Josh Hawley and Bernie Sanders Demand Second Round of $1,200 Stimulus Checks

More of this please.

It is plain common sense.

They’ve somehow been arguing over this for six months!

New York Magazine:

“On Thursday, Vermont independent Bernie Sanders and Missouri Republican Josh Hawley came together in the Senate to demand a second round of $1,200 coronavirus relief checks, a rare point of agreement between the nation’s foremost progressive senator and its foremost faux-populist. Their proposal would provide a second check to individuals who make up to $75,000, double what Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is pushing for. The senators want to force a vote on their proposal as part of the stopgap spending bill that must pass through Congress by Friday to prevent a government shutdown, or as part of larger negotiations on COVID stimulus legislation. …”

What does the public actually want Joe Biden to do as president?

Deal with the virus. Distribute the vaccine. Pass COVID-19 relief legislation. Restore the economy. Send out a second stimulus check. Pretty basic stuff that 2/3rds of the country supports.

Note: Even with the rollout of the vaccine, the final death toll from COVID-19 is projected to be around 500,000 deaths. This would surpass World War II and make COVID-19 the second deadliest pandemic and the third deadliest event in American history.

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  1. Josh Hawley also recently supported an increase in Indian H1-B immigration. I really want to see him lose the next election.

  2. You do realize that Trump wanted a second round of stimulus checks and Pelosi stonewalled for several months with various demands in an effort to screw up the election for him, right? That the vaccine companies delayed the vaccine releases deliberately, and in fact memos have been leaked to that effect?

    That the vaccine exists largely because of Trump signing off on Operation Warp Speed to make public funding, research, and manufacturing assistance available to the developers? Moderna got $2.48 billion from the Trump administration, for example.

    Or are you such a colossal hypocrite that you’ll agree with the transparent lies and set-ups of the left, praising Biden for stuff that Trump did, or tried to do in the case of the stimulus checks?

    Unbelievable — you hate Trump so much that you’re willing to flat-out lie and give credit to Biden for his actions while ignoring the basically open sabotage of the left.

    *Trump administration launches Manhattan-project-like program for ultra-fast vaccine development, project succeeds and vaccines are developed in record time thanks to Trump signing off on it*

    *Hunter Wallace, looking at this:* “Thank God the great and heroic Biden single-handedly developed those vaccines to save the American people! Not like that useless animal BLAMPFPFPFFPFFF who did nothing at all, and his disgusting Deplorables, who don’t even have a sheepskin!”

    • Yes, I am fully aware that Trump supported a second stimulus check and that Pelosi stonewalled and blocked him. I have also given him credit for developing the vaccine. I wrote about that after the second presidential debate. No, I did not give credit to Joe Biden or blame Trump for the failure to get the second stimulus check out. Congress has been arguing about it for months.

      • They did actually fuck his best efforts up. Also, the vaccines could have been rolled out months ago. The Powers That Be killed a lot people with that cute trick. Theres no doubt that vaccines could have been issued in September.

  3. Thank God for the Coronavirus.

    Finally, mass immigration has stopped. I hope we stay locked down forever.

    Biden should concentrate on taxing Wall Street and passing out checks to citizens. Can’t have another war because of the virus and now that Trump is gone, no more race riots.

    Lunchpail Joe promised no more malarcky, and he is delivering. Everything is turning up Milhouse.

  4. I see War with Iran wasn’t a question asked on that politico and morning consult poll. It is a more relevant question legislation to reduce the federal deficit amongst others.

    Your covid death numbers are way over the top. There aren’t going to be 500k death due to covid alone. There haven’t been 225k death so far. That’s utter nonsense. I go past cemeteries everyday, and there isn’t an upsurge in graves being dug. There’s no shortage of caskets or urns in America. I cannot remember the last time I’ve seen a hearse or funeral procession. Citing mainstream globalist ZOG death statistics for death by covid alone is equivalent to citing “hate crimes” by the splc or ADL. Garbage in and garbage out.

