Jonathan Pollard Receives Hero’s Welcome From Bibi Netanyahu In Israel

I don’t know about you.

I have a bitter taste in my mouth though leftover from the brand of “National Populism” that I was sold by Steve Bannon and Populism Inc. sites like Breitbart in 2016.

The Forward:

“Jonathan Pollard, the U.S. Navy Intelligence analyst who spent three decades in jail as a spy for passing classified intelligence to Israel, has arrived in the Jewish state — where he has long said he wanted to live

Pollard and his wife, Esther, landed at Ben Gurion Airport outside of Tel Aviv in the early hours of Wednesday morning on a private jet provided by American Jewish casino-magnate and philanthropist, Sheldon Adelson.

A video shows Pollard kissing the ground upon his arrival in the holy land, a common Jewish custom practiced by new Immigrants to Israel, before being greeted on the tarmac by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“You’re Home” Netanyahu said, before handing the Pollards their Israeli identification documents. Pollard was granted Israeli citizenship in 1995, while still in prison. Netanyahu then recited the Shehechiyanu prayer, a traditional construct to mark special occasions. …”

The Hill:

“Israel had pressed the U.S. for decades to hand Pollard over and allow him to live in Israel, but its efforts were unsuccessful until November when the Justice Department announced that it would not renew the five-year travel ban that was part of Pollard’s parole.

The decision was seen as a boost of Netanyahu by the Trump administration and could be a key talking point for the prime minister as he faces his fourth election in two years amid parliamentary disputes. …” 

This is the latest victory for MIGA.

It is another personal favor from Trump to Netanyahu who previously recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights in order to boost Netanyahu’s chances of winning reelection.

Sheldon Adelson had Jonathan Pollard flown back to Israel on his private jet where Bibi Netanyahu welcomed him as a hero and gave him Israeli citizenship papers at the airport. We live in a country where billionaires obviously now have the power to buy the government and get the policies they want. They are so confident and brazen now in using their influence that they can bribe the government to get a favorable decision from the State Department for a convicted spy and traitor like Jonathan Pollard.

How in the world did this ever come to be conflated with nationalism and populism?

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  1. Deport Donald Trump and his entire Jew family back to Tel Aviv where they belong.

    Every last one of you who shilled for that Israeli Jew asset should hang your heads in shame. You have brought shame on your families and the entire White race.

    • They are mostly for it and the ones opposing are being told they don’t belong on FR with suggestions that they are probably some kind of nazi. Even ten years ago, most Freepers opposed pardoning Pollard. FR has become a tiny neocon echo chamber. Not very many posts anymore, it’s clearly a dying forum. The average Freeper is probably over 70. Many of the few active posters remaining on FR are openly Jewish and many live in Israel.

  2. Unreal. This spy was responsible for countless deaths. He will be having drinks with Epstein on the beach in Israel.

    • DJT doesn’t care how many people spying for the U.S. got killed because of this Pollard bastard or what mortal danger his Tribe presents to the country. If DJT had cared about the mortal danger they are to the country he would have cleaned house, starting on day one by keeping his miserable son in law at least 1,000 miles away at all times. DJT was unfit for the office of President but his one redeeming grace was that he kept the even worse Hillary out of the White House.

      Instead he filled his administration with them and they paid him back as they always do, a knife in the back. Trump still doesn’t get it or just doesn’t care, he is still doing his enemies favors by threatening Iran and pardoning unrepentant scumbags because they are The Usual Suspects.

    • Yeah, Sheldon”s jet. I met his previous CFO when the Venetian Casino project was ongoing back in around 2007. Went to his house too. Real wealth. Elevator to the master bedroom. A cage around the living space. A literal cage on the third floor. I’m a contractor and do high end work and have met many of these people.

      They are just people with enough power and money to basically write laws. I can’t blame them for that, face to face they are nice and reasonable. Their interests however run contrary to most. The fact that these people were able to circumvent law and get Pollard out of prison and fly him to Israel is a smack across the mouth though. Makes me question the the system.

      Keep in mind the people he exposed were tortured to death by real people that understand how to humiliate and destroy. He was a part of that culture.

      Sheldon and Trump are casino people that specialize in fleecing people.

      I can give Trump some slack, but allowing this spy to walk is just insane. It really is rules for us but not for them. They have created rules to protect themselves.

      It all needs to collapse, needs to be scrapped.

    • They should have Rosenberged Pollard, and let them give the shoebox filled with his ashes a hero’s welcome in Jerusalem.

      (Anyone still not figured out who America’s real enemy is?)

  3. “How in the world did this ever come to be conflated with nationalism and populism?”

    Desperation. Objective observations proved Trump’s 2016 populist rhetoric was entirely cynical, but the dissident right was so starving for a victory they wanted to believe his lies. This resulted in the farcical situation of poor white folks trying to stick it to the elites by voting for a billionaire with Jewish grandchildren.

    If you’re a nationalist you need to understand that you will NEVER get what you want from a Zionist. Unless you’re a Jewish nationalist of course.

    • We need to center pro-Palestinian activism. Going forward, we can only support pro-Palestinian people and groups. That is the way to effectively prevent future zio-subversion. It’s not enough to be critical of jews and isreal, zionists can still infiltrate and subvert “anti-semitic” movements. They just do the “I’m a good jew, those are bad jews” routine. But an explicitly pro-Palestine movement is much harder for zioshills to infiltrate.

  4. One promise that Blompf kept was that there would be no daylight between his administration and Israel. Nice touch with Pollard arriving in Tel Aviv on Sheldon Adelson’s private jet, and Netanyahu there to greet him. An appropriate ending for betrayal of his host nation.

  5. Didn’t Nicholas Gay Fuentes say that we would be “race traitors,” if we didn’t vote for trump? I wonder how that pip squeak grifter rationalizes his hero releasing an American traitor, and an Ashkenazi jewish one at that?

    • Fuentes is a bigger traitor to the white race he listens too and loves Kayne West anything he say for now on that fact alone should be considered anathema. I remember him always retweeting Kayne stuff on his twatter tl when I use to follow his stuff more closely. He doesn’t do it as much as he use to tho maybe he realized its “cringe” to retweet Kayne West bullshit?! Who knows since bitcoin grift gate I wouldn’t be surprised he was paid to promote Kayne

      I bet Nick gushed his inner spic heart out when Blumpf endorsed that thug piece of shit Lil pump an he didn’t even vote lol unbelievable class act endorsement from president kushner and co.

  6. Is president Kushner and potato Blumpf gonna pardon Jizzlaine Maxwell next?!

    I mean if Pollard is a hero shouldn’t Jizzlaine also get a medal and heros welcome in god’s chosen land an only democracy in the middle east?! Demoncrats and Republicucks would be in agreement, surely…

    • Ghislaine Maxwell can’t commit ‘suicide’ after Epstein, that would just be too much, even for the Deep State. I would guess she gets a tragic case of Corona virus and dies after a valiant effort to save her life: case closed. The pedophiles overrunning government, business, law enforcement, finance, tech, academia etc. will sleep soundly after that tragedy.

      I still want to know why she travelled to New Hampshire. Her estate there was isolated, in a remote, rural part of the country where you can do whatever you want without the few neighbors, miles away, caring about it. New Hampshire is still part of the U.S. though which means the U.S. Marshalls can and did show up with a Federal warrant to haul her fat ass off to jail.

  7. I despise the treasonous bastards that let Pollard go more than I despise Pollard. We don’t have a Jew problem as much as we have a traitor problem.

  8. I suspect all the information he stole and sent to Israel ended up in the People’s Republic of China.

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