Kelly Loeffler Disavows Chester Doles

As if any further evidence were needed after the Trump administration, there is “no place” in the GOP for anyone who has a history of being explicitly involved in pro-White politics. White identity is forbidden and every other identity group including transsexuals is welcome in the Republican Party.


“Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s campaign strongly condemned a photo circulating on social media of her posing with a longtime white supremacist taken at an event in Dawsonville on Friday. …

“Kelly had no idea who that was, and if she had she would have kicked him out immediately because we condemn in the most vociferous terms everything that he stands for,” Stephen Lawson, Loeffler’s campaign spokesman, said in a statement Sunday. …

Doles has attempted to insinuate himself into Republican politics over the past year, claiming to have renounced his past while maintaining ties with his longtime friends in the white supremacist movement. …

Other Georgia Republicans have made their position on Doles clear. U.S. Rep. Doug Collins was listed as an “invited” speaker to one of Doles’s events in 2019. Collins immediately disavowed the invitation.

“White supremacy and white nationalism have no place in our country, and I will continue to denounce any and all forms of hate,” he said. …”

Kelly Loeffler wants nothing to do with Chester Doles.

Fifty years of older people conflating mainstream conservatism with various White grievances (i.e., political correctness, abortion, immigration, affirmative action, gay marriage, Southern heritage, etc.) and engaging in futile rounds of backlash politics in every election cycle has been a disaster.

While these are valid cultural grievances, the GOP doesn’t care about any of these grievances and never does anything to address them. Instead, it milks the “social issues” to harvest votes from backlash politics to advance its financial agenda. We need to break the habit of being mad about something the Left has done and thinking that voting for the likes of Kelly Loeffler is the solution. Kelly Loeffler is the richest member of Congress and wouldn’t be caught dead in the same room breathing the same oxygen as the rest of us. We need to take these people at their word when they say they don’t represent us. The whole point of engaging in politics is to secure representation and the GOP isn’t offering that to us.

None of this is to say that the Democrats are any better. Neither party as a matter of principle (read: because of their Jewish billionaire donors) is interested in representing pro-White voters. We have “no place” in the Republican Party or Democratic Party. We can either start building our own institutions and decoupling from conservatism or continue to go nowhere like we have for the last fifty years.

Note: Some have chosen the path of being a sideshow act in the Donald Trump personality cult. Four years of the Donald Trump reality television presidency has illustrated why this isn’t a viable option.

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  1. It really does not matter what Senatress Loeffler, Chairwoman Romney, or anyone else of the RINO establishment think of Doles, because the tens of millions of Doles that populate the Republican party will soon either control it or leave it.

    The Olde Northeastern power structure is on the verge of collapsing, whether in the Democrat or Republican Party or in the government.

    That is all thanks to one man – President Donald Trump.

    Without Trump, most Smalltown and Rural White people would still be lost in the political woods without an prospect of a new nation(s) taking shape.

    If, for no other reason, that is why President Trump has been viable and IS viable – because he has exposed the establishment and bureaucratic tyrants and, in so doing, he hacked into the heavily conditioned heads of The Citizenry.

    In history, just like George Washington or Andrew Jackson, Trump will always be a reference point life before him and life after him.

    It’s quite an accomplishment, wouldn’t you say?

    After having watched the last 6 weeks, it is very clear to me that my vote for Trump in 2016 was the most important vote I ever made, worth more than all the others in toto.

    • Frankly Republicans deserve to suffer all they ever were was controlled opposition did you see after November 4 Ben Sharpio Nikki Haley and foam party Marco Rubio said the “new” cucksertive party will look like them

    • For sure, despite all of Trump’s failings, he has been a powerful symbol … and he sure made the establishment crazy with hate for him, proving the power of that symbolism

      Hal Turner published a striking piece said to be a leak by a US Supreme Court law clerk, who wrote of how Chief Justice John Roberts went off the rails this past week, with screaming and intimidation about ‘riots in the streets’, to get the other judges to refuse to hear the big voting fraud case

