Davidians who ZOG slaughtered in Waco Texas.

        Timothy McVeigh wasn’t a “neo-Nazi ” nor a “White supremacist,” he was a “Sovereign Citizen ” (remember he got pulled over by a state trooper for not having a license plate) that wanted to strike back at the US government because of their wanton murders of innocent Christians during both the Waco and Ruby Ridge standoffs with (((louis freeh’s))) fbi.

    • The “Ghost Dance” isn’t what we need to do. At this stage in the game, we need set the different POC against each other, so they aren’t focused on Whites, and while they’re at each other’s throats, we consolidate pro-White communities away from the madness and become self-sufficient to thrive on our own.

      • November,

        Ha! Now I that I know your plans I must warn my people. Sorry I could not resist writing that.

        On a serious note it would not take much to put people at each other’s throats. If the USA unravels it is not going to be everyone against the WASP but a free for all. A non-official semi- political alliance with blacks is different than who we personally prefer.

    • White men killed the best of each other and destroyed their Spirit in two misguided and unnecessary World Wars. We’ve been going under ever since.

  3. Thoughts on the Dutton hypothesis that the shift in the White Working Class away from a Trump was a product of the ease of mail in ballots? You linked to the Spencer Dutton spreaker podcast and Dutton floated the idea that this enabled disconnected hitherto apathetic white men to vote according to union instructions for the avancular Joe.

    • The “unions” had nothing to do with it.

      Joe Biden doesn’t trigger white guys like Hillary Clinton did. It’s as simple as that.

      People loved Trump’s act the first time.

      But he didn’t deliver. He did NOT, in fact, “win bigly.” After five years, Trump’s gimmick was just wearing thin.

      He still won the majority of white men, and the majority of white women. But he lost just enough to Biden because Biden’s “come on, man” gimmick wasn’t particularly offensive.

      If you want to say all the white men didn’t understand – didn’t realize that Biden would open the border – well, Trump didn’t actually do anything to stop immigration.

      Covid-19 closed the border – not Trump.

      One good development – the establishment GOPs are admitting “we are a working class party now.”

      This may, hopefully, force the GOP scumbags to tone down the “muh free market” and “muh hard working immigrants” angle.

      • Hunter laid out the income brackets by vote, though, and the GOP isn’t really a working class party. I can believe it wants to ape that image, but people aren’t buying it after they gave them a shot along those lines in 2016.

    • Makes no sense. Few white men are in unions now. The ones who are are well paid and motivated. Apathetic working class white men who don’t vote have jobs at retail stores or in the gig economy.

      Some of the shift in the white vote is that white liberals who didn’t vote for Hillary voted for Biden. We keep forgetting to consider how unpopular Hillary is.

      We also have to always remember that Trump’s personality turned people against him over time. People tire of the self centered way of speaking and dealing with issues that Trump has. Trump did not mature into the job as most of his voters hoped he would.

      Trump failed. Nationalism will continue to grow.

      • Public service unions. I’m not as it happens opposed to unions. But there are lists that the union rep suggests to the guys on the crew. Not a bad thing but may have been a factor.

  4. We, us White Americans, we reversed diddly squat in this year of 2020 as Trump WON The Election with 75 to 80% of the popular vote a landslide. The overwhelming great majority of Whites voted for Trump .

    Trump won and he will serve a second term. Like him or not like him or not be sure if you like him or not, he won the election, NOT Biden and Kamala. The Democrats are trying desperately to steal the election but they’re not going to succeed.

    Doesn’t matter who likes Trump , who doesn’t like Trump, who is not sure if they like Trump or not, doesn’t matter if he’s good for Whites or not good for Whites, he won the election and LEGALLY that’s what counts.

    And Trump WON The Election because THE GREAT MAJORITY OF WHITE AMERICANS VOTED FOR HIM. Whoever doesn’t like that, that the great majority of White Americans voted for Trump and made him THE WINNER, that’s just too bad, that’s the way it is.

    So far we know the Democrats stole 4 million votes away from Trump, and still more and more vote stealing is being revealed on a daily basis. The Democratic Party’s voting fraud is IMMENSE.

