Radio Free Indiana: Trust the Grift


In this episode of Radio Free Indiana, Matt Parrott, Trey Knickerbocker, Marcus Cicero and Hunter Wallace discuss how the Bitcoin Fairy recently visited Nick Fuentes and the American Nationalist movement and distributed over $500,000 to online influencers to shill for Donald Trump. After discussing this Christmas Miracle, we move on to discuss the House vote on $2,000 stimulus checks and what it means for the party of conservative populism and the multiracial, multiethnic working class.

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  1. Before hitting the podcast I made my way to the “Diary of an E Celeb Baked Alaska” video link. A lot of Lolz. It really shows how out of favor for people with normal values have become in just three or four years. What was trendy and “punk rock”‘ in 2016 is now considered a cancer by society at large thanks to the media. Baked Alaska screaming “I need milk” did make bring a smile. I am wondering where things will take us over the next few years.

    I am looking forward to listening to this tomorrow. HW has been on a podcast tear lately with one better than the next. I only knew Parrot from the Heimbach incident but he seems like a good guy from what I heard last time you were together. Happy New Year folks. I have nothing but love for all of you

    • “he seems like a good guy”

      Has anyone asked him about his buddy Vegas Tenold? You know, Vegas Tenold, the guy he and his partners traveled around with, giving interviews and “inside scoops” about their “Activism?”

      For Five Years?

      I’d love to hear a podcast with them going over old times.

      Say anyone caught up with Hal Turner lately?

      • @Banned Hipster not a clue but I do know Heimbach has always been a cartoon bad optics bloated slob who should have been avoided at all costs. I dont get these people, dont make outrageous statements, dont ever threaten violence and keep your language free of profanity and slurs if possible. First rule show some loyalty towards your friends and people which starts by not talking to the media like a gossipy bitch

  2. Listened to that podcast, the guy who sat through the humble bragging at Stake and Shake while the grifter revealed the networking, scheming and scamming he’d participated in in response to your revelation that the Stop the Steal thing had a Bitcoin sugarDaddie.

    The entire edifice of politics even at county level is extraordinarily closed off to you if you don’t feel comfortable playing insider scams.

  3. Hunter said gay libertarian Peter Thiel sending $500,000 in Bitcoins to the AmNats/Daily Stormer, makes him think of paying a bum to sing a song. It made me think of the OnlyFans girls. Be they bottom feeders like the AmNats or Daily Stormer, or GOP politicians, they are no different to the OnlyFans girls who perform tricks for their Johns. These people don’t believe in anything. They guess what might please the donors, and the best guessers get the biggest bags.

    This is what Nick Fuentes really means by infiltrating the Republican Party. He knows in big city politics it rains money, and there’s a lot of competition to get it. For every Nick Fuentes there’s a thousand hoes hoping to take his place. As the establishment’s kept poodle he may well end up a multi-millionaire, but he will change nothing. AmNats = More of the same.

  4. Wait, you’re suggesting that these people were PAID to shill for Trump?

    When I suggested that a certain person was working with the SPLC, you called me a “conspiracy theorist” but now you’re with the same people claiming that OTHER people are shills?

    I think your tin foil hat is too tight!

    Things that are conspiracy theories according to HW:

    1. People lying.

    2. People getting paid.

    HW said he knew these conspiracy theories were false because he drank beer with those people, therefore they could not be paid nor could they be working with the SPLC.

    So, not taking my friends at face value makes you a “Conspiracy Theorist” but when I accuse other people that is a “Non-Conspiracy Theory.”

    Glad that is cleared up.

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