      Justice Clarence Thomas is quoted as lamenting, “This is the end of democracy”, Thomas & Alito the only brave hold-outs on just giving Trump his deserved day in court

      Roberts, it should be noted, is long understood to be double-blackmailed, first for his 1990s ‘international child trafficking’, getting an Irish mother to illegally take her kids to South America so Roberts could adopt (buy?) them, and secondly with Roberts’ name prominently on the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs, presumably videos to match now also in the ‘Chief Justice Roberts control file’

      Hal Turner’s piece is here

      Photo of the inculpating Justice Roberts – Epstein Express flight log

      • Yes, as I’ve been saying for months, he’s the symbol of White resistance to the system, even if that wasn’t his intention or whether or not he has any inkling of it.

        And that symbolism has both caused the system to go berserk and show its thoughts, intentions, and brutal loathing for Whites with blazing openness, and has contributed immensely to Whites to throw off the passive hypnosis that has been holding them immobile for decades. Generations, even.

        Trump the symbol is massively significant, regardless of what Trump the man did or didn’t do.

        • The only thing Trump is a symbol of is how easy it is to fool the masses. The entire MAGA movement was a Jewish reality TV show and anybody who supports it is an enemy of white people.

        • @Kekist…

          Yes, absolutely – President Trump, from the moment he announced his candidacy has provoked the establishment to lose all sense of perspective, and, in so doing, they have made their lawlessness, corruption, and tyranny, hithertofore carefully shielded, so very very plain to The Average Joe.

          President Trump has been a one man wrecking crew, even though he really did not want to be.

      • Hal Turner is a grifter and FBI informant from way back. Hardly surprising he is promoting the ‘stop the steal’ scam.

      • @Brabantian…

        Thank you for the affirmation on my observations and the report on the court.

        Even though I am far out in the swamp/marshes of Northeastern North Carolina, I somehow had the sense that Chief Justice Roberts was browbeating and bullying the young justices.

        It’s the only time in my life I wish I were a justice on the Supreme court, this in order to buck up the other young justices by getting face to face with Roberts and putting the fear of God in him.

        I am sorry that Justices Alito and Thomas were not able to provide more leadership, though, I am grateful they stood their ground.

        At any rate, thanks again!

  2. There should be a party just called something like “The Third Party,” with its platform consisting only of policies that would break the two party system, while being otherwise non-ideological. These policies could be pushing for a first choice and second choice voting system, so if your first choice does not make it, then your vote defaults to your second choice. This would allow people to vote for third parties without feeling they are “throwing their vote away” or only “helping the other side.” Could also propose something that would take power from donor or lobbyist control. It would need to be appealing to disaffected voters from both parties, so the platform could not contain anything too ideological or polarizing. Just 100% focused on changing the game so other parties can compete.

  3. The Jews would have you think and want you to believe there is nothing worse than being a racist, the fact is there is something much much worse, being a Goddamned Christ killer, being something that persecutes and torments and kills the innocent is far far worse than being a racist.

    • Well said Robert Browning, I’d just also add all the other stuff that’s worse, but that they laud as being the moral pinnacle – killing unborn babies just for shits and giggles, sodomy, raping children (“MAPs”), dispossessing and forcing whites to live with and around criminally insane hostile population groups, etc.

    • It makes sense. They are extremely tribal, so they demonize tribalism for everyone else. Control of all the propaganda has made tribalism perfectly moral for them, but Whites who don’t want to go extinct are “racists”….the most horrible thing anyone could ever be. It’s a wonderful strategy for them.

  4. The “Big tent” is big enough for everyone except Pro Whites. Anti-Whites always tell us we must be “colorblind” Then Anti-Whites tell every other race to see color to their heart’s content.

  5. A party called Declaration of Independence. As it stands the white working and middle class has taxation without representation that benefits mostly non whites.
    Government programs affirmitive action,quotas,etc.We’re second class citizens.

  6. I’m looking for a new party to support or I will never vote again. The challenge will be keeping the grifters and the Zionists from taking over any fledgling party and destroying it as they did with the Tea Party.