    If Trump loses in court and Biden-Kamala win in court then it will be the Democrats who “reversed the realignment” not us White Americans. I like OD but you all have problems sometimes thinking clearly and analyzing things correctly.

    Trump will win in court, however, as the Democrat’s vote stealing is too massive and too obvious to stand up in a court of law.

    • @Joe
      Trump won 75%-80% of the popular vote, huh?
      George Strait has a wonderful piece of real estate out in Arizona you would be interested in.

  5. In other MAGA news 5 people that attended Blormpf’s Election Night Party contracted the It’s Just the Flu, Bro Virus.

    • @ c d,

      Do you recall at the beginning of the the Wuhan flu that one of the very first significant outbreaks in the USA was during the week of the AIPAC convention, and the following week with a crossover of guests at CPAC? If I remember correctly, a small hamlet with a large Ashkenazi population outside of NYC was a hotspot of Covid-19 to the point that POS coumo sent in the New York national guard to quarantine the area.

      It comes as no surprise that jews are still spreading coronachan in D.C. insider circles. Maybe it will remove that hideous puppet mouth mitch mcconnel and equally repulsive chuck schmer and diane feinstein.

  6. I have to ask how voting for Biden is any better for the working class? He got huge support from Wall Street and will have cabinet full of Wall Streeters? I can understand not voting for Trump, but voting for Biden as the pro worker politician is ridiculous.

    • Hardly. Biden evokes memories of the old Democrat Party, that of John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey… That was a working man’s party. That the working men are confused about the new realities doesn’t matter. They voted the way their fathers did.

      • A working man’s party that sent the (younger) working man to die needlessly in Vietnam.

        Burn in Hell, LBJ!

        That Democrat party died in 1968.

        • @Kapper,

          Fun fact: the perjoritive of calling ones penis a “Johnson ” was begun as an insult directed at LBJ.

  7. Good morning Hunter,

    It’s a clear and sunny day off the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago. It looks like 60 years of Chicago/CookCounty regular Democrat machine politics (now taken over by the worsts Blacks, LGBT with connected and filthy rich Jews) has spread to national Demorat fixing our Presidential election.

    Hunter I haven’t written a blog for OD in ~ 1 year since I went off to Africa.

    I’d like to write just one article/blog for OD giving my perspective on the Presidential election from this Chicago/Cook County Demorat monopolized place and include not surprising, but terrible current murder and mayhem that is the same as late 1980s/early 90s Black murder and mayhem that I witnessed here outside of Chicago and in New York City 1985-90.

    Can I do this Hunter?

    I no longer have access to log in to OD and post a draft myself – can you e-mail me instructions or I could just e-mail you my rough draft.

    Thanks Hunter

    I hope everyone is OK, we live in interesting times, terrible times, but it’s nothing new for me.

    J Ryan

  8. “Lady Maga,” Milo, and all the gay crap was CRINGE. No one expected, nor did anyone want, Trump to, like, attack the Log Cabin Republicans. Everyone expected Log Cabin Republicans to vote for Trump.

    But no one asked for, nor did anyone want to hold, Gay Disco parties with Drag Queens.

    What this was an expression of is the Republican Party Establishment in Washington DC and New York – which is literally 50% homosexual – trying to get in the good graces of their liberal Democrat friends and still get invited to the cool parties at Comet Pizza – which they had been uninvited from because Trump won.

    You cannot underestimate this. Half of the Republican interns in Washington DC are gay. They are all liberals. They and their Democratic counterparts all go to the same parties and all laugh it up about how they are pulling the wool over the eyes of the Fly Over Country goyims.

    But the Democrats got their fee-fees hurt when Trump won, and they started to not invite all the GOP Gay interns to the cool parties anymore. (It’s not the first time, read what happened to Donald Rumsfeld and his wife when they were thrown out of a cocktail party in 2004 for embarrassing the elites with the Abu Ghraib scandal.)

    So the Gay GOPs started really Gay-ing it up to prove to their Democrat friends that Trump is like totally not racist!

    But you know what? The Fly Over people can’t complain. It’s YOUR GAYS that you grew in Fly Over country that hitch on to the GOP so they can escape and move to DC.

    I don’t understand why the Republican party is so gay, but I’ve been hearing about it since forever – when the men in our church tried to get involved in Republican party politics, to promote Pro-Life, they were shocked at how homosexual the Republican party is.