    Since the economy is in ruins in my part of the country due to overreacting to SARS-2, damn right ZOG can send me another $1200.

    • “covid death numbers are way over the top”:

      Wishing won’t make it so. Your numbers come from “alternative” blogs and websites that make up ridiculously low figures to get more views – and especially, donations. They are telling lies for money, a lot less money than mainstream media’s professional “journalists” (presstitutes) receive, but tit is he same principle.

      In addition to the actual death figures, there are other, much larger figures for permanent lung damage, heart damage and other permanent organ damage, and the high cost (yet to come) of lifelong, ongoing medical care for these conditions. The pandemic could have been prevented in February, but no real, effective action was taken by the U.S. and its satellites (which is most of the world) – in stark contrast to nations that HAVE taken effective measures and essentially eradicated the disease within their borders such as China, independent (unoccupied) Korea, and Vietnam.

      • Yet another “sample” paper copy of indirectlly-CIA-run “Epoch Times” just arrived in the rural mail box, and was immediately thrown in the trash/recycline without reading it. It probably contained more disinformation about the pandemic. Who is PAYING for all these expensive Epoch Times paper copies sent through the mail, and all the TV “info-mercials” (especially on the Fox channels) and al the internet ads that keep popping up?

      • The pandemic could not have been halted in February, because the typical behavior of most Amurikan people can’t be effectively controlled, barring martial law.

    • That’s interesting. Are these Covid19 memorials establishment-supporting, like the Vietnam war veterans memorials that are still going up? WHAT are they saying must not be repeated?

      The “hometown heroes” war industry fronts responsible for setting up more Vietnam war veterans memorials are really celebrating (“honoring”), NOT expressing horror and shame. They’re saying we WILL do it again.

  5. You want your check then take the shot. I am telling you everyone is a whore to these kykes, everyone can be bought and paid to do what ever the Jews want, so they think.

  6. Hunter, you are the grifter. I can only imagine how cheap your payoff might have been. Maybe a 6 year old F-150. Why not publish a picture of the old truck for us. You are easily bought, because you are poor and dumb.

      • Pelosi the Holy Queen of Italian Catholic Heaven is opposed to anyone getting any help, except for herself, then its ok.

        Basically, all Pelosi has done is run an extortion racket. Until she gets her kickbacks—no one else gets anything!

  7. As long as wild-eyed tyrants are imposing ineffective lockdowns, either in part or full, it is reasonable to send folks money.

    It is not right to destroy the livelihood of folks, under the pretext of not overwhelming hospitals, only to leave people starving and evicted.

  8. All for the 1200$. Trump actually is willing to go for 2K. His presidency was the most succesful 4 years for the white nationalists something that you Hunter are not.

    “ Talk of Secession Is Treason’: Geraldo Rivera Slams Rush Limbaugh for ‘Reckless and Irresponsible’ Comments About America Breaking Apart”

    This is where we are after 4 years of Trump who unwillingy but inevitably became the vessel for white awakening! Public talk of a sessesion!!!Weren’t this your main goal Hunter? Or you are just liberal who is willing to live on handouts and supports the senile and the streetshitting whore because they’ll feed you?

    • Yes, you are right.

      I haven’t written a word about conservatives now saying they are ready to secede from the Union although I would support the idea. That’s because I have nothing but contempt for mainstream conservatism after eight years of George W. Bush and four years of the Trump administration.

      They’re not going to do anything. They’re incapable of doing anything but tax cuts. They couldn’t do basic things like pass a budget or withdraw troops from Afghanistan or keep trannies out of women’s restrooms or conserve the Mississippi state flag or stand up to wokeness or stop riots that went on for six months. They couldn’t do anything about ballot harvesting before the election. All they are capable of doing is performance art politics and grifting like screaming FRAUD. It would be nothing but a waste of my time to take it seriously and write about it.

