NatConTalk: Drowning in Openness

As usual, I like and respect Rusty Reno and agree with his analysis.

The problem is that there doesn’t appear to be any appetite in the Republican Party for breaking with neoliberalism. Even after electing Donald Trump, we ended up getting more cultural and economic deregulation. We got the huge corporate tax cut and the mainstreaming of LBGTQ extremism. The Republican Party did not become more hospitable to nationalism and populism.

These debates about conservatism becoming more populist on economics continue to go on among conservative intellectuals. Julius Krein continues to write all of these essays in American Affairs. The Republican Congress under Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy operates on a different track. It votes to overturn Trump’s veto of the 2021 NDAA and to support the Porkulus and spins around on a dime and invokes Principles™ to oppose $2,000 stimulus checks. There has been no change in their vision, agenda and priorities since the 1980s. They would rather lose the Senate than give us $2,000.

Note: I’m not sure how you overcome this problem within the Republican Party. The Free Marketeers don’t believe in White identity, cultural conservatism or economic populism. They believe in classical liberalism, anti-racism, modernism, cosmopolitanism, free-market capitalism and Israel. Essentially, their worldview and policy preferences amounts to “Socialism Sucks.”

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  1. Our so-called representatives are paid by their plutocratic masters not to serve the best interests of the American people, especially not white middle and working class Americans.

  2. “Return of the strong Gods” was a great book only tainted by Renos unwillingness to reinterpret what nationalism and identity really means. Instead of being bold he went the Popper and Hayek path. Still an excellent book second only to “The Age of Entitlement” when looking at mainstream book releases over the past couple years

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