Gallup: Most Say Reducing Cost of Health Care High Priority for Biden

Why focus on the real issues?

Why try to lower the political temperature and find common ground with populist voters on COVID relief, taxes, health care, infrastructure, student loan debt forgiveness and other super majority issues?


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — Seven in ten (70%) U.S. adults say lowering health insurance premiums should be a high priority for President Joe Biden and his administration among key healthcare issues, followed closely by lowering drug costs (66%) and reducing the uninsured rate (63%). These results are based on a new study conducted by West Health and Gallup.

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to prioritize lowering health insurance premiums and the cost of prescription drugs, but majorities of both groups agree these cost reduction goals are high priorities. In contrast, 90% of Democrats (and 60% of independents) but only 30% of Republicans regard reducing the uninsured rate as a high priority. These results come at a time when 26% of adults report there has been at least one time in the prior 12 months that someone in their household did not pursue care due to the cost, matching levels measured in early 2019. …”

Building a political consensus, forging coalitions and compromising with the Right on areas of shared agreement is nothing less than literal collaboration with the “far right” and “fascism.”

Note: If 65% of the public supports recurring $2,000 stimulus checks, the issue must have strong support among Independents and Republicans.

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  1. “Reducing Cost of Health Care High Priority for Biden”

    Hehehe, that ought to be tragically funny.

    Q: what’s an elephant?

    A: a mouse built to government specs.

  2. These “leftists” are Trotskyists (and Zionists, obviously.) They believe that Capitalists and the “Right” are in cahoots to “destroy the Left.”

    But these people – the “Left” – are just PMC. They certainly do not represent “the workers” – in fact, we see these people instinctively cry “anti-semite” and “fascist” when Finance, and Wall Street, are opposed.

    Trotsky’s book “Fascism and How To Fight It” are about the limit of their knowledge, although the smarter ones are fully aware that they are working for banks, Wall Street – and the apartheid state of Israel.

    They know, that is why they fear the “Red-Brown” alliance.

    But here is the thing, in America, there are no Browns and the Reds ARE the ruling class, comfortably in control of Wall Street and Silicon Valley.

    Get past ideology and “right vs. left” and look at the actual PEOPLE involved. You get a whole other picture.

  3. “If 65% of the public supports recurring $2,000 stimulus checks, the issue must have strong support among Independents and Republicans.”

    How does $12 gasoline and a $20 Big Mac sound?

    • @Arrian

      Look at this – we’re in the middle of a massive deflationary collapse, and Arrian thinks we are in danger of … consumer price inflation.

      That is hilarious.

      Back in the real world, the Fed can’t print money fast enough to stop the deflationary collapse, which is why the Fed has been bailing out financial interests since BEFORE Covid-19. That is why Trump put his personal friends at BlackRock in charge of doling out the money.

      It is just that Larry Fink of Blackrock decided to pass out the money to his friends as opposed to, say, all the people thrown out of work by the lockdowns.

      In Texas there are miles long lines for free food, and Arrian here is desperately concerned about expensive Big Macs?

      These are not serious people. Conservative Republicans are losers, that is why they keep losing. If you want a conservative Republican – vote for Yeb! Bush.

      Please clap.

        • @Arrian

          That is an interesting non-sequitur. But in any case, some basic understanding of economics may be in order.

          Does Venezuela have a reserve currency?

          The money printing CANNOT STOP. Therefore, the question is simply, who gets the newly printed money?

          Conservatives think that ONLY JEWS (bankers, etc.) should get that money. Others think it is better for, you know, regular Americans to get the money.

          A deflationary shock is going to cause a lot more problems than mispriced Big Macs.

      • ‘Arrian here is desperately concerned about expensive Big Macs?’

        A Big Mac is just used as common reference for general price levels, as is a gallon of gas.

      • ‘In Texas there are miles long lines for free food,’

        Yes, I’ve seen may of those videos………
        Ppl so fat they had to squeeze out of their oversized SUV.

        Hunger must be really bad, got to get sumfin to eat on the way to KFC.

      • We could have both inflation and dire poverty, the two are not mutually exclusive.
        Look to Germany and Austria in 1922-24.

        Ppl dropping in the streets from hunger, with trillions of marks or crowns in their pockets.

    • Hyperinflation comes anyway. There is a limit how much printed money stock market or any other absorbing mechanism can accumulate.

      Soviet Union went as far that it declared 50 and 100 ruble banknotes Invalid It mean that people who kept their savings for example in 100 ruble banknotes, lost everything overnight.

      But even this move did not avoid the hyperinflation. That is why they are scared for those gamestoppers. Financial market is so weak that minor incident may launch disaster.

      And when the money flood out from stock market to real goods, then we get more than 12 USD gasoline.

      They don`t care if few hedge funds go bankrupt. Their buddies in the Government will help them back to the feet. What they are really afraid is collapse of the Jew financial system and this means end the current world order. Jews without money are nothing.

      I live on the other side of the planet in Eastern Europe and hysteria is even here. Why minor incident in the US market supposed to be major news in other side of the planet ? When Lehman Brother went off, there were few relaxed “not our business” news.

      But now, panic in the very same Swedish Jew Bonnier owned financial newspaper. I feel that major shit show may be finally coming. This explains also weird and likely panic driven absurd moves like troops on the capitol or arresting Mr. Nobody for 5 years old tweets.

        • Depends from the country. The more nationalist Government the better things are.

          But our general strategy is to wait Empire collapse. So officially we have lockdowns, in reality they are very little enforced. , Government borrows money to keep things stable and basically we live like before flu hysteria.

          Prices are relatively normal compared to wages. Countries with greater pay have also greater prices so life quality is pretty same in every Eastern European country.

          But one shitty trend. Rents are going trough the roof because lot of western boomers moving in. So if you do not have your own home, then you must pay ca 30% of your income for normal apartment.

          In Hungary, more that 600 000 Germans moved in and Hungarian young people can t afford moving out from parents homes. They are so angry that many fear that this problem may take Orban Government down .

  4. Socialist free health care is the only affordable health care, which is impossible in capitalism. Socialism is difficult or impossible to establish or maintain in a divided and mixed multi-ethnic population (which is most favorable for capitalism). The U.S. population is VERY thoroughly mixed and divided, perfect for exploitation. Therefore do not expect free health care in the U.S.!

    • Before medicare, medicine in USA was pretty affordable, $5 for a house call and the doctor was there within 2 hours.

      • “Before medicare, medicine in USA was pretty affordable”:

        Everything was more affordable and simpler (less complicated) then, before Neoliberalism triumphed over the U.S.S.R. and went into hyper drive. But even then, the U.S. was extremely unequal and unjust.

  5. Ecuador (and Bolivia, and almost every other nation on earth) is more likely to enjoy socialist free health care before the U.S. population does. These pre-election polls in Ecuador are the best news from Latin America since the U.S.’s “Lithium coup” was apparently reversed in Bolivia a few months ago: Nevertheless these are still only reforms, cancer remissions so to speak, not cures.

  6. Without tort reform, the cost will never go down for insurance or for doctor hospital fees… the people will alway want to cash a lottery ticket against the physicians who are not GOD…. they can all F off also!! The Physicians are not going to work for free… bunch of idiots around here… what was it Shakespeare said? Also we have a consolidate government as all three brakes are all “officer’s of the court”. Read some history also …

  7. The prescription drug industry is subsidizing the failing media with these endless drug commercials that are moot since your doctor is the one who decides. These are thinly veiled bribes to the media billionaires to lay off them.

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