    In DC the Republicans are WAY, WAY MORE GAY than the Democrats.

    Why that is, I don’t know.

  9. Geez what a wonderful spin “we won’? Nope, organized jewry won by getting rid of someone they hated as the avatar of Traditional America. They told us we couldn’t have this guy and enough dummies went along with it and now we will get full of “Green” madness sabotage of our economy, destruction of the suburbs with Section 8 on Sterioids, even more blatant censorship. Trump was the the only president to resist their some of their agenda since Nixon and a big middle finger to them, the election was a test of whites and we failed. Yes, I cringe at a lot of Trump’s narcisistic crap, but did you seriously think you would be appointed to his cabinet or something? That Trump would raise the stars and bars over the white house and send blackie to the back of the bus? Yes Trump did screw up by embracing Paul Ryan’s agenda during the first two years, but the guy was literally under attack by the whole bureaucracy and kind of hard to pass like Tom Brady in 2007 when your O-line and receivers is composed of the opposing team. I don’t see how turning the country over to the democrats is a step forwards. The only positive way to turn these lemons into lemonade is to legitimize democracy in the eyes of whites, let them see minorities stole our future from us, and they browning of America was done on purpose out of hate towards them, it didn’t just “happen on it’s own.”

    • In that sense niggers did steal your country. Just enough of them to destroy rational political discussion among classes of votes. Atlantic Slavery was the most corrosive force in American politics.

      • The most corrosive force is always the jews. There is no way the nigger would have gotten to this point without jewish control of the country.

  10. I just wanted to respond to a few comments in other threads suggesting the South is dead and the North is appealing because of demographics:

    As a Northerner living in the South, I would be more than glad to burst your bubble.

    With the exception of upper New England, the North is filled with Hispanics, yes less Blacks than the South but has much much more Hispanics.

    It’s also expensive as balls. It’s so expensive you can’t even afford a life. I literally used to know people that spent their entire disposable income just on rent / mortgage + property taxes.

    It costs a whopping $35 now to commute round trip to New York City if you live more than 20 miles away. If you worked in NYC and lived 30 miles away, you would be paying about $700 a month for your commute. Appealing right? It’s probably close to being like that in Boston too.

    If you are working class, forget it, you would never in your wildest dreams be afford to live in a decent neighborhood. If your income is less than 50K a year, you will be living in a shitty neighborhood with plenty of Hispanics or Blacks.

    The South is a paradise. Cheap gas. Cheap real estate. Plenty of parking. No tolls. Lots of affordable White towns to live in. Affordable cities.

    All of you nationalists talking about how great the North is and how shitty the South is don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. And that’s coming from a born and raised Jersey Boy.

    • @Gryphon…

      Wow, ouch!

      Yes, after having lived 12 years on the Upstate New York/Vermont border I can confirm what you say – The South is a far better place to live than The North.

      Not that there are not plenty of good folks in the North and not that the New York and New England Landscape is not a storied idyll, for surely they are as surely it is.

      The reality, however, is, that the Northern way of governance is insane, or, at least, so it is for anyone who is in between the lowest completely subsidized classes and the elite few who rule.

      Case in point – everywhere I go in my smalltown, people wave at me, I wave at them. To be fair, some Northern towns are like that, most are not.

      The antebellum mansion the wife and I are blesst by The Good Lord to live in, on 1 1/2 acres, we just refinanced for a monthly mortgage of a little over $700.00.

      Our annual property tax? $1,800,00!!!

      Imagine that – living a grand old house for $1,050,00 a month, taxes and insurance included!

      If we owned the same property in the same place in upstate New York we once lived, the monthly taxes, including ‘education tax’, would be approximately $1,300,00 a month – in other words, an extra infinite tax mortgage nearly twice what we have to the bank.

      That’s totally insane.

      And, if you think drugs are a problem in The Smalltown South, then you have not gone North, for in Upstate New York, large sections of entire towns are down and out for the narcotic count.

      Very depressing to see so many good folks so hopeless of outlook the only thing they can think to do is so anaesthesize themselves as to be effectively out of it, day after day.

