Insurrectionists Riot In Tacoma, WA

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

So far, we have the attack on the Oregon Democratic Party headquarters, the bombing of an SPLC designated “hate group” and now the Tacoma riots. It has been a busy week.

New York Post:

“Antifa rioters started fires and trashed buildings in Tacoma, Washington, in outrage over viral video of a police officer driving his squad car through a crowd of illegal street racers.

Videos showed numerous fires and businesses smashed up late Sunday as more than 100 people took to the streets close to where the officer had sped through a crowd the previous night, running over at least one person.

At least two police cars were damaged during the rampage as some city buildings had to be evacuated, according to The News Tribune.

A cheering mob — dressed in all black and at one point seen toting a Antifacist Action flag — was also caught on video trying to pull away the gates protecting the Pierce County Jail, chanting “free them all.” …”

Is Joe going to put up with this?

Is Jen Psaki still monitoring the situation?

Admittedly, these riots got kind of boring when Donald Trump was president, but Blumpf’s “fascist America” is now history and the Democrats control Congress and the White House. Are they going to rein in the Far Left now that they are back in power or will they allow the chaos continue?

Note: The 2022 midterms are coming up and Democrats lost House seats in the 2020 election because of six months of endless chaos. Will power slip through their fingers again?

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  1. And zero special conferences by the FBI. That’s because it’s their Bolshevik brethren committing acts of domestic terrorism.

  2. Re: “brethren”:

    Any brethren of the Establishment are NOT true Left/socialist/communist. The TRUE Left is under attack more than the right.

    The silence of the otherwise very loud fake left concerning the Establishment’s foreign policy (imperialist global war) is proof that they are brethren indeed.

  3. Aside from its natural beauty I never liked the Pacific Northwest. It certainly is hostile to whites, even though they make up the overwhelming majority of the population in that region. Yet the late Harold Covington and other “white supremacists” regarded it as the ideal place for a white ethnostate. No thank you.

    Notice how Dementia Joe is “closely monitoring the situation” in Washington State – no different from Zion Don, eh? Still think Antifa is nothing more than an “idea”, Dementia Joe?

  4. Well, democrats are not in control anymore.

    Joe catering for communists like hell but soon he runs out from common appeasing issues like those transsexual soldiers or fracking ban or 15USD minimum wage.

    After few weeks, all current communist demands are fulfilled and then the real fun begins.

  5. When the right does it, it’s an insurrection,domestic terrorism and riot. When the left does it, no media coverage and its a protect.

    • Yes, and “peaceful protests” when they took over police departments, burned buildings, looted and destroyed businesses.

  6. Radical Lefties get to riot and damage stuff with impunity.

    If the KKK was doing this same thing the unhinged radical Left would immediately start ripping down Confederate monuments to punish all of us white Southerners with the entire Left cheering on the mobs while the Repubs go into hiding for fear of being called a racist.

    Biden is no better than the Republicans in controlling these radical left-wing domestic terrorists.

    This is NOT our country.

    Secede now.

    May God Save the South!

    • I’m a Yankee but if I was alive during the civil war, I would have fought with the South. I have the original confederate flag that flew on the Florida state house and I have it framed hanging on my wall.