      • The secession lead-in and related activity merits attention … even old Obama Dems are saying this

        Two thirds of the USA population in general, including many Democrats, agree there was election fraud, tho Dems are uncertain of the impact – amongst Trump voters this number is 87%, with strong belief it was a steal

        Poll numbers here –

        As dozens of US states line up against each other at the US Supreme Court, in what seems like the lines of USA break-up –

        From James Howard Kunstler, lifelong supporter of the US Democratic Party, two times Obama voter and then Hillary voter in 2016 …. Kuntsler now convinced, that USA election totals are vote-count fraud stealing the victory from Trump:

        US vote count was largely tabulated by the Dominion Voting Systems company … which sent information illegally in real-time to a foreign location, the Dominion server in Frankfurt, Germany … which was quickly seized by US army Special Forces … Dominion’s holding company is 75% Chinese-owned

        “The president cleaned house at the top of the Pentagon this fall, and probably not for nothing

        Since the election there have been unusual movements of US military aircraft around the country, including C-130 Hercules troop carrier planes … The navy has two carrier groups out along the Pacific Coast and three strung along the Atlantic coast … Sounds like preparation for something”

      • Its not only the mainstream conservatives who wouldn’t do anything its white people in general who wouldn’t do anything. How did we get here is another question.

    • He’s a leftist and/or a sellout. Or just nuts.

      Bizarre culmination to all his big talk about secession, isn’t it?

      • I have a realistic assessment of the Right.

        It is going to cut taxes, deregulate corporations, increase military spending and give Israel everything wants. Beyond that it is not going to do anything else. These people are certainly not going to secede from the Union when they couldn’t even stop ballot harvesting in states they outright control. Give me a break.

        • So you’re basically saying it’s over, then. These people will never stand up for White people or even the people who vote for them.

          • The only way that I can see things changing is the GOP breaking up and the free marketeer wing remaining in the party as a rump. Otherwise, it will continue to dominate the rest party as it has for the last 20 years that I have been involved in politics.

    • @Erik…

      I voted for President Trump in 2016 for a variety of reasons, and in this order…

      Reason #5. Replace the judiciary

      Reason #4. Drain the swamp

      Reason #3. Bring back manufacturing

      Reason #2. Build a wall, e-verify, and deport

      Reason #1. Tear up the United States of America, as currently constituted.

      Though there were other reasons, I supported President Trump, I have often remarked to those completely enchanted with him ,or disenchanted with him, that the greatest virtue of a Trump Presidency is the unintended effects he has on the Enemies of Mankind

      The Good Lord gave us Trump, not as a means to an end, but, as a bridge our from under tyranny.

      In 4 short years he has completely transformed the headspace of this nation and that truly is a miracle.

      The Enemies of Mankind will never be able to unravel this, whether Biden or Trump sits behind the desk in The Oval Office.

      What we were, and, indeed, have been, is a done deal.

      On to what is next – that a future more akin to what we once were.

      • Ivan, you’re almost the only person on here who understands the strategic picture, rather than rocking back and forth chanting “I hate Blampffpfpfpf, I hate Blampffpfpfpf, I hate Blampffpfpfpf.”

        I don’t understand how these people can’t get just how disruptive Trump has been to our enemies. Or how much he has stirred up White resistance, and psychologically detached Whites from the system. Trump himself is basically inconsequential, in himself, but he has been like a drop of catalyst in a chemical mixture that set off a chain reaction.

        Somehow, Wallace, Thpenthah, Cantwell, and their groupies just can’t get this.

        But, I guess this why all of them will remain inconsequential idiots sidelined from history, rather than the thought leaders some of them imagine themselves to be.

        Limited minds, limited understanding.

        • You absolutely right Kekist Monk. The jew-lover Trump had no idea that with his talk he unleashed forces that he cannot control.

        • Kekist Mongoloid: You Trump Chumps are so darn lucky to have great statesmen and public intellectuals like Anglin, Jones, Yiannopoulos, Fuentes, Gionet and Cernovitch on your side.