  7. I take the Romney’s at their word on this one thing they are capable of being honest about: they don’t want the support of White people who stand up for themselves. Whites need to just walk away from the Republicans, at least they are honest about their distaste for us.

      • Indeed sir, and I do although I try somewhat not to shock normies. I have to tone down my answers and spoon feed them race realism so they don’t choke after a lifelong diet of shit from school and TV.

  8. Dan (John McCain 2.0) Crenshaw’s stupid video of him playing super ZOG has a good ratio against him. The comments are 95 against. Zioclops is a disgrace.

    • I watched it. Couple of ironic chuckles at the end. Imagine for a moment a Hellfire missile actually incinerating a van full of Antifa. That actually would have worked. Riots would have stopped instantly. Crenshaw certainly shares the understating that it’s true but is too weak to follow through.

  9. @HW I always feel a similar sadness when David Duke would goes on his long pro Trump rants. The man lives and dies by the President despite him having denounced Doctor Duke several times without hesitation. I understand voting for the lesser of two evils but neither of these parties is remotely different from the other. They loathe working class whites, love all forms of sexual perversion while openly seeking the approval of blacks, Hispanics and especially a small religious sect who seems to have a large role in the decision making.

    • i haven’t listened to Dr. Duke’s podcasts in a while (simply lack of time, not because I don’t like him or anything). I have always respected him and am surprised to hear that he would support Trump at this point, given how transparent it has become that he was a total fraud and committed Shabbos puppet.
      To be fair, Dr. Duke is not getting any younger, so possibly an old age setting in kind of thing? Dr. Duke isn’t a shill/grifter/fraud, that’s for sure.

      • Almost all baby boomer generation white nationalist leaders still support blump. I think they read too much into his 2016 campaign and are over estimating how aware his average supporters are.

      • @Peter the really shocking thing about Dr Duke is how much he sounds like a milquetoast Republican most of the time. I have started his show post intro for my parents and older family members a number of times and unless he addresses Zionism, the majority of the content sounds straight out of Fox news. “We must reelect president trump” “the election was stolen” etc.

        I believe you are correct though, he is just an older man in his seventies at this point and he is working within the framework he knows. I have nothing bad to say about the man he treats blacks fairly and even kindly while also dealing with facts. He is pro white and very pro Christian. It is just painful to see him stumping for Trump after he was so rejected and mocked so mercilessly. He puts on a decent but dated show every day. Worth listening to and handing a few bucks his way if you can

      • You should listen to him, just to see how far WN 1.0 has fallen if nothing else. Duke has been complaining about Biden being a Zionist (as if Trump isn’t) and how Biden’s top donors are Jewish (as if Trump’s are not). Also Duke will tell us how Trump is great because he calls out Zionist CNN as ‘fake news’, conveniently forgetting to mention that Trump also promotes ultra-Zionist Newsmax and OANN. When Trump kisses Zionist ass Duke tells us it’s just lip service and he doesn’t really mean it. When Trump bombs some Arab country Duke tells us he is just trying to get the Zionists to give him a break and he doesn’t really want to bomb them. When Trump is about to start a war with Iran Duke just says “please Mr Trump, don’t do it, you promised to make America great again!” As if Trump would listen to David Duke over his Jewish masters. Trump said some stuff about immigration nearly 5 years ago. Apparently Duke thinks a broken promise made in the middle of the last decade is why we must support Trump.

        There are only a few reasons why Duke would cuck like this
        a) He would stop getting donations from his Trump-loving fans if he openly attacked Trump
        b) He is too proud to admit he got conned by Trump in 2016
        c) He really is stupid enough to think that Trump is sincere

        Personally I think it’s a combination of a and b (greed and pride). David Duke is not stupid, although I get the impression he thinks his listeners are.

    • @Captain Schill and Peter…

      Dr. Duke is too big and too secure to be get lost in personal slights. (Trump’s disavowals of him) Dr. Duke sees the bigger picture, what is at stake, and, wisely, has held fast to that.

      Dr. Duke, as have many many of us, has been waiting for a Trump to come along a very long time, and he is appreciative for an opportunity that might not have come along for many years more or never.