      It may seem like a White Nationalist paradise, but, the fact that there are no minorities in smalltown New England does not mean they are a paradise – far from it.

      • I heard people in upper New England are real pricks too (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire). Some people call Vermont to be Queermont. Thinking about living in White Connecticut? Forget about it. Bridgeport is a shithole. The White towns are expensive, filled with cucks, and although Connecticut nature can be pretty it’s one of the most boring states to be in. Massachusetts has a lot more Blacks and Hispanics than you think it would have.

        Don’t get me wrong. People in the South can be assholes too. More so to me because I have a thick Jersey accent. But people up North are even bigger assholes.

        New York City is bleak, expensive, fake, filled with cucks, the minorities in NYC treat White people like as if they are foreigners. The New York art scene is also beyond dead, I was there recently and the art scene is ever more fake now than when I left a couple years ago. I literally paid like $25 to see an art exhibit at the Whitney of just fruit on pedestals. I didn’t even know that was going to be the feature exhibit. I went to the art galleries nearby hoping to see something better, nope, just neo-graffiti trash. Went to Chelsea, the art got worse than when I left.

        I’ll admit that small town food in Tennessee can often be butt nasty, but the dining in Chattanooga and other Southern cities is just as good as NYC food (sometimes better) and much cheaper.

        There are also “no go” zones up North. There are literally a dozen cities in New Jersey that will scare you if you walk the streets at night, and some them even during the day. If there are no go zones in the South, I haven’t experienced them. There are some really bad areas in Knoxville, like really bad, but I never felt like I was going to get robbed or murdered while I was there.

        • Gryphon’s Ferocity – from Jersey, spends his time in Manhattan, then moved to Tennessee. Was for Trump until Netanyahu turned against him. Hates “white trash.”

          I’m calling it now – he’s a Ben Shapiro intern.

          • @Banned…

            Could we stop ‘calling each other out’?

            Just because we disagree, Dear Banned, does not mean those with whom we disagree are ‘Bots’, ‘Fronts’, ‘Traitors’, or Controlled Ignoramuses’!

        • @Gryphon…

          To explain to you how many New Englanders are, I’ll tell you this tale.

          One night, ’bout 8 year back, my wife and I were coming out of the town library. As per usual there were folks coming the other way we did not know, and, as per usual, I greeted them.

          Past us they went, without even so much as looking at us to acknowledge that we alive. No, they did not have anything stuck in their ears, and, no, they were no playing with their cellphones, either.

          About 20 yards down the way, my wife (a very shy Alabaman who gets her feelings hurt by impoliteness) exclaimed in a very pained way, ‘Why did you do that, Ivan? You know how people are up here – we’ve been up here for ten years. Why did you do that?’

          ”Cause I am NOT going to let them change me, Darlin’, nor am I gonna ever stop doin’ what is right!’ was my reply.

          Though you certainly can find some towns in new England that are friendlier, and though there certainly are some sweet New Englanders, as a whole, they act like you could drop off the face of the earth and they would not notice.

          Case in point?

          When folks move onto our street, in North Carolina, we go over to them and welcome them to our neighbourhood within days of their arrival.

          In New England, we had about 10 neighbours. 2 were mighty friendly and we appreciated them for that. The other 8 sets of neighbours waited years before they would even look at us, much less say hello, and, believe you me, we frequently walked by them, as my wife and I like to walk.

          What it was that they were waiting on, I’ll never know. Did they want a referral from The Lord Jesus Chryst?

          I could write volumes on this stuff, but, I’ll leave it at that.

          • The rural/urban divide isn’t just political, imo, Ivan. When, years ago, I interviewed for jobs in Minnesota small towns, people would often say hello and ask how I was doing. Once the population rose above a certain point, the common decency and friendly concern tended to stop. If I didn’t have certain attachments, I would’ve left urban areas many moons ago.

            BTW, I’m surprised that you hadn’t mentioned Mount Airy in your previous review of NC towns. I’m sure you know that town was the model for Mayberry. Not that you’re required to know or have been to every hamlet, of course.

          • @Ivan Turgenev

            The Southern cities on a whole are a lot better too. Cleaner, friendlier, cheaper, less fake, less corporate, more accessible.