          • Or in other words, what you’re saying is, “I’m too stupid to understand the argument, so I’ll just vaguely yell stuff I hope is insulting.” If you were capable of understanding anything, you’d see that I don’t think Trump himself will do anything. He just triggered our enemies into revealing their vile colors openly, and Whites into achieving a measure of solidarity and resistance to the System, largely by accident. But you’re too dumb to analyze either the situation or what I’ve been saying, hence, marginal losers, etc.

            Oh, and you might want consider, an insult has to be to at least partly true in order to sting. Since I despise Anglin and his bunch of clowns nearly as much as I despise Brad Griffin, your weak attempt just makes me smile.

            Try again. Maybe a “yo mama” joke this time, since that’s about your speed?

        • @Kekist…

          Thank you.

          Watching very thoughtful folks, here, carry on and on about how they dislike Trump, reminds me of the teenage guy who, desirous to kiss a woman, turns down a willing partner, just because he does not agree with the angle she takes in plucking her eyebrows or the colour of the purse she brought with her, for their date.

          President Trump helped awaken Whites to the fact that their individual and collective minds had been hacked.

          What a gift is that!

  9. On a more serious note about the impact of Covid19. The electorate decided that they wanted more state intervention. This thing is a menace either way. Even if it is a hoax, it has still changed behaviour radically. Economic orthodoxy is not going to be much use when everyone is a paranoid psychotic. Even the Trump voters are in many ways state interventionists. Many support stringent Border security, travel restrictions and protectionist trade.

  10. Why do they have to call Hawley a faux populist? Sanders is faux social democrat just as easily given his Uturns on several promises. If Hawley advocates for certain interventions that are populist and votes accordingly, he’s doing unspectacular though necessary work that should benefit ordinary people. You either are, or are not inclined toward that sort of politics.

    Hawley must be reading this site btw.

  11. No no “free money” is socialism! Also that money rightly belongs to billionaires and Israel! Also big business bailouts like the banks and airports

    The wuflu virus is putting people out of work, making people go crazy some on the edge of despair feeding their family but Bitch McConnell, Bitch Pelosi and Linsday Graham says you have to work for your money. WTF? No jobs to do but ok crony capitalism for thee but not for me…

    Also Dems and Republicans pass bill for hong kong immigration pipeline

  12. Interesting how we rightfully distrust politicians and MSM until it comes to the “Pandemic”. Suddenly these Anti-Whites care for nothing but our “health” and “safety”.

  13. 1) Any Boomer who doesn’t want Americans to be financially compensated by the Government for the Kung Flu lockdown gets the rope.

    2) HW loses a great deal of credibility when he buys into the official Government narrative regarding the number of Kung Flu deaths.

  14. The State of Mississippi has been seeing a spike in Covid-19 cases after Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now the daily cases are over 2,000 a day which is high for our state. We have the Vaccine coming soon. However it’s how many people will get sick before it’s on the market…probably late February for average folks. How many will pass away. We had over 40 people pass away today alone. It’s pretty bad for sure. We could have avoided this problem by making a National Mask Mandate, having all students doing Virtual Learning, more people work from home, and things like that. We obviously have to keep the Economy open. However having more people at home helps. We should have had Medicare for All in place because of Covid-19 and higher Unemployment Payments with no work search until the Covid-19 was out. Would have been even better if we put Universal Basic Income in place. However Trump’s afraid of his Right Wing Libertarian base that get mad because of something so simple as a Mask Mandate. That political group has no purpose in politics but cause problems for the rest of us. We should fighting for those reforms now such as the Covid-19 Vaccine being out for everyone, Medicare for All, and Universal Basic Income. Deo Vindice !

    • Vaccines could have been issued in September. The Powers That Be just wanted Trump out for certain. A glimmer of hope with an emergency issue of the Moderna or Biontech or for that matter Sputnik would have given Trump a chance to win. Wod have saved many lives more importantly.

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