  7. “Is Joe going to put up with this?” WHAT A QUESTION! Joe is not leader of anything. He is senile, and isn’t in charge of anything. He is told what to do by his handlers who represent the Neoliberal Globalist Oligarchy. In fact, in the majority of cases this is how the US has been run. This is not Russia, where ostensibly you know at the end of the day the buck stops with Vladimir Putin, and that he actively runs the nation and makes the decisions. In the west we have a puppet democracy run by the oligarchy who are replaceable and blameable, and never really have power to begin with. Imagine the Mexican or Colombian model, this is how the West is run today thanks to Neoliberal Globalism. Not only that, they literally rigged the US elections, 2000 was one time, but 2020 was extremely obvious. It had the Carlos Salinas de Gotari angle in the mathematical equation, a President famous for allying with Narco-terrorists to steal the Mexican elections to establish HARDCORE 90s Eastern European Harvard Model Neoliberalism to make himself, his brother, and his friends rich, alongside his Narco friends. Once you start seeing these mathematic angels on graphs its almost a certainty that the election was stolen, and you wouldn’t know either because the US has no coherent national model of federal elections, methods of voting vary from city to county to state. Electronic non auditable machines are used in many jurisdictions. The late night Joe Biden dumps were clearly a steal, its disappointing this website doesn’t analyze voting patterns, systems, and variances like I do. I’ve observe elections all over the world, the US 2020 election was a blatant fraud. The Belarussian election was actually fair, but it didn’t stop Soros and even the fat turd Pompeo himself (the worst of Trump IMO) to claim some Atlantic Council/Open Society skank with 14% actually won, when Lukashenko got over 80%. This would literally be impossible to swap, the skank could never have had a majority based on mathematical analysis, yet the Global Neoliberal world cried foul. There are two types of people in this world, ones that believe the entrainment propaganda, which is dumb and cartoonish made for people with less than 90 IQ, and ones who do not believe it and oppose it. Which is another reason I’ve been made because your COVID stance is stupid. Sure it exists, but its not a dire threat, in fact, the experimental RNA altering gene therapy vaccine which is the first time in the world this method has been tried is far more dangerous. China literally stopped testing and the problem went away. Classify as the flu, it doesn’t matter because mortality indicators for 2019 are the same as 2020, without the need to deliberately crash all small business and move to some dark winter Klaus Schwab model of Great Technocracy Reset with Digital Universal Income and Mark of the Beast.

    • Ohh and Russia’s as well as China’s vaccines are based on good old spike proteins. Sputnik V is the same method of immunology as the stable Communist Block vaccines we received in Eastern Europe. There was no Neoliberal Agenda so there weren’t corporations or oligarchs looking to sell useless/dangerous and/or body modifying vaccines as are now more prevalent here in the West. With extremely high and unnatural percentage of Austism and Homosexuality. Yet the Western Block is to receive a brand new untested form of RNA editing vaccine, with an EU and FCC waiver. Why is China and Russia saying no and looking to make their own forms, why is India and many other non-aligned nations looking for those vaccines? BECAUSE OF NATIONAL SECURITY. As I’ve said, our Oligarchy has become completely unhinged, with the technology available to make slavery possible they are looking to implement it, while exempting a tiny small minority of technocrats and their servants. Not even the ultra rich will escape this slavery. Only the super-class will, members of elites societies like the Pilgrims, and individuals indexed based on NGO participation and funding. Technocracy is being implemented at even public functions like Davos. The three pillars of power are turning rapidly into two pillars of power, which is why I begged people to vote for Trump. Trump is part of the Rightist faction, however disgusting and manipulative it was, it was the only foil against the Rockefeller/Rothschild Pilgrim faction of Neoliberalism that intends on world domination and slavery. The third pillar is Zionism, which allies with both the Liberal and Conservative World Networks. What is disturbing is the NeoLiberal factions have almost erased party differences in the West. Conservative means Green means Liberal. They are all the same. While I remain committed to third positionism, or sovereign democracy through alliances of non-aligned members not linked to the three, hopefully not two, power bases in Western governance all linked to the oligarchy. That’s is why Russia is such a boogeyman, it can say no and assert its own sovereignty, and has the weapons complexes to enforce the no. They are creating their own system outside of the world models and free from the Solznetsevskaya Zionist Mafia of Yelstin days, who lost favour with the St. Petersburg think tank elite after repeated attempts to sell highly classified weapons, and or WMD’s on the black market. They almost sold an old diesel sub to an Israeli Gangster called Tarzan in the 90s for example, this was their death knell and why most of them were expelled or put under strict compliance after Yelstin, who was aligned with them, lost power in exchange for non prosecution agreement for him and and his family, which is unfortunately why Oleg Deripaska is still around, the Rothschild ally and FBI informant Russian oligarch who was married into the Yeltsin family. The Neoliberal model continues eating and destroying sovereign democracies. I know this well, because I came from Central Europe, our nations plan was third position-ism until Soros showed up. Then we joined NATO and went to war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo (extremely unpopular because we supported terrorists Islamists against fellow Slavs). Then we had 15 years of moderate non-Soros rule. Which changed in 2020, now we have a Open Society member as president, a degenerate libertarian party that has done the most hardcore COVID lockdown in Europe and is hated by the entire nation, that is trying to put a nationalist leader in jail because he wrote checks to poor white families. This is the essence of “Western Liberalism”. Complete dominance and compliance with the oligarchy created from the Rothschild days. We want no part in that.

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