            Also don’t mind Banned Hipster, like all hipsters he only looks at things on the surface and has no idea of what depth means. Hipsters are also too lazy to shave or work and are fake people, they should be the last ones casting stones.

          • @Boomer…

            How right you are. Yes, I know about Mount Airy, but, Mayberry RFD is all over North Carolina, South Virginia, and, really, throughout the South!

            The towns I recommended to Father John were those towns I thought were old enough to have a historic ethos and architecture, a traditional friendly Southern spirit, a strong sense of Chryst, had a hospital somewhere nearby, and had a certain magic that is hard to describe.

            Yes, I came up in Raleigh, so, yes, I was raised a big city boy, used to a strong and diverse cultural menu, from theatres and symphonies to harpsichord recitals, chess tournaments, bridge and scrabble clubs and art museum exhibitions.

            That said, the Raleigh of The Late Jim Crow Era was, oddly, a lot like Mayberry – just 50 times that size.

            In those days people in Raleigh still waved at each other, said hello to each other, talked in the grocery aisles with each other, walked around at night and visited each other on the front porches, and, all in all, acted like extras in a Mayberry RFD episode.

            It was lost by the mid-late 1980s, however, not long after which I acknowledged that by choosing to move to a wonderful small town in Eastern North Carolina, by the name of Washington, where The Good Lord blessed me to meet my wonderful wife.

            If you are ever down our way I recommend you visit Washington and, Edenton, as well They are both particularly fetching in wintertime.

            So, what I think this says about me is that my hick blood simply overpowers every other influence in me, because, when push comes to shove, I am most at home with Country Southern folk.

            All in all, they are great people and I could not ask for more.

          • @ Ivan Turgenev

            I grew up in New Hampshire. Your assessment of New Englanders is correct. Maine is particularly provincial. By “Maine”, I mean the inland portions of the state, not Portland and the coastal towns. They don’t like any outsiders very much. If you weren’t born and raised there, you will never be accepted. New Hampshirites are tolerated. Vermonters are weird hippies. Anyone from Massachusetts and points south are regarded as essentially subhuman. My extended family are all from Maine so I didn’t have any problems there. However, I moved to Utah as soon as I graduated from high school, and have no plans to ever return to New England. It should have been a separate country from the beginning.

          • @Q-Ship…

            “I grew up in New Hampshire. Your assessment of New Englanders is correct. Maine is particularly provincial. By “Maine”, I mean the inland portions of the state, not Portland and the coastal towns. They don’t like any outsiders very much. If you weren’t born and raised there, you will never be accepted. New Hampshirites are tolerated. Vermonters are weird hippies. Anyone from Massachusetts and points south are regarded as essentially subhuman. My extended family are all from Maine so I didn’t have any problems there. However, I moved to Utah as soon as I graduated from high school, and have no plans to ever return to New England. It should have been a separate country from the beginning.”

            Thank you for your comment, Dear Q!

            Yes, absolutely : real Maine has nothing to do with Portland, which seems like an extension of the Empire of Boston.

            To be clear, I certainly appreciate that people prefer their own kind. It’s just that I have never been able to wrap my head around why that means you must, by implication, must have no interest in anyone else or cannot just be basically civil.

            As to New England being a separate country – I totally agree – it is a separate country, in and of itself, and has no business being in The United States, because it ought never be in a country with those from The Plains’ States, The Midwest, and, above all – Dixie.

            I really enjoy New England – the landscape, the weather, the culture, but, it’s no place for non-New Englanders to live.

            Moreover, many many New Englanders, who seem to pride themselves on their progressive-secularist views, are the most profoundly INTOLERANT of other views than anyone I have ever met in this country.

            One thing that absolutely blows my mind about many New Englanders is how they champion ‘diversity’, yet, don’t know anything about it, and when you bring that fact up, they cannot take it, at all.

            I’ll never forget all the time the local public libraries would have special events celebrating the legacies of runaway slaves! – as if they treated their own working class worth a toot in the 19th century!

            I cannot tell you how difficult it is for many New Englanders to hear an opinion from The South. It’s like bringing news of a death to a frat’ party.

            That said, I defend their right to be however they want to be, it’s just it’s very unfortunate for us all to be wed to each other.

