Brian Stelter: Taking FOX News Off The Air Isn’t Censorship

It’s not really censorship to deplatform the president of the United States, to ban tens of thousands of his supporters from social media and to call for cable carriers to take FOX News off the airwaves.

There is a reason why trust in the media has plummeted to an all time low. These people have lost their minds. The liberal hysteria has escaped orbit. No one is more enamored with censorship than the Free Press™. We don’t call for them to be censored because it isn’t necessary. We know for a fact that their narratives would lose on a free and open internet because it was already happening on YouTube before the panic and mass censorship began. This lack of confidence in their own beliefs and deep sense of insecurity is why they are so terrified of their opposition being allowed to communicate and organize.

It goes without saying that this would have been decried as “fascism” by hyperventilating liberals if Trump had done anything like this. He spent four years eating McDonald’s and tweeting empty threats. What if Joe Biden had been banned from the internet by Corporate America and conservative media had boasted about the pleasant sound of never having to listen to their political opposition?

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      • He has the idee fixe that Christianity was created to destroy the Roman Empire. He also believes that everyone should think like him with no debate allowed.

        Although, his website does have some useful and challenging ideas.

  1. “””…He spent four years eating McDonald’s and tweeting empty threats…..”””

    And pushed madness over the edge. Kutuzov did not eat McDonalds because burger was not invented yet. But somehow he got Napoleon to the Moscow and the rest is history.

    Stalin enjoyed food so his late night dinners are still a legend. He never owned a gun. But somehow he got his purge done.

    Contrary to popular opinion, Soviet Union was full of guns and down here, there was a draft. So every 18 years old male was forced to serve 2 years in the army. Or go to military high school 15 years old , named Suvorov school like I did.

    Yet Soviet Union with its 68 000 tanks was taken down with very little violence. Understanding liberal mind and dealing with it is much more important than arranging useless things

    Like building the wall what next president can take down or pointless gunfight against other races when we have very limited white patriots but enemy has endless supply of third world immigrants is also pre lost fight.

    Forcing Jew Swamp fight with genetic white liberals and saving own people is the proper way to win a war.

    • A comment praising the last White ethnostate, the Soviet Union? I can’t believe my eyes.

      The Country of the Councils failed because its native population, the Russians, were deeply Christian, and thus could not muster a proper level of hatred against America. All they could do is mumble about the brotherhood of nations, while the insidious ideal of universal love from the dead rabbi’s corpse was eating them alive. When two Christians fight, Jesus wins. Russians did not even have a country of their own, of course, they lost the war to those who could supply them with burgers and their women with cock. When you aren’t hanging priests, you’re Christian, and Christians are cucks.

      An anti-Christian country of 25 million can make atomic devices and ICBMs. A Christian race of 500 million can lose its lordship over the planet, wither away its institutions and die.

  2. I suspect Brian Stelter has some kind of weird jew fetish that involves wearing diapers and paying shiksa prostitutes to treat him like a baby.

      • @ arrian, ” molest house plants”, are you serious? He wouldnt dare, would he? I will gladly defend thee honore of house plants, all across this land of milk and honey! House plant abusers beware !!!

    • @Spahnranch 1970,

      Yep, Brian “pig vomit” Stelter looks like the kind of inbreed Ashkenazi that would either get off on infantilism, pegging, or being submissive to a gentile dominatrix.

      I laugh 6,000,000 times every time it’s pointed out that some thot live streaming makeup tips has a larger audience that Stelter.

      • The media and professional class have done just about everything they can to discredit themselves. The best example has been the covid-19 debacle. The media and health professionals can be credited for creating covid-19 denialism with their inconsistent line on the pandemic.

        Just a sample of some expert wisdom from the last year:
        -masks don’t work except when doctors wear them
        -actually, we lied, masks do work and if you don’t wear one then you’re a domestic terrorist
        -if you don’t go to Chinatown and allow Chinese people to cough in your face, you’re a racist
        -mass gatherings in the name of social justice can’t spread the virus
        -mass gatherings in the name of stupid rural redneck religious superstitions like Christianity do spread the virus
        -racism is the real virus
        -we need to give infinity bailout money to corporations while allowing all of your small businesses to go under and your family to starve

        It shouldn’t be surprising that a big portion of the country denies the pandemic is even real when the experts and media have been blatantly lying about it since the beginning and using it as a weapon in their culture war against middle America. And that’s on top of the decades of lies they have maintained about things like American foreign policy, globalization, and so on.

      • I am surprised no one has pointed this out but Stelter is married to a Jewish woman named Jamie Shupak so I doubt he has a gentile dominatrix November

        He lives in the real expensive side of Manhattan in Lincoln square Don’t even think of renting in this rich part of upper Manhattan unless you rake in 200,000 dollars a year. It must be some kind of ‘white privilege’ to afford to live there

        Holy gucamole this fat f*ck is 35?! I thought he was at least 45 years old I guess it must be all the fat he’s wearing, fat really does age you badly. Freedom of reach indeed this piggy needs to lose a few pounds around the waist

  3. Murdoch’s Faux News will not really be shut down. It plays a vital role in supporting the system, by promoting U.S. militarism and war more than any other mainstream news network, and by subtly indoctrinating its audience’s eager ears with pandemic denial and suggestions to resist public hygiene rules. Yes, Fox News DOES lie.

    • All the Leftist tards rage about Fox news but they still buy and consume fox studio products including tv and film

      They kvetch about Fox news but they won’t much longer because Disney bought Fox last year so yeah… I predict Tucker won’t be employed there much longer

    • So why are blacks hardest hit and spreading the plague if they all listen to CNN and vote Biden?

      Most Fox viewers are very old, isolated. And the younger viewers are mostly self employed and thus isolated in their day to day lives. Stfu Schlomo.

    • Arrian,

      It’s delightful that jewspapers are going bankrupt. I hardly see a newspaper box selling their poison anymore.

  4. the best way to argue with a Jew like (((Stelter))) is

    apply the Goebbels Doctrine:

    you point (with what, your choice) at the Jew and say


  5. The media commies haven’t “lost their minds”, nor are they “hysterical”: they’re seizing what they see as their golden opportunity to silence Whites, who kick the living shit out of them whenever allowed a chance to respond on a level playing field, as proved in every now-closed comment section on every judenpresse site.

    (((They’re))) censoring the formerly far-freer internet because they MUST. Just as they did to Coughlin, Smith & so many others, they’re substituting the brute force of the weight of their ill-gotten shekels for the winning arguments they don’t have.

    As for kike Stelter: so many if tge scum look like that. A race of Costanzas

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