President Biden: We Can’t Change The Course Of The Pandemic In The Next Several Months

Editor’s Note: My take on Joe Biden oscillates between President Biden and Neoliberal Joe depending on the issue at hand. I appreciate his honesty here.

The good news is that all the conspiratards were wrong about the National Guard coming to drag you out of your house, injecting the vaccine in your butt and chipping you.

The bad news is that the death toll from COVID-19 will cross 500,000 next month and might even surge into Spanish Flu territory. Pray for your fellow Americans. Wear the mask as a courtesy.

In fairness to Joe, it was always obvious that a national lockdown would be too expensive and likely wouldn’t even work to control the spread of the virus and that all they could do was distribute the vaccine as fast possible, pass a better COVID-19 relief bill and ask people to wear masks. He finally told people the truth that nothing was really going to change. It is your choice to take the vaccine.

Note: I haven’t even gotten a cold this year. I got the flu last year and it sucked. Wearing the mask isn’t much of an inconvenience.

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    • @Caption John,

      You beat me to it, I was going to say the same thing. They all make promises to pander to their base and than they get amnesia.

  1. 490,000 of those 500,000 COVID-related deaths were either from suicides or untreated / undiagnosed medical conditions. In other words the overwhelming majority of COVID’s victims died not from the illness but from the government’s clumsy, stupid overreaction to it.

    • EXACTLY — unless one takes to heart the jewsmedia’s numbers. Year after year, we never could change the course of the FLU. Let’s see: the antiwhite US gov and the jewsmedia lies about virtually everything, but they’re telling the truth about the Covid virus.

    • Quoting from the Abstract of the article you cited: “Emerging infectious diseases (EID) are defined as diseases that have appeared recently or that have recently increased in their frequency, geographical distribution or both. Commercial globalisation, population movements and environmental changes are the main factors favouring the international spread of microorganisms. Transport and communication development constitutes also a remarkable factor in the worldwide dispersion of microorganisms. The mass movement of large numbers of people creates new opportunities for the spread and establishment of common or novel infectious diseases.”

      Did you know there is a new viral disease emerging in central Africa (Zaire) with symptoms and mortality similar to Ebola but it is NOT Ebola. If it reaches one of the large cities such as the capital of Zaire it has potential to “burst on the world scene.”

      • Africa has been a serious problem. So has China (with multiple viral outbreaks from SARS1, Bird Flu, etc). Other poorer Asiatic countries are also a problem with wet markets, etc. Etiology is probably the most important thing or else we suffer this shit again.

        It’s really too bad we have no rebirth and no revolutionary concept of healthcare.

        • The most important concept is love of money i.e. greed or “profit maximization” as the college professor types say. One of the main drivers of globalism is ever bigger markets for businessmen to exploit no matter what the external costs of that exploitation. The primary external cost of industrialization for a very long time was pollution but now that cost is mostly borne by the Third World, western countries won’t allow much pollution anymore.

          Migration is also an external cost of globalization as cheap imported products destroy local markets impoverishing local producers. This happened in Mexico as local, small corn farmers could no longer compete with imported U.S. factory farm/Monsanto corn. Many of those Mexicans migrated to el Norte because of NAFTA.

          The same thing happened in Central America after a series of hurricanes in the 1990’s. This time it was mostly NGOs like Oxfam providing free food to locals in enormous quantities after natural disasters. Local farmers were ruined by this policy increasing migration to the U.S. which we are still suffering from.

          Locals cut down forests in places like DR Congo and the hardwood ends up in Home Depot lumber yards. Wars are fought in Africa over deposits of Tantalum, an element used in the manufacture of capacitors that go into every cell phone, TV, electronic device in the world. These activities cause even more migration and the release of Ebola type diseases.

          Scumbag businessmen and the politicians they carry around in their back pockets like pieces of lint don’t care about externalities, only profits, never enough, either.