      To be clear, I, too, was very very frustrated with Trump in recent years and came close to not voting in the presidential election. I was prompted by prayer to vote again for him, and after watching him over the last 5 weeks, I am extremely glad I did, and that I was a part of delivering NC to him.

      This last 5 weeks President Trump has put on a display of political courage, the likes of which we have not seen in a president since JFK and The Missiles of October.

      More has been achieved in this last 5 weeks than in decades of efforts before.

      People are not blowing off steam here – we’ve come to a crossroads.

  10. Yes we have no hope in the Republican Party. People gotta get over the whole Republicans secretly support White Nationalism myth. That’s a joke. They only care about Jews, Money, and dividing White People. Deo Vindice !

  11. How the fuck do you go from being a high ranked member of the National Alliance to being a GOP simp advocating for a multi-millionaire Zionist whore married a Jew? How do you listen to the truth about Jewish power from Dr William Pierce and then support the most pro-Jewish party? Can somebody explain this to me? What the hell is going on? Do people lose their mind when they get older? David Duke, Don Black, Chester Doles, all these people have been locked up by ZOG and yet here they are still kissing ZOG’s ass. It makes me sick to my stomach. These people are worse than useless. They are traitors.

    There is nothing more humiliating, degrading and pathetic than a being a Republican Nazi. Derek Black was right to abandon these morons.

    • It’s quite shocking to me what has happened to White Nationalism after the untimely demise of Dr. William Pierce in 2002. Nothing better illustrates the importance of good leadership for any cause to succeed than the current state of the pro-white movement. Unfortunately for us, there are no great leaders like Dr. Pierce or great intellects like Prof. Oliver anymore.

      • Pierce and Oliver were indeed great intellects.

        Pierce was a terrible “leader” – if you can even call him a “leader.” He greatest “leadership” accomplishment was running a fringe cult group on a couple of acres in West Virginia, populated by cranks and a Russian mail-order bride.

        There is no “WN movement.” It’s a mirage, a fantasy role playing game. Hell – just look at the handles they use, their iconography. Before the rise of the “Alt Right” and their Japanese “anime,” it was all Dungeons & Dragons fantasy stuff – the gals were Fairy Princesses and the boys were Viking Warriors.

        There is no “movement.”

        • Pierce may have had his flaws, but he built and led the largest and most influential WN organization in America. Even one of his detractors (Harold Covington?) had this to say about him:

          The organization Pierce led, for all its many, many-many-flaws, was an actual organization, and no one else has ever been able to accomplish that. Virtually all so-called “White Nationalist orgs” have been one-man-bands at best or else simple scams to rip off supporters and put money in Fearless
          Leader’s pocket, a la David Duke. To be blunt, given the generally dysfunctional nature of the American White male in these times, and the severe character deficiencies afflicting our race as a whole, the fact is that the National Alliance under Pierce is probably the best we can do, at least until the White man makes a collective decision to address the issue of character and to impose some kind of discipline and accountability on the
          Movement, especially on our self-proclaimed leaders.

          From the mid-nineties until his death, his ideas were slowly, but steadily gaining traction among a sizeable number of White people. If he had lived some time longer, say for another five or ten years, I’m certain National Alliance would have become popular and powerful enough to make White Nationalism a major movement.

          Pierce held together National Alliance by his force of personality. It disintegrated after his passing because of the incompetent and irresponsible individuals that took over after him.

          • Dr. Pierce’s mistake was he didn’t name a successor. This caused the succession struggle and infighting within the National Alliance.

    • @Ricky it is depressing and yes i believe it is related to age and the mindframe you are stuck in. The people at Radio Albion put out incredible programming on a daily basis with Sven Longshanks doing most of the work. They also advocate for Trump one minute and then the next episode will do an in-depth World War II analysis. The two dont seem to work together, but I like them and Dr Duke a lot. No one is perfect we need to take the bad along with the good.

