Insurrectionists Attack Oregon Democratic Party Headquarters

Will democracy prevail?

If this isn’t an attack on “our democracy,” I don’t know what is. They’re challenging Neoliberal Joe to stand up to Antifa. You have got to admire their boldness in embarrassing him like this on Day One. They’ve decided to prove that Trump was right about Joe Biden’s America.

Note: Antifa also smashed up some of Jeff Bezos’s shit in Seattle. Who cares?

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  1. IOW, Biden and the Dems aren’t radical enough for them. Well, Joe, the ball is in your court: Two steps forward or one step back?

  2. Good thing Antifa is just an abstract idea, eh, Scumbag Joe?

    Those anarchists can riot with impunity because they know the press, the politicians and the FBI will protect them.

  3. Note that the Antifa and BLM seldom or never protest against U.S. foreign policy, i.e. endless global imperialist war. A true Left and not CIA-orchestrated genuine grassroots opposition would do just that.

    The election in Uganda was just stolen, but that’s okay, because we did it. We do one regime change operation after another, after another, after another. We’ve “intervened” in the political processes of at least two thirds of the members of the United Nations. China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Korea, Nicaragua and Cuba are most of the few remaining “evil dictatorships” that still need to be regime-changed. By then, Kamala will probably be our senior President, figureheadedly ruling the entire world, when our global hegemony is complete.

    We just passed the sixtieth anoversary of the CIA operation that “removed” (murdered) democratically-elected President Patrice Lumumba: Soon after that we did it to Ghana: “In his book, ‘Dark Days in Ghana’, Nkrumah revealed that the coup was the handiwork of the Central Intelligence Agency of United States of America. His detractors quickly dismissed his claim as delusional and an excuse for his mismanagement of the country through his dictatorial leadership. But in 1999, Nkrumah’s claim was borne out when the US government declassified the Western-orchestrated plot to get rid of the man who was “doing more to undermine our interests than any other black African.”[2] The US government was determined to depose Nkrumah before he managed to unite Africa under a united African government. As it turned out, the US government and some of its allies, including Britain, had financed, masterminded, and tele-guided the coup. Prior to the declassification, John Stockwell, a C.I.A officer in Africa, had recounted the plot to undermine Nkrumah’s government and to sow anti-Nkrumah sentiments among Ghanaians. Stockwell wrote: ‘“Howard Bane, who was the CIA station chief in Accra, engineered the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah. Inside the CIA it was quite clear. Howard Bane got a double promotion, and was awarded the Intelligence Star for the overthrow of Kwame. The magic of it was that Howard Bane had enough imagination and drive to run this operation without ever documenting what he was doing and there wasn’t one shred of paper that was generated that would name the CIA hierarchy as being responsible.’ In 1957, Nkrumah’s Ghana became a trailblazer for African liberation. From faraway Virginia, USA, at the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), eyes were trailing what was happening in Ghana. According to Baffour Ankomah, just nine months into independence, the CIA issued a report on Ghana in December 1957, which was distributed within the American government and intelligence community.” And here’s how we did it to Burkina Faso: “The next thing you know, the US had infiltrated the liberation movements and set about overthrowing Sankara, who was leaning too far left. The Americans were not happy with Sankara. He was nationalising his country’s resources to benefit his people. He was a socialist so he had to go”:

    • @Anonymous
      If only the US gubmint used that much energy and vigour to actually help Americans domestically.
      A gang problem in Chicago? Who cares……let’s change the leader of an African dustbowl.
      Endless immigration? Who cares……….let’s occupy Iraq.
      It makes me sick.

    • Please, please, stop using “we” when describing the crimes of the U.S. Government. I had noting to do with the crimes of the U.S. Government, I and the general public are never consulted. No one I know has ever had anything to do with the atrocious actions of the U.S. Government. If the Government were somehow to submit to a binding referendum on whether or not the U.S. Government should cease interfering in various shitholes around the world such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Yemen, Mali, DR Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Taiwan, Libya, Cuba and probably 100 other places, the referendum would pass by a mile.

      The only time something equivalent to the public putting its foot down and saying: “No More!” to the Government’s endless wars will be when the Government has some colossal foreign policy failure and tries to resort to conscription to make the diverse military competent. Such conscription will be directed at normal, White males to fill in the military’s ranks. The public will need to refuse cooperation with the Government’s plans to kill people’s sons like the anti-Vietnam protests in the 1960’s-1970’s.

  4. America is NOT a democracy. Nor is it a constitutional republic as the constitution has been raped so many times its a wonder she can even walk. What it is a is a moneyed Judeo-Liberal oligarchy!

  5. I am so tired of how the rhetoric of democracy is used by two different sides for their own bullshit.

    Also Antifa and BLM are the indirect wing of the State and society at large. They have the same social views with Antifa and BLM being more militant in those views. They’re not going to face the same level of persecution by the State or society at large. Dumb Conservatives should recognize this and accept this. They operate on the grounds that they have the same legal protections that Antifa and BLM have. A very dangerous assumption to make.

    • I never thought I would agree with Antifa but WTF, let President Kuntmala Harris and Dementia Joe get a taste of anarchy on their watch, they encouraged this shit. President Kuntmala Harris and Dementia Joe believed they could shut off Antifa/BLM like flipping a light switch. They are going to learn that it doesn’t work that way.

  6. Since Biden announced a few days ago that the economic recovery would focus on ‘precious minorities’ been feeling more dispossessed lately so I reckon just let them tear it all down man.

  7. It’s amusing how leftists enjoy the luxury of ‘purity spiraling’ while right wingers are tripping over themselves to abandon their principles in exchange for a handful of Black or LGBT votes. Conservatives are always on the back foot, always ceding ground. They lack the revolutionary spirit of the left. They will always be losers.

  8. The useful idiots are no longer needed since the “white’ supremacist is out of the WH. Antifa will find out what “law and order” means.

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