          • @Ivan – Credit given where credit is due, you are the first person I’ve noticed on the blog calling for civility. Or perhaps more realistically, appealing for less blatant hostility. I salute you for that.
            Occidental Dissent is one of the very few remaining credible free speech forums, and it has incredible value as such.

          • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother…

            “@Ivan – Credit given where credit is due, you are the first person I’ve noticed on the blog calling for civility. Or perhaps more realistically, appealing for less blatant hostility. I salute you for that.
            Occidental Dissent is one of the very few remaining credible free speech forums, and it has incredible value as such.”

            Thank you so very much, Dear!

            White infighting is a disaster. It creates the impression that those who are pro-White are merely maladjusted malcontents who, lacking any thing better to do, have foisted all their psychick malaise on racial issues.

            Harold Convington embodied that – a brilliant and brave man who was so addled by demons, practically no one could stand him, including his closest associates.

            With such publick relations we go nowhere.

            More important than that, I am a Southern Nationalist, or, in other words, one who is concerned to see the South survive and thrive.

            Our Dixie has been torn apart – dismantled, piece by piece, for over a century.

            We must not allow any further dismantling, and, indeed, must now begin the process of ‘remantling’ ourselves.

            The first thing we have, as Southerners, is our belief in Jesus Chryst.

            After that we have our sense of honour, that sensibility based on our roles Models, George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

            Robert E. Lee, who is my personal model, would approve of the correctness of having an Occidental Dissent, and the bravery of Brad Griffin for having dared to put it for, and, thus, having risked his life and liberty to do so, for 10+ years now.

            Nevertheless, Robert E. Lee would disassociate himself from Occidental Dissent, as would George Washington, this because of the general tenour of the participants towards each other.

            To me, if we cannot be a credit to men like these, and their legacy, then we forfeit any claim to deserving our survival.

            That is what I believe and that is why I act as I do.

            A resurgent South depends on the emergence of Real Southern Gentlemen and Ladies!

            God bless you and yours!

          • @Gryphon’s Ferocity…

            Thank you so very much for appreciating our Dixie. We welcome you to it and accept you as our long lost brother, no matter what condition your vowels are in!

            You are not the first New Jerseyite I have met like you – for I have found that the whole Rural and Smalltown New Jersey, below the Northern Quadrant, is filled full of patriotic and very friendly good people.

            Y’all must be a lost colony of Dixie, as are still parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Maryland.

            Hopefully the failures of the New England Yankee and New York Jew- driven United States will allow us to rectifiy this.

            Be well1

    • *yawn*

      This has got to be the mother of all straw men. As though the Jew York megalopolis is demographically representative of the northern half of the contiguous United States. I’ll make this perfectly plain, it fucking isn’t, you myopic shithead. The Midwest, Great Plains and Northwest are the most racially homogenous regions left in America. Those regions are my proposed White ethnostate.

      • Exactly! Settle by Germans and refuges from the South escaping Reconstruction. A good mix. Celto-Germanic?

        • “Celto-Germanic?”

          Me? I’m 50% German, 25% Dutch and 25% English/Scots-Irish. Indeed, I am pretty representative of what we’ve got up here ancestry-wise.

  11. “we” are so small in number that we are insignificant to this election and the last one. You live in a fantasy land. Basic bitch Republicans came out in droves and reelected trump in a landslide, and democrats stole the election. Get your head out of your ass.

    • To be held hostage to metropolitan City populations of blacks… That’s what it is. Even if they didn’t stuff ballots.

      • “Even if they didn’t” – why even acknowledge a hypothesis that can’t be true? 59 divisions in Philadelphia with no votes for Romney in 2012. People who pretend the niggers don’t cheat as much as they can possibly get away with are dishonest or stupid. It is abject stupidity, like expecting women to tell the truth, like expecting gypsies to honor your possessions, like pretending crime rates differ because the police target blacks. It’s like giving a dollar to a nigger to play a game of chance, and expecting to give it back. And they block access to observers. Because ONLY RACISTS BELIEVE IN VOTER FRAUD. (but apparently NOT ALL racists)

    • Trump’s campaign in 2016 was very different from the 2020 campaign. And his record of the past 4 years was in line with his 2020 campaign, not his 2016 campaign. That had to hurt him with the demographics targeted by the 2016 campaign.