      I dont think any of them are fooled by Trump they just stand by the “lets delay things alittle longer to buy us some more time” strategy of voting Republican that so many of us are guilty of

    • @Ricky…

      One day you will contemplate what Charles Dudley Warner meant, when he said, ‘Politicks makes for strange bedfellows.’

      None of the people you mention are making obsequies at ‘ZOG’ or are ‘traitors’. Far from it. They simply comprehend politicks below the surface.

      • Zionism and White nationalism have nothing in common. One exists at the expense of the other. If a White Nationalist supports a Zionist it is because he is a fool or a traitor. You cannot negotiate with a tribe that is in the process of exterminating you. The people I mentioned are literally rooting for their own worst enemies. Why don’t they just give up the White Nationalism and be standard Republican cucks if the practical result of their activism is just another vote for the GOP? These people occupy the most retarded place on the political spectrum imaginable: Excluded from mainstream political discourse for their views while simultaneously cheerleading mainstream politicians. It’s like some loser who’s been kicked out of a bar but still hovers around outside peeking in through the windows.

        Again I will ask: If you understand Jewish power and are against it why would you support the most pro-Jewish party? The party that advances Zionist tyranny?

        • @Ricky…

          The art of Tai-Kwan-Do, as formally elaborated by Sun-Tzu, makes plain that the best strategy is that of using your opponent’s energies and coalition against him.

          Think about it and be well, while so doing, My Southern Brother.

    • David Duke and Don Black seem to rely a great deal on Patrick Slattery. What little I know about PS is that he’s a former liberal with a PhD in Poli Sci or Statistics who never considered himself a WN but yet has become one of the most prominent voices on WN radio. The more Trump would disavow WN, the more these guys would say we had no choice but to vote for Trump anyway. I didn’t listen to their advice.

    • Yeah, didn’t he get $70,000 for his legal defense and then just plead guilty anyway? Amazing how ZOG can lock him up for 10 years on bullshit charges and then he will turn around and vote for ZOG at the end of the day! I wonder if he intends to keep the white power tattoos that cover 90% of his body?

  12. Just face up to the reality that Americanism is fundamentally anti-European. When American mythos defines itself in opposition to Europe, anti-White politics follow. Even in George Washington’s day Jews were permitted in the country and not barred to ghettoes.

    Hitler spoke disdainfully of American culture, noting for all it’s good stock and segregation policies it was still an Abrahamic and Negroid infected one. Today, you will never find any relevant voices point out that American history from the Civil War onward was one long war against Euro Civilization. That the “Greatest Generation” were a horde of cucks/uncle toms fighting for Globohomo. That the current world order so many “rightists” detest is rooted in post-Civil War American history and that America had no other options but to take its current direction.

    • Post-WW2 rise to power of Jews changed everything. Look at US government prior to 1960, then after 1960. Absolutely saturated with Jews from 1960s onwards. Look at Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden administrations in recent times: more Jewish than the Knesset!

  13. I wonder what happened to Doles after he left the National Alliance. I am surprised Hal Turner is back in. I thought he admitted to being a federal agent at one time. History will show when we need a Statesman we got a carnival barker! It is unwise to cover your body with tattoos and body piercings. Besides being degenerate it will hurt you job prospects later in life. I foresee a person who in the years to come will become what DD is now. I wont say his name. The reason National Socialism is not here today is because Hitler killed it with his insane invasion of the Soviet Union. How does a person think he can defeat the United Kingdom (which at the point in time covered 2/3 of the globe), the United States, and the Soviet Union simultaneously? Unless you have devoted your entire life to trying to save our people, as Duke and Black have done, you have no right to criticize. (However, I do wish Duke would let his guests speak more. It’s like 55 minutes for Due and 5 minutes for his guest) What Derek Black did to his family and family was unconscionable! It reminded me of Prussian Blue! Who could not see that as a disaster waiting to happen?

    • > How does a person think he can defeat the United Kingdom (which at the point in time covered 2/3 of the globe), the United States, and the Soviet Union simultaneously?

      He didn’t. Hitler didn’t expect both the United States and Great Britain to wage war to aid his land’s enemy the Soviet Union. He made it clear in his writings he admired the Soviet Union and saw the United States aa having great potential.

