Legal Eagle: Crimes The Capitol Rioters Committed

The Capitol Siege was extremely dumb.

No one should have ever considered going to DC on the grounds of “trusting Trump” alone. He spent five years illustrating that he destroys everyone he touches, doesn’t care about anyone but himself, doesn’t protect his own supporters and that he is a blustering incompetent moron.

The Electoral College had already voted. The Supreme Court had thrown out the Texas case. There was zero chance that the 2020 election would be overturned on January 6th. Nothing was ever going to happen that day except for more performance art and political theater. There was never a plan except in the minds of those who believed Q’s prophecies which was always nothing more than a huge grift.

This is the mindset that “wignats” woke up with on January 6th. We understood it was nothing but a political stunt. No one was paying attention to the Stop the Steal rally that morning because it was a waste of time. The idea of “storming the Capitol” doesn’t even make sense because it is protected by Paul Blart Mall Cop types. The real power centers are the Pentagon, FBI headquarters, NSA headquarters, etc. There wasn’t even a plan to overthrow the government because no one was armed. The vast majority of the people who went into the Capitol simply followed the herd like lemmings. They went in and took selfies and expected thunder and lightning and to be delivered from a Biden presidency.

The people who are caught up in the Capitol Siege dragnet either didn’t know better because they were plan trusters or unlearned everything we learned after Charlottesville. That’s the dumbest and most inexcusable thing about it. The influencers who said go to DC for Trump reversed themselves on street activism and “goon marches.” They told their supporters to “get in the streets and to do it for Donald Trump’s vanity who spent four years doing jack shit for them.

Note: There is nothing wrong with street activism. Patriot Front is doing a great job at it. A year ago, they showed how to hold a rally the right way in DC. The problem is volatile public events which are announced in advance and which can be easily disrupted by people with their own agenda.

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    • It’s weird. In one tweet he says Trump became a politician. In another tweet later he starts posting pro-Trump pictures.

      I think it says a lot about his desire for an illiberal leader and how he enjoys that it makes “the libtards angry.”

  1. I won’t ridicule or condemn what those mostly peaceful demonstrators did. It took guts to force their way into the belly of The Beast like that. I think it was an act of desperation more than anything else. Too bad it wasn’t another March on Rome or Beer Hall Putsch. But that wasn’t their intention. Maybe next time it will be.

  2. It was obvious after the FIRST YEAR of Trump’s term that he was full of shit. The Republicans had the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the Presidency, and 2/3rds of the state governments.

    The Republicans could have passed a Constitutional Amendment!

    He backed down immediately on all of the important issues, like an end to birthright citizenship.

    An end to birthright citizenship was something to fight for – a defining issue for America.

    Trump made some Tweets, Jared Kushner told him to drop it, then that was it.

    He also pulled a Wilson and tried to start a war against Syria as soon as he was in office, but his handlers were surprised by the strength of the opposition and Russia had checked the Empire in Tartus anyway.

    As someone else pointed out, it was just at the time when Trump completely dropped the America First rhetoric that “QAnon” appeared.

  3. It would be in ZOG’s best long-term interests if they went easy on those protesters, instead of trying to make an example of them.

    • maybe, but won’t happen. The Zionist Uniparty congresscritters did not enjoy hiding behind their desks and scuttling about on all 4’s on 6 Jan. So

      the Trumpchumps are gonna get it

      good and hard. And that’s just

      what they deserve. After a few chastening events in the carcery, not a few

      may become hardRight/WN.

  4. In ancient times, there was a tradition that killed enemy warlords were put on public display. Reason was simple. Before seeing the body, nobody believed that “it is over” .

    With plan or without plan, Donald pushed the events what I saw before the Soviet Union collapse.

    Now I can`t see anywhere the signs of stabile Empire. I see chaos and madness, where half dead leader behind tens of thousands of soldiers screaming that half of the country are traitors and terrorists.

    Why should anybody repress the innocent people ? They could laugh about this rally out and keep going. Why so powerful over reaction with repressions and thousands or troops ?

    People who have finally won normally celebrate. Mass hysteria is never a sign of victory . Hysteria is normally sign of people who realizing that they have cornered or ambushed .

    I prefer to wait how the Donald saga ends up before draw conclusions. Hopefully your future confederate leader is not such a spy like Putin who closed the archives so we can not check , how many our actions were right and necessary and what moves were pointless self destruction.

  5. “He spent five years illustrating that he destroys everyone he touches, doesn’t care about anyone but himself, doesn’t protect his own supporters and that he is a blustering incompetent moron.”

    Good. Maybe he’ll destroy the GOP. So he has some use (even though I think the upcoming “Patriot Party” that may or may not happen is not really any better tbh)

    • the “Patriot Party”. And the Jews know just the man to lead it:

      Josh “I’d die for Israel” Hawley.

  6. As Joseph Fouché once said, “It was worse than a crime, it was a blunder”

    A premeditated crime at least has malice aforethought. The AmNats don’t believe in anything: they’re just sacrificing naïve followers into being “torpedos” for high-status personalities like mindless drones. They’re against something one day, and for it the next. Trying to suss out what Amnats really believe is like trying to solve Q’s riddles of the sphinx: you have to trust that these geniuses have some deep master plan for victory. That you don’t understand how deep it goes is just further evidence of why you need to suppress all doubt and follow the party line. Pay no mind to the those wignats that always seem to be proven right!

    • The AmNat’s mission is very simple: Get genuine nationalists voting GOP by any means necessary. That could mean supporting Trump one day and feigning disappointment in him the next, as long as they remain on one slice of the kosher sandwich their work is done.

  7. They’re flew the same flag as the building they are laid siege to, it doesn’t get much dumber than that. And now their LARP insurrection will be met with the same punishment for that of a real insurrection.

  8. It is important to be cautious with anyone charged from 1/6.

    It is absolutely certain that the Feds will try to make snitch-informers out of these people, by offering to suspend the charges in return for going back home and informing on others on the Right.

    Many will of course take the deal, especially if facing Federal time or forfeiture of everything they own.

    So be very cautious of these folks coming back from 1/6. Especially if the Feds charged them and then “dropped” the charges. Sad situation all around.

  9. The worst thing the Feds could do is press bogus “insurrection” or “sedition” charges. These people were not armed – as they would have been in a genuine insurrection – and had absolutely no intention of “overthrowing the government”. Making them martyrs will harden public opinion against The System.

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