  12. Intelligent men who thought Trump was serious know they were had by Trump, and that Trump is dangerous to our cause. There’s little doubt that caused a loss of white male support. That being said, the election was stolen. 2012 was probably stolen, but Mitt was just the man to take the dive. I didn’t vote for Trump, didn’t vote for McCain or Romney. The only time I voted for the GOP and they lost was 1996.

    • @Dart…

      Indeed, President Trump ‘delivered’ Ryan’s agenda so well, Ryan got sick of the direction Trump was taking the country and felt the need to leave Washington…

  13. A multiracial Populist coalition is the key to new Republican victories? Will wonders never cease! No! The only answer is red state secession and the formation of a White Heartland Republic. All roads lead to the WHR or they lead nowhere but extinction! Wake the F up White people! It’s no longer between bigger or smaller governments. The new dialectic is between our government and their government!

  14. The only way to regain this nation is do away with all weak whites. Both left, center and on the right. I despise Whites that pander, grovel and hold us back over optics. Here’s a hint, we no longer live in a white civilized society, lawful society. If you still believe that, you are part of the problem! You will be eaten alive if you try to play “we are not like them, we are civilized” Tell yourselves that when you’re beaten to a pulp for being White and your women are raped.

  15. In addition to Gryphon’s Ferocity on the south being a great place to live, I want to plug Missouri. We have a mild climate, are semi-south, and a very red state (except for St. Louis, KC, and Boone County (Mizzou), and our governor, Mike Parsons, has resisted a lot of Covid restrictions.
    There’s a lot of Jesus in the rural areas, but also common sense.
    I went to my hometown last weekend, and was comforted by its charm, a park full of families enjoying themselves, and a rural quiet.

    In the 80’s, I lived in Boston for seven years. I really wanted to move there, and they were some of the happiest years of my life. I enjoyed its culture, architecture, public transportation, history, and being closer to the world…seeing great plays, concerts, etc. I also started folk dancing there, especially Scottish dancing with the Scottish community there, and dancing has been an integral part of my life since then.
    I lived in a rooming house on Beacon Hill, and didn’t mind it.
    However, eventually I moved back to Missouri. Boston is very corrupt, horribly expensive. A one bedroom apartment costs, and so many people there will rent a house…imagine living with five housemates. It’s kind of like Friends or prolonging college life, and I thought a lot of people there do that…they become perpetual students.
    The politics are almost a police state. The Democrats own the state, and certain families…like the Kennedys…can do whatever they want.
    I was impressed with all the history, but a lot of it is hollow. They have historic churches that are empty on Sunday. I was in the National Guard, and it was fifty percent below strength, but they have all these military parades, the ‘Yankee Division Highway’, honoring vets…but on a drill weekend, they had to send out MPs and state police to bring in AWOL guardsmen…in Missouri, this would have been unheard of.
    Also, I saw a lot of moralizing and a real social class system. There are a lot of people telling you what to do, and a couple of times, people literally shook their finger at me for some perceived outrage…like I was a ten year old kid.

    Finally, there came a time in my life when I had to go home, and a lot of people up there were like me. They love Boston and NE, but want a house, family, not being taxed to death, and they have to leave.
    I agree with a post that NE is very insular, and they don’t take well to outsiders, and when I was younger, if you wanted to leave Massachusetts and were liberal, you moved to Vermont, and if conservative, New Hampshire, but it’s all left now. It’s beautiful country, but to quote a political intern I met in DC, people there are kind of hollow.
    I’m 68, and although I never lived in the South, I’ve met southerners, and I’ve never met a bad southerner. They always seem open, friendly, and decent. But I’ve known lots of easterners who are real pricks.
    Now, I can see what southerners must have felt in 1862 to see a lot of Yankee soldiers come to their land, invade, steal , wreck, then force some kind of Bible/moralistic pap on you.

    • @Dargason…

      Thank you for this interesting and highly personal account.

      The only thing that perplexed me is that you are a Missourian, yet, you say you are not a Southerner.

      For whatever it is worth, your state and it’s people always felt Southern to me, something evidenced by those things you mention about your state in the first part of your remark and in the general tone of how you appraise Southerners.

      In any case, be well!

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