    • He actually probably could have defeated the UK and USSR. But when he unnecessarily declared on the USA, it was over. Without US aid, the other two wouldn’t have been able to win.

      • Powell,

        The USA was already looking for any excuse to enter the war. No way they would have allowed Germany to defeat the CCCP and then turn against Britain. I believe but am not positive that the Lend Lease Act that helped Britain violated the laws of Neutrality and there were incidents in Greenland and the Atlantic between Germany and the USA.

        If the USA was sincere on peace they would have just refused the act of War and told Germany they have no quarrel and just fought Japan.

        The USA is quite good at provoking trouble around the globe and then acting innocent when they go to war. There are a lot of post World War 2 examples.

        I have even read the Cuban Crisis of 1961 was because the USA put atomic weapons in Italy and Turkey leading the Soviet Union to retaliate in Cuba. Once the Americans withdrew their atomics from Italy and Turkey the Soviet Union followed with withdrawing their weapons from Cuba.

    • After the war General Guderian said the biggest mistake Germany made was in allowing Hitler to assume full command of all military forces in 1941. The Allied dictators were smart enough to entrust their generals, admirals and field marshals with that task.

  14. Imagine denying millions of law abiding and tax paying citizens any kind of political representation. If that’s not a justification for open rebellion against tyranny then what is?

  15. Cristina: regarding American intervention in foreign nations; in the army, a Mexican friend of mine said ‘do you know why there are no coups in America? because you don’t have any American embassies
    in your country?’

    It’s funny with all the talk about Chinese, Russian, Iranian spying and intervention in our election process, but we completely ignore how our government spies and cooks elections everywhere as much as it can. it was a big surprise our attempted overthrow in Venezuela didn’t come off. Maybe we’re losing our game, or the world is getting smarter in countering us.

    If you get a chance, you should read David Irving’s Churchill. He chronicles how Churchill was a tool of the jews, and how he helped maneuver Hitler into the war.

    of course, then Roosevelt came in and started maneuvering Churchill, because the war bankrupted Britain, and the USA aided…but at the price of building their postwar empire and ending Britain’s colonies.

    Roosevelt also planned for a postwar world in which there would be NO military forces…except America, USSR, Britain and China, and an ‘international police force.’ Sounds like us, no?

    • dargason,

      I forgot to add that if you reply it will have to be by early Monday since we leave for the Holydays on Monday. I also posted the Military Parade twice I think. Blame it on long fingernails and being sleepy.

    • “Roosevelt also planned for a postwar world in which there would be NO military forces…except America, USSR, Britain and China”:

      However plans were underway (the dying FDR may not have been aware but Truman was fully involved) to eliminate the USSR (with nukes) since they were done using it, and China at that time still seemed safely under Anglo-Zionist control, before the Revolution suddenly succeeded and left us holding only Taiwan.

  16. dargason,

    I am glad you still comment on here. Thank you for your letter.

    Your friend is correct. The United States meddles in the affairs of other countries without shame. Plans for world government evidently go back a long way in USA history.

    The book on Churchill sounds very interesting. I will have to add it to my list of books to read. The whole story of World War 2 is enough to make someone cry.

    Your Mexican army friend and yourself might enjoy this Mexican Military Parade. Yes there is goose stepping throughout the video including beginning at 15:50 for a while and 25 minutes in.

    Also, for the men at around 27:46 or so an elegant Mexican beauty with brown hair on horseback. We glorify beauty and dignity not grossness.

    And a children’s salute to the Mexican Flag that upsets some Americans.

  17. Obrador, the current Mexican President is certainly better than any recent U.S. President, and Mexico has had some truly outstanding leaders, especially Plutarco Calles, who greatly reduced the influence of the Vatican over Mexico (there were less than one tenth the number of priests in Mexico by the end of his term than at the beginning) and Lazar Cardenas, who supported the Spanish Republic against Franco, and internally, broke up many large estates and distributed over 180,000 square kilometers of the seized land to peasants.

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