  2. But Andrew Anglin told me I would never be allowed to leave my house again if comrade Joe got into office. He also told me that antifa would be hired as death squads and sent to the suburbs to execute White people, but it seems like Biden is arresting and deplatforming antifa instead. Why would Anglin lie like that?

  3. Speaking of the National Guard, they are STAYING in Washington DC, and you can see online their active duty orders as transmitted to employers for ‘inauguration security’ are segued into an ‘operational security’ duty lasting through at least February 16 and which then ‘may be extended’ … hmmm

    There is a Q larp that these troops are somehow still Trump’s given they got orders 15 January but it seems they are Biden and the Pentagon’s, the generals eager to get their war machine rolling

    In fact, Joe Biden had his troops invade northern Syria on Thursday 21 January, armoured columns moving into Syria on Biden’s very first full day in office, this is confirmed in Israeli media

    Though Jewish Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee is talking out loud about how they ‘cannot trust 75% of white troops’ in DC because they likely did not vote for Biden … a bit funny as he in essence admits there is a hostile war-conflict situation between Jews+oligarchs vs white people

  4. Now they have a brilliant idea! Wear TWO masks! Seriously. Sort of like in the paranoia days of the myth of heterosexual aids there were some prudish girls insisting on two rubbers. I guess the heterosexual aids myth is still so important to homos they keep it up, a mid season Big Bang Theory episode implied that the married couple of Howard and Bernadette were using rubbers…a married couple for chrissake! Trust me, they will never want this mask thing to end.

    • “they will never want this mask thing to end”:

      In China, or most of China, for many years now, and especially since the first SARS and Avian Flu, there has been a hygienic mask social etiquette in force. Someone who has a cold or flu, and fails to wear a hygienic mask around others is considered to be a very impolite, inconsiderate person.

      “Now they have a brilliant idea! Wear TWO masks”:

      Single layer cloth, such as a bandana, helps to protect others but does not protect the wearer. Well-designed, tight-sealing, TRIPLE layer masks made of the right material protect the wearer quite well. If a few viral particles do get through a well-fitted N-95, it still prevents infection because it takes not one or two but hundreds of inhaled viral particles to cause an infection. This knowledge is not new. For more than a hundred years, scientists and modern, scientific medicine have realized the efficacy of masks in preventing infection of the mask wearers themselves, as well as preventing general spread of disease.

      • The Asians were wearing masks even before SARS due to their terribly polluted air and other illnesses. Japanese mask wearing goes clear back to the 50’s.

        • I’m aware of the air pollution application, wearing them in street traffic, that goes back decades, but more recently there is the application to prevent disease transmission, involving wearing them indoors. Two entirely different things.

          Interesting point about Japanese mask wearing. Was it inspired by radioactive fallout around Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

    • It’s weird though because these measures are not fundamentally different from whatever Trump was doing. His plan was to personally avoid shit then get vaccinated.

  5. This is nothing but physiological warfare and fear mongering. As long as the sheep are willing to live in fear, they will continue to push this because the govt and media would never lie you.

  6. Hunter…

    How can you be taken seriously when the fundamental claim:

    “Sars-cov2 novel coronavirus” CAUSES “Covid-19 novel disease…”

    Is simply nothing more than what you have been told TO BELIEVE and TRUST without any actual demand for undeniable proof?

    Lay out the PROOF for the “Covid-19” claim and then tell “us” how you are any different than those Qanons who always “trusted the plan?”

    You are stinking of hypocrisy in this context.

    • Worrying about Covid19 is performative paranoid psychosis. Certainly at this point it is anyway.

  7. Well, I think that Biden is making masks mandatory, because what little industry we got back up involved making masks and PPEs.

    So, there’s that.

    What bothers me is that there is a whole lot of things FEDGOV could be pushing if it was serious about lowering any fatalities and that is stressing the importance of exercise in fresh air and sunshine and also dropping a few pounds helps.

    Instead, they are encouraging people to stay under inside, under lock-down with nothing to do but stress and eat.

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