Washington Examiner: Donald Trump Voters Are Domestic Terrorists

There is an “enemy within.”

I don’t think it is the QAnon Shaman or Baked F**king Alaska though. It is hysterical people who live in a bubble, who are drunk on power and who talk like this about American citizens.

Washington Examiner:

First, bring the heaviest felony charges possible on as many participants in the insurrection as the Justice Department can identify and believes it can confidently convict. We ruthlessly hunted down foreign terrorists after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and must do the same to their domestic equivalents. Further prosecution is possible under the federal felon-in-possession-of-a-firearm statute. …

Third, do not worry about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Rather than ban extremist chatter through government censorship or private de-platforming, use radical chat rooms as honeypots, as FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Forces have done with violent, radicalized Islamists since 2001. We need to draw out those of our fellow citizens who are willing to attack our nation. ..

I woke up in my Manhattan apartment as a Wall Street law firm associate on Sept. 12, 2001, worrying how America could stop the next attack …

We defeated al Qaeda and can do the same to the fascist thugs who attacked our democracy last month. But only if we take similar hard measures against the enemy within.”

The Capitol Siege was nothing like 9/11.

No one believes this. It has no traction in the polling. It is worth observing how Conservatism, Inc. perceives its own voters though. Clearly, harder measures are needed to fix that problem.

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  1. Trumpchumps deserve

    to be whipped, tar’d and feather’d, then

    ridden out of town on a rail. They level of stupidity they demonstrated

    in voting for Trump not once but twice, after having been betrayed on every populist issue,

    is breathtaking.

  2. ZOG doesn’t care about niggers and communists rioting, looting and killing for months on end, but one demonstration by a group of angry white male conservatives that lasted for a few hours is enough for the Tyrants to lose their fucking minds.

  3. The Examiner has taken a full turn on Trump and Trump voters. It was once his biggest defender but the past few months they have been just ripping him and his voters to pieces. I follow their Twitter and the comments are all outraged Magapedes calling them Liberals and traitors while swearing allegiance to Trump for life. Everyone has lost their minds

    • No. When you recognize the communism and start calling spade a spade, this is not losing mind but coming to reality.

      People must understand that things are serious and you have full communism on the front door.

  4. “We ruthlessly hunted down foreign terrorists after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and must do the same to their domestic equivalents.”


    The dancing Israelis, and Bin Laden’s family were all allowed to leave instantly, and were never prosecuted.

    It’s clear the fed in simply anti-White, despite the DC insurrection having nothing to do with race, and the participants being a bunch of anti-racist Qtards. Fuentes and America First were the only racists there.

  5. That’s for naive people like you!
    “ Finally, hopes of a bipartisan cooperation were dashed when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played the victim and accused Senator Ted Cruz of trying to “murder” her… Perhaps Cruz deserves this response: attempts to find common ground with the Left won’t work because Progressives hate conservatives because of what they are, not because of what they believe or what they do.

    To be on the Left today is simply to be anti-white. Progressives have no other core belief—and nothing they won’t sacrifice if it means they get to hurt whites. Still, no matter how Leftists posture, the fact remains that retail traders trying to get by did more to confront Wall Street in a day than Progressives have done in a half-century. So why have Progressives today become the lapdogs of Wall Street?

    One word—immigration. Immigration-driven Identity Politics is the key issue that caused Democrats to abandon the working class. It’s ultimately what is preventing any kind of a broad-based bipartisan economic populism.

    Progressive activists like Barbara Jordan and Cesar Chavez opposed immigration because it hurt American workers. However, today’s “Woke” Leftists, support immigration because it hurts American workers… Non-white ethnic activists, journalists, Leftist academics and others are vocal about the need for what I’ve termed “Punishment Migration” to destroy the West for its perceived historical sins [Punishment Migration, The Social Contract, Fall 2018]. If fighting “racism” (i.e. hurting whites) is more important than helping workers in your moral hierarchy, you aren’t going to be much good in any battle trying to hold financial elites to account.

    Thus, there will be no broad-based populist movement that will unite Left and Right. “

      • It’s because credentialed and independent white women (whether married or not they don’t really have to be married to earn a decent income and have lots of material goods) they believe that they are the universe’s top choice for fun sexy encounters and other such exclusive and novel, affirming experiences, ie “living my best life.”

        Whereas the humble central American farm worker’s wife pumps out babies because shes a good catholic and won’t leave her husband when he runs around with younger tighter sexier women and produces more kids out of wedlock etc. Progressive politicians will do everything in their power to get more of these people in the country and legalized because the left-liberals want a docile, hardworking, permanently impoverished helot class. On the other hand, Black women as a class are reliably gaming the baby-having system by at least making the most of their unfortunate situation by getting whitey’s stupid charity money because she deserve it cuz she po and her babydaddy he ain’t shiiiiiiiii. But nevertheless, she is producing the next generation of black men who will fall into the same pattern of generational failure because of her actions.

        Left-liberalism is the strongest political force ever created in human history. The cold war was a blip caused by Stalin and Mao’s heavyhandedness. Imagine a right-conservative consensus ruling the world this way. You can’t because it is impossible – individualized sovereignty means per force decentralization. If the western allies, Japan, and Germany had teamed up to defeat the red menaces of the 20th century, the world wouldn’t be unified around a nationalist but peaceful concensus, it would be more and more wars forever because that is basically what we already saw from antiquity through WW1.

  6. “we” defeated Al Qaeda? Huh, did he carry a gatling gun into a firefight in Kandahar?

  7. I am offended he is comparing silliness like “QAnon Shaman” to 9/11.

    Here is the author celebrating torture at Gitmo:


    Look up what the government did to people they accused of being terrorists at Gitmo – and Afghanistan – and Iraq, Abu Ghraib – then realize that Kevin Carroll wants to torture you the same way. He is suggesting that it is acceptable to violate the human rights of people accused of being “terrorists” and torture them – and their families – in the most gruesome ways possible.

    Kevin Carroll wants to do that to you and your family.

    Exactly as I predicted and right on time.


  8. What terrorism?

    I didn’t see any fires, any mass vandalism, any group beatings or intimidation.

    All I saw was few broken windows and a large civil crowd looking around and taking pictures.

    Calling a wak-around terrorism, just absurd.

    Why didn’t the cowardly congressmen come out and talk to their constituents?

  9. A tropical year is approximately 365.242189 days long. However, the exact length can vary up to 30 minutes.
    — timeanddate dot com

    There are approximately on average (24 x 60 x 365.242189 = ) 525,949 minutes per year.

    CDC reports that in 2018 there were 619,591 (under reported) abortions.
    — Wikipedia: “Abortion statistics in the United States”

    Basically using the above numbers: on average an abortion occurs approximately every minute here in the USA.

    So Trump supporters make up half the voters in the country and they are against murdering unborn children while the other half of the voters — these so-called “gods” who think they can decide who lives and dies while babies are in the womb — now claims that the other half — the Trump supporters — are criminals — domestic terrorists — and I guess should be rounded up and executed or put in prison for life.

    No, it is these Dem ultra radical liberal murderers and their supporters who should be rounded up and executed for murder or accessory to murder. Justice would be served to these monsters and end their wicked hypocritical existence.

    • Strange how you right-to-lifers claim to care so much about fetuses, yet when the baby is born its welfare is no longer of any interest to you. Why is that?

      • You must think abortion is not a sin.

        If you want to plead for the lives and well-being of these radical Leftist murderers then that’s your problem not mine. I feel that God is going to wipe them all out soon. (I may not live to see it.)

        May God Save the South!

        • ” I feel that God is going to wipe them all out soon.”

          Complete delusion. No god is coming to save us, or wipe anyone out. You people have problems.

          • “Big Tech” has brainwashed you apparently.

            Isaiah 13 (KJV)
            6 Howl ye; for the day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty.

            9 Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

            May God Save the South!

  10. @ this isn’t anything new, we went thru ten years of this nastiness , compounded with military defeat, economic collapse, societal upheaval on and unprecedented scale , a proud, refined free people subjected to a degregation by a spiteful, loathsome, shabby and crooked bunch, wholly undeserved. They called it reconstruction, it still lingers bitterly and i smell its hellish stink, wafting across “our” land, once again

  11. ““This is a reality that I have resisted naming. The 45th president and a significant portion of his supporters have embraced American fascism.””

    I make a twitter account and then I’m blocked requiring a number because I have to put up with this shit. 24/7.


    I can’t attack/insult these people like the nimrods they are. I can’t correct these people. I call myself Fascist and speak as an authority on the subject. Most of them fall silent and then some respond with something stupid. I can’t do anything on that bloody platform and Twitter is heavily slanted for them and against me. And so they have their own bubble and echo chamber created by Twitter. It’s really infuriating to have to read it. Again and again. It just causes me to rage, so there’s no point and I can do more productive things at this point.

  12. As far as the QTards go. Yes, I don’t support them. But I’m glad these senators were as terrified as they were (apparently). They have let the society down. (so has the society however). No real responsibility for the pandemic, or the economic fallout after that caused so much misery and destruction, which directly falls upon them.

  13. John Sullivan, Zac Alam and Enrique Tarrio are the mystery meat fruits of Trump’s broader multi racial outreach. Practice racial distancing fellows.

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